Baox Strain Review

Baox Strain

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Coming from Colorado, with an abundant set of terpenes and resinous trichomes, Baox is an iconic hemp flower strain. Producing a CBD concentration around 14%, the therapeutic effects of the Baox strain will either give you a chill afternoon or a sudden burst of creativity. This cross between Hindu Kush and Otto II is certainly one of the best hemp flower strains you can try nowadays.


The high amounts of caryophyllene, myrcene, and bisabolol of the Baox strain make it a fragrant bud with aromas of earth, pepper, and hints of herbal and fruit flavors. These combinations produce gentle smoke, which is one of the reasons why users love Baox so much.


Although it is a sativa strain, users often find more comfort in Baox when used at nighttime. During the day, this eclectic strain will help you feel stress-free and clear-headed. The mind also feels uplifted and focused.

On the other hand, Baox has calming and relaxing effects, and this is why many smokers tend to use Baox before going to sleep. Although its effects are very uplifting and euphoric, they won’t overwhelm you. Moreover, those who tend to suffer from inflammation-related pain can find in the Baox strain a heightened sense of relief.

Terpenes also contribute to the great set of benefits of the Baox strain. For instance, myrcene has high sedative effects and relieves muscle spasms. Then, caryophyllene is a mood regulator and acts as an analgesic.

Since it is the only terpene found to interact with the endocannabinoid system, the potency of the strain is enhanced. Lastly, bisabolol is known for its benefits to the skin and the anti-irritant, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties it possesses.

Baox Strain Genetics

Hindu Kush and Otto II are the proud parents of this powerhouse, giving it some of its best features. Hindu Kush, for instance, makes Baox ideal for indoor cultivation methods, and also makes it durable and strong. On the other hand, Otto II has a great phenotype to produce resinous trichomes, giving Baox the best feature for those who aim to create full-spectrum extractions.


Hindu Kush is the parent to several strains due to its amazing properties and effects. This landrace indica works best for nighttime use, making you feel relaxed and foggy. Hindu Kush produces a heavy sensation that takes away any pain and allows your mind to wander and be creative. For this reason, users love to use this landrace indica to treat insomnia, pain, depression, and pain.

As for Otto II, it is widely popular among breeders for its vigorous structure and delightful terpene profile. With strong citrusy and earthy flavors, and a licorice aroma, Otto II is one of the best crops to grow. Moreover, its rich resin makes it an all-time favorite for manufacturers, turning it into oils and concentrates of great quality.

Growth Information

With a fast flowering time and short, dense structure, Baox is definitely the best option for those who want an easy hemp strain to grow. Although it is often grown indoors, its durability makes it an ideal crop to grow outdoors with proper care. If you want to control its THC levels, you should test your Baox crops between three and five weeks prior to harvest.

Flowering Time

  • 75 days


  • 28 gm per plant


If you want to grow your own Baox strain, get your seeds and start growing here. At Botany Farms, we love to offer high-quality hemp flower to meet your needs. If you want to try something new, the popular Suver Haze is your best bet.

This bud is an energizing sativa-dominant CBD flower with sweet and earthy aromas. Its sativa properties are perfect to use before kicking off a long day, calming your body while activating your brain.

You can pair Suver Haze with your morning coffee to have a nice energy boost. As a plus, it has a 21.3% CBD content, which will provide the many benefits of this cannabinoid in major levels.

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