Best CBD Oil for Weight Loss and Anxiety

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Cannabidiol has taken the wellness industry by storm. Since 2018, CBD has become increasingly popular due to all of its potential health benefits. And users have found different therapeutic benefits from consuming it in their day-to-day lives. However, unlike other cannabinoids, CBD won’t necessarily give you the munchies.

CBD can be used for many things, including appetite suppression. These and other factors, like helping with fat browning, could mean that products like CBD oil could hold potential for weight loss and even anxiety relief. While not a magical cure, it can certainly help with some effects besides the metabolic benefits.

This cannabinoid is known for giving an energy boost, helping with appetite control, inflammation, and even stress hormones; hence, some users have also associated it with weight loss. The following article gathered some of the most important facts and claims about CBD and weight loss. So, if you are interested in knowing more about CBD and weight loss, let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways

  • CBD may aid in weight loss through mechanisms such as appetite suppression, fat browning (turning white fat into brown fat, which is more easily burned by the body), and boosting metabolism.
  • CBD is also recognized for its potential to alleviate anxiety and stress, which can indirectly support weight loss efforts.
  • Beyond weight loss and anxiety relief, CBD is suggested to offer other health benefits, including energy boost, inflammation reduction, and improved metabolic health.

Can CBD Help With Weight Loss?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a major cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. While most users know this compound because of its potential anxiety and stress-relieving properties, there might be new evidence for a new therapeutic benefit of this cannabinoid.

Both anecdotal evidence and scientific research have shown that there might be a link between weight loss and CBD. While there is a scientific basis for cannabinoids and appetite stimulation, newer studies show that the way hemp interacts with our metabolism could be much more.

While some people have used hemp strains for years because of the so-called “munchies”, there might be evidence that hemp can increase appetite and help with your metabolism and weight loss goals.

CBD and Weight Loss

In general, CBD might aid the weight loss process due to how it works with our body, specifically our brain. CBD works directly with our endocannabinoid receptors and system, which responds to the different chemicals in our body and creates certain chemical signals, like pain, alertness, appetite, and much more.

The two receptors that work hand-in-hand with cannabinoids are called CB1 and CB2. And surprisingly, researchers have found that these receptors are much more widespread in fatty tissue. Hence, the scientific community believes there might be a link between the activation of CB1 receptors and obesity.

CBD, together with other cannabinoids, can potentially activate and work around these receptors. Mainly helping with the release of certain neurochemicals as well, like serotonin. This neurochemical might play a role in overall metabolic functions and weight loss.

This is why the scientific community might generally find a link between CBD and weight loss. However, there are specific studies with certain functions done by Cannabidiol in our system that could benefit the overall metabolic wellness. We’ll delve into these down below.

Can CBD Oil Cause Weight Loss?

This is a little complicated to answer. While there is evidence that CBD oil can help with certain problems with weight loss, specifically metabolic related, it is hard to say if CBD could be a definitive answer.

CBD can be ingested in several forms, including smoking, vaping, and using tinctures. CBD-infused oil, also known as tinctures, is a great way to try CBD without having to use smoke or vaping. Tinctures are usually a mix of high-quality CBD extract that’s suspended in edible oil. Most of the time, brands can use all kinds of oil, including MCT, so we recommend only trying products that contain safe materials and no cutting agents.

Now, CBD oil can be consumed for many reasons. Users have used it normally for its potential pain-relief action, relaxation, and even appetite suppression. While all of these factors could lead to a more enjoyable weight loss journey, there’s no factual evidence of losing weight by only taking the oil on its own.

Weight loss is a multifaceted process, and includes psychological, dietary, exercise, and general wellness habits. However, if you are wondering if CBD oil could help in some ways, there is also evidence that Cannabidiol holds potential for what is called “fat browning”. Let’s explore this a little further.

Can I lose Weight With CBD?

Now you know that CBD oil alone is not necessarily the only way to start your weight loss journey. However, there is evidence that CBD can accelerate “fat browning”, a process where white-colored fat tissue turns into beige and brown. So, how does this help with weight loss?

Well, white fat is responsible for preserving energy, while brown fat usually indicates energy burning. So basically it helps to slowly brown this fat and burn it. This 2016 study proved that CBD has a direct effect on our metabolic system, mainly with the “fat browning” which could lead to fat burning. Researchers noted that CBD could help mature fat cells called preadipocytes, affect in three different ways and accelerate the browning process.

Of course, more systemic research and clinical trials are needed to verify this process. However, CBD can be helpful in different ways or stressors that could also lead to obesity or just overall help with, like IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or even get a boost of energy to help you start working out.

Does CBD Affect Weight Management?

While still relatively new to the market, CBD is a strong health and wellness industry contender. Being accessible in many forms of ingestion, including non-smoking ways, CBD can be a great ally to many.

However, Cannabidiol claims can be tricky. This cannabinoid certainly has significant effects that could be helpful towards certain symptoms and kickstart weight loss, so let’s delve into some of the benefits that have scientific research as a backup.

CBD and Energy

Sometimes getting that extra energy for a workout is really a game changer. This is why some people have started using CBD to get energy and a more pleasant workout session or hike. Some of the factors that might kickstart that motivation, is feeling more awake.

Research done in 2014 noted that Cannabidiol could be helpful to promote wakefulness. The study also noted that Cannabidiol could be helpful to regulate somnolence and help with overall sleep modulation. Anecdotal evidence from users also says CBD can be really helpful to get uplift your mood. So while it isn’t unclear if you can ditch your coffee for a hike, it can potentially help you get a better session and improve your mood.

CBD and Stress Hormones

Users have sought CBD to help with some of the symptoms of anxiety and stress, however, it can also help with the general stress hormones. Some of these hormones, like cortisol, can be a factor to increase weight in general. Well, CBD could be an aid for this.

According to this research, CBD could help with the general enhancement of the endocannabinoid system to reduce stress responses and symptoms. The trial results also supported CBD’s effectiveness for treating stress signals, although more clinical analysis is needed.

This other study noted Cannabidiol’s relationship with Cortisol specifically. The study mentioned how the dosage of CBD could greatly diminish the participant’s cortisol levels and help to relax the users, confirming its sedative properties.

CBD and Inflammation

Thanks to how Cannabidiol acts in our endocannabinoid receptors, it can help with general inflammation. People with obesity tend to have inflamed areas or general discomfort in areas associated with weight gain.

This scientific review noted that CBD could hold several properties, including sedative and anti-inflammation effects. These are mostly derived from how it works with the endocannabinoid pathway and the general inflammation signals sent from the nervous system. This means CBD could be helpful towards treating inflammation in general and not only in places with active swelling.

Chronic pain and inflammation can be two big factors of motivation to exercise or create healthy habits in your day-to-day. Hence why, using CBD to potentially diminish these factors could be of great help in helping with chronic conditions and discomfort that impede your weight loss goals.

CBD and Appetite Suppression

CBD could be a great ally in helping regulate your daily calorie intake. While regular cannabis can usually give you “the munchies”, CBD could be helpful towards the opposite by controlling and diminishing your appetite in general.

A 2011 study on rats noted that the animals would eat significantly less than the rat control group when CBD was given. This happened even when the animals could eat as much food as they wanted, resulting in appetite control for these small critters. More research is needed to understand the effect on humans, but this study can give us an idea of how these cannabinoids work.

By working on the endocannabinoid system, they can help suppress the “hunger” signal in our body, thus helping to reduce your calorie intake. This other study also realized on rats and found that CBD could help with the production of Leptin. This hormone helps the regulation of brain signaling when you feel full of food and feel more satisfied.

The researchers concluded that CBD could help stimulate the production of this hormone, helping with the feeling of satisfaction after a meal. So whether you want to eat smaller portions or have an overall calorie deficit, CBD could hold great potential as an appetite suppression ally.

CBD and Metabolism

CBD can be of help to increase your metabolism rate. Increasing this could be helpful for people looking to kickstart their weight loss goals, as when your metabolism rate increases, you burn more calories.

While CBD can help kickstart your body’s metabolism rate with the fat browning, it can also help by aiding insulin regulation. Our livers help keep your body safe by filtering toxins and turning the sugars into insulins. This sugar is then passed into our bodies, pancreas, and eventually cells. Whenever insulin levels are too high or irregular, it can overload this system.

This results in too much insulin in our bloodstream, making it more difficult to burn fat and weight in general. CBD has the potential to stabilize insulin levels. This study in 2013 concluded that overall, hemp and cannabis users were associated with lower levels of insulin and smaller waist circumference. In general, the study of insulin, glucose, and cannabinoids is limited.

What we can say is that the results give good evidence that cannabinoid users are in general prone to lower insulin levels, which could be the result of a faster metabolic rate and overall habit changes.

CBD and Fat Burning

As we noted before, research that CBD could be helpful in burning lipids into “brown” fat. This process turns the white fat cells into brown fat cells, making the fat ready to burn instead of storing energy in the body. The results also indicated that CBD could help decrease human lipid (fat) levels.

This could be of great help as having high cholesterol and lipid levels in your blood could eventually lead to problems such as obesity. The study also found therapeutic benefits to the mobilization of yolk lipids and overall increased lipid metabolism. Increasing the lipid metabolic rate and leveling the fat could help with fat burning and make general weight loss faster.

CBD then holds great potential as a fat-burning aid. Thanks to both the process of fat browning and lipid level regulation, CBD might be a great ally towards fat burning in general. The study did note more clinical studies were needed for a formal treatment as well.

When To Consume CBD For Weight Loss

If some of these potential benefits align with what you seek in your weight loss journey, we recommend adding CBD to your diet. As you’ve read through the article, CBD oil is not the decisive and only way to lose weight, specifically fat. But it can certainly help with some symptoms, stressors, and metabolic effects that can help the process.

It is also important you choose the type of CBD you are consuming. Some users prefer Full Spectrum formulas, which include other cannabinoids and small traces of THC to help with the entourage effect. Others prefer pure CBD. However, they tend to be more expensive and less beginner-friendly when taking it. No matter which CBD product you choose, you’ll find it has many therapeutic benefits.

However, we always advise you to check with your healthcare provider before starting any supplement. While CBD is generally not dangerous and mostly psychoactive, all bodies react differently and need different care. Building healthy habits while taking CBD is also very important. Things like getting an adequate amount of exercise, water, and even proper nutrients can all help your wellness goals.

So, of course, we advocate for the use of cannabinoids for that extra little kick, but it is also important to know that they should be a supplement to your overall wellness goals and the only pathway. And, of course, knowing there is a need for clinical trials and scientific research to fully grasp the potential of Cannabidiol. You can learn more about Weight Loss and CBD in this video over here as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFi3I4M7bi8

Best CBD oil for weight loss

Now that you know how CBD could hold the potential to help with weight loss, let’s check some of our recommended CBD oil. The Live Resin CBD + THC Tincture at our store is perfect for delving into the hemp world. This Live Resin tincture has the perfect combination of a premium Live Resin full-spectrum CBD formula to help with your wellness goals.

Made with small batch strains like Sour Space Candy, this formula flash freezes flowers instead of air drying them to have the flavors, aromas, and terpenes intact. Each of these bottles contains 50mg of CBD and 3mg of naturally occurring delta-9 THC. This tincture holds the potential to help you relax or even give your workout regimes a little boost.

However, there’s also the alternative to CBD by adding Delta-8 THC to the mix. This cannabinoid is psychoactive but pretty much milder than regular THC (delta-9) and also has the potential to aid with some pain relief or even give a slight energy boost, according to users.

The Live Resin Delta-8 THC Tincture has 1000mg of delicious CBD extract, along with 500mg of our premium delta-8 THC mix. When combining these two, expect stronger relaxation while keeping yourself focused on your workout, or add them to increase your appetite for healthy snacking.

The tincture also uses our top-shelf Live Resin made from flash-frozen flowers. This maintains the hybrid strain’s delicious flavors, with natural lemon, sour apple, and earthy notes without the need for any other artificial flavoring. Each serving contains approximately 33mg of CBD and 17mg of delta-8 THC, perfect for enjoying on your own, add to your favorite drink, or get creative and add them to foods.

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