Kush Mountains Strain

Kush Mountains Strain

Immerse yourself in an adventure into the mountains where the best cannabis strains grow. Fans of the classics can’t resist the charm of the Kush Mountains strain. Find out why in this article.


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What is the Kush Mountains Strain

Cannabiotix (CBX) decided to combine White Walker OG x Blue Flame OG to create a strain that offers the best of the OG Kush lineage. As a result, the Kush Mountains strain is a hybrid in nature with numerous medicinal properties that combine the best flavors for a calm and soothing smoking session.

What makes this bud so popular, and why do so many cannalovers choose it over OG Kush? Read on to walk the green paths of the Kush Mountains strain. 

Kush Mountains Strain Appearance 

Just like the magnificent mountains that decorate the landscapes of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan, the Kush Mountains strain has beautiful green hues with white peaks decorating its appearance. Shiny amber hairs round off the look of this bud, giving it a delightful appearance thanks to its terpene-filled trichomes.

Kush Mountains Strain Genetics

The Hindu Kush mountains gave life to the iconic Kush strain. Thanks to its wonderful applications as medical cannabis, many breeders have mixed its genetics with numerous strains to create powerful and delicious combinations.

The Kush Mountains strain is no exception. This cross between White Walker OG and Blue Flame OG offers the same medicinal properties of its kush lineage, with certain indica properties standing out more than the sativa ones. 

THC Content

Never underestimate the power of a Kush flower. The Kush Mountains strain has an average 28-32% THC content, taking you on an intense ride through the sparkling green paths of the mountains where the best Indica strains are born. Those who do not have a good tolerance to THC should try this strain with caution, as it can generate anxiety in large doses.

Kush Mountains Strain Effects

The effects of the Kush Mountains strain are most prominent on the indica side, giving your body a warm, heavy feeling that relaxes you and calms your muscles without leaving you completely numb. On the other hand, your head will only feel a subtle buzz, creating an uplifting and euphoric feeling that will help you forget the stress of the day.

If you like to smoke with friends, the Kush Mountains strain is the best for a fun evening with smoking buddies where laughter will not be lacking. Gather your favorite snacks and get ready for some munchies.

On the medicinal side, some users have found the Kush Mountains strain useful for treating some symptoms of depression, pain, arthritis, and nausea.

Kush Mountains Strain Reported Flavors

The primary terpenes of this strong bud are myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. These natural compounds give the Kush Mountains strain irresistible earth, lemon, and sweet diesel flavors.

Some phenotypes can even develop high levels of linalool, giving the buds a smooth flowery scent that makes the smoke around you feel sweet and calm. The Kush Mountains strain is perfect for either sweet cannabis lovers or diesel fans, thanks to these flavors.

Where to Buy Kush Mountains Strain

If this stroll through the Kush Mountains sounds tempting to you, CBX has these delicious flowers in stock for you. There are very few opportunities to get this original strain from its breeder, so take advantage while it’s in stock.

Although all cannabis strains are unique in nature, it is possible to find alternatives to those buds you struggle to find. For example, at Botany Farms, we have the wonderful Hot Blonde, a perfect indica for those who want to avoid THC without losing the delicious properties of terpenes. Its sweet grape, orange, and earthy flavors will fill your evenings with smoothness and comfort.