Big Bang 2 Strain Review

Big Bang 2 Strain Review

Like the first Bing Bang brought life to all this big and vast skunk universe, the Big Bang 2 strain has made explode that extra power and energy that Indica lovers were looking for. The Big Bang 2 strain, sometimes also called just “Big Bang,” is the product of feminized seeds, and it emanates a fruity scent that is reminiscent of sweet apple and a little bit of citrus with some accents of rose and violet as well.

The Big Bang 2 strain has come to open the doors to this whole new universe missing in the first Big Bang. Learn more about this 23% THC level bud and get ready to explore the universe.


Flavors in the potent Big Bang 2 strain are just as delicious as the aromas, carrying over a distinct sweet blend of sweet fruity, wood, and chocolate that is detectable near the end. This delicious strain leaves a great lingering aftertaste.


The Big Bang 2 strain delivers a heavy, long-lasting relaxation that may be good for bedtime. For sure, we can say it is not the best option for work as its high THC levels will leave you stuck to the couch or just wanting to chill, watch a movie or play some video games. There’s no uplift or clear thinking here. The relief that this strain provides expands and spreads throughout the whole body as you go on smoking, calming stress both physical and mental. 

The sedating effects of the Big Bang 2 strain run most popularly with patients dealing with chronic pains and sleeplessness. Its potent effect is considered by many as a medicinal strain. 

Growth Information

This incredible version of the Big Bang 2 strain grows pretty easily and yields heavily, delivering 20% more yield than the original Big Bang strain. Moreover, the Big Bang 2 strain has recorded yields of up to 750 g/m2, which in skunk terms is pretty amazing.

Flowering Time

8 to 9 weeks.Can’t find the Big Bang 2 strain? Bubba Kush is a strain that will leave you relaxed and comfy. In its marijuana form, the THC of this flower will leave you couch-locked and create some fogginess in the head. On the other hand, higher CBD levels will decrease the heavy head sensation and replace it instead with a calm mental focus and great physical comfort.