Mango Punch Strain Review

A beautiful nug dripping in trichomes hovers above a basket of mangos

Mango is probably one of the most beloved tropical fruits in the world. This fragrant, juicy, and vibrant yellow fruit can instantly transport you to a hot and fresh tropical island with a single taste.

Mango Punch is a rare indica-dominant strain with, you guessed, an irresistible mango aroma. Although it is hard to have more information about this strain, we do know it is a great strain for those who seek instant relief and a chill afternoon. Coming from Mango, a special strain of K.C Brains, the dense nugs with bright orange pistils of the  Mango Punch strain will not let you down.

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Myrcene is a terpene known for being the main compound of mangos. Hence, it is only natural that this is the dominant terpene of the Mango Punch strain. Moreover, its lineage indicates that this fragrant strain has a skunky aroma to it, making it a great choice for those who don’t like a strong sweet flavor.


A rush of euphoria and heavy body relaxation are the most prominent effects of the rare Mango Punch strain. Being an indica, these bright buds are perfect for nighttime relaxation and can help those who have trouble sleeping find a faster ticket to dreamland. Moreover, indicas are known for creating a tingling body sensation rather than cerebral effects, and Mango Punch is no exception.

In terms of medicinal effects, this fruity bud is perfect for stress and pain relief. In addition, users have found it as a great treatment for depression and insomnia.

It is also important to highlight the effects of myrcene in the body. Because it is the most dominant terpene in the Mango Punch strain, it is only natural to notice its properties more than in any other strain. Myrcene is a sedative, acts as a muscle relaxant, is a great painkiller, and an anti-inflammatory compound. At high levels, myrcene will put you in a couch-lock state, perfect for a night in.

Mango Punch Strain Genetics

There is little to no information about the Mango Punch strain, but some cannabis experts say it might be a direct descendant of Mango by KC Brains. Hence, we have collected information about this strong indica bud to shed some light on this possible connection between the two of them.


Mango is a cross between K.C. 33 and an Afghani strain. With such genetics, this skunky strain has the power to make you feel introspective and send your body to a sedative state. When smoked, users taste a pungent mango flavor along with some citrusy notes, making Mango a total delight. Popular for its simple growing conditions, this strain is the favorite of new growers.

Mango Punch Strain Price

It is really hard to come across fresh nugs of the Mango Punch strain on the market. As of now, the most popular forms of this bud are vapes and carts. For instance, Tucann offers a vape pen of Mango Punch that retails at $50, and Buddies Brand sells a similar product for $56.Being such a hard strain to find, it would be better for you to find an alternative to this fragrant indica strain. Luckily for you, Botany Farms offers 100% organic, high-quality CBD flower to meet your needs. Sour Special Sauce is a limited release that provides a delightful smell of tart berries, followed by a subtle diesel aroma. This sour strain carries up to 16.9% CBD, making it a perfect choice for relaxing your muscles and getting you ready to bed in no time.