Berry Blossom Hemp Strain Review

Berry Blossom hemp strain

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With beautiful, dense, large pink buds and a distinctive acai-reminiscent flavor, Berry Blossom is a spectacle of sensations that continues to amaze everyone for more than one reason.

The unique hybrid descendant from the Chardonnay and the Cherry Kandahar S1 strains inherited the best features of both parents, resulting in a perfect bouquet of aromas and range of effects. This 100% federally legal hemp flower packs a high CBD content (15–18%) with less than 0.3% THC content.

Added to this, the Berry Blossom hemp strain’s notes of sweet, candied wild berries with hints of gardenias will lift your stress away and clear out your thoughts for a night of restful sleep.

Key Takeaways

  • Berry Blossom is a hybrid strain derived from Cherry Kandahar S1 and Chardonnay, known for its dense, pink buds and a flavor profile reminiscent of acai and candied wild berries with hints of gardenias.
  • This strain has a high CBD content (15–18%) and low THC content (less than 0.3%), making it federally legal in the U.S.
  • Its terpenes, β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, and α-Humulene, contribute to its distinctive aroma and potential therapeutic benefits, such as reducing anxiety, stress, and inflammation.
  • The strain is easy to grow, making it suitable for both novice and experienced hemp farmers.


The Berry Blossom hemp strain offers an exquisite aromatic floral blend, hugged by sweet, ripe berry overtones that liven up your senses. Its distinct acai scent and candied raspberries catch your attention and enhance your smoking experience from the first whiff.

In terms of flavor, the Berry Blossom hemp strain is gentle when inhaled, attenuating its strong fragrance with a hint of sweetness at the end. Woodsy notes come out to delight you, accompanied by an earthy bitterness dominated by a fuel-like taste when smoked. Nevertheless, vaping the substance instead will help clear away the gasoline taste and highlight the fruity, berry flavor a little better.

The terpenes responsible for this divine flavor are β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, and α-Humulene. These three are known for their potential to reduce anxiety, stress, and inflammation, especially myrcene. Moreover, humulene works as an appetite suppressant. Along with CBD’s properties, this strain is considered a gift from nature.


After the first drag, a powerful headrush takes over your brain, clearing out your mind with its light and airy feeling. This is because the Berry Blossom hemp strain leans more towards the sedative side of cannabis, standing out for its relaxing and calming properties without the details of the couch-lock effect.

Breeders recommend this strain for evening consumption because it promotes sleep. However, consumers can enjoy Berry Blossom’s bliss during the day, at low doses, to feel a wakeful calm that provides just enough clarity of mind to remain active. As your mind slows down, your muscles begin to ease. Consumers experience total mind and body relaxation that prepares them for a night of deep, restful sleep to bloom the next day, feeling refreshed and renovated.

Cannabidiol seems to prevent the breakdown of a chemical in the brain that affects pain, mood, and mental function while increasing its levels in the blood. For this reason, CBD has a wide range of potential uses.

As such, the Berry Blossom hemp strain is beneficial for stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, epilepsy, chronic pain, inflammation, nausea, chemotherapy’s side effects, and more. Moreover, it lowers high blood pressure, increases users’ heart health, and prevents strokes and metabolic syndrome. These are among the many reasons why Berry Blossom is one of the most highly sought-after strains.

Berry Blossom Hemp Strain Genetics

The Berry Blossom hemp strain inherited its exotic terpene profile and deeply relaxing effects from the cross of two incredible varieties, a potent Indica strain of Afghan descent, Cherry Kandahar S1, and the hybrid strain Chardonnay, known for its fresh, fruity blast features. We owe this fantastic achievement to the hemp genetics pioneer Bodhi Urban.


Chardonnay is a relatively low CBD strain with a dense terpene content that provides a fantastic, intense aroma profile with hints of berry, pine, and cheese. We find the Black Rose Strain among Chardonnay’s ancestors, which is why this variety develops deep light-green buds with distinct scattered purple and blue hues.

Moreover, its reliably low THC level and high biomass production make Chardonnay a highly compliant and attractive variety for the hemp market. Next comes the powerful, indica-dominant hybrid Cherry Kandahar S1, which contributes to Berry Blossom’s tremendous appeal with its Afghani genetic line.

Despite its minimal THC level, it produces potent effects due to its unique terpene profile, dominated by the calming myrcene and uplifting limonene. The cultivar is durable with high resilience, able to withstand harsh winds and sudden temperature drops. Berry Blossom inherited this quality, which explains why it is so easy to farm.

Growth Information

Imagine walking through a field full of robust plants with bright green leaves and pink colas with thick flowers coated with tiny, little crystals. The best thing about growing the Berry Blossom hemp strain is that it‘s an easy-to-grow hemp variety with boutique-style qualities. In addition to that, this outdoor-grown hemp strain has one of the most prolonged flower cycles and an extended growth period.

These characteristics allow harvesting the early finishers while it is still growing for a staggered harvest of flowers with richer terpenes during the season, usually between September and October, depending on the area. The Berry Blossom hemp strain is an excellent choice for growers of all skill levels, without question.

This hemp strain is highly known as a good grower and mass producer of flower, with a consistent market value suited for farmers with small holdings to large-scale industrial operations. To finish with its unique features, Berry Blossom offers farmers complete control over their schedule and profits.

Flowering Time

  • 7-8 weeks


Hemp farmers recommend planting 2,000 to 3,500 plants per acre, with a male-to-female ratio of 1:4000. This high-CBD strain produces remarkably high yields per acre. For instance, if planted on 5' centers, it has an average of 2500 lbs/acre.


If you’re interested in buying the seeds of this aromatic and bountiful plant, Berry Blossom Hemp Seeds are available at various seeds merchants online. Growers will be more than pleased with the final product.

Berry Blossom Hemp Strain Oil

Using dry herb vaporizers can allow smokers to taste more of Berry Blossom CBD flower’s delicate flavors, preserving the terpenes that give this variety its iconic fragrance. With the Hybrid Berry Blossom CBD Cartridge 1g by Oleum Extracts, you’ll taste its floral with overtones of candied raspberries and acai berries.

Berry Blossom Hemp Strain Price

If you’re interested in trying the enchanting cross between Cherry Kandahar S1 and Chardonnay, you can now find it available as one of the more potent flower online with an impressive 17.95% CBDA.

Apotheca sells All Natural Farms’ crop, packed with a 14.06% CBD level, while PlainJane offers a variety bred by HGH Seeds for a limited quantity. At Botany Farms, we have carefully developed in our fields an aromatic beauty that comes from the lineage of the sought-after Berry Blossom.

Hot Blonde delights us with its top notes of sweet, ripe berries and orange rinds, with an earthy finish and floral undertones. Blue Forest Farms created this incredible indica with a CBD content of 10%. This hemp crop has an excellent structure rarely seen with CBD-rich cannabis strains, with sticky, dense lime-green buds, bright green leaves, and blonde hairs. Watch the sunset with this hot blonde and vibe in a relaxing wave of bliss.

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