Will Smoking Hemp Make you Fail a Drug Test?

A hemp flower joint being smoked by an ashtray

Smoking hemp flower has become one of the best ways to get the benefits of CBD to work in the body. After the 2018 Farm Bill, all hemp-derived products became legal in the U.S., providing consumers with the opportunity to find a safe and natural alternative to treat their health conditions or just have a good, relaxing time.

However, many users may have doubts on the impact hemp flowers can have on drug tests. Is it possible to fail a drug test from smoking hemp flower? How much hemp flower can lead you to fail a drug test? In this article, you will learn all the basics about drug testing and hemp flower to save yourself some trouble in the future.

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Will hemp flower make you test positive?

In order to have a clear answer to this question, it is important to take into account the law regarding the production, distribution and consumption of hemp-derived products. According to the FDA, a hemp product is considered legal when it has less than .3% THC, which is the dominant cannabinoid found in marijuana responsible for making you feel “high”. Even though hemp has more CBD content than THC, you can still find traces of the latter in any product. For this reason, farmers must make sure their crops abide by the law and constantly check their material before selling them to manufacturers.

Hemp flower drug test

Since CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid, there are no drug tests calibrating the amount of CBD found in a person’s body. However, the traces of THC that stay in hemp flowers, oils, and full-spectrum CBD products may lead you to fail your drug test under certain conditions.

How much hemp flower to fail a drug test?

Although CBD won’t get you in trouble in case you have to undergo a drug test, the traces of THC found in hemp flower will if you consume large doses of CBD. The reason behind this is because the more you consume any hemp product on a daily basis, the more will the cannabinoids and terpenes accumulate in your body. For instance, if you have a CBD hemp flower testing below .3% THC and smoke an extraordinary quantity of it, you will most likely fail your drug test if you perform it within the next few days.

In order to know if your consumption of hemp flower may make you fail a drug test, it is important to know if the flower you bought has third-party lab reports that ensure the product you are consuming is legal. For example, if you buy your product from a transparent CBD company like Botany Farms, then you will rest assured that your hemp flower has the legal .3% THC limit, which shouldn’t represent a problem.

Because our bodies metabolize and break down small amounts of THC without holding onto any of it, it all comes down to different factors. CBD is a fat-soluble compound, meaning it takes time to be processed out because it is absorbed by your fatty tissues. Additionally, even if you consume hemp flower on a small basis per week, all bodies work differently; some people might have to wait longer for their bodies to process out all the traces of cannabinoids in their bloodstream. 

For example, a study conducted by researchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine showed that out of the six research volunteers that had participated, two of them tested positive for THCCOOH – a metabolite used to indicate whether someone has used cannabis- after vaping a little less than 1 gram of the batch of hemp flower used. The batch contained 10.5% CBD and 0.39% THC, which are similar levels to what is often found in legal hemp products. Each gram contained 100 milligrams of CBD and 3.7 milligrams of THC.

To even be slightly worried, an eighth to a quarter a day of hemp flower could possibly show up THC levels in your drug test. In case you have to take one as a requirement for your job, you can always try to figure out what the THC detection threshold of the test is. Normally, a urine or oral fluid test has low detection thresholds of 50ng/ml. Although there are no studies on how long CBD and THC stays in the urine, saliva, or hair, the estimation is that daily doses of CBD up to 100mg can be still detectable in the urine within a couple of weeks of the last consumption.

Hemp flower and drug test

So, how to make sure you don’t fail your drug test if you are a regular hemp flower consumer? There are some aspects you can take into account in order to ensure you don’t get yourself in trouble from enjoying the benefits of hemp. First, try to get information from your HR representative about the details of the drug screening you are going to undergo. If you think smoking hemp will make you fail the drug taste due to your intake, consider a detox protocol to eliminate THC from your bloodstream. Some methods include exercising, having a healthy diet that excludes products such as red meat and junk food, and have detox drinks, and even though they take some time to show the results and eliminate THC traces from your system, they are the most safe and healthy ways to ensure you pass your drug test.

Additionally, it is extremely important to make sure you are buying from transparent companies who have lab reports for all their products on their website. This is one of the best ways to ensure you are not smoking high THC hemp flower, thus avoiding the sticky situation it could put you in. For instance, Botany Farms offers a wide variety of hemp flower rich in terpenes and CBD, completely hand-trimmed and hand-cured to deliver the best craft cannabis. You can find all our lab reports here to rest assured you are only getting the best quality from our delicious strains.

As cannabis starts to be accepted in our society, the future may come with more employers that stop requiring drug tests to hire their employees. State and federal marijuana laws are changing, and soon, THC will stop being a problem for companies, allowing consumers to freely use their favorite cannabis products as they wish. For the time being, you just have to make sure you don’t consume hemp flowers at high rates in order to avoid testing positive for the THC traces there are in your favorite strain.