Best Hawaiian Strains

One of the best hawaiian strains under UV light

For many people worldwide, being in Hawaii, away from all the stresses or pressures of everyday life, could be the graphic description of a perfect vacation. But, have you ever thought, what if you had the power to generate a Hawaiian moment whenever and wherever you wanted? 

Well, that’s exactly what Hawaiian cannabis strains can create. Whether you are miles away from the tropics or the nearest beach, the delicious Hawaiian strains can certainly recreate a heavenly beach environment wherever you are.

A certain mysterious brilliance surrounds the genetics of these tropical beauties. Although many growers and users believe that these exquisite tropical strains originate from the crossing of local strains from the beautiful islands of Hawaii, the truth is that the exact origins of the breast of all these strains remain unknown. However, this has not been an impediment for cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts worldwide to have any Hawaiian strains on their favorites list.

Grab your sunscreen and towel, put on your sunglasses, and get ready to learn a little more about Hawaiian herb, and enjoy the finest selection of the best Hawaiian strains currently available on the market.


These Botany Farm Strains will make you feel like you’re on the Big Island. A hui Hou!


Best Hawaiian Cannabis Strains

Hawaiian Haze Strain

Hawaiian Haze is a mostly Sativa hemp strain that produces focused, clear-headed effects capable of removing all traces of stress or anxiety from your day. The airy buds of Hawaiian Haze will put you in a friendly and talkative mood. At the same time, its fruity aroma of pineapple and ripe berries with slight floral notes will take you on a comforting trip straight to the tropics or feeling like you are on a paradise beach in Hawaii.

You can find Hawaiian Haze available in the market both in its CBD version that can have CBD levels of up to 14% and in its high THC version that can climb up to 18%.  Either in hemp or marijuana, Hawaiian Haze can be a perfect strain to enjoy during the day as its Sativa-like effects will fill you with energy and boost your productivity.

Hawaiian Runtz Strain

A result of crossing the Hawaiian and Pink Runtz strains, the popular Hawaiian Runtz is already famous for itself. The buds of this slightly Sativa dominant hybrid strain are fluffy, dark olive green with purple undertones, covered in amber pistils and a sticky frosty layer of purple-tinted white trichomes that give Hawaiian Runtz a unique appearance. 

Furthermore, it produces effects that will sharpen your senses and provide a colorful boost to your creative inspiration while generating a feeling of weightlessness that will make you feel ready for anything. Added to this, the Indica side of this hybrid strain will give you a feeling of calm and well-being that will automatically eliminate any physical pain.  

The enveloping effects of this strain and the high THC content that can reach an astonishing 23% and 2% CBD comes packed in an exquisite combination of tropical fruit smells and flavors with sour candies mixed in the smoke.

Hawaiian Punch Strain

Just as the name suggests, this almost purely Sativa strain will surprise you with a direct hit to the brain loaded with tropical citrus aromas and flavors loaded with high therapeutic power.  Hawaiian Punch exudes notes of melon and pineapple in its aroma accompanied by sharp accents of lemon that give the final touch to this tropical cocktail of flavors. 

This exquisite Sativa strain derives from purely local Sativa strains from the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Its beautiful buds are usually elongated, almost cylindrical-shaped, and of a light green color with yellow tones covered with bright orange pistils. These buds come loaded with a notorious 15 to 25% THC content that will make you feel its long-lasting effects after the first few hits.

Use the Hawaiian Punch strain to put yourself in the perfect focus to tackle any analytical task with an energetic, positive, and clear-headed state of mind.

Dutch Hawaiian Strain

Famous worldwide for its curious and unique blend of tropical citrus flavors and scents, earthy, piney, and herbal tones, and energizing effects, Dutch Hawaiian is a 70/30 balanced Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that produces effects like no other. 

The result of crossing the Hawaiian and Dutch Treat strains will make you feel its surprisingly balanced effects that will not cause you paranoia or anxiety but a soothing relaxation and a lifting state of euphoria without any sedation. Moreover, the buds of this strain are light mint in color covered with fine orange hairs and an abundant frosty layer of milky-white trichomes that makes these buds shine.  

Dutch Hawaiian can have a THC content of up to 20% and can be a perfect strain to better deal with poor appetite, chronic pain and stress, insomnia, and moderate cases of depression. So with this strain, get ready to experience the unique combination of flavors, smells, and therapeutic qualities of one of the best Hawaiian strains.

Hawaiian Snow Strain

This award-winning strain is as refreshing and unique as snowfall in the tropics would be.  Hawaiian Snow is a tropical delight that shares three Haze relatives, the pure Haze strain, Hawaiian Haze, and the Neville’s Haze strain.  

Hawaiian Snow gets its name due to the vivid green appearance of its buds reminiscent of the beautiful Hawaiian mountains and the frosty covering of snow-like cannabinoid-laden trichomes that covers its entire flowers. These buds emanate sweet tropical and floral notes that leave a tasty pineapple-like flavor when smoked. 

The effects of Hawaiian Snow can help with headaches and poor appetite since it has the peculiarity of inducing what many stoners know as munchies. This strain usually has THC levels between 18% and 24%. It produces a strong high, which can be perfect for any time of the day as long as you don’t underestimate its therapeutic power and are aware of your tolerance levels.

Blue Hawaiian Strain

This incredibly balanced hybrid strain truly captures a little of the flavor of Hawaii in her beautiful buds with an Indica structure. Between the leaves of these flowers, the bright orange pistils stand out while an abundant and sticky layer of trichomes covers their entire structure. 

Blue Hawaiian is the result of crossing the Blueberry strains of an Indica nature and Hawaiian Sativa. It exudes smells as sweet, refreshing, and tropical as those contained in the namesake cocktail of this strain with almost effervescent notes of blueberry, pineapple, and some touches of lemon that leave a characteristic spicy aftertaste of pine and wood on the exhale. 

The effects of Blue Hawaiian are powerful and perfectly balanced. Still, many users rate this strain as a complete creeper since its effects take a reasonable longer time to hit than many of the better-known hybrid strains. For this reason, it is better to be careful not to overdose since a few minutes later, you could feel a wave of effects with a psychedelic bent that might be a bit overwhelming for cannabis enthusiasts. 

Hawaiian Cookies Strain

The result of crossing the Hawaiian Snow and GSC or Girl Scout Cookies strains, the Hawaiian Cookies strain is one of a kind. It is a hybrid strain with a slight inclination to Sativa dominance that can produce really powerful full-body effects while putting your mind in a state of happiness.

Hawaiian Cookies inherits elite genetics from its relatives and those characteristic tropical fruit and citrus aromas found in Hawaiian Snow. At the same time, the flavors of this strain are packed in an earthy and berry bouquet. 

Hawaiian Cookies is an ideal strain for any time of the day, and it will allow you to tackle any list of pending activities feeling motivated with a cerebral high that will lift you. As the hours go by, it will transform into a feeling of complete relaxation away from any feeling of being attached to the sofa or of bodily sedation.  It is an ideal strain for medicinal users looking to combat chronic stress and depression.

Hawaiian Dream Strain

This rare and unique strain of medical cannabis, as the name suggests, is like a tropical dream filled with happiness, laughter, and a refreshing sense of tranquility full of vitality and creative energy. Hawaiian Dream is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain with slightly Sativa leaning effects. 

This strain is famous for reaching peculiarly high CBD levels of up to 12% and THC concentrations of between 4 and 12%. Furthermore, it is perfect for better dealing with chronic pain, arthritis, eye pressure, and inflammation.

Hawaiian Ice Strain

Hawaiian Ice is an aromatic, balanced hybrid strain that will make you feel as fresh as if you sipped a tropical fruit sorbet on the shore of a paradise beach in Hawaii. This strain is the result of crossing the Sunset Sherbet and Sour Apple IBL strains and can present THC levels of up to 18%. 

The buds of this strain are usually bright green with amber pistils. Although it is a balanced hybrid strain, Hawaiian Ice will make you feel the effects of a slight Indica tilt after the first few hits while your head becomes active and alert. It can be an ideal strain for treating conditions like anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue, and insomnia.

Hawaiian Gold Strain

Meet the golden girl of the Hawaiian strains. Hawaiian Gold is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain resulting from the crossing of Pineapple and Super Lemon Haze strains. This strain can contain an impressive THC level that can exceed 20%, while its CBD ratio is usually below 1%. 

The effects of Hawaiian Gold are potent Sativa in nature, accompanied by a strong dose of euphoria, and can be ideal for treating low spirits, chronic pain, and insomnia.

Pink Hawaiian Strain

With aromas so sweet as the treats, a terpene profile capable of satisfying any public and truly vitalizing effects, the Pink Hawaiian strain can definitely surprise the most experienced users.

This bud results from the crossing of the Hawaiian and Cotton Candy Kush strains and can present THC levels of up to 17%. The effects of Pink Hawaiian have the quality of being driving energy, making this an ideal strain for physical or outdoor activities.

Hawaiian Breeze Strain 

Imagine that you are in the beautiful mountains of Hawaii early in the morning, near a tropical fruit plantation, and you receive a soft and comforting breeze loaded with delicious aromas of ripe fruit. This is exactly how the Hawaiian Breeze strain will make you feel.  

This strain is popular for generating happy and creative thoughts and is the ideal companion for the end of a long day or simply to spend some quiet time at the beach or pool with your friends or family. Hawaiian Breeze can have THC levels of up to 19% but is also available in a high CBD hemp version containing up to 19.8% CBD. These cannabinoids can help deal with chronic pain and muscle spasms and work as an anti-inflammatory.

Hawaiian Pineapple Strain

Resulting from the cross between the infamous Pineapple Express strain and Hawaiian, the Hawaiian Pineapple strain has a remarkable scent profile and therapeutic potency. This strain can reach THC levels of between 19% to 25% and is famous for causing giggling, euphoric, energetic, and happy highs while allowing you to stay focused.  

Its flavors are a mix between pineapple, peach, and lemon with some herbal and diesel notes. Hawaiian Pineapple can work effectively to deal with conditions like epilepsy, glaucoma, fatigue, and PTSD.

Hawaiian Diesel Strain

Hawaiian Diesel struts very well, filling its position as one of the best Hawaiian strains currently available on the cannabis market. It is a perfect blend of pine, citrus scents, and flavors with their respective diesel notes.  

This strain is relatively new to the market but has made a name for itself for its beautiful appearance, its trichome-covered buds, its exquisite flavors, and its high THC content that can climb to an impressive 22%. This abundant THC content, together with its terpene profile, can generate intense effects of a euphoric nature perfect for the afternoon or the end of a long day.

Hawaiian Fire Strain

When it comes to the best Hawaiian strains of cannabis, this strain is hot as the lava from the volcanoes of Hawaii. “Fire” is one of the words used to describe how great this strain is. 

Hawaiian Fire is a strain native to Maui, and it has a reputation for putting you in an island mood the first few hits. Its THC levels can reach up to 17%, and it can present CBG levels of up to 1%. The cerebral effects of this strain will put you in a happy, elevated, and talkative state, making it an ideal option to enjoy with friends due to the social nature of its effects.

Purple Hawaiian Strain

Also called Hawaiian Purple Kush, it is a delicious Indica-dominant hybrid strain with an 80/20 balance that will hit you with overwhelming waves of euphoria and incredible spikes of creativity. 

The buds of this strain resulting from the cross between the Hawaiian and Purple Kush strains are usually quite dense and compact, with a dark olive green color with some light green tones, some fiery-orange pistils, and a resin cover abundant in white sticky trichomes. Purple Hawaiian exudes a sweet tropical fruit scent and sweet berry, leaving a blueberry aftertaste on the exhale, and can contain up to 23% THC. 

The effects of Hawaiian Purple Kush are ideal for better dealing with conditions such as mild to moderate depression, muscle spasms, stress, and chronic pain.

Hawaiian Blue Strain

The Hawaiian Blue strain has a fine mix of tropical odors, pine, cranberry, pineapple, earthy notes, and a high THC content that can grade up to 24%. This top-shelf hybrid strain is the result of crossing the Blueberry and Hawaiian Sativa strains and can be an excellent option to deal with headaches, migraines, anxiety, stress, and depression.

Hawaii Maui Wowie Strain

This strain is native to the shores of Hawaii, where it grows in soil rich in nutrients and minerals thanks to the volcanic bed on which these beautiful islands rest. Hawaiian Maui Wowie is an almost purely Sativa strain resulting from crossing the Hawaiian Sativa strain and another strain that still remains unknown. It can contain up to 17% THC.

This bud’s effects are famous for being lightheaded, relaxing but energetic at the same time, and for inducing creative waves that will put you in a perfect mood to enjoy the sun or have a good time with your friends. Just as the name suggests, Hawaiian Maui Wowie exudes tropical scents with pineapple accents that will captivate the taste of even the most demanding of users.

Hawaiian Golden Pineapple Strain 

Suppose you are looking for a strain with truly tropical flavors, a high THC content, and remarkable effects to enjoy during the day that allows you to tackle your activities. In that case, Hawaiian Golden Pineapple may be an ideal option for you. This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain is the result of crossing the Golpen Goat and Pineapple Kush strains with native Hawaii strains. 

It can contain up to 28% THC, and its dense therapeutic smoke with its dense therapeutic smoke pineapple flavor and mango flavor exhaled can induce effects. Hawaiian Golden Pineapple is uplifting with intense waves of euphoria, perfect for a wake-and-bake that will make you enjoy a relaxing and placid moment while allowing you to tackle your pending activities with excellent energy.

Hawaiian Sunrise Strain

This strain is a true island mystery to which its name suits very well. Hawaiian Sunrise is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of unknown Hawaiian lineage and a truly unique blend of flavors, scents, and cannabinoids that will put you in a beachy mood with the first few hits.

Hawaiian Sunrise can contain 15% to 25% THC and up to 11% CBD, which generates truly unique effects on users of this strain in conjunction with its terpene profile. Its lifting and energetic effects are perfect for the morning as they will give you that extra boost of energy you need to start your day. 

These effects can help you better cope with conditions like fatigue, chronic stress, depression, pain and come packed into beautiful buds with earthy and tropical scents of peppery green accents covered in lots of orange hairs.

Afghani Hawaiian Strain

Afghan Hawaiian is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that carries a truly unique combination of scents. This strain results from a cross between the UK Cheese and Lavender strains and exudes a mixture of aromas that honor its genetics with some earthy, herbal notes and some hints of cheese. These scents come along with certain liquor and caramel undertones that balance the scent profile of this strain. 

The effects of the Afghan Hawaiian strain produce a rush of euphoria that then transforms into a feeling of complete deep relaxation, characteristic of an Indica-dominant strain.  In addition to this strain’s 22% THC content, Afghan Hawaiian has the peculiarity of presenting up to 1% CBG. Thus, it can be of great help in treating some neurological and spasmodic disorders.

Hawaiian Pie Strain

Resulting from the cross between the Cherry Pie and Hawaiian strains, the Hawaiian Pie strain is truly rare. It contains a delicious combination of tropical flavors and smells with hints of berries and cherries and moderate THC levels. 

Hawaiian Pie produces a slow-build creeping high that creates a powerful sense of euphoria that will leave you feeling happy and energetic. As the high progress, it transforms into a state of physical and mental relaxation. Thus, it is an excellent tool to better deal with certain conditions such as loss of appetite, nausea, depression, and chronic pain.

Hawaiian Honey Purple Strain

Hawaiian Honey Purple is the result of crossing Hawaiian Sativa strains with a rare strain called Granddaddy Purple or GDP. This Indica-dominant strain comes with a unique combination of sweet flavors reminiscent of honey, just as the name suggests. 

Moreover, Hawaiian Honey Purple inherits high performance from its predecessors and can be a great tool for dealing with conditions such as muscle spasms, back pain, Crohn’s disease, nausea, and sleep disorders.

Hawaiian Pepper Strain

Hawaiian Pepper is a truly unique strain initially created by members of a musical group called “Pepper,” hence its name. Their drummer Yesod Williams says they intended to create a strain of their own that would remind them of the first buds they used to smoke in their early days. After a few months of study and development, they managed to find the smells and effects they were looking for in a genuinely unique bud called Hawaiian Pepper.  

This strain with an island vibe has fruity and creamy fragrances and flavors with hints of pine or tropical fruits. Hawaiian Pepper results from the crossing of the Super Lemon Haze and Santa Cruz Golden Haze strains and is an almost purely Sativa strain and can present THC levels of up to 23%. Hawaiian Pepper can generate relaxing effects while igniting that artistic spark in you.

Royal Hawaiian Strain

Royal Hawaiian is a strain that results from crossing Sativa and Indica strains native to the Hawaiian Islands. This strain can contain a moderate THC index of up to 15% and generates truly enjoyable balanced highs of a creative, euphoric, laughing, energetic, and happy nature. 

Furthermore, the Royal Hawaiian strain can help you deal with conditions such as arthritis pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, seizures, and appetite disorders. This strain has the peculiarity of presenting small indices of CBD of up to 0.5% and CBN of up to 0.6%, which contribute synergistically to the final effects that this strain delivers.

Hawaii 78 Strain

Also known as the sweet lady of Waiāhole, Hawaii 78 is a strain native to the island of Oahu near where the Jurassic Park movie was filmed and which captivated the film’s production team when they were on-site shooting. 

This strain is an excellent representative of old-school cannabis genetics that relaxes while revitalizing the user with gratifying mild effects. Hawaii 78 can present up to 17% THC, 1% CBG, and a high content of terpinolene that, together, give that distinctive touch to the high that this fantastic strain is capable of generating.

Hawaiian Big Bud Strain

Hawaiian Big Bud is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with a balance of 85/15 that can feature high THC levels of up to 21%. This strain exudes earthy smells with pine accents and similar flavors but with a nutty aftertaste. 

The effects produced by the Hawaiian Big Bud strain are really relaxing and, at the same time, soft and manageable. Hawaiian Big Bud will make you feel mental and body relaxation and your eyes a little heavy. These effects can be of great help in helping some patients cope with insomnia, stress, and even depression.  Due to its high THC content and relaxing nature, Hawaiian Big Bud can be an ideal choice for more experienced users.

Hawaiian Butterscotch Strain

Hawaiian Butterscotch is a cannabis strain that genuinely lives up to its name with its delicious profile of sweet and tropical smells and flavors. This strain has high therapeutic power and a THC index ranging from 18% to 21%. When smoked, Hawaiian Butterscotch generates a dense and delicious smoke with aromas and flavors of caramel with certain undertones and a citric and fruity aftertaste. 

Hawaiian Butterscotch generates long-lasting effects with nice spikes of creativity and happiness included. The buds produced by this strain are vibrant neon green with dark purple undertones, and it is an ideal choice for cannabis connoisseurs looking for buds loaded with truly unique smells and effects to enjoy. You can use it at any time of the day since its balanced nature will provide you with a manageable moment of relaxation that will allow you to carry out any pending activity.

Hawaiian Candy Strain

This Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis rarity is the result of crossing the Hawaiian and Cotton Candy strains. Hawaiian Candy Ed is a THC dominant strain that produces sweet-smelling buds, intense resin production, and deep green to light green leaves coated in crystals when the plant reaches maturity. 

Hawaiian Candy exudes sweet, tropical, and creamy scents, with hints of lemon that balance the final scent profile. The buds of this strain will flood any room with their sweet candy smell as soon as you unpack them.

Hawaiian Delight Strain

Just as the name suggests, this strain is a true delight for any cannabis connoisseur. Hawaiian Delight is a mostly Indica strain that crosses Hawaiian, Skunk # 1, and Afghani strains. This marvel of cannabis offers its users an exciting scent profile with tones of diesel and earth and enjoyable effects with the ability to relax the muscles and immediately cleanse any pain or stress from your day.  

This strain eliminates social anxiety as you medicate yourself with it and puts you in the right mood for pleasant conversations. The THC index of Hawaiian Delight is around 20%, and due to its Indica nature, it is recommended for the end of the day or a time when you can fully enjoy the relaxation that this strain will provide you.

Hawaiian Duckfoot Strain

Hawaiian Duckfoot is a native cannabis strain from the Hawaiian islands with a unique peculiarity since the tips of the leaves of this plant seem webbed, which gives it the appearance of a duck’s foot. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with a balance of 70/30 that can reach THC levels of between 15% to 20%. 

This rare Hawaiian strain produces huge olive-green buds pierced by bright orange pistils and covered in a sticky layer of purple-tinted white trichome crystals. These buds, when smoked, emanate a dense sweet smoke with sour flavors and smells of pineapple, skunk, and spicy overtones. 

Hawaiian Duckfoot will make you feel its full-bodied effects on the first few puffs, leaving you chatty, giggly, and euphoric. The effects of the Hawaiian Duckfoot strain can help deal with conditions such as chronic pain, migraines, headaches, stress, and chronic fatigue.

Hawaiian Elephant Strain

This cannabis strain is a Hawaiian classic that lives up to its name due to its large plants and buds. Hawaiian Elephant, also known as Old Elephant, is a strain of pakalōlō (cannabis) Sativa that became popular in the 1960s and 1970s. This strain was initially brought to Hawaii from Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, primarily due to its massive bud production and powerful effects. 

Hawaiian Express Strain

Hawaiian Express is a truly rare and unique hybrid strain with a Sativa slant available in THC and CBD dominance versions. Both display delicious aromas of sour and tropical fruits with citrus accents that complement the final scent profile of this strain. 

Depending on whether it is the marijuana version or the hemp version, the effects of this strain can vary. However, Hawaiian Express will always provide you with lifting and energizing effects due to its Sativa nature. These effects promote focus and creativity while generating a state of physical and mental relaxation that is perfect for treating chronic stress and pain, nausea, cravings, and depression.  

This strain of unknown lineage presents particularly high levels of BCP or beta-caryophyllene, which acts as a terpene and as a cannabinoid since it directly influences the final effects that we perceive from this wonderful Hawaiian strain.

Hawaiian Herer Strain

The cross between the Hawaiian and Jack Herer strains results in this delicious strain of tropical flavors and scents called Hawaiian Herer. This Sativa-dominant strain provides sweet citrus and fresh fruit scents with earthy notes that complement this strain’s terpene profile. 

Hawaiian Herer produces relaxing, mood-lifting effects with a sense of overall well-being that will make you feel like watching the sunset on the shore of a Luau beach. Little is known about this mysterious Hawaiian strain yet, but there are a few online stores where you can get it in pre-rolled and vaping cartridges.

Hawaiian Lights Strain

Hawaiian Lights is a balanced hybrid strain resulting from the crossing of Blue Hawaiian and Northern Lights strains. This strain can present THC levels ranging from 15% to 23%, and it also contains 1% CBD, which, together with its terpene profile, give the final touches to the effects it generates. The fruity-scented smoke of Hawaiian Lights produces brain-lifting visuals and effects that are sure to make you smile and feel soothingly calm without being overly narcotic.

Hawaiian Mandarin Strain

This marvelous cannabis strain is still covered in a veil of mystery because it is relatively new to the market. We believe it may be the result of crossing the popular Mandarin Sunset strain with a native Hawaiian strain. Although more information is lacking about the odor and flavor profile of this strain and the effects it can generate, we know that it can have THC levels of up to 16% and it can have a CBG content of 1%.

Hawaiian Mango Strain

Hawaiian Mango, also known as Hawaiian Banana, is rare and hard to find outside Hawaii or the West Coast. This strain results from crossing Mango Kush and Hawaiian strains, and its Indica / Sativa ratio and exact THC content remain an unsolved mystery. 

The aroma that this strain generates is loaded with tropical notes and scents reminiscent of mango, just as the name suggests. Hawaiian Mango combines the deep Kush body effects with the revitalizing clear-head effects of Hawaiian strains, which can be ideal for treating poor appetite, moderate pain, insomnia, and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Hawaiian Purple Kush Strain

Hawaiian Purple Kush is a delicious strain that combines all the therapeutic magic and deep relaxation that the popular Purple Kush strain provides, along with the brain-lifting and lifting effects of the Hawaiian strain. The result of this cross is an exquisite Indica-dominant strain with an 80/20 balance that can reach THC levels of between 15% to 23%. 

This strain can also present trim levels of CBD and CBG of up to 1%, which, together with the delicious myrcene-rich terpene profile, complement and balance the final effects we perceive from this wonderful strain. Hawaiian Purple Kush will make you feel relaxed, happy, and cheerful, and its effects can help treat conditions such as pain, insomnia, and depression.

Hawaiian Spice Strain

Hawaiian Spice, also simply called Spice, is a rare strain of cannabis that comes from crossing two native Hawaii strains. The result is a balanced hybrid strain that produces luscious dark green leafy buds with vibrant green hues and a resinous trichome-rich shell brimming with therapeutic potency. These buds exude exciting tropical notes, herbal, earthy notes, and truly distinctive spicy accents with which it lives up to its name. 

A curious fact about this strain is that its initial breeder, Mr. Nice, called this strain “Spice” because it is one of the highest quality buds currently available on the cannabis market. Hawaiian Spice can contain THC levels from 14% to 19% and is capable of generating a balanced high that will make you feel happy and give you a vacation-like feeling, just like a relaxing day at the beach.

Hawaiian Trinity Strain

This Hawaiian pakalōlō Sativa-dominant strain is the pride of the Pua Mana seed bank and is the result of crossing the world-renowned Kana Gold strain with the Trinity strain. This strain’s terpene profile is truly unique. It exudes a burnt rubber smell, tropical aromas, and outstanding funkiness that translate into an exhaled with tropical aftertastes peculiarly characteristic of this strain. Hawaiian Trinity produces buds that can contain an impressive 21% THC that can generate a physical rush effect that subsides into a sedative-physical high as it unfolds.

Hawaiian Pancake Strain

Very little is known about this rare strain as it is new to the market, and its definitive lineage is somewhat mysterious, as is its exact THC content. Nonetheless, 517 Legend Seed Co suggests that Hawaiian Pancake is the result of crossing the Blueberry Pancake and Rambutan strains, so this relatively new rarity on the cannabis market shares genetics with the world-renowned, and previously mentioned, Hawaiian Maui Wowie. You probably won’t get buds from this strain that easily, but there are some sites online where you can find non-feminized seeds of this mysterious and rare Hawaiian strain.