Top 22 Best Chocolate Strains

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If you like weed and chocolate, you have come to the right place. We take a closer look at the “chocolate” strains of weed to see what they are all about.

As you're about to see, there are many different chocolate strains to consider, some of which are indica-leaning, some of which are sativa-leaning, and some of which are fairly well-balanced. Let's look closely to see exactly what you're in for.

Key Takeaways

  • The origins of chocolate strains are somewhat mysterious. Nonetheless, these strains vary significantly in their effects. They can be indica- or sativa-dominant or well-balanced hybrids.

  • This diversity means that the effects of chocolate strains can range from uplifting and energetic to relaxing and sedative, depending on the strain.
  • Chocolate strains are known for their sweet and chocolatey flavor profiles, but they also feature many other flavors, including mint, citrus, and berry notes.
  • The THC levels in these strains can vary greatly, from moderate levels suitable for beginners to high levels that are more appropriate for experienced users.

    What is the Chocolate Strain?

    There are many different chocolate weed strains, but interestingly, chocolate itself does not appear to be one of them. Defining the chocolate strain is difficult because there does not appear to be any one type of weed actually named chocolate.

    Yes, there is mint chocolate, chocolate OG, chocolate Kush, and many others, but exactly where they come from remains a mystery. That said, there are many different chocolate strains of weed, and they all taste sweet and chocolatey.

    Are Chocolate Strains Indica or Sativa?

    Whether or not these are Indica or Sativa strains depends on the parent plants. Some chocolate strains are indica-dominant, while others are sativa-dominant, and some are well-balanced.

    Chocolate Strain Lineage

    These strains have vastly different lineages. Saying exactly where the chocolate strain came from is more or less impossible.

    Best Chocolate Strains

    Let’s look at the best chocolate weed strains out there now. Some of these chocolate weed strain names are pretty interesting.

    1. Mint Chocolate Chip Strain

    Mint Chocolate Chip is a hybrid strain made by crossing Green Ribbon with SinMint Cookies. It has a moderate THC level of 18%, making it ideal for both beginners and seasoned smokers alike.

    It's effects include an uplifting high that makes you feel happy and giggly, yet relaxed, tingly, and a bit sedated. This strain has a herbal, minty, and sweet flavor. We’d say that this might just be the best chocolate strain.

    2. Triple Chocolate Chip Strain

    Triple Chocolate Chip is a hybrid cross between Triple OG and Mint Chocolate Chip. This hybrid strain is slightly indica-dominant. This strain is sure to make you feel relaxed, heavy, sedated, tired, and hungry. It's the perfect smoke for an afternoon of watching movies and eating snacks.

    It's minty, gassy, and chemically flavored. With a high THC level of 23%, it's certain to hit you quite hard and put you down for the day.

    3. Chocolate OG Strain

    Chocolate OG is an indica strain made by crossing Chocolate Rain with True OG. What you get here is a very nutty, chocolate, and citrusy flavor.

    As an Indica dominant strain, it makes you giggly, euphoric, relaxed, hungry, and sedated. Fortunately, it only contains 12% THC, so it’s not a heavy hitter, and it is ideal for beginners who are just getting into the world of cannabis.

    4. Chocolate Thai Strain

    Chocolate Thai is a landrace strain that comes from Thailand. This strain features a chocolatey and coffee-like aroma that is quite strong. This Sativa strain makes you feel uplifted, happy, creative, talkative, energetic, and euphoric.

    It is a great daytime weed, as it is a sativa. Plus, it contains only 16% THC, so it's not going to knock you out. Due to its fairly low THC content, it is also ideal for beginner smokers.

    5. Military Chocolate Strain

    Military Chocolate is a cross between Tropicana, Cookies F1, and Bubba S1. This indica-dominant strain contains well over 20% THC. In terms of taste, it has a very spicy, earthy, chocolatey, and vanilla-like flavor.

    It features fairly high levels of THC, so it will hit you fairly hard, and it's not something we recommend for beginners. It has a long-lasting and powerful high that makes you feel creative and relaxed. If you like an earthy weed, check out our Delta-8 Zombie Kush.

    6. White Chocolate

    White Chocolate is a cross of White Moonshine and Chocolope. This sativa-dominant strain makes you feel uplifted, happy, euphoric, energetic, creative, and focused. It tastes like cherries, herbs, spices, lemon rind, chocolate, and coffee. It features moderate THC levels, so it should be fine for most users.

    7. Chocolate Diesel Strain

    Chocolate Diesel is a Sativa strain that is a mix of Chocolate Thai and Sour Diesel. This is a powerful strain, as it contains 24% THC or more, so it's a very heavy hitter.

    It is a sativa, so it does make for a good daytime smoke, but remember that due to its high THC levels, the cerebral head high is very powerful.

    This kind of weed gets your head up in the clouds. It makes you feel energetic, focused, and uplifted, and the high is also quite bubbly. The flavor is like diesel, chocolate, and coffee.

    Another great sour strain to try is our own Delta Farms Sour Elektra.

    8. Chocolate Heaven Strain

    Chocolate Heaven is a cross between Afghan and Cannalope. This Sativa-dominant strain produces a strong cerebral head high characterized by happiness, euphoria, and the giggles. It can also make you feel talkative and very social.

    In terms of flavor, it has a sweet, dark chocolatey flavor combined with some fruitiness and hints of coffee. It features around 20% THC, which is moderate.

    9. Mint Chocolate Strain

    Mint Chocolate, or Chocolate Mint OG, is a cross between Grandaddy Purple and Emerald OG. This hybrid strain features 21% THC. It has a good mix of sativa and indica effects, so you'll feel a head high and a body high, with one of its top effects being hunger.

    As for the flavor, you get spice, mint, pine, and chocolate. This strain is fairly strong, so it is best reserved for experienced smokers. If you're a beginner, you might want to reserve it for the end of the day.

    This could very well be the best chocolate cannabis strain. If you like hybrid strains, we recommend checking out our Botany Farms Delta-8 Sour Space Candy.

    10. Chocolate Cake Strain

    Chocolate Cake is an indica-dominant strain made by crossing Double Chocolate and Ice Cream Cake. This is also a strong strain, as it can contain up to 27% THC.

    Due to its indica-dominant nature and high THC levels, this is an extremely heavy hitter that makes you feel heavy, tingly, sedated, tired, and hungry. This is one of those strains that locks you right onto your couch. As for the flavor, it's peppery, sweet, and chocolatey.

    11. Chocolate Hashberry Strain

    Here we have a very unique strain, a cross between BlackBerry Kush and Chocolate Kush. This hybrid strain is fairly evenly balanced.

    Its effects start with a classic Sativa cerebral high, followed by a mellow Indica high characterized by relaxation and heaviness.

    It makes you feel hungry. As for the THC level, it sits at a moderate 18%, so it's not overly strong. As for the flavor, you'll taste some chocolate, berries, spice, and sweetness.

    12. Cherry Chocolate Chip Hemp Strain

    Here we have a hybrid strain that is a cross between Cherry Wine and Indica Kush E1. This strain makes you euphoric, creative, hungry, and relaxed.

    This indica-dominant strain is ideal for nighttime use, although it won't make you feel so tired that you can't smoke it during the day. This strain features chocolate, sweet, pine, and gassy flavors.

    13. Chocolate Marshmallow Strain

    Chocolate Marshmallow is a hybrid strain that features THC levels somewhere between 18% and 22%. This indica-dominant strain makes you feel sedated, heavy, and very hungry too.

    In terms of inducing the munchies, this is one of the best strains out there. If you like the taste of chestnuts, chocolate, coffee, and a good deal of sweetness, this is a great strain to consider.

    14. Cherry Chocolate Widow Strain

    Cherry Chocolate Widow appears to be a cross between Chocolate Lava, White Widow, and Chemdawg 91. This is a potent strain with well over 23% THC, so it's not for the faint of heart.

    This strain makes you feel things from both the sativa and the indica sides of things. It starts with a mellow cerebral high, followed by a relaxing body high. If you like flavors of cherries, berries, chocolate, and sweetness in general, it's a good option to try.

    15. Chocolate Chunk Strain

    Chocolate Chunk is a heavy-hitting Indica strain. Although it only contains 18% THC, it makes you feel extremely sedated, heavy, tingly, relaxed, and sleepy.

    This strain puts you to bed, so it is best reserved for smoking at the end of the day. If you like flavors of chocolate and coffee, then it's definitely a good option to consider.

    16. Chocolate Haze Strain

    Chocolate Haze is made by crossing Cannalope Haze with OG Chocolate Thai, therefore resulting in a well-balanced hybrid strain. It makes you feel euphoric, happy, focused, and energetic, within the first two hours or so.

    However, afterward, the Indica effects kick in, making you feel just a little sedated and hungry. With moderate THC levels somewhere around 16%, it's a good option for beginners and seasoned smokers alike, especially if you don't want to get too high.

    17. Chocolate Kush Strain

    Chocolate crunch is another heavy-hitting strain that is indica-dominant. If you like feeling heavy, relaxed, hungry, and tired, then this is your strain. It's an ideal strain for pain relief and helping you sleep.

    It features a moderate THC level of 17%, but it does hit quite hard. Here you get flavors of chocolate, hash, and coffee; quite pungent too!

    18. Chocolate Oranges Strain

    This is a hybrid of Orange Valley OG and Mint Chocolate Chip. Chocolate Oranges is indica-dominant and comes with a THC level of 21%, which is quite respectable.

    This strain initially makes you feel giggly, tingling, talkative, and energized. However, the indica side eventually takes over, making you feel heavy, relaxed, and hungry. If you like flavors of orange, chocolate, wood, pine, and lemon, then you will enjoy Chocolate Oranges.

    19. Champion City Chocolate Strain

    Champions City Chocolate is a super tasty indica-dominant strain. It can feature THC levels well over 20%, and, as such, hits you pretty hard and puts you to sleep. It also makes you feel relaxed, heavy, and hungry. This strain tastes like chocolate and coffee.

    20. Chocolate Bananas Strain

    Chocolate Bananas is a cross between Chocolate OG and Strawberry Banana Sherbet. If you like earthy, sweet, chocolate, and fruity flavors, it's a great strain to check out.

    It comes with THC levels well over 20%, so it's a strain that you are going to feel. It is well-balanced, so it will provide you with effects from both the sativa and the indica side.

    21. Chocolate Gelato Strain

    Chocolate Gelato is a strain made by mixing the ever-popular Gelato with another very popular chocolate strain. This is a Sativa strain that can contain well over 20% THC.

    This is a good daytime smoke, as it makes you feel hungry, euphoric, creative, energized, and focused. However, it may also relieve some pain and help you sleep.

    22. Chocolate Pie Strain

    Chocolate Pie, also known as Chocolate Kush Pie, is a mix of Cherry Kush Pie and Grand Chocolate. This indica-dominant hybrid makes you feel heavy, relaxed, and hungry.

    If you like berries, cherries, and chocolate, it's a good option. Just keep in mind that it can contain a whole lot of THC, so it's not exactly ideal for beginners.

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