How Long Will a Pre-Rolled Joint Last

A woman sits in front of a window and looks into the camera as she smokes a pre-rolled joint.

Buying hemp and herb right now is a piece of cake compared to the past. You can go online and get your choice of strain by looking up your favorite dispensary and waiting a few days until your haul arrives.

One of the most common questions about these ready-to-order products revolves around pre-rolls. These are essentially joints that have already been packed and rolled for you. Think of them as having your private joint maker, only at an online dispensary. Users have wondered how long these premade joints can last if they are stashed away. Do they degrade or lose potency? How should they be stored?

Below, you’ll find a basic guide about prerolls and everything you need to know about losing their potency or flavor. We’ll explore the recommended smoking window, tips on keeping prerolls fresh, and also find the best ways to enjoy this product.


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How long will a pre-rolled joint last?

Prerolls will usually last as long as any home-rolled joint. The key takeaway here is to have your prerolls stored in optimal conditions, keeping them safe from cannabinoid degradation, bacteria, or mold.

Without these three pests, joints can last anywhere from 3 weeks and up to 3-4 months. Some users have smoked joints even older than that, but the natural decomposition of hemp flower can also take a toll if you’ve left your jays uncared for.

An important thing to say is that prerolls are best smoked closer to their rolling date. This means that unless you plan to smoke prerolls soon, we don’t really recommend buying in bulk unless you can keep them in a dry place with no heat, and tempered weather.

Now, some infused joints might last longer, like Delta-8 THC prerolls. Infused joints add extracts to the mix that add potency and sometimes flavor, depending on the cannabinoid and concentrate. 

However, infused prerolls can also fall prey to bacteria and mold if left unattended for too long. Think of them as candy or products with longer shelf life like cookies, best case you consume a stale one, worst case you get mold.

How to get a joint to last longer

Besides a loss of potency, the main concerns are bacteria and mold. This is what causes herb in general to go bad.

There are three main factors that affect this, moisture, light, and heat.

Light might be the easiest to deal with, just keep your joints in a dark place and specifically away from direct sunlight. Sun rays also heat your prerolls, so you are keeping your prerolls from double trouble this way.

Moisture might be a little more difficult. If you live in a very humid place, the best thing to do would be to keep them in your fridge. Just make sure your fridge is not too humid either, but if you do live in a place with lots of humidity, you might be better off with extracts, vape pens, or not buying prerolls in bulk.

Lastly, heat can also be solved by keeping joints in your fridge. We only recommend this in really strong weather, as weed can survive in non-humid and dark places for longer than you’d think. But if you can’t keep your joints from any of these three conditions, you might not want to buy in bulk.

Tips On Keeping A Pre-Rolled Fresh

Well, first things first. Smoking a stale joint won’t do you any harm unless it has mold. The only possible effects are getting less flavor and fewer effects, depending on the strain or cannabinoids. That said, you can also do some things to keep your joint fresh for a little longer.

The first recommendation is to store them in an airtight container. While bags can work in a pinch, storing them in a properly sealed container can slow down your joint’s degradation. Glass jars or tubes can also help, as they can be easily sealed.

Secondly, you might want to invest or keep your prerolls away from physical damage. Glass or plastic containers can help prevent your jay from breaking up or bending.

Lastly, light and moisture are joints’ worst enemies. Light is believed to degrade certain cannabinoids, specifically Delta-9 THC. Actually, CBN is a byproduct of this chemical reaction, which is why it has minor psychoactive effects.

Other cannabinoids like Delta-8 THC prerolls can also degrade with time, but not at the same rate. Most prerolls will use just a sprinkle of Delta-8 THC extract as you can’t naturally find this cannabinoid as abundantly in natural strains.

A prerolled joint from Botany farms next to the branded tube packaging for the joint.

Best ways to enjoy a preroll joint

Lighting a preroll up can give you a really authentic hemp experience without having to roll your own. So, to enjoy it we really recommend lighting it up very soon after purchase. This ensures your jay’s potency and flavors are at their freshest.

If you choose to store several prerolls, do not keep them in the fridge. Seal them tight in a container with a lid and keep them from moisture, heat, and light. Using an opaque glass container or doob tube for small hauls could also be an option.

You can also use a savette, which can be used to store your prerolls or partially smoked jays. Just keep in mind these are not as useful to keep the flavors and potency intact as using a glass container would be.

For more potency, infused prerolls are the way to go. You can get stronger tokes without more equipment, and they are the perfect treat every once in a while. Delta-8 Prerolls are a great option for regular CBD smokers, as they can give a slight psychoactive feeling without being too heavy.

Lastly, we’d also go for high-grade prerolls. Buying from a dispensary that already has high-quality flower will ensure that your jays have the best quality and flavors. It is also a pretty great way to try out new strains before buying larger amounts of flower.

Are prerolled joints worth it?

Yes! Prerolls are a discreet and convenient option when you’re on the go and can’t carry your whole stash around.

The best thing about pre-rolls is their convenience and if convenience and quality are what you’re looking for, we have a few prerolls at the Botany Farms that come in special closed packaging to keep them fresh until they get to your home. 

For something on the Sativa side, our Sour Hawaiian Haze preroll comes with a full gram of premium herb, and enjoy some tropical sweet tokes whenever you want.

Or, if you want something a little more balanced, the Super Sour Space Candy Preroll has 1g of this mouthwatering strain. With sweet and sour notes that complement each other, get some delightful CBD buzz on the go without worrying if you’ve got enough papers or cleaning out your pipe on the spot.

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