Flyboy Hemp Strain Review

Flyboy Hemp flower strain flying through the air

Do you ever wish you could fly away from the stress of daily life? Most of the time, getting in a plane and going somewhere nice is not possible for some of us, but taking a drag on Flyboy will surely transport you to a place of inner calm after a long day.

Characterized by its dark green leaves and orange hairs, this outdoor-grown hemp strain contains up to 28% cannabinoids, the highest presence belonging to CBD with 23%. These characteristics make it perfect for someone who looks for a low THC count and great relaxing benefits.

We don’t carry this exact strain (at the moment) but have several other hemp flower strains available with similar lineage to Flyboy:

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Flyboy Strain Effects

The high levels of CBD found in Flyboy are perfect for pain relief and reducing inflammation. Additionally, this strain works as a great anxiety mediator, since its compounds interact with serotonin receptors in the brain. 

Since this cannabinoid has gained popularity for its non-intoxicating effects, many researchers have conducted studies on it in order to find out more about CBD’s benefits for the body and mind. Besides pain relief and its anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant effects, it may reduce cancer cells growth and treat chemotherapy-related side effects like nausea and vomiting.

Flyboy Strain Price

This strain is sold in many different sizes and presentations for the consumer to enjoy. 1 gram of hemp flower is sold at $29.99 as a sun-grown premium flower by Tri-Star Medical. In addition, an ounce of Flyboy hemp would cost around $399.99 from the same manufacturer.

If you are interested in pre-rolls, 1.2 grams of Flyboy usually cost from $10.99 to $11.99

Calming, anti-inflammatory and with a great aroma, Sour Space Candy is customers’ favorite product for reducing stress, anxiety and getting themselves to sleep. This Botany Farms’ flower is a hybrid strain with 16.7% CBD and an enticing terpene profile, which provides you with soothing smoke and sour flavors. Set a relaxing mood after a tiring day with Sour Space Candy in case you can’t find Flyboy hemp near you. 

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