Lemon Slushie Strain Review

Lemon Slushie strain

If you are looking for a flavorful and refreshing-as-ice cannabis bud, the Lemon Slushie strain can be an ideal option for you. Unlike a real slushie, with the Lemon Slushie strain, you don’t risk suffering from brain freezing, but quite the opposite; it will put your mind to fly with its energizing effects, its irresistible aroma, and its distinctive appearance. 

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What is the Lemon Slushie Strain

The Lemon Slushie strain is one of the most exquisite and refreshing strains currently available on the cannabis market. It is a hybrid strain with a slight Sativa leaning that produces beautiful buds of considerable size, moderately dense, and light green with some dark tones. Moreover, it has a prominent, shiny layer of trichome crystals. 

This vibrant bud can generate energizing, talkative, and creativity-boosting effects yet with an enveloping, full-bodied sensation that brings out the Indica side of the hybrid nature of this strain. This strain can also help deal with minor physical discomforts, increase appetite, and effectively combat stress.

Another peculiarity of this cannabis strain with citrus aromas is the abundant amount of trichomes it generates. This quality makes Lemon Slushie an ideal strain for extractions and concentrates since it also offers an excellent terpene profile that generates an exquisite aroma. 

Lemon Slushie Strain Appearance

The appearance of the Lemon Slushie strain is one of the most charming aspects of this bud. We could say that it is the definition of weedporn since they have a vibrant light green appearance with darker greenish reflections and a layer of orange and brown pistils that covers and runs through the entirety of the buds. 

These buds have a dense frosty layer of sticky trichomes packed with uplifting, energizing, yet calming and relaxing power. The amount of trichomes this strain has is truly amazing, so much so that it really makes the look of these buds live up to its name and resemble lemon slush.

Lemon Slushie Strain Genetics

Lemon Slushie is another member of cannabis royalty, a potent 70/30 Sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain resulting from crossing the famous Lemon Haze and the Afghani strains, originally cultivated by CBA farms. 

There can be confusion regarding the genetics and lineage of this strain as there is a distinct phenotype called Lemon Slushee initially bred by Cannarado that was achieved by crossing Lemon OG and Grape Pie BX. Both phenotypes are in high demand on the cannabis market and generate similar smells and effects.

On the other hand, the Indica legacy of Lemon Slushie comes from its predecessor the Afghani strain, also known as Afghan or Afghanistan. In addition to the Indica qualities, Afghani gives Lemon Slushie the ability to relax, combat stress, minor physical pain, Crohn’s, and that luscious sweet aroma and taste that some users report in Lemon Slushie. 

Another of the characteristics that Afghani gives to the Lemon Slushie strain is the abundant resin production it can generate, which makes Lemon Slushie, same as Afghani, an excellent choice for concentrates and extractions production.

THC/CBD content

This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain has a THC value that ranges between 15% and 19%, which, along with its terpene profile, generates effects that keep Lemon Slushie growing in popularity among cannabis connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

Lemon Slushie Strain Effects

Lemon Slushie produces full-body effects that increase energy, creativity, relaxation, and happiness, placing the user in a slight state of euphoria that increases the desire to talk and socialize. We could compare the Sativa effects of this hybrid strain to those of a strong cup of coffee. 

The average percentage of THC of 19% and the effects that Lemon Slushie produces can be ideal for treating patients with depression, anxiety, fatigue, and pain but who want to maintain sufficient alertness to perform simple or household tasks such as cooking or cleaning. The Lemon Slushie strain can help deal with inflammation and chronic pain conditions related to arthritis and multiple sclerosis. It can also help with depression, stress, nausea, conditions like Crohn’s disease, and even Alzheimer’s.

Lemon Slushie Strain Reported Flavors

According to some users, the Lemon Slushie strain has the best-reported lemon flavor in a cannabis strain. This potent Sativa-dominant hybrid emanates sweet and dank aromas with a pungent citrus smell and tangy, fruity undertones. In contrast, users report a piney dominance with orange and lime notes in the flavor profile. Some users would say it also has a certain slight skunky and diesel-like aftertaste.

Where to buy Lemon Slushie Strain

Some several dispensaries and websites offer this exquisite citrus strain in different presentations. Lemon Slushie is available in buds and different types of concentrates, including vaping cartridges. 

For those growers who want to enjoy the experience of seeing the beautiful buds that the Lemon Slushie strain produces grow, there are also several options and places where they can get regular seeds of this rare Sativa-dominant hybrid strain:

Lemon Slushie Strain Growing Information 

Lemon Slushie is not available in feminized seeds or clones, only in regular seeds. It is a moderately easy-to-grow strain since it can adapt to different weather and doesn’t require experienced growing skills or care. 

When grown indoor, Lemon Slushie needs approximately 56 to 63 days to flower.