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There is a ton of science and philosophy behind the constantly increasing rates of anxiety and depression in today's world. Many people are trying their best to avoid antidepressants and other everyday medications, like those for sleep and appetite, among many others. And who doesn't want to avoid medications that may lead to addiction? Millions of people around the globe have trusted and valued the efficacy of CBD, which is now legal in many countries, including the United States. Hemp industry products are filling up shelves in various, major product sectors in every retail corner, replacing plastic and decomposable materials, and helping with health problems ranging from chronic pain to good night's sleep. Today, let’s learn more about the best CBD tincture for anxiety. Find some calm, here at Botany Farms.

Does CBD Work for Anxiety?

Researchers studying the effects of cannabis include both psychoactive and non-psychoactive components. On the one hand, THC is a psychoactive substance that increases brain activity. Remember that time when you were high in public and felt like everyone was looking at you? THC tends to give you similar kinds of paranoia, and that means that, even for a while, it might increase social anxiety and paranoia一this also depends on your THC tolerance and dosing. Hence, users can only use it for anxiety when they are immune to its psychological effects and have leaned over to the relaxation side. With CBD, however, one doesn't need to worry about psychoactive effects since it isn’t intoxicating in any way, unlike THC. Thus, it can be a great stimulant for the reduction of anxiety. Cannabidiol has proven to be a highly impactful asset in medical science to ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. Such mental issues have a different take with each individual, and that's where Serotonin (a hormone that helps to stabilize your mood, regulate feelings of happiness and well-being, regulate anxiety, and control sleep) acts as the powerhouse of the brain. Low Serotonin causes depression and anxiety, leading to restlessness, sweating, uneasiness, and rapid heartbeat. CBD stimulates 5HT1 serotonin receptors, affecting our mood, sleep, and thoughts. Despite being a product of cannabis, CBD provides zero feeling of intoxication or high, unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which maintains a stress-free environment for every user. Pre-clinical studies have shown that CBD may help combat various types of anxiety and mental disorders, such as:
  • panic disorder (PD)
  • generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • Social anxiety disorder (SAD)
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

CBD Dosage for Anxiety

The most common ways of CBD administration are oil and tinctures, capsules, edibles, vaporized oil, sublingual spray, or flowers. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still has to approve any CBD-based medications for anxiety. However, multiple studies indicate the substance is an effective anxiolytic. Unfortunately, without clear FDA regulations and differences in intolerance from person to person, each individual's effective dosage is different. However, some studies involving hundreds of patients have recorded an epic success with a dosage between 40 mg CBD to 300 mg CBD depending on the person. In any situation, a doctor's recommendation and guidance are always the best!

CBD Oil Dosage for Anxiety

CBD was recently legalized in 2018 under the American agriculture improvement act, so there is no prescribed dosage for CBD oil due to the lack of human experimentation. CBD dosage varies with products. Some carry 10 mg CBD per bottle and some up to 6,000 mg CBD per bottle. It's preferred to start small and slowly increase the dosage until it is effective enough. If you've been using cannabis flowers (to smoke or to make oil), you probably might have a tolerance level for CBD products. In any case, medication works slower on people who smoke weed. Because of its capacity to improve metabolism, it flushes out substances even before they start to act. In the case of CBD, as a flower smoker, you shall start with a heavier amount than most people unknown to the effects of marijuana. Still, a doctor is always an ideal person to take dosage recommendations from in any given situation.

How to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety?

CBD oils and tinctures have been sold majorly in the form of dropper bottles, allowing people to use them in their own ways. Some use CBD oil with their cup of tea or add it to their daily detox juice. But if you're okay with the bitter-sweet taste of tinctures, you can take a sublingual drop under your tongue and let it infuse. Or be like the pill public and take CBD oil capsules if you've never touched a joint in your life. Being a cluttered, rapidly growing market, the CBD oil sector is heavily flooded with brands, and the first task for an individual is to find the right product with the right efficiency. One may even need medical advice to find out the right dosage to achieve desired effects. There may also be a few people who are sensitive to oils. If you want to learn more about taking CBD the right way, check out our guide on how to take CBD tincture.

Is CBD or CBG Better for Anxiety?

These cannabinoids have similar applications for health issues because they both reduce pain sensations in the brain. However, a study says CBG is more effective than CBD for treating migraines and relieving muscle soreness. CBD is more potent than CBG, which means you can use less of it to achieve the same effect. The last thing to remember is that the FDA hasn't approved either of these cannabinoids for their health claims yet. You should always consult with your doctor before using CBD or CBG, especially if you're planning to get pregnant, breastfeeding, have medical conditions, etc.

Cannabis Tincture Benefits

Cannabis tincture, also known as industrial hemp tincture, is a form of CBD oil. These are alcohol-based extracts with high concentrations of CBD, making just one or two drops enough to give you the desired effects. You can add it to your food or put desired drops of CBD under your tongue and hold them there for one minute. Use CBD tinctures for all sorts of issues, ranging from pain to anxiety. You can also learn how you could make a cannabis tincture on your own!

Best CBD Tincture for Anxiety

If you are into the amazing effects CBD and THC have together, this Live Resin tincture is the one for users who love the benefits of a full-spectrum CBD product with the support of naturally-occurring THC. Each serving contains approximately 50mg of CBD and 3mg of THC, and each bottle contains up to 30 servings. For users that love the benefits of a full-spectrum CBD tincture combined with the smooth buzz of Delta-8 THC. Each serving contains approximately 33mg of CBD and 17mg of Delta-8 THC, and each bottle contains up to 30 servings. Being scientifically proven, CBD has seen a positive impact on the grounds of severe issues like anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and insomnia, without any side effects. Thanks to these properties, CBD products have cut through the stereotype noise about cannabis products and their effects. Next time you want to ease your symptoms, now you know which is the best CBD tincture for anxiety.

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