Diesel Dough Strain Review

Diesel Dough strain

A truly sativa-dominant strain that, just like diesel, is ready to set things on fire. Honoring its name, the Diesel Dough strain will provide you with little doughs of delicious terpenes and cannabinoids that give off an intense smell of diesel in its wake. Diesel Dough’s buds are from a beautiful bright-green color with some purple-hued patches, orange hairs, and all covered with a coat of shiny-as-a-sunny-day, sticky white trichomes.

The Diesel Dough strain is perfect for injecting some fuel into your morning mood. This 70% sativa-dominant hybrid strain will stimulate that creative energy within you without affecting your general energy levels. Since official information from the Diesel Dough strain’s original breeders is still not available to the public, there is a bit of confusion surrounding cannabinoids levels on this hybrid strain. Nevertheless, we have found reports of this strain reaching a THC level of up to 30%. Potent and energizing as diesel itself, we can definitely say that Diesel Dough is a strain for the regular daytime cannabis user.


Just like its parents, the Diesel Dough strain has a pungent fuel, grapefruit, cookies, and lemon aroma that translates into a fruity flavor with a few hashish undertones. The primary terpenes that generate the sweet combination of scents and flavors in the Diesel Dough strain are Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, Humulene, Bisabolol, and Valencene.


If you are one of those who like strains that hit you hard and almost immediately, Diesel Dough may be a strain for you. A heady rush will kick you immediately after the first hits with a boosting and energetic effect that will get you into a talkative and uplifted mood, offering you a joyful experience while letting you finish any task that you have pending. Diesel Dough’s sativa features make it a great strain to treat pain related to arthritis, seizures or epilepsy, glaucoma-related symptoms, hypertension, and muscle spasms. 

Furthermore, the Diesel Dough strain has also proven to help regulate eating disorders and nausea. The mood-boosting and uplifting effects of this bud can also serve as a treatment for depression, anxiety, or stress. However, this is not a strain to play with. Enthusiast or new users should be careful of the dosing. If too high, the Diesel Dough strain can make you experience some slight side effects such as dry mouth, paranoia, or even that couch-locked feeling from indica strains.

Diesel Dough Strain Genetics

This strain indeed shows the qualities for which its relatives are so renowned. The Diesel Dough cannabis strain came from a cross between female Sour Diesel and a male Do-Si-Dos plant and was first bred by Archive Seed Bank. With a ratio of 70/30 Sativa-leaning dominance and an average THC percentage that can scale up to almost 30%, Diesel Dough is nothing but pure high potency.


The father, Dos-Si-Dos, was chosen to pass to his daughter, Diesel Dough, some of its better features like a lot of appearance characteristics of its buds, the sweetness in the smell and flavor, and several of its therapeutic effects as well such as the stress and depression relieving properties, the mood improvement, and the appetite stimulation. Dos-Si-Dos can present up to 27 to 30% of THC and almost 2% of CBD in it and will give some nice lime-green nugs coated in sparkling trichomes.

On the other hand, Sour Diesel brings to the Diesel Dough all of its predominant lemon, sour, fuel, and gassy aroma along with its 23% of THC concentration and potent effects that Sour Diesel can make you experience. Sour Diesel will induce a potent uplifted cerebral high as a pure Sativa strain that will wipe out any stress away. Sour Diesel can also control pain and nausea, prompt giggles, and boost creativity and energy. These characteristics were inherited by the descendant strain of this crossbreeding, the delicious Diesel Dough, and it’s one of the things that makes this strain perfect for daytime usage.

Growth Information

Diesel Dough is from a moderated growth difficulty, and it can grow perfectly both indoors and outdoors. However, If growing this strain indoors, you will need some adequate large space as this plant can grow really tall, up to 80 inches. The Diesel Dough strain can reach the best of its potential when growing outdoors, where it can grow larger than 90 inches tall and produce yields of up to 4 ounces. Archive Seed Bank chose the Indica dominant traits of the Dos-Si-Dos to reduce a bit the Diesel Dough’s flowering time. This strain will be ready to be harvested within 93 to 100 days.

Flowering Time

77 – 86 Days


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