Hemp Flower West Virginia: CBD Flower Buyer’s Guide

West Virginia

When the Farm Bill of 2018 passed into law, the Controlled Substances Act excluded hemp from the list of controlled substances. It goes without saying, this seemingly simple reform created a whole new market, with the hemp industry increasing in all corners of the country. 

Now considered as a commercial agricultural crop, the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act has made hemp lawful all across the country. However, when it comes to the nature of hemp rules, multiple states have some variants, and the state of West Virginia is no different.

In order to help establish a regulated hemp industry and recognize hemp as a legal agricultural commodity, the West Virginia Industrial Hemp Development Act was passed into law. The Industrial Hemp Production Act, however, continued to maintain very strict control over medical marijuana growth. The Development Act was updated after the 2018 Farm Bill passed.

What is the legal status of hemp flower in West Virginia? Can you legally buy and sell hemp smokeableS in this state? Let’s explore the most relevant aspects of West Virginia’s hemp laws.

Is Hemp Flower Legal in West Virginia?

Yes, hemp flower in West Virginia is legal. In this state, industrial hemp is an agricultural crop. In West Virginia, individuals and business entities approved by the Department of Agriculture can grow, handle, or process industrial hemp. If an entity has obtained a license, then it has fulfilled state requirements for the processing and handling of hemp production through lawful cultivation.

Hemp plants must comply with the exact same concept stated by federal law in the 2018 Farm Bill to qualify as ‘hemp’: the content of total THC should not be greater than 0.3%. If a CBD product contains more than 0.3% THC, it is called ‘cannabis’ and is only available for purchase from a licensed pharmacy for patients with medical cards.

As for the selling of industrial cannabis products, the legislation specifies that individuals do not require a license for the possession, storage, transportation, or sale of hemp products or extracts, including those containing cannabinoids derived from hemp such as CBD.

Where to Buy Hemp Flower in West Virginia

The hemp market in this state is big, just like in other states. As businesses don’t need a license to put hemp for sale in West Virginia, it is simpler to find it everywhere. Roll into almost any hair salon, gas station, or even a big retail outlet, and you’re bound to find a hemp-derived product. 

Take your hunt to the web if you don’t find something that calls your attention or covers your necessities. If you want to buy hemp flower in West Virginia but maybe don’t have the time to go out and explore your local stores, you can order online at Botany Farms. Find out about our three different types of bud each made to deliver unique effects, whether you want to focus, relax or recover.

When you’re thinking about acquiring hemp flower in West Virginia, it has to be from a trustworthy source, a reliable place you know is complying with regulations and that are good with their clients. Here you have a complete guide with the best dispensaries or stores all over the state.

Hemp Flower Charleston

A great place to go if you live in the Charleston area is Appalachian Cannabis Company when you want to buy top-rated hemp flower. This store embraces their rich Appalachian heritage, applying the wisdom and tradition of generations past to utilize nature’s gifts for food and medicine. They passionately advocate for policy change and patients’ rights to choose and strive to educate the public on the medical, economic, and social benefits cannabis can bring to the state.

At Appalachian Cannabis Company, they take pride in the way their products can help improve the clients’ quality of life. A friendly professional staff is waiting to listen to your needs and guide you through the store. This company does this by continually researching, producing, and delivering the best West Virginia hemp flower on the market. Pay a visit at 130 Goff Mountain Rd, Charleston or purchase on their website where you can find oils, tinctures, lotion, salves, bath bombs, pet products, and even bundles.

Hemp Flower Huntington

Mountain Grown is a cannabis company founded out of the desire to better the emerging cannabis industry in West Virginia. Members of the Mountain Grown team have been guiding medical cannabis patients through Cannabinoid Therapy since 2014 patiently and with a friendly attitude.

Mountain Grown’s goal is to offer clean and safe CBD products for a fair, affordable price. All Mountain Grown products contain cannabidiol derived from organic hemp, pesticide-free, double 3rd-party lab-tested, and THC free. They have a complete educational website where you can learn more about the benefits of CBD for anxiety, insomnia, pain, etc., and of course, you can purchase from their amazing selection.

Moreover, this company has developed a procedure and process to give each individual client an understanding of how to use cannabinoids. This way, users can replenish and maintain the endocannabinoid system with products like drops, capsules, topicals, edibles, and articles for their pets as well. This gives the clients the ability to practice Cannabinoid Therapy on their own while the experienced staff stands by to offer guidance. Drop by 3421 US Rt 60 East if you want to visit this amazing store.

Hemp Flower Parkersburg

There are not too many options to buy CBD and hemp flower in Parkersburg. However, Your CBD Store is the right place to go in this city. This store is 100% dedicated to CBD and hemp flower, hence they only carry top products. 

Your CBD Store products come in various forms and levels to meet each customer’s needs and preferences. You can choose from water-solubles, edibles, tinctures, soft gels, and topical applications. They even have tinctures for pets. Their products are intended to be used as an herbal supplement. Check their great selection and a wide variety on their online shop, where you will find constant sales and discounts as well.

Customers are glad this place is full of energy and their staff is helpful and friendly. Everyone who buys here comes back for more due to the efficiency of what they offer. Stop in and learn more about what works for you. They are located at 661 7th St, Parkersburg.

Hemp Flower Morgantown

If you live in the Morgantown area, Cool Ridge is the place for you. This is a novelty store that specializes in CBD, Kratom, premium cigars and accessories, hand-blown American glass, tobacco accessories, incense, and other specialty gifts and items. Here you can purchase the best smokable hemp flower in West Virginia according to many customers’ reviews.

Customers couldn’t be happier with the environment and excellent service. Anyone who goes in the store can feel comfortable and welcome, they have an awesome location for sure. Their products are unique and high quality, almost everything you can think of is here. Customers are always excited to go to Cool Ridge, moreover because of their great prices and cool staff.

Cool Ridge has its own Instagram account where they post what’s new in the shop and surprises for their clients. Make sure to check it out since they have more and more CBD products every day.

Hemp Flower Wheeling

Wheeling is lucky to have Under The Elder Tree in the area. This company specializes in natural healing products and methods. Their knowledgeable staff will give you a personalized consultation to know what works better for you or in case you’re new to the world of CBD.

At Under The Elder Tree, they are focused on providing educated, friendly, safe products and services that you can feel secure about. They ask you about what your health history is and what your lifestyle looks like so the right recommendations can be made without negative interactions.

This highly personalized way of counseling and guiding is the reason why so many local doctors send people their way and why so many customers put their trust and their health in their staff’s caring, trained hands. Browse through their great collections of products and items for your health here. Also, you can visit them and see their amazing and relaxing establishment located at  2205 Market St, Wheeling.