Midwest Hemp Strain Review

Midwest hemp strain

Sweet like puppy chow, woody like basswood, and citrusy like strawberry, the buds of the Midwest hemp strain come loaded with an outstanding 15% of CBD range and a unique, accent-changing terpene profile.

This midwestern cowboy is a hybrid hemp strain with both Indica and Sativa landrace traces that delivers deceptively regular but quite showy-looking buds. The Midwest hemp strain buds are typically slender and elongated, with forest green leaves and shades of yellow, and a thick, frosty, and sticky cover of trichomes. 


The first thing to highlight about this amazing strain is the incredible terpene profile. The Midwest hemp strain exudes a noticeable woody, sour, and citrus smell as soon as you open the buds container. Once you grind it, they will let you feel some slight Kush tones that, when smoked, translates into a pungent woody strawberry-type sweetness, with a sour kick in the back and an earthy aftertaste as you smoke.

There is no verified information online yet on what are the main terpenes that make up the profile of the mysterious Midwest hemp strain. However, when it comes to smells and tastes, the experience of many users speaks for itself.


The long and dense flowers of the Midwest hemp strain offer clean hits and are excellent producers of a delicious smoke loaded with terpenes and a high CBD content that will let you feel all its therapeutic power. Due to its balanced hybrid nature, the Midwest hemp strain offers a relaxing yet euphoric experience, generating energetic and uplifting effects that will put you in a happy and focused mood.

The high CBD content of the Midwest hemp strain makes it an effective tool to deal with conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, muscle disorders related to dystonia, and Parkinson’s disease, even controlling seizures related to epilepsy. Without a doubt, if you are looking for any of these benefits and a boost in your mood and your energy levels, the Midwest hemp strain is the bud you have been looking for.

This countryfolk strain from the Wright brothers will also put you on a flight, you will feel balanced and stable sensations that will get you in a mood of calm and relaxation without the slightest decrease in energy levels. The Midwest hemp strain effects can be great to start your day or help you regain calm and tackle those pending activities.

Midwest Hemp Strain Genetics

Very little is known about the origins of this mysterious midwestern beauty. However, we can safely say that the Midwest hemp strain demonstrates hybrid genetics inherited from native Midwest Sativa and Indica strains.


Back in the 60s, cannabis landraces were the ones that prevailed. Over time, they were hybridized and crossed over and over again, giving rise to an endless number of phenotypes and new strains. The Midwest hemp strain apparently retains characteristics of local Indica and Sativa breeds from the Midwest lands.

Growth Information

Growers of the Midwest hemp strain report that it is a plant with excellent resilience and resistance to mold. The harvest time of this strain ranges between 7 and 14 weeks, where it will deliver long and dense buds perfect for the production of biomass and smokable flower.

Flowering Time

65 to 70 days

If what you are really looking for is to enjoy balanced hybrid effects and experience all the medicinal power of a high CBD strain, then do not worry. Although it doesn’t come from the Midwest, the Super Sour Space Candy hemp strain awaits your order on our shelf loaded with an abundance of CBD and sweet citrusy and sour fragrance that is sure to put a relaxing spin on your day.