Mammoth Hemp Strain Review

Mammoth hemp strain

Put yourself on a trip to the snow-white mountains of California and breathe the fresh and revitalizing air that surrounds you. Watch the pines dressed up in their frosty cap decorate the landscape and gives the aroma of physical freedom—a beautiful experience to live in every drag of the Mammoth hemp strain.

Mammoth or “Mammoth Mountain” is a fantastic flower named after the Californian mountain itself. Its unique frosty structure mimics the snow-covered cap. It is a perfectly balanced 50% Indica and 50% Sativa strain with a total CBD potency of 14.89%, making it a fine companion at any time of your day.

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Mammoth’s aroma is characterized by pleasant notes of honey or sticky sweet molasses. These aromas make this strain unconventional when it comes to cannabis genetics, a unique experience to try followed by fruity, citrus-like notes to amplify the prickly sensation that this strain gives off. 

The Mammoth hemp strain buds are sticky, and when you grind them well, they release a robust earthy odor. And to finish the trip, as soon as they burn, Mammoth buds offer a smooth and easily palatable smoke that tastes simultaneously fruity and earthy on the exhale.


This bud provides an ideal lucid concentration that improves your efficiency at work. The Mammoth hemp strain will put you in the mood to pull your best ideas and connect you with all sorts of creative tasks. Users report a soon boost in mental acuity, with certain concepts or ideas taking on newfound dimensions or intensity.

Physical effects come in a broad spectrum with overall relaxation. Some minutes after starting your session, you may feel a pleasant tingle beginning from the neck and running through your core and limbs. This bodily action is enough to calm down an active nervous system and allow for deep and easy breathing without causing couchlock or making you sleepy.

The set of physical and mental effects makes the Mammoth hemp strain a great bud for any physical or mental activity, but it is better not to use it before bed, or it will keep you up. It is advantageous to consume before doing an outside activity like a daily run or walking in the mountain.

Mammoth also has several potential benefits for medical cannabis users. The analgesic properties of the strain can soothe intense and mild aches, whether temporary, due to injury, or chronic, due to conditions like fibromyalgia. Besides, terpenes’ anti-inflammatory effects help relieve nausea and headaches. 

Mammoth Hemp Strain Genetics

Mammoth is a cross between the Sativa-dominant Snowcap and Indica-dominant LA Confidential, which makes it inherit the tendency for resin production from its parent strain Snowcap. Snowy translucent white trichomes dress up Mammoth’s buds, making it hard to break up without a quality grinder and allow the terpenes to conserve better.

Its predecessors produce dense, trichome frosted buds that grow strong and abundant and are a source of reprieve for patients. Mammoth has a compact structure with high disease resistance, resulting in the combination of the best qualities of both its parents.


Snowcap is a Sativa hybrid marijuana strain. You can feel its effects most of all on your mind as it triggers creativity, happiness, and even a case of laughter. Snowcap’s flavor is citrus-like lemony, with a fine sense of menthol. It is popular among medical marijuana patients for helping manage symptoms related to anxiety and depression.

On the other hand, LA Confidential is a prevalent Indica-dominant strain. Its buds are just beautiful with a frosty lime green appearance, tiny purple leaves, and its taste is smooth and piney short-lasting skunky aroma. LA Confidential is a well-rounded strain that delivers a fast-approaching sensation that is psychedelic and super calming on the mind and body. For newer patients seeking relief, LA Confidential can both lull you to sleep and treat acute pain. 

Growth Information

Mammoth’s seeds can be an excellent option for newbie cultivators, as it has inherited both parents’ resistance to disease and adverse conditions. This bud grows indoors as well as outdoors, although outdoor cultivation is the optimal option. 

It requires a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate to give off all of its benefits, terpenes, and a huge yield. We recommend pruning back its branches early on in the early stage when fostered indoors due to its tall heights.

Flowering Time

9 to 10 weeks


It offers patient growers high yields of 23 to 46 ounces of buds per square meter.


This unique Mammoth hemp strain is rather rare, so it is almost a matter of luck to find a reliable vendor from which you can buy high-quality seeds. You can buy them online and be one of the fortunate owners of these valuable seeds.

Mammoth’s enormous forest green buds are lovely with their long and fractured conical nugs entirely coated in a thick frosty blanket of tiny bright white crystal trichomes that look almost like fresh snow, making it a must-try. If you like to try this strain, you will love Botany Farm’s Sour Space Cande Hemp Strain which makes the job just as good as Mammoth. With its fruit-based taste, with gas and diesel notes, you can live the experience of a top-quality strain.