Best Delta 8 for Arousal

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Sexual euphoria and uncontrollable excitement are often privileges of the human-animal we all have within. But, although this may seem like something written in the primitive brain of all people, it is a state that not everyone can achieve so easily. There are so many factors that influence human arousal, especially in today's busy world full of sources of stress and worry. That is why we know that any help in this regard can go a long way. In this sense, cannabis seems to represent a light in the darkness, specifically, Delta-8 THC. If you are looking to understand a bit more about how Delta-8 could benefit your sex life, read on, and you’ll discover the relationship between cannabis and sex and how the innovative and increasingly popular Delta-8 could take you and your partner's arousal to stratospheric levels. Let´s get into it!

Cannabis & Sex

Cannabis is a wonderful plant with ancient origins. This plant seems to carry endless possible therapeutic applications and an indisputable mystical power. Although the scientific evidence regarding many of these potential medicinal applications is scarce or very limited, there is a widespread belief that one of the great benefits cannabis could bring is a significant improvement in sexual health. In large part, the scarcity of studies about the possible benefits of cannabis regarding sex is due to the federal government's strict regulations. Not only does the federal government consider cannabis illegal and harmful, but many states still have mixed opinions regarding this plant. Despite the advances in scientific research and the discovery of so many other psychoactive compounds, the main psychoactive component of cannabis, Delta-9 THC remains one of the most controversial regarding cannabis laws throughout the country and is a major reason it's still illegal federally. Delta-9 THC is an organic compound that carries intoxicating and psychoactive qualities responsible for the infamous high for which even THC-rich cannabis or "marijuana" remains a Schedule I substance. Although scientific evidence regarding this issue is scarce, there is an enormous amount of data from anecdotal reports and surveys from both male and female cannabis users who report greater pleasure and increased sexual excitement after using marijuana. In fact, this data suggests that cannabis users could enjoy a higher sexual frequency than non-users and that cannabis could provide other benefits for sex, such as:
  • Reduce anxiety and help relax.
  • An increased sensitivity to touch.
  • Increase in sexual desire.
  • Greater intensity in the feelings of pleasure and excitement.
  • Easier to reach orgasms.
  • Longer and more intense orgasms.
Nevertheless, these effects are difficult to study since arousal, pleasure, and sexual functioning are already quite complex and vary significantly from person to person. Despite this, there seems to be enough preliminary evidence to at least suspect that women might experience more outstanding benefits and lower risks of side effects from using cannabis as a sexual enhancer.

Cannabis & Female Libido

Although we are still not precisely clear about the reasons that marijuana is believed to boost female sexual desire, there are a lot of theories out there. A 2019 study suggests that the dose of cannabis administered can be critical in terms of the effectiveness of cannabis in improving sex. This study analyzes the results of more than a dozen studies on the effects of certain cannabinoids on female sexual functions. The found data apparently indicates that low or moderate doses of cannabis could increase sexual desire and receptivity, while very high doses could somewhat inhibit these factors. Some sex therapists claim that people who use cannabis tend to have more sex because they put less pressure on themselves or their partners when high, so they don't experience the same performance anxiety as those who are sober. Adding a bit of cannabis to foreplay with your partner could also improve communication about sexual preferences, thus making sex more pleasurable. Although cannabis can apparently improve sex drive in men and women under the right doses, particularly in women, Delta-9 THC appears to target certain brain regions related to female libido. Nonetheless, it is not good to generalize with this argument since, while in some people, THC can be of great help when it comes to sex, for others, it can be the opposite. Each person has a unique physical and psychological make-up. Whether cannabis works as a sexual enhancer depends on finding the suitable variety and dosage that works for each individual. The most advisable thing is to take the time to do a thorough search between the best products and the best strains for female arousal and start trying low doses of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid varieties, and study which of these varieties works best for you.

Can Weed Make Sex Better?

Science has not yet defined the exact role of the endocannabinoid system in people's sexual functions. Still, some preliminary research suggests that weed could have an influential role in sexual motivational processes and arousal, especially in women. Additionally, cannabis throughout history has been highlighted at different times and in different cultures as a possibly beneficial plant for making sex better and more pleasurable. Currently, further studies analyze the relationship between cannabis and sex and how taking a little cannabis before the sexual act itself could alter the sexual experience. Despite this, we cannot fully affirm that weed can make sex better for all people in the same way since the organism in each individual is unique, and the metabolism of cannabinoids and the experience of weed can be tremendously different from Person to person. The dosage administered and the type of weed used can also greatly influence sexual functions as some strains may be better for sex, just as some cultivars are better for anxiety and others better for boosting focus or energy. The cannabis consumption method we choose can also impact the sexual experience since it can cause the bioavailability of cannabinoids to increase or decrease, depending on the delivery method. In this sense, some edibles can be great for male arousal, and others are better for female arousal. But, some may prefer to take a few puffs of full-spectrum distillate or their favorite strain. Either way, it is essential to remember not to take excessive doses regardless of the consumption method, as too much THC can be detrimental to sex for people regardless of gender.

Terpenes for arousal

We must remember that cannabis is a complex plant. Unlike other drugs or psychoactive substances that are usually just a single chemical compound or a combination of a couple or a handful of these, cannabis can contain hundreds of different biochemical compounds. All of these biochemical compounds can influence the final effects we perceive from each strain. In addition to cannabinoids, organic compounds called terpenes occur naturally in all plants and have an influential role in the synergistic effects generated by cannabis. In fact, a strain's terpene profile can be a determining factor in terms of the therapeutic applications that variety may have. Terpenes can make some strains especially effective at enhancing sex than others, but this depends on what type of terpenes each strain's profile contains. This is because there are terpenes that are good for relieving pain or releasing tension, while others can increase energy or even focus. In fact, some particular terpenes can directly influence sexual desire and pleasure, increasing arousal and making sex more enjoyable.

Terpenes that cause arousal

Terpenes are the organic compounds responsible for giving the characteristic aroma and flavor of each cannabis variety. Still, they also have an influential impact on each variety's effects. But, it is crucial to point out that since each terpene generates different effects, the approach or way in which each terpene can improve sex is also different. There are around 400 identified terpenes in cannabis, but experts have only been able to identify the specific effects of a handful of terpenes. Among the terpenes that could be beneficial for sex or that could directly cause or promote arousal, we have:
  • Limonene: Strains high in this terpene could offer a slight head euphoria and an outstanding body warm-up that are perfect for putting you in the right mood for intimacy. Limonene or delta-limonene could be ideal for increasing sexual drive after exhausting or stressful days.
  • Terpinolene: Sativa strains high in terpinolene may be especially effective at giving the body and mind a boost of vigor. So if you suffer from low energy levels after exhausting days at work, a strain high in terpinolene could spice up your sex life.
  • Caryophyllene: This terpene can enhance sex by helping to dissipate muscular tension and physical pain without causing drowsiness or affecting energy levels. A hybrid strain rich in caryophyllene could be ideal to leave you with a comforting warm sensation perfect for intimacy.
  • Linalool: This terpenoid is famous for its particular anti-stress qualities. Therefore, linalool-rich strains could be ideal for helping alleviate symptoms of excessive worry and even mild depression. High-stress loads can generate spikes in cortisol, causing increased heart rate and muscle tension, making it difficult to enjoy sex. For these cases, linalool could be of great help.
Each strain of cannabis contains a unique combination of terpenes, which is largely what determines the specific effects of each variety. The particular combination of some terpenes can make some strains beneficial for male arousal and others better for female arousal. So, when choosing a cannabis variety with the intention of spicing up intimacy in bed, it's worth paying attention to the terpene content of the strain you're considering concerning the effects you want to achieve, whether it's for a single session or to be enjoyed with your partner. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_nI-GJgVo0&t=15s

Best Delta 8 Products for Sex

Although weed could improve the sexual life of some people, the solid restrictions or even prohibition by the governments of some states may leave out of reach the mere possibility of trying cannabis rich in Delta-9 THC as an alternative method for enhancing sex. Given this, the emergence and popularization of the Delta-8 isomer of THC could present an option very similar to Delta-9, viable, and completely legal. Delta-8 has a very similar molecular structure to Delta-9, except that its double bond is on the eighth carbon instead of the ninth. This small difference is actually quite significant as it causes this phytocannabinoid to interact with the body differently, leading to more subtle, longer-lasting effects and a lower risk of experiencing unwanted side effects. This is why Delta-8 might be even better because it produces moderate and significantly more manageable psychoactive effects than Delta-9, especially for those who have not previously experienced psychoactive substances. Suppose you feel in the mood to try something new and give an exciting twist to intimacy with your partner or even solo intimacy. If that is your case, you could try taking a few drops of Delta-8 live resin tincture and wait until you get into the mood to try something new in bed. If you are one of those who have a particular inclination to smoke or vape, you could instead try a few puffs of our Delta-8 live resin vape cartridge, whether solo or with your partner, and feel how it goes. Who knows? You may end up discovering an incredibly effective tool to amplify the pleasure of sexual experiences and enliven intimacy with your partner.

Best Delta 8 for Arousal

The best cannabis for arousal is the type of cannabis that turns you on. Although this sounds obvious, it is a fairly accurate statement since not all kinds of weed generate the same effects. But why choose Delta-8 over regular weed? The answer is quite logical if you think about it because the Delta-8 can turn you on and put you in the ideal mood for intimacy without the risk of leaving you glued to the couch or too anxious to "get into the action." Another added benefit of using Delta-8 is that this cannabinoid also has vasodilator effects. So, it could help increase blood flow to the erogenous zones and is also an excellent tool to help relax the mind and body and let things flow. But what is the best Delta-8 to get you hot? Well, it really depends on your needs. The delivery method you choose to take your Delta-8 can vary the onset time of the effects of this cannabinoid. If you're looking for a quick onset effect and aren't too concerned about being extremely careful with your dosage, just remember to start at low doses and increase only if necessary. You can try a few puffs of Delta-8 Sour Space Candy to get you laid back but fiery, or a little Delta-8 Sour Hawaiian Haze if you want to boost your vitality and set the room on fire. If you don't mind waiting a while and want longer-lasting effects, a few Delta-8 gummies may be right for you since they could melt away any stress or tension and produce effects that could last for several hours, helping you achieve more intense and pleasurable orgasms. Therefore, choosing the best Delta-8 for arousal depends on your needs in terms of the effects you want to experience.

Best Edibles for Female Arousal

People consume edibles for a variety of reasons. According to some preclinical research and many user reports, it is true: that edibles can help relieve particular pains or even be helpful to better deal with the symptoms of physical and mental conditions. But, it is also true that they can be really effective in increasing sexual drive, and arousal and helping you take sex to other levels. Another advantage of edibles in sex is that they are easy to measure, are excellent for foreplay, and can last significantly longer than other consumption methods such as tinctures or inhalation. At Botany Farms, we have an extensive catalog of different cannabis-infused gummies that, used in the correct dosage, can be great for increasing female arousal. In addition to our popular Delta-8 Gummies, we have microdose Delta-9 gummies, 10mg Delta-9 gummies, Delta-10 gummies, HHC gummies, and a vast flavor catalog of our classic CBD gummies. If you want to look for the best edibles for female arousal outside of this catalog, we recommend always looking for products tested by third-party laboratories since the Delta-8 market is not regulated by the FDA as such. Therefore there is a risk that some retailers can falsely advertise a product and call it Delta-8 or cannabis edible. So don't skimp on looking for high-quality products with high-quality ingredients, reliable manufacturing methods, and transparency and reliability in whatever brand you choose. It is also very important to take a moment to consider the benefits you want to achieve; Whether it's mental relaxation, an energy boost, increasing blood flow to certain areas, or increasing arousal, it's essential to think about what you want in order to choose the best food. Thanks for stopping by! Check out some of our premium Delta 8 THC here at Botany Farms:

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