70+ Best Diesel Weed Strains in 2024

Best diesel weed strain

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Diesel strains have become quite successful in recent years, attracting growers and users alike for their distinct and robust flavor as well as their potent effects. Diesel weed strains are known for their high THC levels, which can reach 20% in most specimens, and powerfully energetic highs. People love the gassy citrus scent that comes from a good diesel strain, but there's a lot more to these genetics than that.

The exact origin of this species is unclear, as is often the case in the cannabis community. However, one of the most generally accepted explanations suggests that it is linked to the Chemdog and, later, the OG Kush marijuana strains. The Diesel cannabis line has a storied past that dates back to the early 1990s.

Nowadays, there is a wide range of attributes within the Diesel family. There are medicinal strains, fruity options, and savory flavors to choose from. Many, but not all, are Sativa-dominant. You might be curious about the top members of this incredible lineage. In this guide, you'll find the best Diesel weed strains so you can make the perfect match with the right bud.

Key Takeaways

  • Diesel weed strains have gained significant popularity due to their distinct and robust flavor, high THC levels (often reaching 20%), and energetic highs.
  • These strains have a gassy citrus scent and come in a variety of forms, including medicinal, fruity, and savory options. Many diesel strains are sativa-dominant.
  • The exact origin of diesel strains is somewhat unclear, but they are generally believed to be linked to the Chemdog and OG Kush marijuana strains.

Best Diesel Weed Strains

1. Lemon Diesel CBG

Botany Farms’ first indoor-cultivated flower was a partner collaboration with Herb, one of the greatest in the industry. Lemon Diesel CBG contains overwhelming fresh lemon and pine notes upfront, followed by an earthy butter finish.

As a true Sativa strain, it is best used in the morning since it boosts energy, focus, and mood, thanks to its 16% total cannabinoids content.

This limited edition batch was grown in living soil to bring out the full potential inside this strain’s genetics, so the results are the best for your mind and body once consumed. Also, Lemon Diesel is available as a CBG full-spectrum oil, testing at an incredible total cannabinoid concentration of 82.3%.

2. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is one of the most successful cannabis strains, with THC levels reaching as high as 19%. This resin producer from California surprises with dense, full-flavored smoke and a mind-blowing high.

This 70% Sativa was bred under the constant Californian sun and is born thanks to the crossing between Original Diesel with added Northern Lights, Shiva, and Hawaiian genetics, giving her outstanding qualities that gained this flower many loyal fans all over the world.

3. Bio-diesel

With an average THC level of 18% to 22%, Bio-Diesel is an ideal cannabis hybrid for both mental and physical relief. This amazing strain has a sour and spicy pungent diesel taste with a dank peppery inhalation and exhalation that will have you coughing after each toke.

The aroma is similar, with a dank and spicy undertone that is highly peppery too. It's a four-way cross of Sour Diesel, Sensi Star, Original Diesel, and NYC Diesel that delivers both powerful and balanced performance.

4. Diesel Dough

Diesel Dough, a sativa-dominant hybrid, is said to enhance creative thinking and social skills. Diesel Dough is a cross between Sour Diesel and Do-Si-Dos, an unintended creation of Archive Seed Bank, a well-known cannabis dispensary in Portland, Oregon.

Diesel Dough has a soft and nutty doughy flavor on the exhale, with traces of savory diesel and spicy kush. The scent is pungent and flowery, accented by spicy, kushy and savory diesel undertones. It grows stronger as the nugs are broken apart and burned away. It has a THC content ranging from 13% to 25% on average.

5. Diesel Train

Diesel Train is a Sativa-dominant hybrid created after crossing Sour Diesel and Trainwreck. Afghanistan, Colombia, and Mexico are the countries that grow this flower. It may have a fruity, spicy, earthy, sour, or piney flavor.

When smoked, this strain can cause euphoria, inspiration, relaxation, numbness, appetite gain, and pain relief. Slight anxiety and a dry mouth are two potential negative side effects once consumed.

6. Diesel Berry

With THC levels ranging from 15% to 18%, Diesel Berry is a cross of the ever-popular Berry Ryder and the multi-award-winning iconic NYC Diesel, resulting in an evenly balanced hybrid of Indica and Sativa.

The contrast of Berry Ryder's exotic, fruity flavor and NYC Diesel's strong diesel fuel tank provides the ideal smoking experience. The high is a powerful head rush that transitions to a deep Indica body buzz, reinforcing the strain's wide variety of medicinal properties.

7. Diesel Glue

Diesel Glue is suitable for more seasoned users and newbies who like to take a risk and go to the wild side, as NYC Diesel and Black Domina partner up for the ultimate Sativa-dominant hybrid with THC levels topping out at 20%.

The thick, bright green buds imitate bullets, and the strain's dense trichome coating makes it suitable for concentrates and extracts. When you smoke, fruit, spice, and fuel blend together for an intense taste that can cause coughing in some users.

8. Diesel Dawg

Diesel Dawg is an indica-dominant strain with an unspecified breeder and a lineage originating from Colombia, Mexico, and Afghanistan. It's a cross between Chemdawg and Sour Diesel, and it tastes like both, with layers of diesel, citrus, spice, sourness, and a touch of earthy forest.

The key effects are a sharp, well-adjusted buzz and enhanced visual and auditory awareness at first. The wavy, happy sensation keeps you alert and focused on your feet, as well as mentally disciplined for writing and other seated tasks after a couple of minutes. From time to time, it may seem to have sativa dominance.

9. Diesel Haze

From Flash Auto Seeds' expert cultivators, Diesel Haze is a sativa with a lot of taste, aroma, and THC (17%). This flower is a potent delight that develops rapidly and hits hard.

Diesel Haze carries the slightly tough scent of NYC Diesel under her partner bonnet, fuelled by a bouquet of fruity flavors. Diesel Haze offers a high energy boost due to its berry taste and fruity goodness.

10. Dieselicious

Dieselicious is a mostly Sativa strain from Freedom of Seeds with a THC content of 23% and 1% CBD. Thanks to its Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) parent and other great features of NYC Diesel, the coloration includes swirling violet hues, while the taste is diesel blended with juicy fruits.

This cannabis strain's high is characterized by a strong cerebral relaxation paired with euphoric stimulation while maintaining clarity. It's ideal for use during the day or at night.

11. Bubba Diesel

Bubba Diesel, also known as "Bubba D" or "Big Bubba Diesel,” is a 50/50 Indica/Sativa hybrid of the widely famous Bubba Kush X Sour Diesel strains. This variety has a THC content ranging from 18 to 23% on average and a range of sativa and hybrid effects.

Consumers describe this strain as a fast onset of a calmed, light-headed jubilant head high that happens within minutes of smoking. Its nugs have a soft, fresh fragrance with a bit of sour lemon and an earthy berry flavor that sweetens when you exhale.

12. Diesel Drift

Diesel Drift is a recently created sativa-dominant (70%) cannabis strain. Despite its potency, it has upbeat qualities that make it perfect for social activities and artistic endeavors. Diesel Drift from Heavyweight Seeds crosses Fruit Punch with New York Diesel to make a great Sativa strain.

The aroma and taste are very fruity, but there is a definite diesel fuel scent behind it. THC levels are high, at 18%, and CBD levels are not too elevated, at 1.3%. The result is a cerebral and physical high that is usually Sativa-like while also putting forth moments of inspiration and encouragement.

13. Diesel Kush

Diesel Kush is a Sativa-dominant strain with lovely, thick emerald buds coated in trichomes and calyxes. Diesel Kush is descended from strains produced in the United States by trans-Atlantic breeders.

Given that Diesel Kush's genetics are 60% Sativa, the remaining 40% Indica heritage shines through, as this flower is produced from its famous parent strains, Sour Diesel and OG Kush. This combination has resulted in a high-THC strain with a lot of flavor and flamboyance.

Diesel Kush provides cannabis enthusiasts with the exquisite flavors of lemon and diesel, as well as a full-body high that relaxes the body while keeping the mind alert.

14. Diesel THC Bomb

Diesel THC Bomb is a mixture that can lean toward the indica or sativa end of the scale, depending on the phenotype. THC levels have been reported to range between 20% and 26%, making this bud a versatile option for both newcomers and veterans of cannabis.

This strain treats anxiety, stress, chronic pain, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and insomnia. On the other hand, the Diesel THC Bomb's flowers have a dank, earthy fragrance with hints of wood and musk when properly cured. A detailed analysis shows some lemon hints that brighten the overall impression.

15. Diesel’s Three Kings 

Sativa-dominant hybrid Diesel’s Three Kings gets its name from its parentage: a three-way cross of Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush, strains that the cannabis community considers royalty.

The effects, which are mostly cerebral, reflect the Sativa genes in this strain, inducing a concentrated, energetic feeling that is ideal for daytime activities and a calm, happy feeling.

Diesel’s Three Kings has an earthy, hashy taste and a pungent diesel scent with notes of pine and soil, according to users and growers. THC levels are moderately high, topping 16% in some samples.

16. Diesel Moonshine

Diesel Moonshine results from the classic strain Sour Diesel cut with Mosca Seeds' prized male Old Time Moonshine. The result is a beautiful hybrid that blends all of the qualities you love about Sour Diesel with the stability, speed of production, and great structures that Old Time Moonshine offers.

Thanks to her delicious Diesel flavors and aroma, it's no surprise that this strain has become a favorite of many cannabis consumers because of its potent effect with THC levels ranging from 20% to 25% on average and because of the balanced Indica/Sativa ratio.

17. OGiesel

OGiesel is a well-balanced hybrid with a euphoric and calming high thanks to its 14 to 19 % medium THC content. Giesel and SFV OG Kush were used as breeding parents to develop this strain. The eventual high is incredibly euphoric, cheerful, and smiley.

When you take a hit from a joint filled with this strain, you'll feel a wave of euphoria wash through you. Then, this bud targets both the body and the mind in an uplifting and calming direction, making this strain suitable for an afternoon picnic or daily use. This hybrid has a heavy piney scent with good lemon undertones.

18. Chiesel

The Chiesel cannabis strain is a cross between Big Buddha Cheese and NYC Diesel. The THC content isn't especially high, but it is consistent, varying from 14 to 18 percent THC and 1.03 percent CBD. Chiesel has a pungent scent of stinky cheese and sour diesel, and it's also rich in those flavors.

This strain is popular among users with stress, anxiety, chronic pain, mood swings, and depression. A heavy yet calming body high that doesn't overwhelm the creative mind is what users should expect. You'll feel a burst of joy and a sense of readiness after just one hit.

19. California Sour Diesel

California Sour Diesel's buds are light green and have a spicy diesel scent. Humboldt Seed Company created California Sour Diesel and incorporated genetics from Sour Diesel Bx3 and Headband. Thanks to its parents, it can have a good cerebral and physical high. A mild THC content can make you talkative, productive, and energized.

20. Chemdawg Sour Diesel

Chemdog Sour Diesel (or Chem Sour) is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain developed by Reservoir Seeds. It incorporates winning genetics from Chemdog D and Sour Diesel.

This bud is known primarily for its harsh scent, which blends the aromas of each of its parent strains. It has an aromatic, sour diesel fragrance with a super strong chemical lemon smell that emerges as you burn the herb. THC levels range from 18.5 to 26%, while CBD levels are 0.2%.

21. Colorado Diesel

Colorado Diesel is a mix of Sour Diesel and Afghani #1 IBL intended to produce a strain that improves the usual Sour Diesel high while still offering a well-balanced high.

The bright green buds are trichome-covered with dark orange pistils and contain a welcome diesel funk. Colorado Diesel's high average THC content may provide you with creative energy while also ensuring a mellow body high that will keep you relaxed.

22. Blackberry Diesel

Blackberry Diesel is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain developed by crossing the popular East Coast Sour Diesel (ECSD) and Plushberry strains. Given the fact that this bud is difficult to come by, you'll be hooked after only one try.

This Sativa mainly resembles its Sour Diesel parent, with its distinct fuel aroma and euphoric cerebral effects. The ripe berry flavors of its Plushberry parent sweeten its tangy taste.

An intense joy takes over the mind almost immediately after the first puffs. With a THC content of 19 to 23 percent, it wraps users in a blanket of excitement that soothes aching hearts and exhausted spirits.

23. Sour Strawberry Diesel

MTG Seeds' Sour Strawberry Diesel is a variation from Sour Strawberry and Turbo Diesel's love. This diesel weed strain offers a soft, uplifting buzz that melts away tension and bad moods with a sweet and spicy fragrance that lingers in your mouth for a long time. Its flowers mature into chunky buds with red and purple hues carrying medium to high THC levels on average.

24. Cherry Diesel

The Cherry Diesel taste is exactly what it sounds like – cherry and diesel! As you grind and smoke the nugs, the scent follows the same pattern, with spicy, aromatic berries and rich foul-smelling diesel with a touch of herbs and earth.

It gets its cannabinoid and terpene profile from crossing Cherry OG and Turbo Diesel genetics. This diesel weed strain’s high is often described as arousing, giving users sustained energy and improved attention, thanks to THC levels ranging from 15% to 18%.

25. Chunky Diesel

Ganja Rebel Seed Co. for Cresco Labs bred Chunky Diesel as a West Coast specialty with classic origins, being Deep Chunk and the ever-popular Sour Diesel its parents. A pungent gas scent is layered with mild chocolate and coffee notes in this strain.

Chunky Diesel is a marijuana strain that creates clear-headed cerebral euphoria and enhances concentration and mood. This diesel strain energizes the mind, triggering laughter and chatter. As a result, stress is relieved, as are anxiety and depression.

26. Skunky Diesel

This Indica-dominant cannabis plant takes on a spicy, soft, citrusy quality, a potent cross between the extremely common Sensi Skunk X NYC Diesel strains.

This strain's high is certainly crippling, triggering slowness and brain fog that gradually devolves into a full-on couch-lock. As such, it may help with chronic pain, arthritis, inflammation, nausea, and migraines.

Skunky Diesel isn't as potent as she seems, with an average THC content of just 16%. Her nugs are stunning, with a thick structure and dark green and amber coloring.

27. Super Sour Diesel

Super Sour Diesel, also known as "Super Silver Sour Diesel," is a potent cross of the famous Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel strains. This strain has stress-relieving and pain-relieving properties, as well as promoting creativity and euphoria.

This diesel weed strain is stimulating, making it ideal for daytime or during social activities. The THC content of Super Sour Diesel is usually in the 18–20% range. When smoked, Super Sour Diesel is pungent and tastes like gasoline.

28. Blue City Diesel

Blue City Diesel is a marijuana hybrid strain that was created by crossing Blueberry and NYC Diesel. This strain, also known as Blue Diesel, produces a pleasant, moderate to long-lasting body buzz due to THC levels exceeding 23%. The citrus berry scent of Blue City Diesel buds is a joy for the senses.

29. Acid Diesel Hog

Acid Diesel Hog is a relatively evenly balanced hybrid strain that, depending on the breeder, can be slightly Sativa dominant or slightly Indica dominant. This diesel weed strain results from the crossing of the well-known HOG with an unknown strain that is shrouded in secrecy.

This bud creates a feeling of euphoria in the brain. Acid Diesel Hog enhances mood, reduces stress, and mitigates depression. After the buzz, there is a period of mild body relaxation.

It has a high THC content of 16–23% on average. It has a nose-numbing combination of dank, spicy scents, sharp, pungent fuel, and a touch of skunk chemicals. The flavor is equally potent, with a sharp skunky flavor layered over spicy dank and diesel.

30. Sweet Diesel

Sweet Diesel is an earthy hybrid between Sour Diesel and OG Kush that is thought to be as pure a sativa as a cannabis plant can get. This diesel weed strain produces a powerful head-heavy sensation with THC levels ranging from 10% to 18%, which isn't especially high. Sweet Diesel, which is most evident in the face and eyes, is excellent for reducing tension and enhancing focus.

31. Organic Diesel

Organic Diesel is an indica-dominant hybrid strain produced by crossing the powerful Diesel 48 and Diesel 77 strains. Since its growing methods are in accordance with what is labeled as organic in many other sectors, this bud is referred to as "organic."

The THC content of Organic Diesel has levels ranging from 16% to a shocking 28%. Organic Diesel has a heavy, gasoline-like aroma that veers into skunk territory. Organic Diesel's effects become evident not long after consumers have exhaled the acrid smoke.

32. White Diesel

This powerful hybrid is a cross between the legendary NYC Diesel and White Widow strains, with THC levels ranging from 20 to 22% on average. Prepare for an enlightening Sativa mind stimulation of senses that achieves euphoric focus right after you smoke.

This is accompanied by a mellow indica full-body relaxation and relief. White Diesel's buds have a fruity blend of lemon, grapefruit, and the diesel fumes that we've come to know from Sour Diesel strains.

33. Rocket Diesel

Rocket Diesel is a hybrid cross of Jet Fuel OG and Face Off OG Bx1, making it indica-dominant. It has a pungent, fuel-like flavor profile with hints of diesel and spice. This hard-hitting bud will have you startled and kicked back after only one toke, making it perfect for any mellow bud lover.

The high begins with a rush of lifted effects that move through your brain, leaving you feeling absolutely euphoric and unfocused for a long period. Rocket Diesel's incredible THC range of 23% to 29% may help with pain, stress, and depression.

34. Diesel Duff

Because of its Sour Diesel genetics, the effects of this strain are more Sativa-like. It's an excellent option for relieving stress and getting things done during the day, as long as your tasks aren't too time-consuming.

The moderate THC content has been estimated to be between 12 and 17%. The strain has a strong diesel fragrance and a smooth, rich diesel flavor with a citrus finish.

35. Wonder Diesel

It's no surprise that Wonder Diesel is a great strain with parents like Williams Wonder and East Coast Sour Diesel. This dank bud has a THC content ranging from 15 to 19 percent and a nice balance of indica and sativa effects.

The mental head high will make you inspired, productive, and cheerful, but with a slight sense of being grounded thanks to a mild couch lock and sedation. When you lit the Wonder Diesel buds, they release a pungent, earthy aroma with a diesel undertone.

36. Desert Diesel

Desert Diesel is an unusual, slightly sativa-dominant hybrid strain developed by crossing the classic Amherst Sour Diesel and Emerald Mountain DAD strains.

Desert Diesel is renowned for its super-mental clarity properties, achieved thanks to its 17–20% average THC level. It infuses you with the clarity of mind and ability to concentrate you need to handle everything on your to-do list with minimal effort and comfort.

This diesel weed strain also has a deliciously sweet and milky-sour fruity taste, as well as a lightly woody exhale that gets spicier as you smoke it. The scent is spicy diesel and sour citrus, and it gets stronger the more you smoke.

37. Capital City Diesel

Capital City Diesel is a 60/40 Indica/Sativa hybrid with a THC content of 23% on average. It has a sweet blueberry flavor with acrid diesel undertones. The scent is also powerful, with a heavy gassy effect and a soft berry hint.

This strain was created by crossing the potent Blueberry and NYC Diesel strains, giving it the ability to provide a euphoric high, an immediate mood boost, and a burst of productive frenetic energy. You'll be laser-focused on whatever comes your way.

38. Sin Diesel

Sin Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid obtained by crossing the popular Sin Mint Cookies and Sour Diesel strains. Each delicious toke of this strain is packed with energy and euphoria, making it the ideal daytime smoke for when you need a little extra boost.

It has a high THC content of 15–26% on average. As the nugs are broken apart and burned, the scent is of fresh fruits and rich fuel, with strong herbs and a hint of mint.

39. Logic Diesel

Mystic Kush and NYC Diesel crossed to make Logic Diesel. It has a skunky diesel scent and flavors that vary from sweet sandalwood to spicy petrol. The first effect of the Logic Diesel high is a euphoric energy boost that makes you want to walk around and participate in conversations.

Combined with its super strong 25% average THC level, these energetic results make Logic Diesel ideal for treating depression, chronic pain, fatigue, and chronic stress.

40. Raspberry Diesel

Raspberry Diesel is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, the legendary Sour Diesel and Sweet Cherry Afghani child.

A calming body high will crawl over you as your mind rises higher and higher into pure bliss, keeping you slightly couch-locked without compromising your energy level in the least.

Raspberry Diesel is commonly used to treat painful conditions due to its high average THC level of 18–21%. The scent is a pungent diesel overtone complemented by sweet fruits and berries that turn sour as you smoke, similar to its flavor.

41. LA Confidential Purple Diesel

LAPD is a well-balanced creation between the LA Confidential and Purple Diesel parent strains. The nuanced aroma of LAPD's lightweight red and purple buds is built on a flavorful mash-up of sweet grape, earthy pine, and spicy pepper.

This dank strain has a potent THC content ranging from 24–26% and an incredible, almost intimidating combination of effects.

You'll experience a dreamy, soothing Indica high that will leave you feeling thoughtful and creative. The body buzz is offset by a strong burst of productive cerebral energy that leaves you totally inspired and uplifted after a few more frustratingly slow minutes.

42. Sweet Harlem Diesel

Sweet Afghani was crossed with a lovely Sour Diesel to make Sweet Harlem Diesel, a nice blend of citrus and diesel notes. The resulting combination has a citrus-diesel scent and enlightening mental effects that hold the user alert, while the subtle body effects relax the limbs.

It's no surprise that this bud is an award winner, as it has taken home several prizes thanks to its high THC level of 10–16% and fast growability.

43. Raw Diesel

Raw Diesel was produced by crossing NYC Diesel with G13 Haze at G-13 Labs. The THC content of this strain is between 13 and 19 percent. Raw Diesel hits you with a blast of sour lemon diesel on the inhale, followed by an earthy haze exhalation that's surprisingly smooth, though a little harsh at times. This diesel weed wakes both the mind and the body, balancing the effects of its parent strains perfectly.

44. Romulan Diesel

Diesel and Romulan are the parents of Romulan Diesel. With a high THC level of 15–17%, a heavy taste, and intense cerebral impact, this celebrity child combines the best qualities of each of its parent strains and more.

Your brain will be slightly jumbled, unfocused at times, and completely out of it due to this. Romulan Diesel has a classic chemical diesel taste that is strongly sour and pungent, with an even stronger odor to match.

45. Jack Diesel

Jack Diesel is an energizing sativa that builds on the popularity of its parent strains. It's a cross between Jack Herer's well-balanced hybrid and NYC Diesel's famously pungent smell. The THC content of Jack Diesel has been estimated to be between 12 and 23%.

This diesel weed strain has woody flavors with sweet fruit undertones that produce strong, long-lasting Sativa effects. The invigorating sativa buzz is reminiscent of Haze strains, resulting in immediate relaxation accompanied by an energizing boost that activates imagination and appetite.

46. Sour Tangie Diesel

The THC content of Sour Tangie Diesel has been estimated to be between 15% and 30%, resulting in an inspiring head buzz that fills you with enthusiastic energy and a slight sense of attention. This head high is followed by a soothing and warming body buzz that relaxes you and makes you feel at ease.

Sour Tangie Diesel is a Sativa-dominant hybrid produced by crossing East Coast Sour Diesel and cult-favorite Tangie. This variety combines the classic Sour Diesel scent with Tangie's unique, elevating buzz and heavy citrus overtones to create a different blend.

47. Peaches and Diesel

Sweetwater Farms grew Peaches and Diesel, a Sativa-dominant hybrid born from Peaches and Cream x Sour Diesel's love. This strain has a distinct flavor of fresh peach and pungent diesel, with traces of sugar cream, sweet, sour diesel, and a dank scent.

In combination with its high 14–19% average THC content, Peaches and Diesel will give you a boost of vitality and a long-lasting cerebral lift that will bring your innovative ideas to the next level.

48. Strawberry Shortcake Diesel

Strawberry Shortcake Diesel is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain (75% Sativa, 25% Indica) from the classic Juliet and Strawberry Diesel strains. Strawberry Shortcake Diesel has an aromatic fusion of fuel and strawberries, thanks to this powerful lineage.

Due to its high average THC level of 18–23%, its effects will make you feel happy, with a touch of creative thinking and motivation, as well as an increase in focus.

49. CBDiesel

CBDiesel, or CBD Diesel, is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain (70% sativa, 30% indica) produced by mixing the classic Harlequin and Turbo Diesel.

Since this cannabis variety is so effective, with THC levels as high as 20% and CBD levels as high as 1–10%, it is perfect for alleviating the symptoms of several conditions, including chronic stress, depression, chronic pain, asthma, arthritis, and PTSD.

With a softly fruity exhale, this bud has a mild lemony pine scent. The scent is very similar, with a strong diesel undertone that disappears easily once the nugs have been burned away.

50. Turbo Diesel

This sativa-dominant powerhouse was developed by utilizing two legendary strains, Sour Kush and Sour Diesel, to produce a flavorful and robust terpene profile worthy of its name. THC percentages in Turbo Diesel are higher than normal, with some batches reaching up to 30%.

The high begins with a euphoric wave that hits the brain, catapulting you into a state of clean, vibrant mental clarity. This flower has a sweet and sour spicy diesel flavor and a potent earthy herbal aroma.

51. Pineapple Diesel

Pineapple Diesel is a psychoactive boost made after crossing Pineapple and Sativa Sour Diesel. This is a social strain with a strong but distinct cerebral impact.

THC levels are moderate, averaging about 18% on the high end, and CBN levels are around 2% in this mixed strain. The scent is similarly varied, with a dual zing of citrus and diesel.

52. Diesel Dipped Cookies

Diesel Dipped Cookies is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain (80% Indica/20% Sativa) grown by combining Girl Scout Cookies and Diesel. As you break the nugs apart and ignite them, the scent is pungent earth and sour diesel with a touch of spices and kush.

Their buds produce a calming and soothing effect. Even with a medium THC material, this strain will most likely slow down the process if focus-demanding tasks must be completed.

53. Chocolate Diesel

Chocolate Diesel is the flavor for you if you're looking for something really special and delicious. This diesel weed strain is a Sativa one that combines genetics from Sour Diesel and Chocolate Thai. This excellent bud has a rich, sweet chocolate taste with a spicy diesel overtone and sweet florals running through it.

Chocolate Diesel can easily be equivalent to a coffee cup; it's more than just a novelty that trades potency for taste. The THC content has been tested between 13% and 23%; hence, it has skyrocketing euphoric effects that run straight to the brain.

54. Diesel Ryder

Diesel Ryder was created by crossing an inbred NYC Diesel strain with the popular Lowryder #2 strain. The resulting flower produces THC levels of 17–19% on average.

It's like a more powerful version of NYC Diesel, with a fuel-like scent and faster performance without sacrificing consistency. The high of the Diesel Ryder cannabis strain combines the mental buzz of a sativa with the calming effects of an indica.

55. Grapefruit Diesel

Grapefruit Diesel is an Indica dominant hybrid (85:15 ratio) strain whose origins aren't hard to figure out: its parents are Grapefruit and NYC Diesel. Because of the THC levels ranging from 15% to 20%, this strain provides a long-lasting high that may appeal to both beginners and veterans to cannabis.

This diesel weed strain has a sweet citrus scent and a sweet grapefruit flavor with a touch of diesel on the exhale. Grapefruit Diesel gives users an immediate buzzy head high that gradually develops into an excited, euphoric, and imaginative head high that keeps them centered and inspired.

56. Diesel Fire

On exhalation, Diesel Fire has a bitter, pungent diesel taste with hints of rich earth and herbs. The aroma is also very powerful, with a strong spicy dank undertone and a sharp sour diesel finish.

Soon after your final toke, the Diesel Fire high impacts you with a stimulating rush that loads your mind with a jubilant tingly effect. Created through crossing the potent Fire OG X SFV OG X East Coast Sour Diesel strains, Diesel Fire is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain with a super high 25–30% average THC level.

57. Oregon Diesel

Named after its birthplace, this strain is known for its nighttime high, thanks to a reasonable THC level of 14–22% on average.

Oregon Diesel was created by crossing NYC Diesel and Blackberry to create a strong and hyper-relaxing strain that's perfect for stress relief, pain relief, and nights when you want to be stuck to the couch.

Its flower has a typical earthy diesel scent with aromatic pine and a taste of woody earth with a surprisingly good lavender diesel aftertaste.

58. Lilac Diesel

To create this flavorful chemy strain, Silver Lemon Haze X Forbidden Fruit X NYC Cherry Pie, and Citral Glue came together. Lilac Diesel has a THC potency of 21%, making it suitable for a wide range of consumers.

Aromas of sharp chemical diesel and sweet fruity berries are revealed as you tear apart each glistening little nugget, all with a spicy overtone. The taste of this diesel weed strain is light and airy, with a soft, fruity berry flavor complemented by sour citrus and pine. The high begins with a euphoric build, filling your mind with a tingly energy that encourages you to be more creative and focused.

59. High Country Diesel

High Country Diesel is an unusual indica-dominant hybrid strain made by combining OG Kush and Diesel. This diesel bud has a spicy herbal fragrance and a sweet, earthy diesel smell to contrast. With its mild 13–17% average THC level and 1% CBD level, the High Country Diesel marijuana strain triggers mild cerebral euphoria led by body-mind relaxation that uplifts the mood and boosts your energy.

60. NYC Diesel

The strain has a citrusy, sweet taste, often compared to red grapefruit, with a hint of diesel. Such a unique flavor produces a potent high that energizes and stimulates users' minds. NYC Diesel is a sativa-leaning strain created by crossing Mexican and Afghani landraces, and it has THC levels that can exceed 21%, making it a pretty effective medical alternative.

61. Banana Diesel

Banana Diesel has a nutty, chemical flavor and sweet, tangy traces of bananas thanks to its Sour Diesel genes. Moreover, Banana Kush and Super Sour Diesel's child has around 20% THC levels.

This strain has a mildly energizing hit accompanied by intense concentration, making it ideal for daytime use with effects that minimize unnecessary drowsiness.

62. Diesel

Many weed smokers are familiar with the word diesel. The strain is very potent, with a THC content of around 16 percent, but not enough to overpower seasoned smokers. Diesel has a unique flavor and fragrance profile, with orange, tropical fruit, and mandarin notes.

It is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a 30:70 ratio that will wake you up and give you a two-hour extra boost of energy. In no time, you'll be bouncing off the walls and coming up with intriguing and interesting ideas.

63. AC Diesel

AC Diesel is a sativa-dominant marijuana hybrid known for its long-lasting capacity and mood-boosting benefits. AC Diesel's CBD content is high, with a CBD-to-THC ratio of 1:0.1.

This diesel weed strain’s effects are moderate, with clean, clear-headed effects that will increase energy without causing any paranoia or anxiety. The nugs have a petrol and strawberry scent in them.

64. Black Diesel

Black Diesel's dense purple flowers have an impressive look and an extreme, favorable pungency with sour and fruity undertones, thanks to the genetics of NYC Diesel and Black Domina. This one is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a 70:30 ratio and a THC content of 17%. Only one hit will leave you in a world of relaxation and bliss.

65. 303 Diesel

This strain's genetics, as well as its scent, are heavily influenced by the diesel family. 303 Diesel’s scent is a mixture of heavy gas station fuel and green tea.

This strain is the product of a cross between Original Sour Diesel, ECSD, and NYCD. It produces a powerful physical and mental high that can be both uplifting and calming. Despite being a well-known strain, the THC average is still unknown.

66. Amherst Sour Diesel

Chemdog crosses with Amherst Super Skunk to create Amherst Sour Diesel. This strain emits wonderful hints of tropical fruit and wood, in addition to its gassy aromas. The results of this strain will not disappoint cannabis enthusiasts who love a good cerebral high, with 80% unique Sativa genetics and a grand total of 27% THC.

67. Orange Diesel

By crossing Sour Diesel and Agent Orange, two industry favorites, it produced this well-balanced 60/40 Sativa-dominant strain that combines the best of both parents into one bud.

As the name suggests, Orange Diesel smells like jet fuel and orange zest, with a deep earthy undertone. This strain's THC percentages average in the mid-teens, providing clear-headed and increased focus effects.

68. West Coast Diesel

This is one of the world's best diesel weed strains, with THC levels ranging from 22% to 26%. Because of its pungent chemical taste and scent, the West Coast Diesel Sativa hybrid is known as Kerosene Kush. It has calming and cerebral properties, making it perfect for a night out.

69. Snow Diesel

Snow Diesel is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid resulting from the classic East Coast Sour Diesel and the Snow Lotus. Snow Diesel contains a wide variety of diesel aromas, from sweet caramelized flavors to a dank, musky smell.

This is a bud for more advanced users who want their minds catapulted to the point of surreal ecstasy, with THC levels topping out at 23%.

70. Tangerine Sour Diesel

Tangerine Sour Diesel combines the classic Sour Diesel fragrance with Tangie's unique, elevating sensation and heavy citrus overtones to create a different fusion.

This strain is perfect for minimizing fatigue, depression, chronic stress, and muscle pain since it contains up to 22% THC. Moreover, its heavy lemon and citrus flavor and its diesel earthy and spicy aroma and cerebral high are a treat to the senses.

71. Purple Diesel

Purple Diesel is a cannabis hybrid produced by crossing Pre-98 Bubba Kush with Sour Diesel. This strain has a fuel-like fragrance of sweet lavender and grape traces that complement its colors when you sniff it.

Purple Diesel THC levels can vary from medium to high. According to those who have tried it, this bud’s high is similar to that of a standard Sativa bud: energizing, centered, and inventive.

72. Dieseltonic

This 50/50 hybrid is the product of a fascinating cross between NYC Diesel and a reverted Cannatonic. Dieseltonic is a medicinal variety that contains equal amounts of THC and CBD and is used to control mood disorders, pain, inflammation, spasms, and a variety of other symptoms.

As mood improves and confidence rises, the mind will remain clear, while the body will feel comfortable as aches and pains fade. It has a diesel-like smell and flavor, with chemical undertones mixed in with berries.

73. Chrome Diesel

This is a beautiful working strain because it keeps you focused while also relaxing you by lowering your stress levels. Chrome Diesel is a lot like Sour Diesel, with a powerful gas bud and a cloud of smooth smoke. It's gentle on the lungs and beneficial to the body and mind.

Chrome Diesel is an unknown parent clone-only strain with a diverse flavor profile of lemon, lime, pine, anise, diesel, and haze. Depending on the breeder, THC levels range from mild to heavy.

74. Red Diesel

Red Diesel combines NYC Diesel's distinct sweet and sour diesel flavors with California Orange, a reliable heavy producer, to boost yield and potency. This bud has a delightfully rich aroma with a spicy classic diesel overtone complemented with sweet citrus and a slight pungency.

Pleasant citrus and diesel flavors interact with an earthy, dank finish. Thanks to the 19–22% THC and 1% CBD content, an instantaneously trippy, feel-good high washes over you.

75. ChemDawg Diesel

This bud has an extremely potent taste and aroma that fills every space, but unfortunately, it is a complete challenge to find it. The scent is pretty harsh, with traces of sour diesel, heavy chemicals, and lemons, and the flavor is lemon ammonia with a tough exhale and a touch of sour diesel.

Chemdawg and Sour Diesel IBL are the parents of this 60/40 Indica/Sativa hybrid with an average THC content of 18%. The mind will settle into a subtly uplifting, joyous feeling after smoking ChemDawg Diesel or Chem DD. Then you'll become hungry, glued to the sofa, and lazy as a result of the warm tranquility.

76. Double Diesel

Double Diesel, the child of the award-winning NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel, provides a fantastic combination of energy and euphoria that Sativa-dominant hybrids are known for. Grapefruit notes rule the flavor profile, giving this strain a distinct musky fruit flavor.

THC levels can exceed 22%, making it extremely potent and not suitable for first-time users. Its high is incredibly liberating, uplifting one's mood and relieving tension from the day.

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