Abracadabra Hemp Strain Review

Abracadabra Hemp Strain

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Nothing beats the suspense hanging in the air when you smoke a new cannabis strain. You can feel that tingly sensation from the base of your neck running through your spine; your senses are at peak; the magic is just about to happen; and, Abracadabra! There it is—the enveloping moment of surprise and fantasy we all enjoy.

The Abracadabra hemp strain, a Sativa-dominant cannabis bud with CBD levels near 18% and THC levels under 1%, can boost your energy out of a good mood. If you want to feel the magic cannabis can bring, Abracadabra is your best bet.


The Abracadabra hemp strain has a sweet and slightly musty aroma that is lovely to the smell, and the taste is damp and earthy in a way that reminds you of a sunny fairy forest, with some citrus oil notes to satisfy your tongue and your nose. Beware if you do not want others to know you are using it; its scent is powerful!


This sativa-dominant strain is a potent one. The experience is remarkable for its early and intense energizing effects and its uplifting and euphoric feeling.

If you are in your daytime activities, the Abracadabra hemp strain will give you an excellent boost to improve your productivity and make you feel relaxed enough to expand your creativity. Thus, it is the perfect strain for enhancing your work efficiency to get things done and immerse yourself in creative tasks.

This strain is also fantastic if you like doing outdoor activities like trekking or street workout, and it will surely put you in a great mood if you are thinking of going to a social event with your friends. However, after a while, the peak of energy transforms into a soft, relaxed feeling, not too intense to make you go to bed, but you will feel pleasantly heavy and warm.

The Abracadabra hemp strain has proven to be effective in relieving depression, anxiety, and stress. Experts have not finished exploring the full potential of its benefits yet, but it is also said to give you relief in times of nauseousness. Because of its relaxing after-effects, it helps fighting insomnia as well.

Abracadabra Hemp Strain Genetics

This strain is the product of a cross of the Abacus Hemp strain with the Haute Sauce strain. Our magical strain inherits its parents’ phenotypical colorful beauty, high CBD qualities, and strong medical and recreational effects.


Many consider the Abacus hemp strain a firecracker for its gleaming purple-tinged buds, making it beautiful and because of its unique capability to improve endurance activities and its value as a relaxing strain high in CBD as well as the Haute Sauce. From the Abacus hemp strain comes the earthy, piney, and lemony notes flavor you can enjoy in the Abracadabra hemp strain. 

Growth Information

The few breeders who have managed to cultivate this relatively rare greenhouse hydroponic strain say they hunted this cultivar for two years and have perfected how this flower should be grown. Thus, this is their favorite hemp cultivar to consume and produce.

Flowering Time

  • 12 weeks


Although this strain is beautiful and a must-own and must-try bud, their seeds are not widely sold, but you might find them clicking right here.

Abracadabra Hemp Strain Price

Trying the Abracadabra hemp strain is a delightful experience you should live. You can get half an ounce (14 grams) for $15.00 or 1 ounce (28 grams) for $80.00. However, you can find this relatively rare and magical hemp strain up to 56% off right here.

If you like the Abracadabra hemp strain and want to know more about similar strains and experiences, you would love to try the interesting Suver Haze strain. This Sativa-dominant hybrid will awaken your brain thanks to its 21.3% CBD content and its rich terpene profile. Created through a cross between E.R.B and Suver 8, Suver Haze has large, dense green buds with a fine layer of trichomes and pungent aromas.

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