Benefits of Smoking Hemp Flower

Hemp flower, oil, leaves and seeds

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Hemp has been around for centuries, but only recently has it caught the attention of mainstream consumers, taking the world of cannabis by storm. Often confused with marijuana, hemp delivers many benefits without the “euphoria” that THC-heavy cannabis produces, making it a good option for those who don’t want to experience a “high” yet still want to relax. In this article, you will learn all about hemp flower and why smoking it could improve your wellbeing. Check out some of our own Hemp Flower full of beneficial cannabinoids like CBD and CBG:

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a plant that belongs to the same species as marijuana, the Cannabis Sativa. Most hemp is grown specifically for the fibers it produces. As a matter of fact, it was one of the first plants that were used to create fiber around 50,000 years ago. Even though marijuana and hemp come from the same species of plants and both contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), hemp has a much lower percentage of THC content. This compound is responsible for the “high” effect on your brain. In order to be legal in The United States, hemp must have a maximum THC content of 0.3%. Anything over that limit won’t be considered legal for sales, distribution, and consumption.

Benefits of Smoking Hemp

Hemp is rich in Cannabidiol (CBD), a compound that delivers great health and well-being benefits. Hemp products containing this cannabinoid in high levels are considered to have very high bioavailability, making them easier to absorb. Among these products, hemp flowers contain the highest levels of CBD, making it a perfect option if you want to experience the potency of this compound to the maximum extent.

Avoid Negative Effects of THC

The psychotropic effects of THC over the human mind and body are some of the main reasons for its spiritual, social, and recreational use by our ancestors. Today, we are more aware of the kaleidoscopic array of cannabinoids in hemp and their influence over our physiology, alone or in tandem. We marvel at the results of the most recent health researches in CBD, CBN, CBG, terpenes, and flavonoids. Still, the most abundant cannabinoid is THC. In some cultivars, it achieves concentrations of 30% and more. Due to its abundance, any effect it has on us will be stronger than those from the other cannabinoids. Hence, its study is crucial for understanding our relationship with the cannabis plant and its components. As fun as it can be, we know that THC is not entirely harmless. Several uncomfortable side effects appear when a patient receives high doses, such as those achievable by careless consumption of edibles and extracts. If you consume too much THC, its psychotropic effects may escalate and give you hallucinations, delusions, or psychotic breaks. These effects are usually temporary and will not leave permanent damage in adults. However, we can avoid the chance of one or more of these effects by consuming hemp and other plant varieties with lower THC content.

Benefits of Smoking CBD

Smoking CBD flower allows the desired cannabis compounds to be directly absorbed by your lungs. This allows cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream much faster than any other method, activating the effects of the flower almost instantly. In addition, hemp buds contain more compounds besides just CBD, such as terpenes. These molecules are responsible for the aroma and taste of the flower, and when in contact with CBD, they create a phenomenon called The Entourage Effect. This enhances the overall smoking experience, providing relaxation and focus. Smoking CBD will make the effects of the flower kick in much faster (within 10 minutes), and they can last for about an hour in your body. This makes it the perfect option for those who seek near-instant feelings of calm and well-being.

Smoking CBD Benefits

Can treat anxiety and depression

Cannabis is recommended to people that are suffering from anxiety or depression. The CBD contents of the hemp flower have been largely recognized as being able to soothe and calm the mind. Your brain is largely affected by your serotonin levels, which is a neurotransmitter that balances our well-being. People with low serotonin levels are commonly diagnosed with depression. A severe deficiency of serotonin can cause anxiety too. People with these diagnoses have reported that CBD has helped. Currently, most antidepressants on the market cause several side effects or can lead the consumer into substance abuse. CBD oil has shown signs of being a great substitute for drugs on the market for treating depression. Wiith hemp strains being so high in CBD, smoking some of it is just as good, if not better, than ingesting its oil variant.

Anti-Inflammatory Purposes

Besides its mental benefits, the effects of CBD extend to the body. The amount of CBD included in hemp creates room for a lot of inflammatory and pain-relieving purposes, which make it a great medicinal alternative. Even though there is a lot of research to be done about this plant due to the complications surrounding its legality, there are some major benefits that have been thoroughly studied and proven, and this is one of them. CBD is a great way to clear your head if you suffer from headaches since it can reduce the inflammation of the muscles or blood vessels. It also can help reduce acne and heart-related disorders; lower blood pressure and even may reduce the chances of cancer. Because of these multiple effects—many consumers still prefer to smoke hemp flower in addition to their medicines to access this range of benefits.

It is Legal

A lot of states have legalized hemp after realizing it doesn’t provide the intoxicating effects of marijuana. From tinctures to edibles, there is a wide range of hemp products you can get locally or through the internet. Even though smoking hemp flower still faces some regulations, it is not legal to smoke in public due to the similarity with marijuana. For example, it can be enjoyed at home without worrying about failing a drug test or any other complications regarding the law.

It is Affordable

You can purchase quality hemp flower or pre-rolls that aren’t expensive, easy to find, and fun to smoke. Since the market is constantly expanding, companies have tried to regulate the prices of their items in order to make CBD accessible for all. In addition, there are plenty of options for you to choose from according to your own needs (from 1 gram to 3.5 grams and onwards)

Won’t Get You High

As we’ve already mentioned throughout this article, hemp is the type of cannabis that doesn’t get you high. Due to the low amount of THC it contains, you won’t get the “high” you get from marijuana. This is a great option in case you don’t seek this kind of effect and just want a more clear headed type of relaxation that also helps you stay focused and alert during daytime.

Life-Changing for Autism Patients

CBD and hemp flowers are increasing in popularity for treating autism. A lot of families have claimed that autism individuals suffering from fits of self-harm calmed down instantly after a few breaths of hemp or any other CBD product and doctors are constantly working to find new treatments to help people cope with some symptoms. The strains of cannabis given to autism patients are high in CBD while extremely low in THC. Therefore, hemp flower fits the bill perfectly, making it the best cannabis that can be given to certain individuals. However, there isn’t much research to back this up thus far. Although families have tried to make the FDA change its perception about CBD for medicinal purposes, research isn’t easy to conduct, especially when performing human trials on individuals with autism. For this reason, many with autism have opted to do their own exhaustive research about each company just to make sure the products they buy are certified by third-party labs. In brief, smoking hemp flower delivers plenty of benefits for mental and physical wellbeing. If you are curious about this plant, you should give Botany Farms craft cannabis a try. We’re keeping the industry pure by providing premium-grade hemp flower and pre-rolls with high CBD to reliably provide all of the wellness benefits you expect from CBD and hemp flower.

May Help Reduce Symptoms of Chronic Pain and Arthritis

CBD may also have great potential as an anti-inflammatory. Some studies show that CBD, as an anti-inflammatory, may be able to help reduce inflammation associated with chronic pain and arthritis. Arthritis is characterized by the inflammation of your joints, which causes pain and immobility. However, CBD may be able to reduce that inflammation to the point where you regain some mobility and suffer less pain. On a side note, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may even be able to have athletes recover faster after exercise. Here we have famous personality Joe Rogan talking about the potential benefits of CBD.

May Help Regulate Neuroinflammation in Multiple Sclerosis

For those of you who don't know, multiple sclerosis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system that leads to focal lesions in both the spinal cord and brain. Some studies indicate that CBD may have the ability to reduce inflammation in the central nervous system and the brain. This would therefore help to slow down the progression of multiple sclerosis and to reduce the symptoms as well. There are some promising studies that indicate that using CBD may be able to help reduce the inflammation, fatigue, pain, and spasticity in people who suffer from multiple sclerosis. It may also be able to help improve their mobility. No, CBD cannot cure multiple sclerosis, but it may be able to slow down its progress and control the symptoms.

May Have Anti-Tumor Effects

Although there are still further studies required to confirm this, it is thought that CBD may be able to help reduce the growth of tumors. It is thought that CBD may be able to reduce the secretion of cytokines that come from cancer cells.

May Improve Sleep and Sleep Quality

It is also thought that CBD may have the ability to help improve your sleep and the quality of your sleep. The reason for this is that CBD may have the potential to reduce both stress and anxiety. Of course, sleeping when you are anxious and stressed out is not easy. Although CBD does not appear to act as a sedative, it can help regulate your mood and calm you down to the point where it is much easier to sleep. Therefore, if you need to get a good night's sleep, smoking some CBD may be a good option. If you need help sleeping, check out these hemp flower strains for sleep!

May Improve Heart Health and Reduce High Blood Pressure

Some promising studies indicate that CBD may also be beneficial for heart health, particularly in terms of reducing high blood pressure. It is thought that CBD may be able to help widen blood vessels, therefore improving blood flow, and ultimately reducing high blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to heart disease, heart attacks, and other conditions, which makes this one of the biggest benefits of CBD. Doses of CBD are also shown to help lower blood pressure in individuals who are currently at rest. It may also have the ability to lower stress levels, with stress being a leading cause of high blood pressure.

Neuroprotective Potential

There are also studies that indicate that CBD has neuroprotective potential. In other words, it may be able to help protect your brain. It may be able to help prevent damage to your brain caused by various conditions and incidents, such as Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, Alzheimer's, and seizures. At the same time, CBD may also be able to help prevent these diseases from occurring in the first place or at least help slow down their progress. Simply put, CBD may very well be extremely beneficial for the overall health of your brain.

May Improve Acne and Skin Health

There are indications that CBD may have the potential to reduce the occurrence and appearance of acne, as well as to improve skin health in general. Because CBD is thought to be an anti-inflammatory, it may also have the potential to reduce the symptoms of inflammatory skin diseases, such as eczema. CBD may also have the potential to reduce the amount of sebum that your skin produces, which is a very oily substance. This oily substance can then cause acne to occur. There is a study that indicates that CBD can reduce the oiliness of your skin, and therefore reduce the occurrence of acne. It may also be the case that because CBD is potentially antifungal and antibacterial in nature, it may also help prevent infections from occurring on your skin, which could therefore help prevent acne from occurring.

May Promote Neurogenesis

It is shown that CBD may also have the ability to help stimulate neurogenesis in the brain, which is the production and integration of new neurons. Yes, this also has to do with brain health. Neurogenesis is critical in maintaining neural plasticity, and brain homeostasis, and for helping to maintain the central nervous system. Neurogenesis is also extremely important for helping to preserve the overall cognitive function of the human brain. neurogenesis also assists in the process of repairing damaged brain cells that have been affected by various brain disorders and by aging.

May Help Reduce Symptoms of IBS

CBD may also be able to help reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome by potentially reducing the amount of inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, and by allowing for better digestion in general.

A hemp flower leaf sits against a bright teal background.Smoking Hemp Flower as a Nicotine Cessation

Besides being a key ingredient of numerous chemical insect killer products, Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that can cause high blood pressure, affect arterial walls, cause heart disease, lung and throat cancer, among other serious conditions. In cigarettes, Nicotine usually comes escorted by various heavy metals and carbon monoxide. As dangerous as Nicotine is, it is tough to quit the habit. Smokers try dozens of methods to help themselves abandon using the substance, from counseling to replace therapies. They do not consistently achieve success in this endeavor. Fortunately, recent research shows that the CBD in the hemp flowers can help cigarette smokers lower their daily Nicotine ingestion up to 40%. Other studies are even more optimistic, stating that CBD can also aid in the recovery of cocaine or alcohol addictions.

The “Entourage Effect”

Scientists keep discovering new and exciting qualities around the interaction of the Endocannabinoid System with the different cannabinoid substances, both the ones that the human body produces and the ones that come from the cannabis plant. Some years ago, we only knew about the presence of the psychotropic THC and the soothing CBD inside hemp flowers. We now have an interesting list of cannabinoids to benefit from, including CBN, CBG, CBL, CBT, and surprising amounts of terpenes and flavonoids. When we take them separately, these substances have particular health effects, mainly over inflammation, pain, mental health issues, immune response, and reproductive health. Diverse extracts isolate these compounds and give patients great aid. However, when the cannabinoids stay in their original source, the hemp flowers, it seems that they work in a synergy that enhances their individual benefits. Some researchers express doubts about the reality of this phenomenon, while others state that it can increase the uncomfortable or adverse effects.

Quickest Way to Consume CBD

Thanks to the recently acquired fame of CBD as a health aid, many producers focus on researching and developing various methods of taking your daily dose that adapt to your tastes, needs, and lifestyle. They extract the CBD from the cured hemp flowers and infuse it in rubbing oils, vaporizing liquids, edible tinctures, gummies, and all sorts of delivery methods. Nevertheless, there is no need for complex industrial processing of hemp flowers to obtain our cherished CBD. Inhaling the vapor or smoke from the combustion of the dried flowers will also bring the benefits of hemp to your organism. You can do this by rolling a joint, getting pre-rolled cones, using a bong, a pipe, or a specialized vape pen. The inhaling method has additional advantages over the industrially processed ones. While edibles, tinctures, and topical methods do not generate smells or smoke that may inconvenience those around us, they have a low absorption rate and take a longer time to take effect. On the other side, inhalation delivers CBD through the lung walls, a much faster and more efficient way to carry it to our bloodstream. Additionally, inhalation gives us the benefits of CBD, and it also brings the whole family. CBN, CBG, terpenes, and flavonoids all working together in the Entourage Effect. Once you choose your preferred intake method, you want to be sure of taking the proper dosage. CBD poses no considerable danger of overdosing, but we certainly do not need to waste it unnecessarily. Taking small amounts during the day will help you track your symptoms better without developing tolerance or building an undesired accumulation in your liver.

Cost of CBD

Besides the legal status and not registering in drug tests, another advantage of CBD over THC is in the pricing. Regulation, licenses, and demand make THC-rich flowers considerably more expensive than CBD-rich ones. Hemp prices may rise along with the market in future years, but the difference between CBD and THC prices is quite significant. Among the different CBD products you can obtain, CBD-infused oil is easily the priciest. The high concentration of the cannabinoid requires specialized processes that can be quite expensive. Something similar happens with topical ointments and edibles. Their elaboration process can drive up the price. When buying your CBD products, remember to check the extraction process, external lab tests, and whether the oil is full-spectrum and contains other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Verify that the manufacturers use high-quality CO2 extraction, which is very efficient and does not contaminate the extract with hazardous chemicals. The lab tests are there to protect you, too. They guarantee the quality of the product and its safety for consumption. Thanks for stopping by! Why not give some flower from our Farms a try?

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