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Delta-8 Indica Sleep
Delta-8 Indica Sleep
Delta-8 Indica Sleep
Delta-8 Indica Sleep
Delta-8 Focus Sativa
Delta-8 Focus Sativa
Delta-8 Focus Sativa
Delta-8 Focus Sativa
Delta-8 Focus Sativa
Delta-8 Focus Sativa
Indica Sleep THCA
Indica Sleep THCA
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If you are looking to try out Delta-8 THC, buying a full ounce of flower might be overwhelming. This is why pre-rolls are truly one of the best ways to experience the euphoric feeling of D8 THC.

Prerolls, basically pre-made joints, are one of the easiest ways to start your journey into the world of hemp. Yet, finding a well-made, beginner-friendly, yet potent jay can be a hassle in this ever-growing market. And while rolling is a pretty neat skill you can develop, as a beginner or casual smoker, you might find all the materials and tools a little bit pricier investment than just a jay.

Hence, prerolls are perfect for newcomers and veterans alike, as they can be discreet, easy to light up, and have no hassle with cleaning. Here we’ll explore what delta-8 flower is, how it works, and how it turns into small, artisan-like blunts you can enjoy. Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of delta-8 flowers and prerolls. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Prerolls offer a convenient option for trying new strains without the commitment to a large quantity or the need for additional smoking accessories.
  • Delta-8 THC-enriched flower can induce a high, characterized by euphoria and a clear-headed feeling.
  • Despite being primarily based on CBD or CBG strains, the psychoactive component of Delta-8 THC contributes to mood elevation and a potentially stronger effect due to the entourage effect.
  • Botany Farms utilizes a unique approach by freezing Delta-8 THC distillate and then crushing it into a fine powder. The powder is used to infuse premium flower, ensuring an even burn and a more natural, smooth smoking experience.
  • Purchasing prerolls is straightforward and discreet via Botany Farms online shop, catering to those looking for a hassle-free and private way to enjoy cannabis.

How is Delta-8 Flower Made?

Delta 8 flower has a different process from D9 flowers. First, let’s understand that delta-8 THC is not as available in the hemp plant as THC herb. This means delta-8 flowers are usually CBD or CBG strains enriched with the delta-8 extract.

While most brands just spray delta-8 extracts or distillate onto the flower, here at Botany Farms, we have found a way so D8 burns evenly.

Frozen D8 THC distillate is then crushed into a fine powder that can infuse the premium flower. This approach gives a natural, smooth experience, is super flavorful, and is less harsh than other D8 flowers.

Does Delta 8 Flower Get You High?

Yes, Delta 8-enriched flower can get you high. While most of the base strains are strong on the CBD or CBG side, D8 is still a psychoactive compound that can get you high.

Users have reported that delta-8 THC highs give a euphoric and clear-headed feeling. Others have even reported a mood lift, making it perfect if you are a newcomer to the cannabis world or just want to try flowers without the usual D9 THC side effects.

And of course, by having CBD and D8 in one toke, D8 THC can feel even stronger. This happens as certain cannabinoids can potentiate the effects of each other by using them together, usually known as the “entourage effect.”

Does Delta 8 Flower Smell?

This is a little harder to answer, but we’ll try to break it down as easily as possible. What usually gives the herb its particular smell is not delta-8 or CBD itself, but rather other compounds known as terpenes.

These are also cannabinoids that are naturally found in all plants, but even more so in hemp and cannabis. Terpenes have lots of different uses and effects, mostly to interact with predators or other plants. However, certain terpenes can give distinct smells to certain flowers.

So, to sum it up, these are the ones that give hemp its classic “skunky” smell. With that said, not all flowers smell as intensely as others, as it depends on the kind of strain, cultivation, and even how fresh the flower is.

Even CBD flowers can have a little smell, but they can be much milder than certain strains with diesel-like or hoppy notes. If you want to make sure your flower does not smell as strong, be sure to check out the strain flavors and aromatics.

What are Pre-rolls?

Now, you might want to try out a new strain but don’t want to commit to buying a whole ounce. Or maybe you don’t want to keep papers, grinders, and a dedicated rolling stash around. This is where pre-rolls are super useful.

Pre-rolls are basically premade joints made with already ground flowers. It’s like having your spliff roller send their best joints to your home. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about the clean-up or having a special space to keep all of your weed.

These joints are usually made with high-quality paper and filters. Some prerolls can even have kief or other added distillates, but the main purpose of these is to have a readily available joint to smoke or pass around whenever you want.

These are also incredibly useful if you want to try out a new strain or just want to try different strains with a single purchase. So you can have different jays for different occasions or even experiment with different flavors to find your new favorite.

Why are Pre-rolls Cheaper?

Pre-rolls are cheaper than cartridges or vapes due to the process used. As most prerolls use hemp paper and filters, the overall cost of production is way less than disposables or medical-grade glass usually used in carts.

It is also fair to say that prerolls usually don’t use more than 2 grams of weed per jay. So that makes them pretty accessible, as most of the time, you are paying a fraction of the price of a full ounce, the rolling, and the paper used.

If they do, these are sometimes called “king-sized joints.” While pretty good for a party or just enjoying at home, these defeat the “staying” lowkey objective as they are pretty noticeable. As you might have guessed, these are a little more expensive due to the herb quantity used in each jay.

In the end, if you are starting to experiment with hemp and cannabis flowers and exploring the smoking world of hemp, we recommend staying with smaller-sized joints. You can also try out different strains so you can keep yourself on a budget and find which ones you like.

Best Delta 8 Prerolls

If you want to try pre-rolls, we recommend buying only jays with premium ingredients. And here at Botany Farms, we create incredibly high-quality jays, so you just have to worry about lighting them up.

From CBD-only flower to our delicious Delta 8 versions, our pre-rolls are perfect to enjoy on the go. Specifically, our Delta-8 THC flower has frozen extract, so you can enjoy it while it is burning, giving each toke a balanced experience.

We gathered two of our favorite flowers for you to check out. These all have 1g of our premium, pre-grinded flower for you to enjoy with a high-quality filter and hemp paper. Let’s dive into the strains, flavors, and effects of these.

White CBG Delta 8

If you haven’t seen White CBG, it is maybe one of the prettiest strains out there. With amazing white crystals, this flower is truly beautiful!. And in this version, you’ll enjoy the best out of CBG with sweet, premium Delta-8 THC extract.

This strain has a hybrid-like effect, making it great if you want to relax while keeping yourself active. And with cannabigerol as the main cannabinoid, this jay is perfect for relaxing and as a potential pain aid.

Expect delicious wildflowers and herbal notes paired with delicious vanilla undertones. Each toke has a soft herbal note, so it’s perfect if you like tea or infusions or just want something to have some pastries with.

You can enjoy this strain in our delicious Delta-8 White CBG Pre-Roll at our shop, over here.

Pineapple Haze

This strain is just a classic tropical smoke. Our Pineapple Haze is a full-on Sativa, perfect for boosting your day with tangy, fruity notes. And through our delta-8 variety, expect a clear-headed and vibrant high to give you energy.

Flavor-wise, expect tangy and silky pineapple and mango notes that will teleport you directly to your tropical getaway. It also has slightly creamy undertones, making it great for all the pina colada cravings that you might get midday.

You can try out this strain in our premium prerolls at our shop, right here.

How to Buy Pre-rolls

Buying pre-rolls is easier than ever. You don’t need to go to a sketchy alley or a stranger's house, as these days are over. Just head over to our shop and choose from our flower catalog by flavor, effects, or even cannabinoids, depending on what you feel like buying.

It is as easy as adding the desired products to your cart, following through with the payment process, and presto! In a few days, you’ll have your delicious prerolls directly shipped to your home without having weird looks when receiving your completely discreet package.

If you want a stress-free, completely discreet experience, you can check our store to try out some prerolls or one of our delicious strains

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A Delta 8 preroll sits against the edge of a bowl filled with cannabis buds.
A Delta 8 preroll sits against the edge of a bowl filled with cannabis buds.