Pruno Hemp Strain Review

Pruno hemp strain

Customers acclaim and praise this bud due to its potent flavor and effects. We are talking about the Pruno hemp strain, a hybrid you can easily recognize by its large and chunky nugs caked with crystal trichomes. Users have also stated that this is an excellent introductory strain to newcomers to CBD strains.

Why choosing between a Sativa and an Indica when you can have both? Read here how the Pruno hemp strain creates the best atmosphere for a clear-headed, stimulating high.


One must highlight the citrus and berry aroma notes of the Pruno hemp strain, followed by subtle hints of cheese and pepper. The aftertaste is clean, with undertones of a rose-like smell, and the smoke is overall pretty nice and smooth, leaving you with zero throat irritation. 

The taste is undoubtedly unmatched; the citrus smell really comes through with a wine-like flavor that defiantly complements the scent. This hemp strain, in particular, would mostly shine out of a vaporizer or water pipe.


The Pruno hemp strain’s effect is pretty noticeable and, generally, incredibly intense. The amount of soothing and calming sensations that its consumers will achieve is matchless. It will not make you sleepy, but it will surely melt away the tension and stress.

Because it is high in myrcene and caryophyllene, the Pruno hemp strain has more to offer to users. For instance, myrcene gives it an earthy smell while boosting your immune system and alleviating anxiety symptoms. On the other hand, caryophyllene is a good anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

Pruno Hemp Strain Genetics

Pruno is a cross between Cherry Wine x T1, which produces a vigorously growing plant with flower and bud structure similar to the T1 with sweet floral undertones.


Cherry Wine is a hybrid known mainly for its long-lasting and potent effects, capable of relieving stress, anxiety, depression, inflammation, and other aches. It will also calm your body and mind, reaching new levels of relaxation.

T1 is a hybrid with major Indica properties. The sweet lavender and fresh flavors are its principal charm, along a clean aftertaste and nice relaxing effects.

The results and appearance of the Pruno hemp strain suggest that there is no better crossing than this one. Its mere 11.9% CBD levels indicate it is strong enough to give you all the balance a hybrid hemp strain can provide.

If you enjoy evenly bred hybrid strains, Botany Farms is your best bet. In case you can’t find the lovely Pruno hemp strain, Sour Space Candy is a great choice. This strain can only be referred to as “candy from outer space.” Bred from Sour Tsunami and E.R.B, this strain offers the best effects of an uplifting sativa and the tingling buzz and relaxation of a sedating indica. Testing at 16.7%, the dense buds of the Sour Space Candy strain have multi-colored hues and a delicious terpene profile that will produce a smooth smoke.