CBD Butter Recipe

CBD butter

Experience the potential therapeutic and health benefits of cannabidiol with this easy CBD butter recipe, ideal for various dishes, such as cookies, muffins, or pastries. Use it as a substitute for butter in everyday cooking, to fry eggs in a pan, or butter your toast, for example.

As you might know, cannabinoids are fat-soluble, meaning they bind to fats. Those fats carry the cannabinoids and their benefits into future recipes where you substitute CBD oil or cannabutter for standard oil or butter.

This is a simple recipe that even a classic beginner could do. For those trying to incorporate CBD into their daily regimen for health purposes, our advice is: Go low and slow. Keep going down below to learn how to make CBD butter. 

How to Make CBD butter

Prep Time: 5 mins

Cooking Time: 2-8 hrs

Total Time: 2 hrs 5 mins-8hrs 5 min

Servings: 1 cup butter

Equipment Needed

  • Herb grinder
  • Metal strainer
  • Cheesecloth or other types of cotton fabric
  • Funnel
  • Slow cooker (or a medium-sized saucepan on low heat).


  • 1 cup of full fat, unsalted butter (vegan alternatives: coconut, olive, canola, or hemp oil).
  • Dried hemp, high-CBD marijuana flowers or 20 ml CBD oil
  • 1/2 cup water (when using CBD oil)

Now that you have gathered the essential ingredients and tools, it’s time to make your own CBD butter.


Step 1

With a grinder, break down your hemp or high-CBD flower coarsely. To this process, it’s not necessary to use fine herbs. Just make sure that the flower buds are evenly ground. Preferably, use 1 cup of plant material for each cup of butter. 

In case you don’t know which strain to use, you could visit our shop and choose one of our craft cannabis flowers. Botany Farms’ CBD and CBG strains are U.S harvested and 100% FDA compliant.

Step 2

To release the cannabinoids in the hemp flower, the decarboxylation process is a necessary step. Preheat your oven to 220°F and spread the ground flower on a baking sheet. Bake it for 30 to 45 minutes. If you have CBD oil, you can skip this step.

Step 3

Chop 1 cup of butter into smaller pieces and melt it slowly, on low heat. Once it is melted and heated, add the ground flower mixture to the pot and stir gently. If you choose to use CBD oil, pour 20ml, 1/2 cup of water into the melting butter and blend until you have a homogenous concoction.

For this process, you can use a slow cooker for better results, but if you don’t have one of those, you can use a saucepan as a substitute to simmer the butter and flower mixture on low heat for several hours.

Step 4

Submerge the flower in the butter completely and cover the slow cooker or pot.  Simmer the mixture over low heat for at least one hour. If you desire maximum cannabinoid extraction, leave it six to eight hours. Notice that the longer you allow the mixture to infuse, the more potent the results will be. 

Step 5

Remove the butter mixture from the heat. While it is still warm and malleable, use a metal strainer. Then, use a container lined with a cheesecloth, and pour the mixture. Gently squeeze the cheesecloth to press out as much of the oil or butter as possible.

Step 6

Place your homemade CBD butter into the refrigerator or freezer. Keep in mind that this will last up to two months in the fridge or even six months in the freezer. 

The strength of your homemade CBD B¿butter will be associated with how much plant material you use and its potency, the quantity of butter you use, and how long you let the mixture infuse.  

If you love CBD-butter and you always want to keep some in your fridge while skipping the demanding process of making it, you can expand your culinary adventures with a CBD Butter Machine.

Made for grinding, steeping, and infusing liquids, butter machines are easy to use, clean, and efficient. This appliance is worth every inch of your counter space. It works by heating and blending with a small blade, similar to an immersion blender. Just pour in the ingredients, seal the lid, and choose your temperature options. 

Some butter machines will turn 4 to 8 oz of plain butter and herbs into a perfectly infused cannabutter in around 10 minutes. Others have different infusing times that can go from one to eight-hour infusing times. No need to be stirring it up constantly or straining because this kitchen friend will do everything for you. 

Now that you have mastered this recipe, the power of making CBD butter is in your hands. Experiment with new recipes from the comfort of your home. Remember that the CBD cooks off if it heats over 350°F, so make sure you are using it in recipes that will not go over this temperature.


Experience the potential therapeutic and health benefits of cannabidiol with this easy CBD butter recipe, ideal for various dishes, such as cookies, muffins, or pastries.
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