How to Not Cough from Weed Carts

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Vaping is supposed to be the simplest and most convenient way to smoke weed, and for countless people all over the world, it remains just that. 

One thing that can cut the fun a little short is when vaping stops being physically comfortable. Anyone who’s had to endure a sudden bout of coughing from taking a hit of their favorite cart knows how frustrating that can be.

Worse, it can leave you with a scratchy throat and lots of pain that can prevent you from fully enjoying your vape for long stretches of time. 

If you’ve been fighting with this stubborn side effect of vaping for a while, you might be wondering what ultimately causes persistent coughing from weed carts, and how to prevent it.

That is exactly what this article is for. Read on below to find out how coughing and vaping are interrelated, how to manage the problem, and how to achieve a smoother, more pleasant vaping experience over the long term.

Why Do I Cough When Vaping?

So where does all that coughing come from, exactly?

It might not be the most surprising thing to hear, but any form of smoke inhalation takes a toll on our lungs to some degree. Over time, this can (but doesn’t have to) cause lasting damage, so you need to be careful.

While smoking marijuana is definitely less of a health risk than smoking tobacco, that doesn’t mean that you can get away with vaping carelessly without paying attention to your body’s needs.

Coughing when vaping is common, but its causes are plentiful and diverse. If it just happens once or twice, it’s probably nothing more than a momentary irritation of the throat or the esophagus. This is a risk we all take when we vape or smoke any compound, whether that’s weed, tobacco, or something else.

A more serious cough that won’t let up is more of a problem and deserves immediate attention. 

One thing you can do to try and narrow things down is to ask yourself whether you experience coughing only when vaping, or also while doing other activities, such as exercise, eating, drinking, playing musical instruments, or consuming tobacco.

If you notice your cough is present during other activities other than vaping, then weed is probably not the cause of your condition, but merely exacerbating it. Your cough might be coming from an inflammation of the throat, an infection, or a similar condition. 

Ask your doctor for advice if the symptoms persist for a long time – they should be able to help.

Why Do I Cough When Vaping But not Smoking?

If you notice your cough is limited exclusively to vaping and even smoking cannabis or tobacco does not trigger it, then we have a narrower problem on our hands.

The most likely culprits include your choice of vaping gear, your technique, the content of your cart, as well as mismatched settings, or poor maintenance. 

Let’s look at it all in some more detail.

Vaping Technique

Sometimes, a small change in technique can make a big difference in terms of results. That’s one rule that any cannabis enthusiast will be happy to corroborate with their own experiences. The same goes for how you vape.

Tiny mistakes – often caused by reliance on techniques learned from smoking cigarettes – can often throw off the whole experience and lead to a coughy, scratchy throat.

Ingredients in Vape Juice

Not all vape carts are cut from the same cloth. This goes down right to the ingredients used to make the fluid inside.

You might not be aware of this, but plenty of people are sensitive or even outright allergic to a few chemical compounds used in some, but not all, formulations of vape juice. Carefully study the label and packaging of your cart to find out if this may be what’s causing your coughing fits.

Propylene Glycol Sensitivity

One major component of vape juice that often causes problems for some people is propylene glycol. It is used in lots of products, from deodorants to all sorts of fragrances, even things like wet wipes and some brands of soap! 

Therefore, if you have a really serious sensitivity to PG…well, you probably know by now. While there aren’t many kinds of vape carts that are entirely PG-free, you can find many that rely on 100% organic vegetable glycerin instead.

Vegetable Glycerin Sensitivity

Unfortunately, some are actually sensitive to vegetable glycerin, too! Again, you are unlikely to have a serious sensitivity or allergy to VG without knowing that you do.

The compound is widely used in everything from soap to skin products, and cosmetics, and as a stabilizer in many different kinds of foods. 

Suffice it to say that a serious physical incompatibility with VG is a rare thing, and without further reason to believe that this is what is causing your symptoms, you shouldn’t bet on it.

Issues With Vaping Device

When it comes down to it, vapes are devices just like any other – and they can break like any other as well. 

Even if your vape pen is working fine at first glance, there might be something wrong with it that is causing you to accidentally inhale too much vapor, for instance.

But it doesn’t have to be a defect, either. Sometimes, vape manufacturers will have very unique (and confusing) requirements for what oils you can fill their vape pens with. 

Vaping Too Much

Especially if you don’t have much experience, trying to improve your experience by taking a lot of hits very rapidly is not a good idea. This is an easy way to overload your lungs and your throat, and it can often lead to coughing fits.

Cart Temperature

Generally speaking, vaping at higher temperatures is more likely to lead to irritation, and in turn coughing. Your lungs weren’t made to handle burning-hot air, so the cooler your vape is, the gentler it’ll be on your system.

Underlying Health Issues

This one is impossible to diagnose over the internet, but it is very much a possibility that some underlying health condition is interfering with your ability to vape normally. 

If you have made sure that none of the other potential causes listed in this guide apply to you, then it would be time to make an appointment with your physician and discuss the issue with them. 

If you are as much as suspecting that a cardiovascular or respiratory problem is causing your coughing when vaping, you should abstain from any further vape use as well as smoking right away.

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How to Not Cough From Weed Carts

Now that we have a clear overview of what can cause excessive coughing from vaping, let’s move to answer the question of how to prevent yourself from experiencing this kind of annoying symptom in the future. 

Below are some quick tips that you can apply to your vaping routine right away that should bring a marked improvement right away!

Tweak the Technique

If it’s your technique that’s weighing down your vaping experience and adding stress to your body, there are several things you can try to do to fix that.

For example, slower, calmer inhales can work wonders for many people. Often, it is the sudden deep-inhale technique that many of us get accustomed to from using cigarettes and joints that can lead to coughing from weed carts. 

You should also refrain from holding the vapor inside your lungs for too long before exhaling. Doing so can only multiply the stress and potential damage that the high-temperature vapor can cause to your system.

Smaller hits

If you find yourself struggling with consistent coughing while vaping, try taking smaller inhales. You might be used to the deep hits you can get from a cigarette or a joint, but these are totally excessive when vaping. A shallow and short inhale is often more than enough and won’t irritate your throat as much.

Also, trying to fill your lungs to maximum capacity can and often will backfire. Remember, vapes aren’t cigarettes, and you shouldn’t treat them as such. Try to consciously go for gentler and shallower hits and you should already see an improvement in your coughing symptoms.

Check Vape Temperature

Your pen might also have an adjustable heat setting – if this is too high for your environment or choice of oil, dial it down a little and see what changes.

Take a Break From Vaping

If your throat is already irritated, the best thing you can do is to give it some rest. Just put the vape pen aside for a few days and wait until your body recuperates. 

When you’re feeling well again and the coughing has subsided, you can make another attempt, this time paying extra attention to the points outlined above.

Better Quality Vapes

While this is not a solution in and of itself, you should never underestimate how big of a quality-of-life improvement it can be to invest in some seriously high-quality vapes.

A better cart will not just likely taste better and give you more reliable, enjoyable hits – higher manufacturing standards also ensure better oil viscosity and temperature balance, for example.

At Botany farms, we use a proprietary full-spectrum extraction process for all our vape carts. This means that these carts retain all the healthy nutrients, cannabinoids, and terpenes straight from the plant. We don’t use any artificial additives or cost-cutting measures to improve taste or add potency to our carts – everything you inhale is pure cannabis.

For those with sensitive throats or lungs, we recommend our Live Resin Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge. A full-spectrum Delta-8 concentrate blended in with real live resin CBD oil, this cart will transport you into a state of complete relaxation and relief with the power of these organic, potent cannabinoids.

If you’re sensitive to Delta-9 THC, you’ll be delighted to know how much gentler Delta-8 can be and how well it complements the CBD in the cart. To suit different preferences, these carts are available in three profiles – punchy Indica, creative Sativa, or our personal favorite, the wild card which is the excellent Sour Space Candy hybrid strain.

If that doesn’t sound like it’s packing enough oomph for you, you’ll probably be a bigger fan of the Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge. Based on the extremely energetic Tangerine Dream Sativa strain and packing over 94% pure Delta-8, rest assured that this cart will provide a much more intense euphoric hit than its competition.

Sometimes, you’d rather trade some of that excitement for a little bit of extra endurance. If this sounds like you, consider a CBG Vape Cartridge. Infused with moderate amounts of CBD and Delta-8, the most prominent active ingredient in this cart is one many smokers sadly overlook.

CBG might not have a lot of recognition for its name, but it is an extremely important minor cannabinoid found in every hemp plant in nature. Its superpower? Extremely long-lasting, powerful relaxing effects accompanied by a distinct head buzz.

For our CBG cart, we took some terpenes from the Lemon Diesel strain for a strong sweet-sour taste profile and punchy effects. Because we used our full-spectrum extraction method, none of our CBG carts contain any propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or other potential irritants such as MCT!

Speaking of long-lasting, relaxing hits, nobody does that better than Delta-10 THC. Delta-8’s little brother may be less potent, but it more than makes up for that with its pleasant and extremely smooth effects. Perfect for a slow afternoon, Delta-10 will let you lean back and let all worries drift away in slow-motion.

Our Delta-10 THC Vape Cartridge is based on the award-winning Sativa strain, Purple Haze. Its fruity flavors combined with a thick, gassy exhale make for an excellent complement to Delta-10’s smooth buzz, we found.

Maybe even Delta-10 is a bit too close to bog-standard for you. In that case, consider the trailblazer among our line of vape carts – the HHC Vape Cartridge

Most people still haven’t heard of HHC, but its effects and unique properties are in a league of their own. Essentially a hydrogenated cousin of Delta-9 THC, HHC’s effects can be just as potent while having a distinctly different feel to them altogether.

Thanks to a 99% HHC concentration, these carts hit hard, providing a very long-lasting buzz and waves of euphoria. Because of that, we mostly recommend them to experienced THC users looking to up their game.

Thanks for stopping by! Give one of our high quality vapes a try for a smoother cough-free smoke.