How to Light a Joint

A man holds a perfectly lit joint after showing his friend how to light a joint

Smoking a fat, perfect joint is easily one of the best ways to enjoy cannabis. However, if it is your first time or you haven’t smoked cannabis in years, you may not be sure about how to light a joint properly. Even if you’re a cannabis connoisseur, if your joints burn unevenly, you might need to brush up on the basics. Understanding the best way to light a joint is essential to have a positive smoking experience.

Thanks to its convenience, joints are one of the simplest ways to consume cannabis and share it with friends. For this reason, everyone has their own style of lighting a joint. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a technique involved; creating the perfect burn depends on many factors that will ultimately give you a supremely enjoyable smoking session.

How to properly light a joint

Before going into the process of lighting a joint, there are specific steps to follow in order to make the most out of your joint.

Baptizing is a divisive practice among joint aficionados. Baptizing is when you moisten your joints before smoking them, it will burn more slowly, allowing you to enjoy the effects of cannabinoids fully rather than your flower being reduced to ash quicker than you can inhale. 

While some consumers swear by it, many smokers are philosophically opposed to it. As it is usually done with saliva, other people might feel disgusted by this step if you are going to share the joint. However, there are some alternatives like honey, brown alcohol like rum or whiskey, and even brandy or cognac will do the work.

To properly baptize your joint, hold the top part, and pull it through your mouth, moistening it with your lips or the element of your preference. During actual smoking, another tip is to put a little bit of saliva on your finger and carefully moisten under the burns to extend the duration of your joint.

Lighting a joint

To begin with, grab a classic Bic lighter. In case you don’t have one, you can also use matches, hemp wick, and even a stove. Virtually anything that provides a good flame is perfect to light your joint. The objective is to create a cherry -the tip of the joint that is actively burning-. To do so, hold your joint between your thumb and index finger and, with the other hand, apply a gentle flame to the tip. Slowly rotate the joint in your fingers to create an even burn, which will ultimately produce a smooth smoke.

Also, while lighting up, take small puffs, but don’t inhale the first draw. When the cherry is completely lit and even, you are ready to start inhaling. Try not to draw too much at once, since it will encourage a faster burn right away. Smaller and longer hits will make the joint burn more slowly and produce a smooth smoke.

An important tip is to avoid inhaling during ignition. We know it looks cool, but it often results in an uneven cherry and canoeing, the dreaded run of fast-burning herb that can sabotage a good joint. If you are smoking with other people, we sure you don’t want to be the one who ruins a perfectly rolled joint.

Best way to light a joint

As we mentioned before, everyone has a different way to light their joints, but it all comes down to one common aspect: create an even cherry. If you are still wondering if there are some other factors that may make it difficult for you to light a joint, we have some tips for you.

First of all, leave the tip on. The rolled tip creates a paper overlap, which allows the paper to burn more slowly and gives you more time to make sure your joint is lit and burning evenly. Although some smokers cut if off, this will save you the frustration of seeing how the tip of your joint burns unevenly. By the time you’ve put it out, a good amount of cannabis might be already put to waste.

If the weather is chilly and windy, lighting a joint will be a hassle. When smoking inside is not an option, the wind will make the flame stutter. While it might partially burn your joint, it won’t be enough for it to be perfect. 

You can try creating a shelter with a jacket or your hands, but sometimes it could not be enough. In this case, anywhere nearby that provides even a little cover from directional wind will be essential. Is there a tree that can shield you from the direction of the wind? Sometimes a good position is all that matters. 

On the other hand, if you are willing to make some investments, there are lighters with windshields and lighters with wind-proof ignitions. In addition, you can get fancy with butane lighters or plasma lighters, or battery-charged flameless lighters. For these types of lighters, all you have to do is press your joint against a hot-spot unaffected by the wind. 

Learning how to properly light a joint will definitely make it easier for you to start smoking. Pre-rolls are perfect for cannabis lovers who don’t have time to roll a joint. If you are still brushing up on your rolling skills, check out Botany Farms pre-rolls. Our selection of CBD flower pre-rolls will give you all the benefits of whole-plant cannabis and are perfect to take anywhere. Our extremely low THC content means you can enjoy them anytime. They are a perfect way to enhance your wellness routine.

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