Pink Gelato Strain Review

Pink Gelato strain bud

More than a delicious dessert, gelato is an art form. Creamy, smooth, and refreshing, this Italian take on the regular ice cream gives you an extra push to continue your day with a chill disposition. Thus far, we thought that nothing could top this delectable dessert, but we were wrong. Let us introduce you to the sweet indica-dominant Pink Gelato strain.


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What is the Pink Gelato Strain

The Pink Gelato strain is a total treat to the senses. Its THC levels go from 17-20% and come from no other than the infamous Pink Kush and Gelato strainーalthough there are several phenotypes of the Pink Gelato strain on the market. 

This creamy bud, with lumpy and dense nugs that contain beautiful purple, blue, and orange hairs running all over them, has enchanted smokers all over North America. 

Pink Gelato Strain Appearance 

The Pink Gelato strain appearance is a sight for sore eyes. As a top-grade bud, it has thick and compact buds covered in a beautiful coat of resin. Moreover, these nugs’ blue, orange, and purple hairs look like gelato, inviting you to smoke them as fast as you can. 

If you like to collect kief, the Pink Gelato strain is a great bud to obtain all those trichomes and pack a delicious joint with sticky resin. Moreover, the buds can easily break apart, allowing you to pack a fantastic bowl without clumps.

Pink Gelato Strain Genetics

Pink Kush and Gelato are the proud parents of the Pink Gelato strains. However, we have found several variations all over the world. For instance, some breeders cross Pink Kush, Sunset Sherbet, and Mint Girl Scout Cookies for this bud, and others use Bubba Kush and Pink Kush.

Either way, the final result offers you relatively the same effects. All these combinations make the Pink Gelato an indica-dominant bud with amazing THC content and beautiful aromas, so make sure you get the phenotype that best suits your preferences.

THC Content

Rumor has it that the Pink Gelato strain is a direct hit on the head, and we think it is true. Packed with an average of 17-20% THC ーsometimes it can go as high as 27%ーthis Indica bud will get newbies on a hazy trip that may not always end well. Hence, we recommend this strain to experienced users that want to go straight to bed.

Pink Gelato Strain Effects

Just like your favorite Italian gelato, the Pink Gelato strain will make you feel euphoric and cheerful. However, these feelings come with a mind relaxing, numbing sensation. 

After your first toke, your body will feel like it’s floating, with a relaxing buzz flowing through your limbs. As you continue to smoke, your mind will feel focused and creative, making the Pink Gelato strain effects perfect for cuddling and watching a movie or having fun conversations with friends. Overall, this bud makes your body tingle, gives your mind peace, and puts you in a place where happiness and relaxation meet after a long day.

Although it may give you mental energy, this bud will end up taking you to bed the more you smoke, giving your body a rest from the stress of the day. Furthermore, many users like the Pink Gelato strain for its ability to treat conditions like anxiety, inflammation, chronic pain, and insomnia.

Pink Gelato Strain Reported Flavors

We don’t want to underestimate the Italians, but we bet they haven’t come up with a flavor as tantalizing as the Pink Gelato strain. This bud contains a creamy vanilla flavor with citrusy and pine notes, which are pungent and give you a spicy aftertaste. Thanks to this magical combination, smokers will have an easy-to-burn dessert for the evening.

Where to Buy Pink Gelato Strain

Canadians can easily buy the Pink Gelato strain since it is all over the country. However, it may be harder to obtain this refreshing strain in the U.S. We recommend searching this bud on Leafly to make sure there is a dispensary near you to buy the Pink Gelato strain.

If your quest to buy the Pink Gelato strain fails, you can always opt for other fantastic alternatives. At Botany Farms, we believe the Sour Space Candy strain is the perfect option for a tantalizing dessert without the head high that the Pink Gelato strain gives you. Indulge in the berry aromas of this bud and heal your body and mind.

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