The 70 Best Cherry Weed Strains in 2024

One of the best cherry strains

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Would you like to lift your day with a burst of tartness, sweetness, and fruitiness? If this sounds inviting to you, read on, because today we talk about one of the most currently requested options on the cannabis market.

Cherry strains harmonize your smoking session with the perfect combination of sweet and sour. With no added chemicals or artificial flavor, the following top-shelf varieties get their fruity taste and complex aroma from the hard work and selective breeding of many cannabis companies.

So, if you are a cherry lover but you’re not sure where to start, this guide to the best cherry strains has your back. Want to try some of the best strains from our garden?

Key Takeaways

  • Cherry weed strains are cherry-flavored cannabis strains with unique characteristics and effects. Each offers different levels of THC and CBD, along with distinct terpene profiles and predicted effects.

  • When selecting a cherry strain, it's important to consider the type of chemovar, whether it's THC-predominant, balanced THC and CBD, or CBD-predominant.
  • The effects of a strain depend not only on the Indica/Sativa ratio but also on the terpene profile and the specific strain chosen. Factors such as smell, appearance, flower structure, and texture are also crucial.
  • These cherry strains offer a range of therapeutic and recreational benefits.

    1. Best Cherry Strains

    Do you like to begin your day with an energizing Sativa strain to focus at work? Or are you looking for a relaxing Indica strain to unwind and get that well-deserved rest you need after a long day?

    No matter what you seek, Botany Farms has your back. This shopping guide will walk you through each strain’s lineage, terpene profile, and predicted effects, so you can find your perfect fit with the classic tartness, floral accents, and slight notes of spice that cherry strains have.

    2. Cherry Pie Strain

    Are you craving a piece of a hot-out-of-oven cherry pie? The Indica classic Grand Daddy Purple and the iconic Sativa, Durban Poison, came together to create an Indica-dominant hybrid (80% Indica, 20% Sativa) packed with an outstanding 23-26% THC level and a pleasing aroma that resembles a homemade sour cherry pie.

    Hash makers, this is your perfect fit. Cherry Pie’s dense, vibrant buds and outstanding trichome production will have you more than pleased. Its terpene profile, dominated by Limonene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene, offers a lovely sweet, fruity aroma and spicy, sour taste, framed with piney notes and dank earthy nuances.

    After the last ash floats to the ground, this strain will lift you with a euphoric cerebral high, improved creativity, and focus. Soon, the relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects come upfront to relieve muscle stiffness and acute or chronic pain. Find out for yourself why this strain is loved by so many.

    3. Cherry Punch Strain

    Ready for a hard-hitting punch? Meet the award-winning Cherry Punch, a well-balanced hybrid strain that offers a striking 24% THC content and an aromatic profile to fall in love with. This strain, also known as Black Cherry Punch, results from the crossing between Cherry AK-47 and Purple Punch.

    We owe its sweet, bold fruity mix between cherries and berries to the citrus terpene Limonene, followed by Caryophyllene and Myrcene, which add an incomparable spiciness and skunky funk to the strain.

    This uplifting and relaxing hybrid bred by Symbiotic Genetics is ideal for those seeking relief from anxiety, depression, and stress. Smash your mind with Cherry Punch’s rushing euphoria.

    4. Black Cherry Gelato Strain

    Money for life, gelato for the soul, especially if it has a cherry on top. This slightly Indica-dominant hybrid strain (60% Indica/40% Sativa) lifts you from all your stress with its euphoric energy and happy thoughts.

    You’ll melt into a super relaxing high that settles you into a blissful and hazy state with a smooth tingle that spreads from head to toe. The peaceful calm that the son of Acai and Black Cherry Funk builds is perfect for managing conditions such as chronic pain, stress, depression, insomnia, and appetite loss.

    Black Cherry Gelato will delight you with its 26% THC level and sweet, fruity, cherry-berry taste with subtle notes of wood and gas with hints of skunk and herbs. Some users report an inviting coffee taste with lime undernotes. Enjoying the sunset with the calming overtone of Black Cherry Gelato is cheaper than therapy.

    5. Cherry Cookies Strain

    When the infamous GSC meets the fragrant Cherry Pie, the result is the fantastic Cherry Cookies, an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with dark forest green buds, purple hues, luscious flavor profile, and potent effects.

    Purple Caper Seeds developed this beauty with an inviting sweet cherry taste and tangy, citrus undertones with a slightly floral aftertaste. Underneath these primary flavors and aromas, musky, kushy base notes appear with herbal, woodsy nuances.

    Cherry Cookies might be not only the best dessert strain you’ve ever indulged in but also the best variety to feel how its uplifting spirit takes over your mind and body, soothing any pain and leaving you into a state of deep relaxation and total calm.

    Its eye-catching, golden trichomes and vivid, burnt orange pistils are packed with an average THC content of 20% and high amounts of Myrcene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene.

    6. ​Lemon Cherry Gelato Strain

    Ready for a breath of creamy cookies, a blast of high gassy goodness, and a deep citrus fruit profile? You can have all that, with a cherry on top, with Lemon Cherry Gelato Strain.

    Backpackboyz crossed three different strains to develop this tasty bud: Sunset Sherbet X Girl Scout Cookies X another unknown strain. As the name suggests, the flowers of this variety emit a solid sour lemon scent with a fresh cherry-berry overtone, accented by hints of earth, pine, and gas.

    Its savory taste and invigorating smell help create a memorable high that starts with a boost of happiness and elevated mood. This quickly turns stoney, leaving you unfocused, with a heady bliss and a fully relaxed body.

    Due to these effects and its high 19-28% average THC level, medical marihuana users often choose Lemon Cherry Gelato to treat conditions such as mood swings, chronic pain, chronic stress or anxiety, and depression. PRO TIP: We advise starting by ordering in small quantities to taste these appealing strains.

    The best way to test the effects while playing with your palate is by purchasing Pre-rolls. These are a great way to sample a strain without committing to multiple grams.

    ​6. Black Cherry Soda Strain

    The Black Cherry Soda strain will catch the eyes of all your friends with its luscious black dress with purple and blue hues. Fall from the enchanting look of this Sativa-heavy hybrid and intoxicate yourself with the ripened-cherries aroma that their vibrant orange pistils emit.

    TGA Genetics crossed the hybrid Black Dahlia and the Indica Ace of Spades to develop this fruity, soda-like-tasting variety. The result was a potent, energetic strain with THC levels reaching 24% and balanced mind-body effects without heavy sedation.

    Its high limonene content, and considerable amounts of caryophyllene and myrcene, add valuable health benefits to this strain, such as mood improvement and stress relief. Use it throughout the day, improve your focus and enjoy the tingling sensations of this Sativa-gem.

    ​7. Cherry Diesel Strain

    Fasten your seatbelt because you’re about to start a full-speed trip. If you’re always in a rush and need to move during the day constantly, this is the best strain for you.

    Cherry Diesel, aka Cherry Turbo Diesel, is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% Sativa /50% Indica) with 21% - 24% of THC content, developed by MTG Seeds through the crossing of two strains: the classic Cherry OG and the pungent Turbo Diesel.

    Do you want to start your day with a great lifted mood and motivation? This cherry-forward strain offers a well-balanced high and renewing tingly energy with the tantalizing sweet diesel notes that you love. You'll be able to remain focused through all your tasks and creative challenges while dealing with anxiety, depression, and stress. Ready, set, wake & bake!

    8. Cherry Chem Strain

    From the fancy glass jar to the calming waves of effective pleasure, ranking with the boldest cherry flavor of this list, arrives Cherry Chem, an Indica goddess packed with an appealing THC content of 20% and an upbeat vibe.

    Its solid cherry scent, framed by mild diesel undertones, is given by the combination of different terpenes, mostly Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Humulene.

    The child of Cherry Pie and the classic Chemdawg cultivars is perfect to gather with some friends or get inspired in creative tasks. Its euphoric effect, plus its mellow and balanced body high, won’t leave you glued to the couch. ​

    9. Cherry Fritter Strain

    Do you want to get baked with a strain that tastes as if it came from a doughnut shop? We present Cherry Fritter, an evenly balanced hybrid strain with a kicking THC content (17–27%) and terpene profile led by Caryophyllene, Humulene, and Limonene.

    The indulging child of Cherry Pie and Apple Fritter develops long spade-shaped forest green nugs that produce high quantities of super sticky resin, which is why it is often chosen to create hash.

    Cherry Fritter will ease your cravings with its delicious sweet cherry-berry taste accented by a light doughiness and touch of coffee. After the first drag, a tingly frenzied euphoria and uplifting energy take over your mind and body. Next, a deep, full-bodied relaxation comes forward while happy thoughts flood your mind. This cosmic feeling is interrupted by a voracious hunger that you must take care of before fading away.

    10. Black Cherry Punch Strain

    Lift yourself from the stress of everyday life with Black Cherry Punch, the most sophisticated Indica-dominant hybrid strain on our list. From its sweet cherry flavor with floral undertones and earthy, pine-like notes to its mind-calming effects and body buzz, this variety inherited the best features of both parents, Purple Punch and Black Cherry Pie.

    This Indica delight helps you manage chronic stress, pain, insomnia, and depression symptoms without leaving you feeling foggy or tired. Its rich 20% THC content stimulates the mind, sharpens concentration, and squeezes out creative juices.

    Thanks to its high Myrcene content, these strong cerebral effects fade into a full-body relaxation and euphoric bliss that will place you in the clouds of comfort.

    11. Black Cherry OG Strain

    Let’s take a nostalgic trip to the past. Almost fifteen years ago, when medical marijuana was the path to legal plants, Ken Estes, a famous California breeder, took a legendary strain, Grand Daddy Purple, and crossed it with his own take on OG Kush, which reportedly included Sour Diesel genetics. The result was a potent Indica marijuana strain with a lovely sweet, fruity aroma and heavy, relaxing full-body effects.

    In no time, Black Cherry OG became popular within the cannabis community not only for lifting the mood, riding off the pain, and delivering the strongest couch-lock of the era but also for its inviting cherry aroma and flavor profile.

    The strain is intensely fruity, with sharp hints of citrus, vanilla, and soil, and spicy Kush undernotes that provide balance for OG lovers. Best kept for late-night burning, Black Cherry OG is one old-school strain that won't disappoint you if total relaxation is what you seek.

    12. Cherry Bomb Strain

    If you are going to drop a bomb, it better be the Cherry Bomb strain. Several versions of Cherry Bomb exist, but most likely, you will find the well-balanced hybrid from Bomb Seeds.

    This heavy-hitter strain is perfect for daytime use, resulting from Big Bomb’s cross and an unknown strain with a distinct fruity flavor. Other popular variants of this strain are Barney’s Farms’ discontinued version, developed after the union of a skunky North-California Indica with a Hawaiian Sativa, and the legendary Cherry Bomb variety created by Mr. Greengenes after crossing Maui Waui and Cherry AK47.

    Besides having a high THC content, Bomb Seeds' version delivers a strong cerebral high and mind-clearing effect, characterized by improved focus, creativity, and alertness. Get ready for Cherry Bomb's mouth-watering explosion and enjoy its skunky and sweet fruit-laced aroma boost.

    13. Cherry Garcia Strain

    If you want to get a balanced strain with a vibrating sweet cherry flavor and mood-improving and relaxing effects, the Cherry Garcia strain is your best bet. This hybrid marijuana strain, also known as "Garcia's Cherry" or "Cherry Gar See Ya," comes from the cross of Animal Cookies with 3x Crazy.

    Natural State Cultivation got a fantastic result, with long spade-shaped olive green nugs, thin orange-red hairs, and a tiny, frosty white crystal trichome coat packed with a THC level that goes around 18%–22%.

    Named after the beloved ice cream flavor, Cherry Garcia has a sweet, creamy taste balanced with rich, nutty hints, delicate fruity touches, and an intense diesel aroma. It is not only an ideal strain to giggle away from all the day-to-day stress but also for easing pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and appetite loss.

    14. Cherry Gorilla Strain

    Don't even mind wrestling with this gorilla because when its Indica side hits, you'll find yourself glued to the couch. The masters at In House Genetics took the brain-melting effects of the legendary Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4) and crossed it with the classic sweet cherry flavor of the tasty Black Cherry Pie. The result was an easy-to-overindulge hybrid with well-balanced effects mixed with a bold cherry diesel aroma and kushy hints.

    The Cherry Gorilla strain’s blissful overtone starts with a solid, uplifting cerebral stimulation followed by a relaxing body high. As this tingly sensation and lazy happiness creep in, all the pain and muscle tension fade away.

    These long-lasting effects, combined with its high 17-18% average THC level, make Cherry Gorilla one of the best cherry strains to treat chronic pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and nausea. Last but not least, we must talk about Cherry Gorilla terpene profile, led by the citrus vibe of Limonene, the earthy nuances of myrcene, and the floral touch of the lovely linalool.

    ​15. Cherry OG Strain

    Do you want an even hybrid strain with a smacking THC concentration of 22% and a complex-yet-pleasing terpene profile? The complacent son of Lost Coast OG and Cherry Thai inherited some of the most potent qualities of its parents. Its full-bodied, candied cherry aroma, floral bits, sour, tangy notes, and fruity taste will enchant you from the first drag.

    You will feel how your senses sharpen a lofty euphoria, focus, and creativity with the exhale. The uplifting vibe of the Chery OG strain will help you finish your day-to-day tasks without a mind-bending feeling.

    As the high wears on, its intense cerebral effects level with its mellow body buzz that washes away pain, muscle spasms, and discomfort. Cherry OG is the perfect strain to get through the day or to wind down after work.

    16. Black Cherry Pie Strain

    Black Cherry Pie is a tantalizing dark goddess that sparkles with its lavender crystal trichomes. As the resulting cross of two flavor-forward strains, Cherry Pie and Blackberry Kush, it stands to reason that this even hybrid will have a rich, fragrant terpene profile.

    The appealing multi-colored nugs of Black Cherry Pie emanate a sharp fruity scent with distinctive plum and berry overtones accented by lavender hints that cover underneath a warm woody aroma with earthy nuances. Breeders at Green Mountain Collective proudly developed this tasteful strain with an excellent THC content that can reach 26%.

    Well-balanced strains like Black Cherry Pie are great for uplifting your mood and tuning your brain into a focused mental state to get all your work done. After that extra push, your mindset becomes more dreamy, announcing that it's time to get cozy. As you slowly dip into sedation, pain and inflammation go away while you close your eyes with a smile on your face.

    17. Cherry AK Strain

    Reload yourself with Cherry AK’s energizing shot. This Sativa dominant hybrid strain (70% Sativa, 30% Indica), also known as Cherry AK-47’, is a phenotype of AK-47, which combines Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghanistan landrace strains perfect for daytime use.

    It has an average THC content of 18.5%, complemented by some potent cerebral effects that help you focus. Then, when its calming body buzz strikes, your anxiety, stress, or depression will melt away.

    The reddish-purple buds of the Cherry AK strain emanate a strong cherry scent with skunky overtones, balanced with notes of earth, mint, and wood provided by its complex lineage. This is a very hard-to-find strain, so you should totally purchase it if you are lucky enough to find it.

    ​18. Cherry Limeade Strain

    Do you want a strain to remember those glorious summer days? If that’s the case, Cherry Limeade is the one to try. The genetic offspring of Cherry Pie and Black Lime Reserve is an evenly balanced citrusy beauty packed with a refreshing flavor, effects, and a 25% THC content.

    Its mouthwatering citrus flavor, with lime and cherry hints, makes this strain the ultimate summer refresher. Cherry Limeade sets you on a euphoric, uplifting, cerebral high, thanks to its extraordinary THC level and high Limonene content.

    You will feel focused, motivated, creative, and talkative. Then, when its giggly effect slowly creeps in, all muscle tension goes away, and a relaxing peace overtakes you, forcing you to lay down until you finally find that slumber you wish for. This energetic-yet-soothing variety is perfect for a sunny day with friends who seek a deep, tingly high that tastes like summer.

    19. Black Cherry Cheesecake Strain

    Meet the best dessert strain you might ever indulge in: Black Cherry Cheesecake. The unknown breeders of this strain created this sweet Indica-leaning treat (70% Indica / 30% Sativa) through the crossing of three outstanding varieties: Black Cherry Soda, Super Silver Haze, and Cheese.

    The thick, frosty lavender-colored crystal trichomes’ coat of the Black Cherry Cheesecake strain contains Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Humulene. The top reported aromas of this Oregonian strain are sweet cherries, earth, and cheese, and the taste is similar but with herbal notes added and a slightly spicy aftertaste.

    Although its high starts with an uplifted euphoric state, the average THC content of 21% and strong relaxing effects will eventually lock you on your couch while enjoying a powerful full-body stone. You’ll soon be sedated, grasping for anything within reach that you can eat without moving.

    The true Indica nature of the Black Cherry Cheesecake strain is ideal for treating conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, appetite loss, depression, and headaches or migraines.

    20. Black ​Cherry Gelato Strain

    Life is too short not to get a double scoop of this gelato. Indica lovers, please yourself with the delicious flavor and super relaxing high of the Black Cherry Gelato strain. This 60% Indica, 40% Sativa variety is the infamous son of Black Cherry Funk and Acai strains.

    Those who appreciate great taste will love Black Cherry Gelato’s candied cherry-berry profile balanced with its skunky herbal undertones. Its subtle boost of the spirits and calming overtone, paired up with its sky-high THC level of 26%, will put your mind at ease, filling you with happy thoughts.

    In terms of appearance, this blissful, hazy state of mind comes with a frosty, tiny golden crystal trichome coat that drips the alternative cure to treat medical conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, stress, and more. Whether you’re looking for a tasteful strain or a remedy for your ailments, choosing the Black Cherry Gelato strain will place a smile on your face shortly.

    21. Cherry Cake Strain

    Sweet tooths out there, if you want to get high for dessert, this flower won't let you down. Named for its super delicious flavor, Cherry Cake is a Sativa-leaning hybrid strain (80% Sativa / 20% Indica).

    Its vibrant terpene profile has Myrcene as the main character, with caryophyllene and pinene adding to the experience. As a result, this bud provides a sweet fruity cherry taste, hints of cake, and cookies with a touch of spicy pungency upon its exhale.

    This high-THC delight (20-28% average) strikes like a sugar rush to your head. Cherry Cake’s long-lasting, euphoric effects develop rapidly, offering a tremendously energizing boost full of happiness and bliss. Bring it to your next social gathering and have fun joking around, asking, “Who wants some cake?”

    22. Cherry Blossom Strain

    What’s more relaxing than lying under a cherry blossom tree? Smoking it, probably. The origins of this Indica rarity date back before legalization. For this reason, its genetics aren't widely known, but there is speculation that Berry Blossom and Cherry Pie are its ancestors.

    Moreover, some sources claim THC levels are as high as 27%, and a sweet cherry flavor matches its enticing aroma profile provided by high amounts of Pinene, Myrcene, and Limonene. Best suited in the evening, the mysterious Cherry Blossom strain delivers a powerful, soothing body high that eases and soothes sore muscles and chronic pain.

    Although it can be hard to find, the medical patients living in Oregon and Washington State are lucky to come across this bud. If you’re interested in trying the delightful Cherry Blossom strain, you don’t have to travel to the Pacific Northwest.

    In our garden, we carefully cultivate our own Cherry Blossom CBD variety, and we ship nationwide! If you want to hang out lucidly while enjoying the tantalizing dark cherry notes, citrus overtones, and fresh pine aftertaste of Cherry Blossom, visit our shop.

    23. Cherry Star Strain

    Coming from Redbud Roots' genius breeders, Cherry Star is an evenly hybrid strain with pointy spade-shaped buds and curly amber hairs. These nugs burst with sweet hints of cherry-berry with woody and earthy undertones, wrapped in a spicy, peppery overtone.

    The offspring of the fragrant variety Cherry Pie with the mighty Death Star strain provide a super stimulating heady high followed by an incredible tingly, potent buzz that’s no match for pain. Let the high-THC Cherry Star strain (20-31%) be your guide while seeking total relaxation.

    24. ​White Cherry Gelato Strain

    Although it seems that this strain is related to Black Cherry Gelato, the truth is that they are very different. White Cherry Gelato is a balanced hybrid strain (50% Indica / 50% Sativa), created by crossing the classic White Cherry and Gelato strains.

    Its cherrylicious flavor and long-lasting effects have made this strain popular among the cannabis community. Why? A sweet fruity flavor wrapped in a citrus overtone hits your palate upon inhalation, leaving a floral aftertaste; isn’t that enough to tempt you?

    As soon as you exhale, hints of nuttiness, earth, herbs, and spice come upfront while a stoney, heady sense kicks in, announcing that an intense body high is next. With these effects and its high 15–21 THC level, White Cherry Gelato is one delightful strain that drips sweet sticky resin.

    25. Cherry Berry Strain

    Barney’s Farms breeder wanted to develop a strain with a rich flavor profile, a moderate THC level, and a higher CBD content than expected. By putting together the delicious Skunk#1 and the Cherry Bomb strain, they created Cherry Berry, aka Red Cherry Berry, an evenly hybrid, with an insanely sweet fruity-berry flavor with skunky floral notes and balanced mind and body effects.

    The Cherry Berry strain is highly known for its energizing cerebral effect coupled with a relaxing physical high. Due to its high Myrcene content and 15% of THC level, users can bank on a powerful couch-lock and complete body stone, perfect for treating cases of chronic pain, insomnia, mild to moderate cases of depression, and inflammation.

    ​26. Cherry Cheesecake Strain

    Considered one of the best-tasting potent cannabis strains available today, Cherry Cheesecake is an Indica-dominant strain resulting from the cross of Kimbo Kush and Cherry Pie. The Gold Seal Growers of San Francisco popularized this strain for its sweet cherries and dark chocolate’s scent, accented by dank notes and cheesy hints.

    Its snow-topped green and violet buds contain a THC level that can reach close to 24%, along with its 3% CBD content. Cherry Cheesecake is the ideal strain for relaxing in social environments with friends.

    ​27. Cherry White Strain

    Fever Seed Breeders carefully combined Cherry Pie and Kerberos Kush to create Cherry White, a unique 50/50 balanced hybrid with a potency of around 22-26% THC. Forget about anxiety, fatigue, or depression, as this strain will uplift you while relaxing both mind and body to leave a sense of lightness and ease.

    Thanks to its fragrant mother Cherry Pie, you can taste sweet ripe cherries with peaches nuances and sour lime hints, but with a Kush undertone inherited by its other parent.

    Best suited for late afternoon or early evening use, the Cherry White strain is the ideal strain for wind-down watching your favorite TV show after a long day or hanging out with friends.

    28. ​Cherry Wine Strain

    Intoxicate yourself with the persuasive fruity aroma, piney overtone, and tempting chocolate and cheese notes of Cherry Wine. This Colorado-based, evenly high-grade hemp strain (20% CBD average) results from The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries cross.

    We love how the Cherry Wine strain offers a slightly unexpected set of sensations without experiencing mind-altering effects. Tree of Life Seeds’ creation features a robust terpene profile, led by Myrcene and Farnesene, that adds health benefits to the equation. To know more about the calming relaxation that Cherry Wine produces, read our take on this strain.

    ​​29. Cherry On Top Strain

    Life is just a bowl of cherries, so why not live and laugh at it with Cannarado Genetics’ Cherry on Top. The four-time Dope Cup winner hybrid comes from crossing Cherry Pie and Derrick Green Dragon’s Sundae Driver.

    Users report an extraordinary 31% THC content, long-lasting, relaxing effects, strong body buzz, and uplifting cerebral high that floods your mind with happy thoughts.

    As the high wears on, your body dives into a deeply relaxing state, ready to melt into the sheets of your bed. After all of this, we truly believe it is one of the best cherry strains on Earth.

    30. Cherry Tang Strain

    Are you searching for energizing, uplifting effects paired up with the perfect mouthwatering flavor? If that is the case, look no further. Cherry Tang is a Sativa-leaning hybrid strain (80% Sativa/20% Indica) with an eye-opening, sweet cherry-berry taste on the inhale and a spicy, sour citrus flavor on the exhale.

    Moreover, its oversized, heart-shaped nugs have an average THC level of 12-24%. Cherry Tang, not to be confused with “Cherry Tangie,” is the perfect strain for those days when you need an extra push. Its lifted spirit and frenetic energy will keep you going up for hours, tackling your to-do list with ease.

    ​31. Sour Cherry Strain

    Sour Cherry is one mysterious strain. All we know is that it comes from the genetics of Sage, Sour OG, and Buddha's Sister. This Oregonian hybrid with dutch genetics has an unknown Sativa-Indica ratio and THC/CBD levels.

    Moreover, it has strong notes of cherry and rotten fruit with lemon-lime undernotes, menthol hints, and sour notes of whiskey. Some users report that its effects lean toward the Indica side, producing a strong, calming body buzz.

    Overindulging might cause paranoia and dizziness besides red eyes and cottonmouth. Are you curious? You can find the Sour Cherry strain in a handful of dispensaries in Oregon.

    ​32. Cherry Cola Strain

    Straight out from Sonoma County, California, the Cherry Cola strain arrives, an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with a heartwarming backstory that gained popularity in the 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup.

    A non-profit organization crossed two Afghani strains to serve patients' needs by promoting deep relaxation and peaceful sleep. The idea was to give them access to an alternative low-cost medication to help them ease the symptoms of conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and stress.

    As a result, we have Cherry Cola, with a thick frosting of resinous trichomes packing high THC concentrations, coming in at 25% in some tests. If you live in the Pacific Northwest and are interested in finding this cherry-berry strain, it's your lucky day because you're unlikely to find it elsewhere.

    ​33. Cherry Crush Strain

    Fall in love once again with the charming features of the Cherry Crush strain. The hybrid offspring of Tangie and Cherry Cola has a Sativa/Indica ratio of roughly 60:40 and a smooth balance between cerebral and physical effects.

    This beauty's dense and sticky buds evoke a distinctive cherry scent with cheesy undertones, followed by earthy and musky herbal notes with citrus nuances.

    Although this tempting flavor palette will get you back for more, try not to overindulge because its potent THC content may be too much for novice smokers. Enjoy the euphoric, clear-headed high, and invigorating body buzz of the Cherry Crush strain.

    ​34. Cherry Do-Si-Dos Strain

    If you are looking for a strain that provides a sweet fragrance with a skunky overtone and relaxing effects to ease your discomforts, then Cherry Do-Si-Dos may be the strain for you.

    This Indica-leaning hybrid is the son of the infamous Do-Si-Dos and the tasty Phantom Cookies. Its rich dark green flowers with purple hues and amber pistils give this strain a very appealing look. Users claim that the TCH-rich Cherry Do-Si-Dos is ideal for calming your nerves and relaxing both mind and body without leaving you couch-locked.

    The most common terpene found in this variety is Caryophyllene, which is highly known for its anti-inflammatory effects. If you’re fortunate enough to see this in your local dispensary, don't think twice and try the savory Tahoe Hydro's Cherry Do-Si-Dos.

    ​35. Cherry Lemonade Strain

    In the quest for creating the very best marijuana strain, the legendary breeder Subcool, aka The Dank, crossed his Jack the Ripper and a Cherry Pie OG strain. Unfortunately, Subcool lost this strain project in the 2017 California wildfire along with other priceless varieties.

    With the help of some friends and his unstoppable passion for weed, this project was reborn from the ashes as a unique Indica-dominant hybrid with sticky, dark green buds coated in frosty white trichomes holding an average THC level of 17-18%.

    The top reported aromas of Cherry Lemonade are sweet cherries, sour citrus, and fuel. The flavor profile is similar, with sweet fruity candy notes, musky nuances, and a diesel overtone. This sugary treat offers to its users profoundly calming body stone and a memorable high.

    36. Cherry Sherbet Strain

    The flavor-focused strain, Cherry Sherbet, is an Indica-leaning variety resulting from the cross of Cherry Pie with Sour Sherbet. While its breeder remains unknown, we know that its effects offer complete body relaxation and a subtle stimulation of brain functions.

    In addition, due to its solid heady high along with its rich THC content, Cherry Sherbet can trick you with its sensory perception distortion. Thanks to its pronounced physical relaxation, this Indica delight is more appropriate for evening consumption.

    ​37. Frosted Cherry Cookies Strain

    From Liberty Reach’s lab, Frosted Cherry Cookies is exactly what you expect. The crossing of the popular strains Cherry Cookies with The White gave birth to this trichome-rich, slightly Indica-dominant variety.

    This high-Myrcene strain provides a fast and hard unfocused euphoria rush followed by subtle sedation. Enjoy its sweet berry flavor with a smooth, earthy herbal exhale at night and sit back for a pleasant tingly buzz and embodied relaxation.

    ​38. Cherry Cream Pie Strain

    The two-time award-winning Cherry Cream Pie is all you need, from a delicious terpene profile to its versatile set of effects. This Indica-dominant strain is the offspring hybrid of Cherry Pie and Cookies and Cream.

    Thanks to its unique combination of Limonene, Myrcene, and Linalool, it’s highly sought for its sweet-yet-tart flavor that mimics a freshly baked cherry pie with sharp OG undertones and piney nuances. Exotic Genetix’s creation offers waves of cerebral euphoria followed by cheerful, mid-level sedation.

    Prepare some healthy snacks before smoking because once the Indica side creeps in, you will want to eat the world without getting up from the sofa.

    ​39. Cherry Kush Strain

    Uplifting euphoria, deep relaxation, and a pleasantly sedative body buzz; these are the main effects of the strain Cherry Kush. Like the other members of the Kush lineage, this hybrid leans to the Indica side.

    Although THC levels can range from 16% to 20%, this strain is known for its ability to knock you down. Indulge yourself with the sweet cherry taste and the earthy exhale of this Indica delight.

    ​40. Cherry Pineapple Strain

    Make yourself a favor, and please yourself with the excellent headspace, the relaxing body vibe, and the incredible terpene profile of the Cherry Pineapple Strain. This well-balanced hybrid inherited the best from its parents Cherry Pie and Pineapple Kush.

    Many users describe its tantalizing flavor as dark sweet cherry with undertones of scorched caramel, pineapple, and a touch of mint. Its fat buds pack a complaisant THC content of 17%. Start your morning with the exotic Cherry Pineapple strain and finish all your tasks with a motivated state of mind.

    41. Cherry Cobbler Strain

    Cherry Cobbler is an Indica Hybrid that inherited the sweet taste of nuts and cherries from its parents Cherry Pie and Cookies strains. The Indica effects are heavy in this strain, sedating your body and putting your mind at ease.

    Thanks to the Cherry Cobbler strain, you get into a state of deep relaxation that kills pain and everyday stress. Simultaneously, enjoy the fruity sweetness and nuts taste with citrus notes of berries. Release the full aroma with a scent of earthiness and spiciness.

    42. Cherry Gas Strain

    Cherry Gas strain is an Indica dominant hybrid with the superpowers of Triple OG, Cherry Frosting, and Humboldt Gelato. The freshness of this strain is only comparable to the gassy sensation that the smoke leaves when going in and out of your mouth.

    The fruity aftertaste on your tongue is as pleasant as the cerebral effects, calming and wholesome, like elevating your spirit over the mood swings, mental stress, and pain.

    43. Cherry Glue Strain

    Cherry Glue, also known as “Cherry Gorilla Glue,” is a balanced hybrid whose existence we owe to the cross of Gorilla Glue #4 x Black Cherry Pie. When two fine strains like these cross, you get the earthy flavor and medicinal properties of Gorilla Glue.

    The taste of cherries with the earthy and diesel notes of cannabis is what you need to enrich the alleviating experience of getting rid of depression, physical and mental stress, and pain.

    44. Cherry Mints Strain

    Cherry Mints is a solid Indica strain, a cross between Purple Afghani and OG Kush. We get the tasty sweetness of cherry with the inviting scent of wood; still, the name is not a mere decoration.

    The effects of Cherry Mint make it figure in the top list of medical users. The experience this bud provides starts with a stimulating cerebral buzz, which turns into a muscle relaxation that makes you sleepy and takes you to bed.

    45. Cherry Pie Strain

    Cherry Pie is a balanced hybrid whose terpenes mix the sweetness of cherry with some sourness. This strain is the combination of Granddaddy Purp x Durban Poison from which inherited the calming effects that melt the stress and anxiety in the sea of its smooth and caressing flavor.

    The Cherry Pie strain makes you giggle while in a state of euphoria; say farewell to pain from scoliosis and sciatica. We think this is a top-quality strain to try and have at hand.

    46. Cherry Weed Strain

    Cherry OG, also known as “Cherry OG Kush,” is a balanced hybrid so potent you must be careful if you are a newbie. This strain has Cherry Thai, Afghani, and Lost Coast OG genetics that allow you to enjoy a full-body euphoria and mental clarity that makes you talkative and boost your creativity for a while. While the cherry scent is secondary, the diesel and sour flavors dominate, like classic OG Kush with a fruity whiff.

    47. Cherry Lime Haze Strain

    Cherry Lime Haze is the perfect name for the cross of Haze, Cherry Bomb, and some mysterious strain; some believe it could be Lime Haze or Cherry Pie.

    Anyway, the result is a Sativa hybrid that feels like a charge of energy running through your limbs while your head stays clear. The taste of cherry and the body awakening incidence make it one of the best cherry strains for an excellent energy boost when starting the morning.

    48. Cherry Runtz Strain

    The Runtz and Cherry Pie strains came together to form the elite Cherry Runtz strain. This balanced hybrid is a memorable experience of tasty cherry flavor with a robust tropical citrus scent and a spicy aftertaste that invites you to have some more.

    The taste is as good and memorable as the uplifting effects that take you to a daydream of cherry flavor and blissfulness. The effects are potent as the THC concentration is about 29%, so avoid indulging in this amazing cherry strain.

    49. Cherry Vanilla Cookies Strain

    Cherry Vanilla Cookies is an appealing name for a dessert, but even better for a cannabis strain. This is the cross of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Ms. Universe, creating a Solid Indica strain whose aroma of cherry, vanilla, and cookies seduces your senses.

    Even though the potency of the effects is best suitable for expert users, Cherry Vanilla Cookies makes you feel happy and opens your appetite. Still, if you are not careful, it can develop anxiety symptoms.

    50. Cherry Zkittlez Strain

    Cherry Zkittlez is a 70% Indica cross between Zkittlez and Cherry Pie. The aroma can take over your senses in a burst of sugary smell that reminds you of cherry, which gets better when grinding up the buds, unleashing the cherry scent with berry citrus, whose flavor dances on your tongue.

    The sedative Indica effects make the Cherry Zkittlez strain perfect to use in the evening when your muscles and mind relax so much you need to close your windows and eyes.

    51. Cherry Alien Dawg Strain

    Cherry Alien Dawg is a treasure hard to find. This 80% Sativa is the cross between Chemdawg and Alien Technology, whose genetics make this strain a potent energizing companion that leaves your mind clear and functional.

    The effects kick in quickly, giving you the motivation, concentration, and optimism to do your best at any task. All of the above while enjoying the captive taste of sweet cherry and classic diesel with pleasant sour notes.

    52. Cherry Blossom Kush Strain

    The genetics of Cherry Pie and Oregon Blossom Trail came together and blessed the Cherry Blossom Kush Strain. Featuring a THC concentration of up to 28%, this is a strain to take seriously.

    Cherry Blossom Kush provokes full-body sedation and dizziness, but in small doses, helps fight symptoms of PTSD, depression, stress, and mild headaches. The aroma is sweet and earthy, while the taste reminds of cherries when inhaling and is spicy when exhaling.

    53. Cherry Cough Strain

    Cherry Cough is a high CBD strain with nearly 20% CBD concentration. This 65% Indica leaning hybrid crosses OG Kush, Nigerian Lemon, and DPG Pheno. Taking the best from its parents, the fruity aroma with pungent earthy and piney notes invites you to burn it.

    Taste the sweet cherry smoke with sour undertones; it leaves a spicy aftertaste while the effects produce a calm physical numbness, pain relief, and an increasing appetite.

    54. Cherry Dosi Strain

    Cherry Dosi, or “Cherry Do-Si-Dos,” is a balanced hybrid coming from Phantom Cookies x Do-Si-Dos. This sweet bud inherits the flavor of cherries and the herbal notes that tingles in your tongue from its parents.

    The aroma of earthiness and flower of the smoke contrasts with the sweet aftertaste that leaves in your mouth. Moreover, a moderate dose is great for socializing, taking away inhibitions, stress, and mood swings.

    55. Cherry Ice Strain

    Cherry Ice is a 70% Sativa hybrid from the cross between Cherry AK-47 and Kush Mints. The genetics of this strain produces a solid flavor of candy-like cherry with fresh mint notes that fade into a robust pepper-spicy aftertaste.

    The aroma smells strongly like wood and earthiness with a herbal whiff, and its cerebral effects are mild and helpful when needing concentration, creativity, and a boost of energy to accomplish your tasks.

    56. Cherry Pie OG Strain

    Cherry Pie OG is a promising balanced hybrid with the genetics of Cherry Thai, Afghani, and Lost Coast OG. You can expect an aroma with the sweet touch of cherry and the diesel-like flavor of a proper OG.

    Euphoria creeps up quickly, and energy takes over your body while keeping your mind lucid. The cerebral effects open the path to body effects, starting with muscle relaxation and peaceful sleepiness.

    57. White Cherry Truffle Strain

    White Cherry Truffle is the doing of passionate growing from Aficionado Seed; they crossed (Chemdog x Cherry Lime #4) x Highland Afghani to create a powerful Sativa. This bud makes you feel the energy running through your core and limbs while in a state of euphoria.

    The full-body experience is enriched by the aroma of pungent fuel and the appealing floral notes of roses, making White Cherry Truffle one of the best cherry strains nowadays.

    58. Wild Cherry Strain

    Experience some serious psychoactive potency with the Wild Cherry strain. This is a 75% Sativa cross between Cherry Thunderfuck X Trainwreck with a THC concentration between 23% and 29%.

    The high is quick and fills you with euphoria and energy, while the muscle-relaxing effects lighten your body far from being sedative. Wild Cherry has a sweet dominant flavor that reminds of cherry with inviting tones of tobacco and coffee, whit a surprising spicy aftertaste.

    59. Black Cherry Cookies Strain

    Black Cherry Cookies is a potent Sativa, which combines the genetics Black Cherry Soda x Girl Scout Cookies. You will get a solid aroma of fruit and pine from this strain, just like a walk in the forest. The taste is sweet, like cherry and pepper-spicy.

    However, the best part is its effects, dominantly cerebral. They make your mind elevate to a higher connection with your inner self while experiencing a tingly numbness in your body. This way, you get lost in your thoughts, allowing creativity to bloom.

    60. Cherry Alien OG Strain

    Cherry Alien OG is a unique Indica hybrid with the genetics of Irene Alien OG and Aliendog Cherry. The resulting terpenes offer a mix of candy-sweet cherry taste that contrasts with sour notes, an attractive flavor that makes you want some more.

    The effects are intensely physical, starting with a tingle in the base of your neck that runs through your spine and spreads to your core and limbs. Without a doubt, the Cherry Alien OG strain is one of the best cherry strains.

    61. Cherry Fuel Strain

    Cherry Fuel is a hardcore Indica with an outstanding THC concentration of 22%. This is thanks to the genetics of Petrol and Buddha’s Sister strains, who we owe the sweet cherry flavor with a fuel taste so potent it can send you to the moon and back without leaving your couch.

    Indeed, Cherry Fuel puts you in a happy state of sedation that will make you dream of space trips until you wake up feeling greatly renewed.

    62. Cherry Haze Strain

    This is a rare pure Sativa with a moderate THC concentration from 16% to 19%. These dense and resinous buds of Cherry Haze are the cross between Cherry Bomb and Purple Haze. And as their parents suggest, the potency and energizing effects of this strain make it perfect for daytime use.

    It uplifts your mood and reduces stress, allowing you to do your best in anything you do. Among causal giggles, you will smell the solid cherry aroma and the natural spicy aftertaste.

    63. Cherry Jane Strain

    Cherry Jane is an evenly balanced hybrid with a high THC concentration between 20% and 30%. Its lineage is unknown, and the strain is hard to find in the market, but Cherry Jane will give you the best sugary taste of cherry if you manage to get some buds.

    The aroma is a combination of sweet fruits accented by earthy notes. On a side note, the effects quickly appear, putting you in a state of high blissfulness and physical numbness with little focus.

    64. Cherry Noir Strain

    This balanced hybrid with 17% to 19% of THC and a cherry taste is easy and pleasant to use, making it a perfect strain for newbie and experts users to try. Cherry Noir is the cross between Cherry Lime #4 and Chemdawg, inheriting a sweet taste with undernotes of citrus and sourness.

    The effects last long, starting with an uplifting sensation that makes you talkative at first exhale; then slowly, the mental buzz becomes couch lock.

    65. Black Cherry Soda Strain

    Black Cherry Soda is a Sativa hybrid thought to be the cross of Black Dahlia x Ace of Spades. The taste is sweet cherry, while the refreshing and tingly sensation is a clear reminiscence of soda.

    The THC levels between 19% and 24% require measured usage; low doses uplift your spirit and improve your focus while your body is relaxed but not sedated, making it great for daytime use. High doses in one session may cause headaches and anxiety.

    66. Cherries Jubilee Strain

    Cherries Jubilee is a 70% Indica whose genetics may be from Cherry Kush or Cherry OG, but Northwest Cannabis Solutions keeps them a secret. The moderate 18% THC concentration offers potent body effects as it is a warm hug that makes your limbs pleasantly heavy; in high doses produces couch lock.

    The dominant aroma of Cherries Jubilee is fruity cherry accented by citrus notes like berries. Grind up the buds to unleash the sweetness!

    67. Cherry Burst Strain

    Cherry Burst is an Indica dominant offspring of Cherry Cookie and Purple Bomb. In contrast with its name, the cherry scent is just a whiff compared to the sour piney smell that takes over your senses enriched by slight fruity notes.

    The Indica incident starts with a cerebral buzz behind your eyes that makes you feel at peace and happy. Then, the bodily effects relieve stress and the tension in your muscles, reduce inflammation and mild pain.

    68. Cherry Drop Strain

    Cherry Drop is a balanced hybrid with the genetics of two legends: Cherry AK-47 and OG Kush. The sticky buds release a solid scent of cherry that fills the room once you grind them up, and the taste is a mix of sweetness with the usual sourness of the Kush lineage. Let your senses succumb to the charm while experiencing the initial euphoric effects of Cherry Drop.

    69. Cherry Kola Strain

    Cherry Kola is a 70% Indica with an average THC concentration of 22%. Although being born under the sun of California, its parents are two Afghani strains. The Cherry Kola experience starts with an overwhelming but relaxing euphoria, even though the effects are primarily physical.

    Your body enters in a warm state of lightness that lasts for hours. Meanwhile, your tongue enjoys caressing smooth smoke with a decisive taste of cherry.

    70. Cherry Meringue Strain

    Cherry Meringue is a heavy Indica that features high THC levels between 18% and 23%. The origins of Cherry Meringue may be unknown, but this strain is gaining popularity among cherry taste lovers.

    The flavor is a mix of cherry scent with citrus notes; it feels sweet when inhaling and herbal and spicy when exhaling. This strain will have your muscles relaxed in no time, but the effects last for long.

    71. Cherry Strudel Strain

    Indulge in this 28% THC strain. The hybrid Cherry Strudel is the cross of the popular strains Cherry Cookies and Grape Pie. The genetics give a flavor of cherry with a creamy texture, contrasted with funky fuel and earthy undernotes.

    Enjoy the pepper-spicy aftertaste while experiencing the full-body mild sedative effects in the evening, reducing all mental and physical stress, and putting yourself to bed in minutes.

    72. Cherry Pie Breath Strain

    Cherry Pie Breath is a 75% Indica cross between Cherry Pie x Mendo Breath F2. The 23% THC level comes with profound calming effects that relax your body, making your core and limbs feel warmer; your mind is at ease while stress and anxiety are gone.

    Cherry Pie Breath will fight insomnia when used at nighttime. Sleep well after tasting the clearly cherry-like flavor and aroma in the thick cloud of smoke lingering in the air peacefully.

    73. Wild Cherry Punch Strain

    Wild Cherry Punch is a balanced hybrid with a 19% THC concentration, which inherited the best genetics of Cherry Cookies and Purple Punch. After a long day of hard work, this strain is the perfect reward with its soothing and relaxing touch that acts in your body and mind.

    The aroma is sweet and inviting, take the buds and feel the resins among your fingers, break them down and release the cherry scent that tingles in your tongue once you taste it.

    74. Cherry Bomb Weed Strain

    Cherry Bomb is a potent Sativa with a moderate 17% THC concentration. The Barney’s Farm breeders created Cherry Bomb crossing a Skunk lineage Indica with a Hawaiian Sativa.

    This strain is a perfect daytime use companion to get the energy and optimism needed to do your best in your tasks and enjoy your day as much as you can. It is not a candy but sure is sweet and gives the energy boost you’re looking for to seize the day.

    75. Cherry Dream Strain

    Cherry Dream is an Indica hybrid who inherited the best from the Cherry AK-47 strain. This nighttime use strain makes you feel an early euphoria and creativity boost that evolves into mental calmness and full-body numbness.

    The seductive cherry scent takes over your senses, and when it touches your tongue, you can notice earthy and sour undernotes. The smoke leaves a pleasant spiciness in your tongue that invites you to have some more.

    76. Cherry Kool-Aid Strain

    Cherry Kool Aid is a 60% Sativa cross between Purple Diesel x Cherry Pie. This is a daytime use hybrid whose 18% THC concentration allows you to be fully functional while experiencing uplifting effects- relax your muscles while boosting your mental performance.

    The aroma is a reminiscence of lavender, while the taste is sweet and citruses like a mix of cherry and berries. Enjoy the tasty smoke while doing your best in your tasks or having fun with your friends.

    We hope you have enjoyed our round up of the best Cherry Strains. Be sure to check out our shop for some of the best CBD, THCA and Delta 8 flower online. 

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