Lemon OG Strain Review

Flowering Lemon OG strain

Just like lemonade on a hot and stressful day, the Lemon OG strain will clean all the stress out of the way and refresh your moment as soon as you inhale the first few touches of its luscious buds. 

Like the delicious citrus fruit so acclaimed and loved by many, Lemon OG will definitely make you feel its citrus, fruity, and also skunky presence as soon as you come across it. From all points of view, starting with the look, the smell, the flavor profile, and the range of effects it can generate, Lemon OG is one of those refreshing cannabis strains that you will truly notice. 


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What is the Lemon OG Strain?

The Lemon OG strain has nothing but freshness in all senses and aspects. This balanced hybrid strain, sometimes with a slight Indica slant, has the characteristic of generating notably calming or sedative effects related to its high beta-caryophyllene and myrcene content. 

In this strain, you will also find great help to better deal with chronic pain, inflammation, and appetite problems, and nausea, so it is a good idea to have some snacks around when you smoke this exquisite strain. 

In addition to the high THC content it presents, you will also find small concentrations of CBD, CBG, and CBN that undoubtedly play a synergistic role in the final effects that we perceive from this refreshing medicinal cannabis strain.

Lemon OG Appearance 

The appearance of the Lemon OG buds is one of the most striking characteristics of this wonderful strain. These buds are usually a bright, intense lemon green color, with a dense and relatively large body. Lemon OG buds are covered by an abundant layer of orange and brown pistils that run through the entire flower, usually moderately covered with trichomes that carry a generous load of therapeutic power.

Lemon OG Genetics

We could say that the genetics of Lemon OG comes from a royal lineage of the cannabis kingdom. The predecessors of this strain are two world-renowned strains such as Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and OG #18. As a result, we have a potent balanced hybrid strain called Lemon OG, Lemon OG Kush, or Presidential Kush.

One of the characteristics that distinguish Lemon OG is that it can present small concentrations of CBD, CBG, and CBN, cannabinoids that, along with the terpene profile and the high THC content that ranges between 20 and 22%, can influence notably in the final effects that Lemon OG delivers.

Lemon OG inherits from Vegas Lemon Skunk that vibrant sweet lemony smell and taste with some skunk overtones. You will also find an energizing and lifting feeling from the hybrid effects of Lemon O. However, in the latter, the Indica effects tend to be a little more marked, and they can even be the most noticeable in Indica-dominant phenotypes.

THC/CBD content

Like its predecessors, the Lemon OG strain usually contains more than 20% THC and can go up to 22%. The CBD range of this strain remains close to 1% with concentrations of up to 1% of CBG and CBN. 

This cannabinoid cocktail, alongside the terpene profile, makes the entourage effect of Lemon OG truly remarkable due to the characteristic combination of natural compounds that it presents.

Lemon OG Effects

The Lemon OG strain has the characteristic of producing what some users describe as a full-body buzzing sensation related to its high beta-caryophyllene content. This medical cannabis strain can work effectively as a pain reliever, an anti-inflammatory agent. Due to its mild Indica lean, it may also be ideal for getting better sleep and reducing stress.

Moreover, Lemon OG can also help with nausea and increase appetite. We could classify this bud’s effects as fast-acting, mild, and sedative. When you burn the beautiful buds of this hybrid strain, it emanates a pleasant-smelling smoke that produces a super active cerebral high that is uplifting and invigorating but calming and enveloping at the same time. 

The Lemon OG strain is undoubtedly a favorite on the medical cannabis scene as it is soothing, calming, and relaxing, making it a great bud choice for an excellent healing smoke session at night. 

Lemon OG Reported Flavors

The dominant terpenes most responsible for Lemon OG’s pungent citrus-toned scent are beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, and of course, limonene. Although there are other terpenes present in lower concentrations in the profile of this strain, the first terpenes mentioned are the main generators of its characteristic citrusy, fruity, lemon-like smell. 

Lemon OG also has those light skunky notes that characterize OG strains and certain earthy and sour notes that complete the final aroma that we perceive from this exquisite strain. 

Where to buy Lemon OG Strain

Being one of the most acclaimed strains within the medical cannabis world, Lemon OG is probably available at your nearest dispensary. Because it is a strain of medicinal cannabis high in THC content, finding these delicious citrus-scented buds available online can be a bit more difficult due to the differences between laws and regulations regarding medical cannabis that exist between some states and the federal government. 

It may be more practical to find Lemon OG seeds online, as many sites and stores offer Lemon OG seeds for those who want to enjoy the full experience of growing and seeing these medical cannabis buds grow.

Some of the sites and dispensaries where you can find Lemon OG seed are:

Lemon OG Growing Information

The Lemon OG strain is easy to grow and resistant to common molds and fungi.  It usually grows to a medium height and flowers between 9 and 10 weeks when grown indoors, having a yield of approximately 16 Oz per m2.  If grown outdoors, the Lemon OG strain can harvest up to 35oz per plant in late September or mid-October.

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