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What makes a good cookie? Sweet flavors, a crispy dough, or a moist texture, everyone has divided opinions about what the best cookie tastes and looks like. However, while cookies may bring you happiness and make a great snack, there are other types of cookies that appeal to a quite different palate.

BEC (aka Bubba Erkle Cookies) is an indica-dominant hybrid that has a distinctive myrcene aroma. Its buds are bright and fluffy, covered by a heavy layer of trichomes. Its parent strains are Purple Urkle and Bubba Kush, both having amazing properties as well, making B.E.C a strain with a balanced THC and CBD ratio, being 8.45% and 5.08% respectively.


B.E.C combines a great set of terpenes thanks to its parent strains. Starting with a high-myrcene content, which gives it fruity and spicy flavors, B.E.C also contains caryophyllene, pinene and limonene. These compounds make B.E.C a fruity, piney and pungent strain that will make your mouth water almost instantly.


Since it is an indica-dominant strain, B.E.C will make you feel a smooth high that brings you happiness and lifts your mood. For this reason, B.E.C is a great strain for a chill afternoon smoke when there’s not much going on and you don’t need to get anything done. Hanging out with friends, going for a walk or just listening to some good music are activities that become much more interesting when you have smoked B.E.C.

In terms of terpenes, they all provide their very special properties to the mix; Myrcene is a compound that has sedative effects, and acts as a muscle relaxant. Limonene is great to treat anxiety, depression and is algo a compound that works against acid reflux.

Caryophyllene is known to interact with the endocannabinoid system, potentiating the effects of other terpenes and regulating mood. Additionally, it has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Lastly, Pinene is an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory terpene that also aids memory and counteracts the negative effects of THC like anxiety. For this reason, B.E.C is a perfect strain for new smokers or consumers who have high sensitivity to THC.


B.E.C inherited the indica characteristics of its parents Purple Urkle and Bubba Kush, along with both THC and CBD levels that make it a balanced strain for those who love a good high while feeling grounded.


Purple Urkle is a balanced hybrid, with almost a 50/50 sativa-indica profile. It provides an euphoric buzz that contrasts with its relaxing and smooth effects. It has a strong presence of pinene, which gives it a typical herbal and piney notes.

Because it has dominant indica properties, Purple Urkle is often used to treat anxiety and insomnia. As to Bubba Kush, its genetics go back to the Hindu Kush landrace strains, having a strong indica profile along with sweet and earthy flavors.

Bubba Kush is used at nighttime because it gives you a sleepy feeling, relaxing your whole body. It’s THC level is 17%, giving consumers all they need for a good night sleep while taking away stress and pain, replacing them for a happy mood.


For a quality strain like B.E.C, its price adjusts accordingly to the benefits and overall instance it provides. You can buy Bubba Erkle Cookies for $5.00 per gram from Redecan Pharma. here, but prices may vary according to the retailer you are buying from.

Always make sure to check if the company you are getting your products from have third-party lab tests for all their products. Finding a good indica strain is hard when you don’t know where to buy quality cannabis.

If you like the effects B.E.C can provide you, you should check out Botany Farms’ Special Sauce. This indica strain has a sweet and earthy aroma that blends perfectly with its berry flavor. Our consumers love it for a nighttime smoke, just to melt stress away and make anxiety disappear for a short period of time before going to bed.

It has 18.8% CBD content, which offers many benefits for your body without giving you a high, in case you are not interested in the “euphoria” delivered by THC.

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