Space Invader Hemp Strain Review

Space Invader hemp strain

For all those who are ready to take off into space, you have found the ideal strain. The moment you taste it, your taste pallets will feel on a cosmic ride as you hit those heavenly notes of kush, embodying an array of fruity terpenes. Its high will allow you to experience a calming and relaxing sensation while simultaneously benefiting from its numerous medicinal properties.

The Space Invader hemp strain, also known as ‘Space Invader CBD,’ is a hybrid strain perfect for anyone looking for a medicinal kick along with a relaxing high ideal for soothing any pain and aches. Its high has very few noticeable effects due to the low THC level of less than 1%, besides having mellow effects for its potent 9-15% CBD level.


The primary terpenes found in this CBD hemp strain are:

Myrcene: one of the most frequent terpenes found in all hemp strains, provides the flowers with unique aromas and calming effects for the users.

Caryophyllene: provides anti-inflammatory effects and earthy, spicy flavors to the flower.

Geranyl Acetate: a colorless terpene whose aroma will remind you of roses and fruit. This particular terpene is present in over 60 essential oils that include citronella, lemongrass, sassafras, and much more. It is generally used to give fragrance to soaps and lotions that aim to have a rose scent or possibly geranium.

Linalool: this terpene is well-known for its anti-microbial properties and uses for sedatives and anti-epileptic effects. It also helps reduce anxiety and depression behaviors.

Limonene: commonly associated with fruity, citrus aromas, and therapeutic benefits such as stress relief, antifungal properties, and abilities to improve absorption of other terpenes and chemicals by way of the skin.

While enjoying the incredible high the Spacial Invader hemp strain will produce you, the scents that will flood you are equally heavenly. Citrus, fruity, lemon will emanate, followed by some hints of sour-sweet herbal fragrances and the finishing touch, clover, and hops.

The delicious flavors of the Spacial Invader strain will captivate you and let you experience a high full of fantastic tastes and smell while you relax and calm your mind.


The Space Invader hemp strain has inherited many strong properties thanks to the crossing of its parents. This bud can make your body high, calm your mind, and improve your mood. When smoked, the relaxing, restful effects will kick in.

Some of the conditions known to be relieved are anxiety, headaches, inflammation, migraines, seizures, stress. As such, the Space Invader hemp strain will unwind and soothe your body of any aches and pains.

Space Invader Hemp Strain Genetics


Space Invader is a cross between T1 X Spectrum, acquiring all its unique flavors, scents, and effects.

T1 is an Indica-dominant hybrid, a great evening strain with fresh and sweet flavors and a very clean aftertaste. Its sweet lavender taste will let you feel calm and relaxed. The quality is nearly impossible to ignore, which is why it is exceptionally appealing to purchasers. However, T1 is a strain best used by experienced customers who need powerful pain relief because its effects can last for many hours.

Spectrum is well-known for its buds loaded with a broad range of flavonoids, cannabinoids, trichomes, and terpenes. Perfect for managing stress, uplifting your mood, and stimulate your creative mind.

Growth Information

This bud’s growth pattern is so vigorous it produces dense buds and flowers similar to T1. It is an early-mid finisher feminized CBD seed with 98% of hybrid germination.

Do you dream of visiting outer space? If so, try Botany Farms’ astonishing Sour Space Candy. Legend has it that a few tokes of this hybrid bud will make you reach the stars. With an average of 16.5% CBD, this bud is perfect for unwinding and enjoying a cozy afternoon while staying present.