Acid Rock Hemp Strain

Acid Rock hemp strain

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The Acid Rock hemp strain, also known as one of the most ‘‘adorable’’ hemp flower, stands out thanks to its unique appearance. Those who have seen this flower firsthand know that it is easy to recognize among others.

The CBD content of the Acid Rock hemp strains is medium-high, around 14%, and is low in THC. Those who use it have nothing but good things to say, with its aromatic profile being highly appealing. What makes this strain so unique? Read more to find out.


Honoring its name, the Acid Rock hemp strain has a metallic taste and a piercing aroma, citrusy with a hint of earthy scent and akin to the New York Sour Diesel strain. These unique aromas and flavors are the result of its high terpenoid content.


As you may know, Acid Rock is a CBD-dominant flower; hence it is very well suited for those who are not looking for a psychoactive experience. This flower will provide calmness with a hint of euphoric sensation, enough to activate your mind, uplift your spirit, and cheer you up, leaving you stress-free.

In addition to this, the many terpenes it contains can significantly ease migraines, insomnia, depression, arthritis, nausea, and other soreness. The Acid Rock hemp strain will relax you in higher doses and put you in a good, calm mood.

Acid Rock Hemp Strain Genetics

Acid Rock is the result of two strains high in CBD and low in THC. It was mainly grown in Colorado as it grows best indoors to control its environment and growth. This flower is the fantastic result of the cross between River Rock and Suzy Q.

The breeders’ idea was to obtain a stunning flower to look at, aromatic and relaxing but at the same time spirit uplifting provided by its high percentage of terpene and cannabinoids. Thus, the Acid Rock hemp strain is seedless and fully contains 18% of cannabinoids.


River Rock is mainly known for its use in oils, its high components of terpenes and CBD, allowing great relaxation. On the other hand, Suzy Q has a different profile of CBD, allowing clarity of mind and relaxing the body to provide an utterly lucid relaxation experience while relieving pains and aches.

As a result of crossing these two great strains, the Acid Rock hemp strain gathers both parents’ finest attributes, being aromatic, relaxing and tasty. This bud is ideal for the ones who seek concentration, creativity, and many other benefits.

Growth Information

The Acid Rock hemp strain adapts easily to the environment. It can grow in humid or dry conditions, which is why it is possible to choose whether to plant it outdoors or indoors. Naturally, each option has its advantages.

When indoors, growers can control the strain’s growth and the amount of light, water, and nutrients it receives. However, it has more space when growing it outside, and the harvest will be more abundant. It can reach heights of up to 6 feet tall and the harvest can vary up to 2 pounds per plant.

Naturally, these factors will depend on the environment where you decide to plant it. Is the Acid Rock hemp strain a bud you would like to try? With notes of lemon twist and sour apple, the Super Sour Space Candy strain is the perfect alternative. This hybrid bud can be used at any time of the day to bring relief and focus.

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