Peach Mint Kush Strain Review

Peach Mint Kush strain

If you consider yourself a connoisseur that genuinely enjoys hemp flower, the delicious Peach Mint Kush strain may be an excellent choice for you. Peach Mint Kush is a sweet hemp strain that will refresh your day with a ripened peaches aroma. Along with some hints of mint, chocolate, and diesel overtones, this high CBD hemp strain is a treat to the senses.

The award-winning hemp strain Peach Mint Kush is the 4th place creditor in the 2020 Oregon Growers Cup. It delivers beautiful neon-green, chunky nugs covered in orange pistils, amber-colored trichome crystals, and a sticky layer of resin. The Peach Mint Kush strain is a delicious top-shelf hemp flower that will soothe any mental stress or physical pain with its Indica leaning features. Moreover, it has a balanced 12.4% CBD level, making it perfect for beginners.

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The Peach Mint Kush strain has a rich sweet aroma similar to factory new tennis balls, ripen peaches, chocolate, and bubba fuel. Like every cannabis strain, the Peach Mint Kush strain contains a unique cocktail of terpenes and flavonoids responsible for the characteristics of its final smell. 

Among the dominant terpenes of this bud, we can find the following:

Beta-myrcene: This terpene is the precursor of the spicy, earthy, musky scent in various plants like eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, lemongrass, and mangoes. It primarily occurs naturally and abundantly in a wide variety of cannabis strains. Some studies even proved that beta-myrcene found in mangoes could interact synergistically with THC, maximizing its effects. Betha-myrcene naturally occurs in the Peach Mint Kush strain, containing up to 1.09% of it.

Trans-caryophyllene: You can find high amounts of this terpene in rosemary, cloves, and hops. Trans-caryophyllene is responsible for the characteristic spiciness of the Peach Mint Kush strain and interacts with CB2 receptors, playing an essential role in the anti-pain effects of this hemp strain. 

Alpha-pinene: Contributes to the fresh, earthy, and of course, piney aroma of the Peach Mint Kush strain. Alpha-pinene is a colorless essential oil that occurs naturally in various plants like basil, parsley, dill, and rosemary. It can work against undesired effects of THC like short-term memory and anxiety. Among other essential benefits of alpha-pinene, it is crucial to highlight that it can interact synergistically with CBD and CBN, showing a broad spectrum of antibiotic features that can work against MRSA disease.

The Peach Mint Kush strain also contains lower amounts of other terpenes like Alpha-bisabolol, Limonene, Alpha-humulene, Beta-pinene, Terpineol, Caryophyllene Oxide, and Fenchyl Alcohol. All these terpenes are part of the particular recipe that gives Peach Mint Kush its delicious and intense aroma, spicy flavor, and citrusy exhale. 


This delicious and sweet gem of hemp strains has the characteristic of making the user experience mental relaxation, making it ideal for treating disorders such as stress and chronic anxiety. Thanks to its high CBD rate and the synergistic effect it can have with some of its dominant terpenes, consumers of the Peach Mint Kush strain will experience its pain-reducing effects. As such, this bud is perfect for dealing with some types of chronic pains.

Furthermore, the Peach Mint Kush hemp strain is a perfect CBD dominant flower for both night and daytime use since it will induce giggly and relaxing effects without affecting your energy levels at all.

Added to this, we must mention it seems there is a version of Peach Mint Kush infused with Delta 8 THC at a lab-tested 92% purity rate available for users online. Delta 8 THC performs anxiolytic, analgesic, orexigenic, antiemetic, and neuroprotective properties.

Peach Mint Kush Hemp Strain Genetics

Peach Mint Kush comes from the T1 or #5 line, initially Cherry x Cherry. This strain is a child of Bubba Kush pollen and the clone-only Animal Mints, originally from Southern California.


The Peach Mint Kush strain inherits its chocolatey, earthy tones and fruity flavors from its predecessor Bubba Kush, a variation on the strain of the same name infamous for its high THC content. However, this type of Bubba Kush is a strain with a CBD content dominance, reaching up to 15.1%, and a THC ratio of less than 0.3%. Bubba Kush produces chunky green buds covered in purple hairs that emanate an intense smell in its wake.

The Peach Mint Kush strain’s sedation-free relaxing effects are a gift from the T1 lineage, or #5 line. The descendant strains of the T1 lineage are characteristically dominant in CBD content, mainly thanks to their predecessors, The Wife and Afghan Skunk strains. Citrus scents and fruit flavors are also inherent qualities of these strains manifested in the Peach Mint Kush strain, inducing that penetrating smell of ripe fruit or peach.

Growth Information

This strain is an easy and practical hemp crop to grow that requires minimum maintenance. The plants of this strain have thick leaves and a traditional Afghani structure, with a Christmas tree shape. The Peach Mint Kush strain can grow indoors; however, this strain will have a better performance growing outdoors where it can expand at its best. 

Flowering Time

End of September – Early October

If you want to taste the best qualities of the Peach Mint Kush strain, why not trying Bubba Kush? Since it provided this bud with its best features, we are sure you will find similar effects in it. Moreover, its chocolate and coffee flavor profile is mouthwatering, and its relaxing properties will help you unwind after a long, tiring day.