Best CBD Flower for Relaxing

A few buds of CBD weed sit against a relaxing background of books, wine glasses and notebooks

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Table Of Contents
With the growing love for CBD blooming all around the hemp space, CBD flower has become even more popular. And even long-time cannabis lovers might find it hard to differentiate between typical strains and CBD strains. Each strain has the potential to serve a different purpose. Some can give incredible relaxing and soothing effects for people who have trouble sleeping. Others might want something to relax because of social anxiety and need something on the Sativa side of things. Whatever your need may be, we’ve gathered a list of everything you need to know about CBD flower for relaxation. From how it feels to smoke CBD-only buds to our favorite strains, in this article you’ll find a handy guide to Cannabidiol.

What does smoking CBD flower feel like?

Depending on whether you’ve tried hemp or cannabis before, we can give you two different answers. First, if you’ve smoked weed before, it will feel pretty similar. You’ll get an instant feeling of relaxation without the intoxicating or head buzz that THC gives. Now, if you’ve never smoked hemp or cannabis in your life, we need to explain this experience a little further. First, each strain has different terpenes and effects, besides the cannabinoids inside it. Some can have sweet notes in the smoke, others can be a little lemony, kushy, or even savory. When you take your first pull, you’ll first feel a dense and hot cloud of smoke. The usually reported feeling is relaxation, but some strains can give an energy boost instead. This depends on the terpenes and the strain’s origin and properties. Smoking flower can make you feel the effects of CBD a lot quicker than other methods. Edibles can take anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour to kick in, while tinctures usually take up to 40 minutes to kickstart the effect.

Is CBD a muscle relaxant?

This answer is a little complicated. The short answer is yes, CBD can be a muscle relaxant thanks to its sedative properties. The long answer involves the endocannabinoid receptors, which are part of our nervous system and are responsible for lots of chemical signals, including hunger, pain, appetite, and much more. Let’s explore the long answer a little bit further.

How does CBD relax muscles?

CBD can help to diminish the signals that our endocannabinoid system sends to our muscles. Since CBD acts around the CB1 and CB2 receptors in this system, it can help with to diminish and stop the signaling altogether. This 2016 study noted how the use of both THC and CBD could be helpful to aid with multiple sclerosis treatment, specifically noting CBD’s analgesic, anti-spasmodic, and sedative properties. Cannabidiol holds great potential to help with muscle relaxation by deactivating the chemical signals in our endocannabinoid system. This is also why many users have reported using it specifically for this purpose, helping with their muscle and general relaxation.

Does CBD make you relaxed?

Yes, as stated above, CBD has analgesic and sedative properties that can make you feel relaxed. Unlike other compounds with different pathways, CBD can be great as it attacks the root of the problem and directly acts on the pain and stress signals in your body. However, relaxation can also be influenced by your perception. Depending on the strain and terpenes of the CBD flower used, the kind of relaxation you are looking for might be different. Let’s delve a little more into this.

Does CBD work for relaxation?

Relaxation can look different depending on what kind of CBD flower or product you are consuming. In general and much as Cannabis, CBD has three main strain families: Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. Indica CBD strains can physically relax you, the terpene combination focusing more on muscles and body buzz. Sativas on the other way generally produce stronger euphoric feelings, including a sense of alertness and focus. Hybrids add the best of both worlds, not quite making you too sleepy to be social, but still letting you stay as creative as you want. Knowing this, CBD can be relaxing in many ways. Want to feel less stressed to kick off your day? A Sativa strain might be perfect as a partner for your coffee. If you have trouble sleeping, Indica can be great to get a better night’s sleep. And well, if you are indecisive, you might be better off with a hybrid with the best qualities of both.

How long does it take for CBD to relax you?

This truly depends on several factors. Your metabolic rate, age, weight, and day-to-day habits might affect how long it takes for CBD to act. Now, this also involves the preferred method to try Cannabidiol from. Methods like smoking or vaping CBD are almost immediate, while tinctures can take anywhere from the 15 to the 40-minute mark. Edibles on the other hand can take a little longer, peaking specifically around the hour. And as the saying goes, CBD effects come as easy as it goes. This means that the effect wears off a lot later on edibles and tinctures, so be mindful when choosing your preferred method depending on your wellness goals. Why not give some flower from our Farms a try?

Best CBD flower for Pain

Before we jump into relaxation, we do know a strain that is most sought out because users report pretty good experiences with pain relief. This strain is called Abacus, and it has grown in popularity not only because of its flavor profile and effects but because it is a complex yet accessible flavor profile. Our version here at Botany Farms of Abacus, Abacus 2.0 has a specially delicious flavor profile thanks to its CBD lineage. Let’s talk a little bit more about this powerful strain.

Abacus 2.0

Meet the true Indica-dominant bud that can melt stress and pain away: Abacus 2.0. As the child of OG Kush and Purple Urkle, this delicious strain has the perfect combination of flavor, looks, and effects. With a strong 17.7% of total cannabinoids, this strain might not be the strongest in CBD content, but it can still rock it out thanks to its composition. With unique flavors of blackberry, citrus, and even some spice, this strain is something different from your overly sweet or way too skunky buds. Users have also mentioned this strain is perfect to melt all stress, aid with pain relief, and mostly, help them get to sleep with its unique smoke and tokes. You can try out our version here at Botany Farms over at our shop, or check some of our time favorite delta-8 infused strains over here.

Best CBD Flower for Relaxing

Now, if you want to relax and unwind while enjoying some incredible smokes, we have a list of possible strains you’d like. Below you’ll find all kinds, some have a stronger character perfect for veterans, and others are easily suited to newcomers. Without further ado, let’s jump into our top choices for CBD flower strains.

Sour Lifter

If you are a sour candy lover, we know a strain that can relax you and give you a much-needed energy boost. Meet Sour Lifter, a Sativa-heavy flower that can replace any coffee to start up your morning. This strain is pretty delicious and complex, starting with fruity and grape notes, that slowly develop into strong citrus rinds with skunky notes at the end. While not your typical Sativa, our version at Botany Farms has around 23.5% of total cannabinoids. While not the strongest Sativa on the list, it can help with relief and relaxation without feeling couch-locked. So if sometimes pain will get in the way in the morning, a few tokes of this lemony and sour treat could help.

Sour Space Candy

Space has never been so relaxing. And Sour Space Candy is the perfect hybrid strain for this. Well-balanced, flavorful, and pretty strong with 22.4% of cannabinoid levels, this bud won’t disappoint the intermediate to advanced user. With out-of-this-world looks: grays, greens, purple, and pale orange colors, this bud has the perfect alien look. Now, the flavor profile is a little more complicated and might not be the favorite for everyone, as it has strong sour, diesel-like, but also berry and candy notes that give this iconic strain a perfect alien taste you can enjoy. Thanks to its balanced hybrid ratio, this strain has strong analgesic and muscle relaxant effects that complement very well the CBD levels on this bud.

Bubba Kush

All the candy tooth people out there will love the next strain. Bubba Kush is an Indica-based strain that shines because of its flavor profile and relaxing properties. With an overall 18.3% cannabinoid content, this strain is perfect for some good tokes all around. Let’s talk about its flavor and aroma profile. The Bubba has delightful dark chocolate, coffee, and earthy notes that make it pretty popular. While not overly sweet, yet complex and delicious, this strain is a one-of-a-kind with its flavor profile. Effect-wise, you can get why this strain is so popular as well. Bubba Kush can ease your body and mind, while also giving strong muscle relaxation and body buzz effects that feel just perfect. So the next time you want to relax while enjoying a rich smoke, we recommend going for this iconic Kush strain.


Sometimes all you need is a little zap to get your day going. This is why we recommend going for Elektra, one of our favorite strains for relaxation without grogginess. This strain has a really strong Sativa lineage, with both AC/DC and the CBD version of the classic GG#4. Peaking at a strong CBD content, this strain's CBD levels usually average around 22.6%. This electrifying strain is easy to smoke yet pretty potent, and users report feeling relaxed and focused with just a few pulls. This strain is pretty well balanced and might be great if you want to try a Sativa-heavy CBD flower that can still rock a complex profile. While it starts slow and mellow with sweet and fruity, cherry flavors, it slowly starts to develop citrus and cacao notes, with small minty undertones.

Hawaiian Haze

What if you could get your tiny paradise, just a few clouds of smoke away? Meet the most chill Sativa from the list, the Sour Hawaiian Haze. Thanks to its strong 18% of total cannabinoid levels, this strain is perfect to relax and unwind while keeping yourself creative. With a complex yet flavorful profile, this strain is perfect if you love tropical drinks with Guava, Mango, Pineapple, and even some sour notes to top it off. Not too sweet, but not overly sour, this strain’s profile is the perfect substitute for your favorite tropical drink.

Zombie Kush

Are you ready to spook your stress away? With all the puns said and done, meet Zombie Kush, one of the most iconic strains around. Besides being a powerful Indica flower, this strain is beautiful all-around while keeping a complex-yet-delicious profile. Now, this Halloween-inspired strain is not for the faint of heart. And we mean this literally, as the Botany Farms version has a whopping 36.6% of the total cannabinoid level per bud. The looks on this strain are eye candy, with grays, purples, and greens that give that beautiful zombie look we love. Let’s go with the profile. Surprisingly, the Zombie Kush strain is not overly sweet like Halloween candy. Instead, it starts with pine notes that slowly develop into berry and sweet flavors that have that clean and healthy taste. Also, this powerful strain has been reported not to eat brains, but to help with stressful days to soothe out your body and brain.

White CBG

Let’s go for one of the eye candies on the list, the iconic White CBG. This strain is a pretty balanced hybrid that has a beautiful white crystal look, almost looking like a bud that was just dipped in white snow. This bud has beautiful green nugs with orange hairs, with delicious trichome crystals that give this flower an incredible look. While pretty, this strain is also special thanks to being one of the only CBG-only flowers. The cannabinoid levels on this one usually are around 10%, and it features the mother of all cannabinoids: CBG. This compound is known for making you sleep better and feel more relaxed without the “high”. The flavor profile on this one is pretty rich as well, with delicious woody, tobacco, and even nutty flavors added to the mix.

Lemon Drop

Let’s go with something for all the citrus fans. Lemon Drop is a pretty flavorful strain with average CBD levels of around 15%. This strain is a citrusy hybrid that’s a pretty well-balanced flower that can be easily smoked at all times. Flavor-wise, expect strop lemon and citron-like notes, that complement the overall fruity aromatics of this bud. Most users have felt cheerful, friendly, and even a little bit giggly, perfect for social get-togethers. So if you like lemony desserts or in general want a strain that is easy for beginners, the Lemon Drop strain could be a great option to start your CBD journey.

Frosted Lime

This strain is another one for citrusy and lemony lovers. Frosted Lime is a Sativa CBD strain that’s perfect to get that boost of energy and stay productive. Its CBD levels average between 16%, so not too strong but great for the day-to-day user. Frosted Lime’s lineage is a little bit blurry, but we do know that it comes from the Frosty strain family. Users have used this powerful line of Sativas to get muscle relaxation without the couch-locking fatigue that sometimes gets to you with Indica strains. Other reported effects are decreased anxiety, pain, stress, and even improving focus. While not as sweet as Lemon Drop, this citrusy strain has tons of balanced floral notes with hints of skunky undertones. It doesn’t have a complicated profile, so this is great if you want a one-note strain that’s good as it is.

Sour Tsunami

While not as strong for recreative use, the Sour Tsunami strain can be a huge wave of relief thanks to its potency. With CBD levels on the lower side, with about 11%, this strain has a special composition that users say can mellow out chronic pain. As a cross of the CBD version of Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel, this strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid bud that people have sought out because of its therapeutic potential. Some users have used it for seizures, insomnia, but most importantly, couch-lock-free stress relief, while also preferring it thanks to its strong relaxing effects. Just as it sounds, this strain has a potent sour smell and flavor, with fuel-like and earthy notes underneath. Some people have also detected citrus and piney smell and aromatics when checking this bud out. This strain is perfect for new users that want to delve into the wellness side of hemp while still wanting to surf into calmness.

Rainbow Sherbet

You won’t find a pot of gold on the other side of this rainbow, but we are sure you’ll enjoy the ride. Rainbow Sherbet is a delicious well-balanced hybrid strain, which is best used in the morning or during the day. The CBD levels on this one are pretty average, with 16% of CBD in general. This strain is as iconic as its name. Notably tasty with delicious notes of sugar and fruit, its smoke will remind you of your trips to the ice cream parlor as a kid. The profile flavors and aromatics on this strain are usually associated with strawberry, fruit, and even a little bit of floral notes. Effects-wise, while you won’t see leprechauns, some users report feeling extra euphoric with this strain. Others have also said to feel relaxed, giggly, and even a little bit aroused, which kind of makes sense with the name and profile of this strain.

Cherry Wine

Who doesn’t love some good old Cherry Wine? Well, this Indica-dominant hybrid strain is the perfect alternative for a fresh cup of wine before going to sleep and unwinding. This flower is primarily soft and calm, better used before nighttime to doze off easily. While not as strong as other strains on the list, this flower is still a good choice for people who are new to the hemp world. Users have reported balanced calming and strong therapeutic effects, even helping with chronic pain and muscle spasms. Now let’s go with the flavor profile. With mouthwatering notes, this strain is as good as it sounds: rich spicy cherry-flavored wine with soft herbal and pine undertones. In the aroma section, this strain smells a little bit spicy and full of berry notes, while having long-lasting effects as well.

What are the effects of Indica CBD?

Thanks to its sedative and relaxing effects, an Indica CBD strain could be better for nighttime use. According to users, CBD flowers can feel you relaxed and calm, and some people even use them to doze off pretty easily. These kinds of strains also happen to relax your muscles to the point of feeling “couch-locked”, which means you feel so relaxed you feel like sticking to your couch. The reported effects also include a body buzz that can aid with pain relief as well. One of the more popular terpenes found in Indica flowers is Myrcene and Linalool. These two are partly to blame for the Indica buds’ sleepiness and relaxing effects, which is also why some of these strains might be pretty powerful while not having high CBD levels. Why not give some CBD from our farm a try?

Why choose Indica CBD flower?

If feeling relaxed, yet a little bit sleepy is part of your goals when smoking CBD flower, then Indica strains are for you. These have noticeable relaxing effects, and users have sought them out to help them soothe their bodies and mind. However, if feeling focused and relaxed but staying awake is something you’d need, go for a Sativa strain from the list. Both strain families have delicious flavor profiles to try from, as simple as Sour Lifter’s citrusy delight to the Indica powerhouse Zombie Kush with a complex and delicious flavor profile. No matter your choice, just make sure you choose your preferred flower depending on your goals and consult a healthcare provider if you want to try it for its therapeutic benefits. You can also learn more about the effects of CBD flower in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_FBiqus5K8

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