Matterhorn Hemp Strain Review

Matterhorn hemp strain

Refreshing like snow with effervescent citrus tones and CBG levels as high as the Matterhorn, this incredible hemp strain displays never-before-seen effects. Named after the tallest mountain of the Swiss Alps, a famed peak located on the Italian / Swedish border, Matterhorn is an incredible industrial hemp strain that shows stimulating citrus tones and incredibly low THC levels. 

The Matterhorn hemp strain and its high CBG content, which can go up to 15%, opens a whole new world of possibilities for this cannabinoid. CBG or Cannabigerol is a root cannabinoid that can convert into other widely popular cannabinoids such as CBD or THC. 

Both scientists and the cannabis community have recently turned their interest in this discovery and the set of benefits it can bring to the general health of the human body. That is why Swiss-Italian geneticist Matthias Ghidossi focused on successfully breeding a strain that would allow users to experiment with new and unseen levels of CBG. If you are looking for a novel strain and want to experience the effects of CBGfirsthandd, Matterhorn may be the bud for you.


Being a relatively young strain and barely raising interest in the scientific community, the path to a complete understanding of the Matterhorn hemp strain is still under construction.

One of the primary terpenes in this CBG-rich hemp strain is known to be limonene. This highly beneficial terpene is used extensively in aromatherapy due to its relaxing and de-stressing properties. Nevertheless, there is still no verified information about what are the primary terpenes that make up the terpene profile of this fantastic hemp strain.

The Matterhorn hemp strain users report dizzyingly citrusy lemon and lime scents with pungent notes of hops and skunks.


Matterhorn is a hemp strain that will undoubtedly allow you to experience the effects and benefits of CBG, thanks to the high content of this cannabinoid it presents, which can scale up to 15%. While CBG is not a stimulating cannabinoid, it does provide a feeling of energy and focus, similar to the effects of coffee. You can even boost productivity when performing tasks by encouraging a more extended focus. 

CBG shows to have anxiolytic and muscle-relaxant properties because it interacts directly with our nervous system by binding to the CB1 and CB2 receptors, altering the way our brain interprets pain signals. CBG also has anti-inflammatory qualities, improves digestion, slows the proliferation of cancer cells, and even reduces intraocular pressure caused by glaucoma. As a result, the Matterhorn hemp strain can be ideal for patients with glaucoma, cancer, intestinal diseases, and Crohn’s disease.

Matterhorn Hemp Strain Genetics

The responsible for the initial breed of Matterhorn hemp strain is the Swedish-Italian breeder and geneticist Matthias Ghidossi. After an extended selection of phenotypes, starting from the Italian Carmagnola strain, Matthias Ghidossi managed to breed a strain that has the characteristic of presenting previously unavailable levels of CBG, up to 15%.


Carmagnola is a hemp strain growing on Italian soil for approximately 15 years and receives its name after the commune of the same name in Turin, north of the country. Carmagnola is a hemp strain that is widely sought-after for fiber production or oil and resin extractions. Moreover, it is famous worldwide due to the high CBD content that this variety presents, which can climb up to 18.4%, while the THC levels remain below 0.1%.

Growth Information

Farmers consider the Matterhorn hemp strain an easy-to-grow cultivar with high resilience and climatic adaptability. This strain is an ideal choice for hemp farmers as it will display excellent results for the production of smokable hemp flower, inflorescence material, fibers, and seeds.

Flowering Time

65 days

Harvest time

Outdoor: Late September to early October.

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