Best Delta 8 Sativa Strains

Someone rolls a joint on their lap from a jar of the best Sativa strain from Botany Farms.

With so many great Delta-8 Sativa strains available, you may find it difficult to choose the right strain to give you a boost of energy or get you hyped before you binge your favorite new series. Fear not, we’ve arranged a list of the best Delta-8 Sativa strains for any occasion.

What is Delta 8 THC flower?

Let’s start with the basics. Delta-8 THC flower is not a compound specific to certain strains of cannabis, as currently there are no strains that can produce it naturally. Breeders and hemp growers can’t produce strains that have primarily Delta-8 THC because there are no enzymes that can create this cannabinoid in large quantities.

This means that cultivators infuse CBD-heavy strains with Delta-8 THC distillate. This extract is first extracted from hemp-derived CBD and then added back to the buds.

This is why you might find common Cannabidiol-based strains that have a Delta-8 THC variant. Producers choose a popular flower and enhance it with Delta-8 distillate for added effects. And if your bud is covered in Delta-8 kief, the product is commonly known as Delta-8 THC moon rocks.

Choosing the right strain

Now, here comes the fun part. Choosing the strain that’s right for you. Since your choice depends on your personal preference, we’ll explore three things you should take into account. First, the cannabinoid content and effects, then the flavor profile and aromatics, and lastly, the reasons you smoke bud.

The CBD and Delta-8 THC content is important when looking out for a strain. Some high-potency strains with strong CBD content can be further strengthened by Delta-8 THC, which is not ideal for new users. And veteran users might feel like some strains are too mild as well, so for this, we recommend the following:

  • Beginner users stay around 14 and 17% of total cannabinoid content.
  • Intermediate users stay somewhere between the 17 and 22% mark.
  • Advanced users are recommended to stay over the 22% mark.

Now, the flavor profile is a little easier to define. This depends on what flavors and aromatics you want while smoking. Strains are pretty diverse in their flavor profile, ranging from sweet, fruity, berry-flavored, earthy, hoppy, and skunky, to citrusy and even minty.

Of course, we encourage you to try them all but maybe try with simpler flavors at first as you get used to the aroma and notes of each bud.

Lastly, it is important to ask yourself what you are looking for from this experience. If you want therapeutic and wellness effects, you might want to look at strains that hold the potential for chronic pain or stress. If your goals are to get creative and productive instead, you might be better off with a different kind of flower.

Make sure to research the reported effects of each strain you look for, and if they are Indica, Sativa, or hybrid. 

Let’s have a look at the differences.

Indica, Sativa, or hybrid, what’s the difference

All cannabis and hemp strains fall into three main categories: Indica, Sativa, or hybrid. Each of these has certain reported effects and even affinity to different flavors. But choosing between the three can get a little complicated, so let’s check the differences.

Cannabis Indica, sometimes shortened as Indica, is the “lazy” side of the hemp family. This big strain family has several similar reported effects, including feeling sleepy, “couch-locked”, and strong waves of relaxation. 

Some users have also reported getting better sleep and even helping with some anxiety symptoms, depending on the specific strain and terpene combo.

Then comes Cannabis Sativa, which is more on the “get-up-at-6-am-for-a-run” kind of energy. This family of strains is the polar opposite of sleepy since the generally reported effects of getting energized, feeling creative, and holding the potential to aid with pain.

Some users have reported better sex performance or feeling more aroused when using them as well. And while Sativas are relaxing, they are not couch-locking and as muscle relaxing as most Indica strains.

Hybrid strains are the Goldilocks of the strains, getting the best of both worlds. These strains do have effects on both families. Either by being relaxing, but not enough to make you sleepy, or making you feel giggly and social without feeling energized. 

These strains play by their own rules, so just make sure to check their reported effects and flavors, since each bud in this category is pretty unique.

Benefits of Delta 8 THC

Users and studies have reported several benefits of consuming this cannabinoid. Here are some of the most popular potential benefits of Delta-8 THC:

  • Is less psychoactive. Delta-8 has fewer adverse symptoms like paranoia and nausea when compared to its sibling, Delta-9 THC. It also has minor psychoactive effects, which result in having about half the potency of regular THC.
  • Delta-8 has the potential to relieve pain, as it has analgesic properties that have been shown in both studies and anecdotal evidence.
  • Has anti-nausea properties. This has been recorded for a while, but Delta-8 can be a pretty good antiemetic treatment according to scientific research.
  • Relieves some anxiety symptoms. It is believed that Delta-8 could help to inhibit some stressors that cause this diagnosis, specifically as it is an anti-anxiolytic compound.

These are some of the most popular effects that have been researched thus far. Though far more research is needed. In the meantime, users have shifted towards consuming Delta-8 thanks to these potential effects like the euphoric cerebral high or muscle relaxation properties. 

Best Delta 8 Sativa strains

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into some recommendations. Some of these strains are our favorites due to their potency, their effects, or their flavor profile. So let’s explore each of these.

Sour Hawaiian Haze

Ready for your tropical paradise? The Delta-8 Sour Hawaiian Haze is an excellent option for all users, as it has a pretty well round flavor profile with 18% of total cannabinoids. 15.1% of CBD and 4.4% of Delta-8 THC, it has the perfect formula to enjoy some daytime tokes.

This strain has delicious guava, mango, and even pine notes that mix very well with the underlying sourness. It is a real strain to start smoking, as some people have felt relaxed while still clear-headed. And from our Sativas on the list, it’s the only one that mixes tropical drink flavors with delicious fuel-like sourness.

Sour Lifter

For a morning Sativa that can lift your morning, meet our version of Sour Lifter. This Delta-8 flower is a lemon, grape, and fuel-like strain with over 23.5% of total cannabinoid content. 

This strain is better for intermediate and advanced users, as it has more pungent notes and an overall complex flavor profile. And users have used this strain for both energy and pain-relieving effects, so this one could be smoked for its potential wellness effects as well.


If you’ve ever wanted some electrifying buzz with some delicious clouds of smoke, meet the first one from our rockstar duo: Elektra. This delicious Sativa has a total of 26.6% of the total cannabinoids, making it one of the strongest strains on the list.

This bud’s potency not only relies on its cannabinoid content but also on its delicious and inviting flavor profile. This flower has strong yet delicious sweet citrus and berry notes. If you plan on trying this bud, just know its flavor profile can get a little too sweet. 

However, just like people who love power ballads, this electrifying bud can win your heart with a few puffs.

Sour Elektra

Here comes the second strain from the rockstar duo, Sour Elektra. This version of Elektra has stronger sour flavors while keeping a lower cannabinoid level. This one has 17.4% of total cannabinoids, while also keeping the overall sweet citrus and berries flavor.

The main difference with regular Elektra is that distinctive sour and skunky undertones that give this strain a complex end. Users tend to lean on this strain for focus and energy as well, so this might be better as a daytime strain.

Shaolin Gleaux

Now meet the master of all of our Sativas, the strong yet sweet Shaolin Gleaux. Perfect to get an extra battery to rush through your day, this strain is the most potent on the list with a whopping 31.6% of total cannabinoids. 

And while it is pretty strong, we’d also say it’s a gentle giant. Its flavor profile is not as overwhelming as one might think, with delicious sweet fruit, earth, pine, and diesel-like notes. You can also find some tangerine, candy grapes, and even bubblegum notes as well. 

So for people who want to expand their cannabis experiences, this is the perfect bud for it. Just make sure to go slow with potent strains like this one.

Thanks for stopping by! Why not try savoring one of our crafted Sativa Delta 8 THC flower?