Lemon Brulee Strain Review

Lemon Brulee strain

Due to its unknown genetics and effects, The Lemon Brulee strain is almost a mystery. This bud is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that has retained many of the indica traits. For instance, it has 60% sativa, 40% indica, making it a roughly balanced hybrid desired by most indoor growers.

The Lemon Brulee strain has a 21% of THC content, which is almost 10% higher than the average THC level in similar strains. Although there’s no information about its CBD content, most hybrid strains with a high THC content, like the Lemon Brulee strain, have a low CBD level. 

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Even though we’re still learning about the Lemon Brulee strain’s properties, we do know that the fantastic limonene dominates its terpene profile. This terpene gives this mysterious strain an unmistakable fresh-citrus aroma. It has a heavy lemon flavor with grapefruit undertones, which resembles pretty much a lemon pie.

Its citrusy flavor matches its smooth and sweet piney aroma with earthy and woody notes, which is definitely an energizing and irresistible strain for every citrus lover out there. Users have found that its tasty profile is best enjoyed when consumed in a water bong.


When farmers harvest the Lemon Brulee strain at its maturity peak, it has a cerebral, uplifting effect. Look-alike hybrid strains can produce a unique balance between indica and sativa effects. 

The Lemon Brulee strain is both energizing and relaxing. It should start providing you with a sativa head-high, followed by a refreshing and energizing feeling that takes over your head. Many consider that the Lemon Brulee strain can reduce anxiety or stress and increase creativity and focus when consumed in responsible doses. Afterward, indica effects appear, shining bright with its typically full-body effects, increasing deep relaxation, and reduced insomnia. 

Although this is an often-applied rule of thumb in balanced hybrid strains, discovering the Lemon Brulee strain’s real effects isn’t that simple. Individual plants produce varying effects, even among the same type of cannabis. It all depends on the plant’s chemical composition, including the growing technique used. We do not recommend this for some of the more intense disorders like seizures.

Typical sativa side effects, such as lack of focus, anxiety, and dry mouth, tend to kick in after more than a couple of bowls, so we advise you to be cautious. 

Lemon Brulee Strain Genetics 

Covert’s Genetics bred the Lemon Brulee strain from a combination of Death by Lemons crossed with Sensiburn OG. Seedfinder’s team has done excellent work finding all Lemon Brulee’s parents and descendants. We suggest checking its dynamic family Treemap and its Hybrids & Crossbreeds Map if you are interested. 


Sensiburn OG is a cross of Critical Sensistar x Rugburn OG. It’s a mostly indica variety from Covert Genetics and can grow indoors and outdoors. Covert Genetics’ Sensiburn OG is not available as feminized seeds.

Rumors suggest that Death by Lemons is a combination of Death Star and Lemon Skunk, Lemon Haze or Lemon G. Death by Lemons is a clear sativa, with bright colors and spindly calyxes tart, and robust flavor. Its initial uplifting effects can push you to the boundary of disorientation, while the intense lemon flavor could make anyone frown. Thanks to its powerful energy shot, Death by Lemons is perfect for daytime use and exercising.

Growth Information

As a hybrid treasure, the Lemon Brulee strain can grow both indoors and outdoors. Its flowering time and yield are a secret. Due to the lack of current information about this strain, we do not know its precise flowering time. Still, sativa-dominant hybrid strains typically have a shorter vegetative cycle, but once the plant begins to flower, it can take up to 10-12 weeks until it is ready for harvest.

Lemon Brulee Strain Oil

Ready to vape and enjoy its fantastic lemon pie flavor? There are several exceptional brands available on the market. You can pick between:

All manufacturers utilize subtle techniques that allow you to experience a good, top-shelf cannabis product. Your choice depends on what you are looking to get out of your cannabis experience.

Lemon Brulee Strain Price

On Sunday Goods’ website, you can find available Lemon Brulee flowers. You can buy from 7grams to 14 grams for $65.00 and $85.00, respectively. 

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