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THC gummiy for female arousal

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is intended solely for informational and entertainment purposes. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read here.

Cannabis indeed offers several benefits, from soothing muscle pain to helping treat symptoms of mental and physical illnesses and lifting your spirits after a stressful day at work.

You can use cannabis to manage almost everything you can imagine, depending on how you consume it and the level of tolerance you have.

But did you know that edibles can increase arousal and libido in people? Consuming cannabis before having a romantic evening with your partner can level up the game in the bedroom. Check out our best-selling edibles below.

Key Takeaways

  • Cannabis can increase arousal and libido, particularly in females, by enhancing the sensitivity to pleasurable stimuli.
  • Consuming cannabis before engaging in sexual activities can lead to several benefits, including reduced performance anxiety, increased comfort and creativity, and relaxation of the pelvis.
  • Cannabis products that can be used for enhancing sexual arousal and experience include THC-dominant strains like Do-Si-Dos and Wedding Cake, CBD-dominant strains such as Harlequin and Hot Blonde, and edibles like cookies and gummies.

Potential Benefits of Using Cannabis for Sex

Consuming cannabis can modify certain behaviors that will subsequently benefit arousal. The effects can help you feel more comfortable in your skin and put you in a much more creative attitude, which can add pleasure to your activities.

Moreover, using cannabis for sex could help you reduce any performance anxiety in your body and mind, allowing you to relax your pelvis.

Cannabis and the Female Libido

Although it is not scientifically proven, there is speculation that there is more dopamine activity when estrogen peaks during ovulation. As a result, people with vaginas experience a heightened sensitivity to pleasurable stimuli during ovulation. This, combined with THC, heightens your perception of sensations, which increases your sex drive.

Does the method of consumption matter? Most likely, yes. Because everyone reacts differently to cannabinoids, there is no exact formula to fit everybody. However, there are some key points you should take into account when choosing a cannabis strain: terpenes, method of consumption, and dosing.

Terpenes can impact the different effects of cannabis and how they affect people. To boost your libido, Indica dominant high THC hybrids with high levels of terpene Limonene will hit you fast with a body-warming euphoria before melting into complete relaxation. Check out our article on the best strains for female arousal to learn more.

Sex with cannabis is better because most arousal and performance is psychological, not physical, and in the age of constant distraction, stress and low self-esteem, if a little bit of cannabis makes you more relaxed, can help you stop overthinking and recognise your senses, then you have an ally for the bedroom.

Increased blood flow may also partially explain the heightened desire Many people have anecdotally said that the best edibles for sex reduced their own sexual anxiety, increased their sex drive, increased their sensation, helped them relax, and had many other positive benefits for sex and pleasure.

THC Dominant Strains to Try

Do-Si-Dos is a favorite among cannabis experts for its fantastic taste and scent. Its THC content is between 25 and 30%, a genuinely indica-dominant bud that produces waves of energy that soon turn into a cozy sensation and take over your body.

At the same time, your mind experiences deep relaxation. Another great cannabis strain for sex is Wedding Cake, a potent Indica modern and well-balanced hybrid strain that provides soothing and joyful effects that calm the mind and the body. It has more than 20% THC, and its primary terpene is limonene.

Some people want to increase their libido but are worried about pain. Well, there is evidence that cannabis can relieve pain, especially strains with higher CBD and terpenes such as Humulene, Myrcene, and beta-Caryophyllene.

CBD Dominant Strains to Try

Harlequin is a Sativa hemp strain that provides clear-headed effects with the ability to relax the body thanks to its high content of CBD. Many users consider it one of the most effective strains to treat pain and anxiety, with its primary terpene, Myrcene, amplifying painkilling properties.

As a hybrid strain with Indica properties, Hot Blonde is a great smoke for a relaxing, sexy evening. With this strain, you can remain functional since it will only allow your body to rest and wash away any anxious thoughts.

Some people might feel like rolls can make it too easy to get carried away. That is why edibles are the preferable option, as they are much more manageable because they take longer to process and attenuate the effects of THC by going through the digestive system.

Besides, it combines the perfect ratio of CBD and THC in the right potency so that it can keep you buzzed and incredibly chill for an entire passionate night.

7 Tips for Enhancing Intimacy With or Without Cannabis

Schedule Intimacy: Hey honey, we need to make time for each other. Try getting to bed a bit earlier, and for gods’ sake, don’t fall asleep when they are telling stories with your children. We all do it, right?

Preparation: Commit 25 minutes before sex to emotional housekeeping – such as checking your racing mind to see if it’s still buzzing about whether you took out the trash or sent that last Amazon order. Clearing that makes space for more focused togetherness.

Give Your Brain More Work: If you have a thought that’s not sexy, say it. It can feel perverse to draw attention to non-sexy thoughts – kind of like spinning your wheels – but you can get past the thought and back to sexy time by getting it out there.

Take your time: Remember, pleasure, especially female pleasure, isn’t completely up to the clock. Talk sweet to her, make sure she makes you feel special, and include plenty of foreplay – that’s an obvious correlation to a good climax.

Open Communication: Feedback is essential. Tell me something feels good so I can do it again. If something doesn’t work for you, tell me, and vice versa. You won’t be authentic to yourself and me if you stay silent. Chances are good that we can both enjoy it more when you do.

Set The Scene: Prepare the setting by creating the stimuli that you both find alluring. Consider lighting candles, playing a favourite playlist, or utilising scents that you both love. Creating a stimulating romantic mood will institute the tone for the scene and enhance the experience overall.

CBD: Try CBD or a CBD/THC blend with lots of CBD for the calm-you-down element (although some people might still prefer the ‘high’ in their mixture). It’s impossible to cut through the mental chatter without achieving some tranquility.

Although it might be difficult to be intimate with parents, creativity, communication and perhaps some CBD can undoubtedly help to forge enduring and pleasurable sexual connections.

Our Recommendations for Gummies Best Chocolate Edibles

Cookies from Big Pete's are not only delicious but deliver a precise 10mg of CBD to achieve a gentle uplift and relief of any anxiety and stress. They are an excellent option for a romantic dinner and preparation for the night ahead with your partner.

Kiva Confections is a top-rated brand in the edible-making industry. These chocolate bars include a high level of CBD and low THC. Shortly after consumption, the effects will fill your mind with an incredible amount of joy and pleasure.

Our Recommendations for Gummies

The Delta-8 Gummies from Botany Farms are the perfect option to induce your body into a state of total relaxation at the end of the day, which also contributes to a good night’s sleep. You can eat them any time of the day.

Each gummy contains 30 mg of Delta-8 THC and 2 mg of Delta-9 THC, making them one of the most potent edible products available. Find the dosage that works for you in a comfortable environment. You can start with ½ gummy and wait for the effects to kick in before ingesting more.

Although ingesting cannabis is a great way to achieve female arousal, THC and CBD-infused topicals can increase the blood flow to enhance sensitivity, sexual response, and more powerful orgasms.

Since oil-based lubricants are not latex-friendly, they can damage latex condoms and possibly your toys. Besides, they are pretty hard to wash off, not only from your body but also from your clothes and sheets, which can leave stains.

Water-based lubricants are always recommended. Check out our article about sex on edibles to learn more.

Best Topicals

This Original Mint Spray dosed with 5mg of THC, carries a sweet minty flavor that kicks in after an hour of being swallowed or less if you hold it under your tongue for sublingual absorption. Made with naturally refreshing terpenes from natural peppermint, and the effects can last up to 8 hours.

Relief + Recovery CBD Balm is a full-spectrum hemp extract containing 400mg of CBD in 0.67 ounces or 1200 mg of CBD in 2 ounces of product—made with organic ingredients like mango butter and organic beeswax. It comes in mint, cedar, citrus, lavender, and other unscented varieties.

Finally, Velvet Swing is a water-soluble cannabis lubricant containing both THC and CBD and a blend of terpenes designed specifically for sexuality. It improves blood flow, sensation, and orgasmic potential. It will not get you high if applied to the genitals, but it can if used orally or anally.

Don’t be scared to try any of these products. Set the mood, battle the nerves, and make sex a more memorable experience. The options are almost limitless for you. Find the one that works best, and have the time of your life.

If it is your first time to try any of these products, use them during a solo play to see how your body reacts and know what to expect if you have another opportunity. Always communicate with your partner and let them know that you want to try something else. Clear boundaries and consent are the keys to great sex.

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Note: This article is provided by Botany Farms for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The content is intended to offer insights into the practice of dabbing and the use of cannabis concentrates, reflecting current knowledge and research within these areas. It is not aimed at diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any diseases or health conditions. As the legal status of cannabis varies across different regions, it is the responsibility of the reader to be informed about their local laws regarding cannabis use. Botany Farms advises all readers to consult with a healthcare professional before making any decisions about cannabis consumption to understand fully the potential risks and benefits. Botany Farms and the authors of this content disclaim all liability for any adverse effects that may arise from the use of information provided in this article.

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