What is PHC Cannabinoid

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You have probably heard of THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and other cannabinoids. However, one very new cannabinoid that you most likely haven’t heard of yet is known as PHC. Today, we are here to do an in-depth analysis of PHC.

We want to provide you with all of the most important information that you need to know about this new cannabinoid. The PHC cannabinoid, for all intents and purposes, is quite similar to regular THC.

THC occurs naturally in cannabis plants, whereas PHC does not, but due to how PHC is created, its effects are quite similar to regular Delta-9 THC. Let’s take a look at exactly what you can expect with THC. So, what is PCH weed?

Key Takeaways

  •       PHC is made from Delta-9 Acetate, which is derived from CBD.
  •       PHC is perfectly legal at this time.
  •       THC acts almost the same as THC in all regards.

What is PHC Cannabinoid?

PHC is a new cannabinoid that was discovered (or created) not too long ago. PHC stands for hydrox-4-phc and is by far one of the most interesting types of cannabinoids around. One of the reasons that it is so interesting is that PHC has gone through a few alterations or processes from its original form as CBD

PHC is a special type of cannabinoid that is made or derived from Delta-9 acetate, also known as THCO Acetate or Delta-9 acetate.  THCO Acetate is in itself a man-made cannabinoid that is derived from CBD.

Although the chemical processes that convert these cannabinoids into other cannabinoids are very complicated, the bottom line is that PHC is made out of THCO acetate, which is made out of CBD. All of that scientific jargon aside, the fact is that once you consume PHC, its effects are very similar to THC.

What is PHC Live Resin?

PHC live resin, or any type of live resin in general, is extracted at very low temperatures. Live resin is usually not quite as refined as a distillate and therefore may contain a variety of cannabinoids. This means that PHC live resin may also contain THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Due to the manufacturing process, live resin generally contains its original terpenes, which means that it also has the aroma and flavors from the original strain used.

What is PHC Distillate?

PHC distillate, or any type of cannabinoid distillate in general, is extracted from the flower at high temperatures. PHC distillate, unlike live resin, also requires a much more refined process, which results in the final product being quite pure. Unlike live resin, distillate usually only contains a single cannabinoid. Because of the manufacturing process, cannabinoid distillates usually don’t contain their original terpenes, therefore stripping them of their original flavors and aromas.

How Does PHC Compare to THC?

In terms of how PHC compares to THC, they are said to be quite similar. Although they do have different chemical structures, once PHC enters the body, it metabolizes in virtually the same way as THC, and therefore also affects the human body and mind in virtually the same way THC.

In terms of overall potency, PHC and THC are said to be very similar. This means that in terms of dosage, it would take about the same amount of both to achieve the same kind of high or feeling. In case it was not clear, both THC and PHC are psychoactive intoxicants that will make you feel high.

In terms of the cerebral head high and the body high, both THC and PHC are said to have very similar effects. They’ll both make you feel roughly the same. As well, both THC and PHC should last for roughly the same amount of time; however, one difference is that PHC might last a little longer than regular THC, although not by much.

What are the PHC Cannabinoid Effects?

As mentioned above, the effects of the PHC cannabinoid are more or less the same as with THC. This means that first of all, PHC can produce a cerebral head high. It can make you feel euphoric, elated, happy, giggly, talkative, social, and more. It can also make you feel a bit tired, sedated, hungry, tingly, heavy, and lethargic.

At the same time, it may also make you feel a bit calmer, less anxious, and less stressed out. In general, it will make you feel intoxicated and will also impair your cognitive abilities, such as your problem-solving abilities, reasoning, and deduction skills. Simply put, just like THC makes you feel high in your head and body, so does PHC.

What Does PHC Feel Like?

PHC generally feels more or less the same as a regular THC high. As mentioned above, you’re going to have a relatively strong body and a mental high. This could be characterized by any of the effects listed above.

Chances are that you’re going to feel a bit happy and elated, but also relaxed and calm, a bit chilled out, and you might also experience some pain relief. Vaping or ingesting some PHC will result in a 6 to 12-hour high characterized by a heavy and relaxed body, and a happy, chilled-out, and relaxed mental state.

That said, just like with THC, PHC may also produce some unwanted side effects, which include mild paranoia and anxiety, dry eyes, dizziness, dry mouth, a lack of physical coordination, confusion, low blood pressure, and impaired memory.

What are the Benefits of PHC?

The benefits of PHC are very similar, if not just the same as those offered by THC, so let’s take a quick look.

  • PHC may act as an analgesic or painkiller, which means that it can relieve mild to moderate pain.
  • PHC may also act as a mood regulator, which may help to relieve anxious, depressive, and stressful thoughts. Simply put, it can make you feel a bit happier and calmer.
  • PHC is also thought to act as a sedative. Therefore, it may be a good option for people who have trouble sleeping.
  • PHC is also thought to be a hunger stimulant, which is beneficial for people who have trouble eating for whatever reason.
  • Many people also just like PHC because it acts very similarly to THC, and can help make you feel a bit more social, talkative, and willing to engage with others.

Ways to Take PHC?

There are two main ways to take PHC, either through vaping or an edible. If we are talking about vaping, this is going to come in the form of live resin or a distillate. For information on the difference between live resin and distillate, refer to our opening section.

Either way, vaping PHC will result in a very fast high that hits you within just a couple of minutes after vaping your first hit. This high should last anywhere between two and six hours, depending on the potency and quantity consumed.

you can then also eat PHC edibles. PHC edibles could come in the form of gummies, chocolates, lollipops, or anything in between. When cannabinoids are taken in edible form, they take a lot longer to hit, up to two hours, because of how the body needs to metabolize them. However, the high may also last a lot longer, up to 10 or even 12 hours. The high is also generally going to be much stronger than when PHC is vaped.

On a side note, a third way to take PHC, although it can technically be considered an edible format, is by putting a tincture under your tongue. In this instance, we are talking about a sublingual application where you take a few drops and let them sit under your tongue. In terms of how fast it hits and how long it lasts, this is usually somewhere in between vaping and edibles.

You may also be able to find PHC-infused flower, which is when PHC resin or distillate is infused into hemp or cannabis flower. You can expect the effects to be very similar to smoking regular Delta-9 THC, a fast-hitting and short-lasting high.

Can You Overdose on PHC?

At this time, no evidence indicates that it is possible to overdose on PHC. The side effects of taking too much PHC are going to be very unpleasant, but not life-threatening. These side effects may include low blood pressure, lack of physical coordination, lack of memory, dry mouth, confusion, dry eyes, paranoia, anxiety, and dizziness. However, taking too much of it is not going to be life-threatening.

Is PHC Cannabinoid Legal?

The PHC Cannabinoid should be legal at all levels. The 2018 Farm Bill states that any cannabinoid derived from the hemp plant which contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC is legal at a federal level.

Final Thoughts  

PHC is a very new cannabinoid, one that you may not yet be able to find. However, here at Botany Farms, we still have some really nice products for you to check out. Delta-9 THC is very similar to PHC in terms of its effects. Some of our favorite Delta-9 THC products include these Delta-9 Microdose Gummies. You might also like this Delta-8 Blueberry Diesel Strain.

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