A Guide to CBD Microdosing

Consumer microdosing CBD tincture

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Do you feel like your CBD flower isn’t working anymore? Do you think your new CBD tincture is a rip-off? If that is the case, you may want to change the way you consume CBD. Stay here and read the guide to CBD microdosing we have prepared for you. Microdosing CBD is a technique that involves taking small amounts of cannabidiol throughout the day to understand better the effects it has on your body. It is an excellent start for new users who do not know where to begin and discover the amount of CBD they need to consume. Once you have found this amount, you can start to take it once or twice per day and even increase it if needed.

How to Microdose CBD

First, you will want to create a microdosing CDB schedule to keep track of the hours and the number of milligrams you are consuming. Ultimately, the goal is to take notes and be aware of how you feel after each dose. If your symptoms have eased and you feel better than how you felt before microdosing, it is a sign that you are microdosing CBD the right way. The idea is that you keep track of your progress and the amount of CBD you need to treat your condition. Once you have reached a state where your pain is bearable, then you can add up the total to discover the exact measure of CBD that your body needs. To find out how much exactly you need to take, bear in mind the CBD product you will use as the measurements are different for every product.

Microdosing CBD Edibles

We can take many products for this category, such as mints, capsules, chocolates, brownies, gummies, and more. For starters, the product you are going to use should tell you how much CBD it contains. At Botany Farms, the CBD Gummies contain 25mg, which is a perfect fit for microdosing. You will want to divide it into five 5mg doses and keep consuming it until you reach the desired effect. In fact, one of the easiest methods of microdosing is CBD-infused chocolate, as all you have to do is cut your chocolate into equally-sized pieces and eat one by one throughout the day.

Microdosing CBD Tinctures

For tinctures, you will have to notice the serving size, which is typically 1ml of oil. To find the amount per serving, you need to divide the total mg of the bottle by the total of servings. It might be confusing at first, but once you know the total, it will become easier to serve. Luckily, most tincture droppers nowadays have a measurement feature to make it easier for consumers to get the right amount. Just make sure to read your labels. You might want to start microdosing CBD oil hourly and increase the measure by one drop. For example, if you take one drop of CBD oil at 8 am, by 9 am take two drops of CBD oil, at 10 am take three drops, and so on. Do so until you start to feel the therapeutic effects work for you. We know that it can get boring if we use the same product every day, but do not worry. Once you find out the exact amount of CBD your body needs, then you can start microdosing with more than one product. For example, you may prefer to begin your morning with some drops of CBD oil and have CBD gummies as a snack later in the afternoon. As long as you are keeping the same amount of the dose, it will be perfectly fine!

Benefits of Microdosing CBD

Some studies regarding cannabinoids show that even a small amount of CBD can activate the serotonin receptors located in your brain. This activation allows a positive response to your mood, given that it is connected to feelings of happiness and wellbeing. If you are new to CBD, remember it is always best to consult a doctor or a budtender to learn all the information and specifics effects. Besides, they can give you a specific dose to begin with.

Microdosing CBD for Anxiety

Given that CBD is helpful to soothe discomforts caused by chronic pains, it can also help people who live with anxiety disorders. Studies developed throughout the years suggest that CBD could be an effective treatment for anxiety. Therefore, even small doses of CBD can treat conditions like anxiety, depression, or even panic disorders.

CBD Microdosing for Pain

One of the main reasons people take CBD is its anti-inflammatory properties, ability to help sleep, and calming effects. In addition, some people with chronic pain use CBD, mostly in oil, because of its impact. This means that conditions like arthritis, migraines and even cancer pain can be treated with CBD as its products can offer relief without causing dependence or drug intoxication.

CBD and Depression and Microdosing

When treating depression, one can say that CBD can work better than antidepressants, as they take weeks to start working while CBD is fast and has fewer side effects. The reason behind it is the positive interaction between the cannabinoids with serotonin receptors, elevating the person’s emotional state and feeling, keeping them at a balanced level. As you can see, microdosing CBD will not only be easy on your wallet but will also help you experience it better. Keep an eye on your CBD intake and see how you will get to make more out of your favorite CBD products with small adaptations.

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