Best High CBG Strains

High CBG strain

If you’ve heard of CBD, you might definitely be interested in CBG. This not very well-known cannabinoid has been one of the most recent objects of study by cannabis experts. It is known that CBG can bring virtually the same benefits as CBD with some subtle differences. In turn, it fulfills a different function on the famous “Entourage Effect” that cannabinoids are known to produce in the human body.

One of the most notable contributions that  CBG flower provides within the synergistic effect produced by cannabinoids is that CBG can block the THC receptors in our endocannabinoid system, thus making strains of cannabis with high THC content more tolerable. Cannabigerol can also enhance pleasure and motivation, regulate appetite and sleep, and relieve pain without the psychotropic effects or “high” caused by THC.

Thanks to the popularization of CBD and the fact that CBG is a fairly similar cannabinoid, this compound can be found almost in all forms you can find CBD. High CBG strains, CBG concentrates and oils, and even CBG cartridges are now among the most requested products of the cannabis market.

For all those people who have heard about this beneficial cannabinoid and are looking for the best high CBG strains, we have put together a list of the top-rated cannabis strains with high CBG content currently available in the weed market. This said, let’s review this fine selection of high CBG strains that you can easily get online.

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Hemp Strains High in CBG

White CBG Strain

This is a premium industrial CBG hemp strain that was originally bred to get more possible CBG content out of it in order to have a strain from which you can get all the beneficial effects and benefits that Cannabigerol can offer. Reaching CBG concentration levels of 18%, White CBG is a perfect strain to enjoy in the daytime and it can provide pain relief, soothing effects, work as an anti-inflammatory, and reduce nausea. 

Sour G CBG Strain

If you enjoy the soothing and uplifting effects of a sativa strain but you don’t want the drowsy high of THC, the delightful Sour G CBG is a strain for you. With an average CBG content of 14%, this exclusive high CBG strain brings a rime of snow-white colored trichomes and vibrant-orange pistils-covered buds characterized by a strong diesel citrusy fragrant aroma with some peppery and earthy undertones. This small batch of Sour G CBG is the result of a collaboration with Herb, one of the most respected and reliables brands on the market with whom we have teamed up to bring you only the best-of-the-best strains currently available on the market.

Lemon Diesel CBG Strain

A boosting sativa CBG strain that will rock you with 16% of CBG content and uplifting and focus-increasing effects. Lemon Diesel CBG strain brings up a cooling pine and fresh lemon scent that finish in a buttery and earthy aftertaste. As an additional feature, we have also prepared you a batch of Lemon Diesel CBG cartridges, which are perfect for those who want a bit more dosage control on their smoking experience. This batch of Lemon Diesel CBG is another collaboration with one of the industry giants Herb with whom we align on the commitment to bring only the best cannabis products to our distinguished customers.

White Whale CBG Strain

The ravishing White Whale CBG will let you ride her to take you on a calming and restorative journey through the oceans of calm and relaxation. This hybrid CBG dominant strain waddles up with some green frosty buds covered in trichomes that can reach up to 15% in CBG content and will leave behind a refreshing and pungent berry and citrus scent in both aromas and taste.

Desert Snow CBG Strain

Coolness, calmness, mindfulness, and relaxation are what you will experience once Desert Snow reaches you. This indica-dominant hybrid strain derived from Flora Vega will deliver scents of lemony earthy with some tones of mint in buds that resemble a snow-covered cactus. Desert Snow CBG can give you up to 21.8% of CBG content and almost undetectable levels of THC. It is an excellent strain to promote imagination and creativity with insightful thoughts going through your head.

Jack Frost CBG Strain

The first high-CBG strain to be bred by hemp growers truly honors its name bringing leafy bright green buds frost with a layer of fine silver sticky trichomes. Jack Frost CBG flower emanates a fresh pine and lemony smell that will remind you of a hot steamy teacup in the morning. Jack Frost can calm inflammation, relieve pain, and reduce intraocular pressure related to glaucoma.

Auto CBG Strain

Powerful, balanced, physical, cerebral, and long-lasting effects are what the pungent fruity flavor and aroma flowers from the Auto CBG strain will provide. This unique strain is a Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis genotype is a crossbreeding product from Cannabiogen and can be found in auto-flowering feminized seeds that will gloom in a period of about 70 days. 

Matterhorn CBG Strain

This hemp flower strain was initially bred by a Swiss-Italian breeder named Matthias Ghidossi. Buds from this strain deliver a soaring citrus scent of lemon and lime with some hoppy aftertaste and CBG levels that can reach up to 15% with extremely low THC levels of  0.09%. The breeder of Matterhorn CBG paid close attention to the terpene profile of this strain which results in a perfect strain candidate for extractions. 

Crawford CBG Strain

Definitely, one of the finest top-shelf CBG strains currently available on the market with over 22% of CBG content. Crawford CBG strain’s smell is fruity and citrusy reminiscent of grapefruit aroma and its buds are coated in white sticky trichome crystals and orange colored pistils. These buds are dense, tight, and fragile making it easier to pack your bowls or roll your joints.

Plain Jane CBG Strain

Delivering average CBG levels of 12 to 14%, this bud is filled with a hoppy herbal scent with touches of chamomile and pine. Plain Jane CBG flowers are from a bright green color and are covered with a frosty layer of silver trichomes that reflect the percentage of CBG that these buds can contain.