What Happens if You Eat Dabs

Person taking some dab concentrate

The honey color of dabs and its texture make it a bit tempting to eat. That, combined with the fact that these concentrates can take you to the sky with their potent THC or CBD levels. And while dabbing and vaping are ok, some curious cannalovers may wonder what happens if you eat dabs.

The easy path to get an answer is by trying it for yourself. However, if you’re reading this article, you may already know that there is no point in wasting that precious concentrate just for the thrill of it. Luckily for you, we have created this comprehensive guide on what happens if you eat dabs.

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What is a Dab?

Dab is a concentrated form of BHO, which contains marvelous amounts of THC or CBD. In this extraction process, manufacturers use butane oil to extract the oils from cannabis. 

These amazing concentrates can take the form of shatter, wax, live resin, rosin, and many more. That’s why many cannabis lovers around the world enjoy its multiple shapes to obtain mind-blowing effects in just one or two hits.

While there are some dangers related to dabbing, it is still a great way to get all the blissful effects of cannabis concentrates. Every individual should be aware of these risks and take the precautions necessary to preserve their well-being.

What is Shatter?

Shatter is a type of dab with a high concentration of either CBD or THC. This honey amber delicacy is hard, although some products might be a bit more flexible depending on the process used to make the concentrate.

Like other cannabis concentrates, shatter results from BHO. The CO2 found in butane dries the moisture out of the flower, giving the dab a harder texture than wax or live resin. 

Dabbing shatter is one of the most iconic ways to get a good amount of THC in just one hit. For that reason, it’s important to learn how to smoke shatter. You shouldn’t put this glass-like concentrate to waste.

Can You Eat Shatter?

We know that shatter has a hard-candy-like appearance, making it very tempting to bite. However, you shouldn’t eat shatter, as it will only go to waste instead of giving you that sought-after bliss.

As you may know, THC and CBD are the cannabinoids that generate the effects we all love so much. When you have a cannabis product like shatter, wax, kief, or even flower, these components aren’t active yet. For that reason, eating any kind of raw cannabis product won’t generate any effect.

To activate these amazing compounds, you have to decarb them. That is, in simple terms, to heat them. The nice kick that shatter delivers is 100% better when you vape or smoke it, so take that dab rig and hit that sweet concentrate for a fun trip.

If you really want to have an ingestible form of cannabis, then trying gummies or tinctures is your best bet. These products have active THC or CBD for you to enjoy, allowing you to simply indulge in cannabinoids that will last a bit longer in your body. Check out our Live Resin Delta 8 THC tincture to try some real potency and delicious sour apple flavors.

Can You Eat Cannabis Wax? 

Cannabis wax is another type of cannabis concentrate that contains up to 80% THC or CBD. This gooey extraction also packs the same effects as shatter, but its texture is much easier to enjoy, as it melts faster than shatter.

Just like shatter, you can’t eat raw cannabis wax unless you don’t really care about your money. The best way to make the most of it is by using a dab rig and a torch since wax requires high temperatures to activate its compounds.

What Happens if You Eat Dabs?

While eating dabs won’t hurt your body (unless you consume exaggerated amounts of it), it will certainly not do what it is supposed to do. Why would you want to waste your money that way? If you have a vape pen or a dab rig, continue to use them as the smoking method for your concentrates.

Still, if you can’t get the idea of eating dabs out of your head, there’s actually one way in which you could achieve this: activate your inner cook. As we previously mentioned, you need to heat concentrates to activate their cannabinoids, which is why baking is one of the best ways to enjoy your dabs in a fun snack.

Among the several cannabis concentrates you can find out there, we would definitely recommend cooking with distillates or RSO. This is because their texture is much easier to work with, and in the case of distillates, these don’t contain strong flavors that can change the taste of your space cake.

Still, you can certainly use your shatter or wax to make delicious edibles. Before cooking, make sure these products have third-party lab tests. You wouldn’t want to cook with something you’re not sure is safe in the first place, right?

Because concentrates are such potent products, it’s important to calculate the dosing carefully. Gather the following information to have the right dose:

  • Weight of your concentrate (in grams)
  • THC or CBD percentage
  • The number of servings of the dish you’re cooking

Then, multiply the weight of the concentrate by the percentage of cannabinoids (as a decimal). Take that number and multiply it by 1,000. Finally, divide the total by the number of servings to determine the milligrams of THC or CBD per serving.

After calculating the ideal dose, you’ll have to decarb your concentrate. You can do this by simply preheating the oven to 200°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and put your wax or shatter in the center of the baking sheet. Then, bake for 25 minutes. Pay close attention to the concentrate to avoid burning it. Once it starts to bubble, remove it from the oven. Now, you can add it to your recipes, such as these tempting brownies.

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