The Best Edibles for Male Arousal in 2024

Best edibles for male arousal

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is intended solely for informational and entertainment purposes. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read here.

Dilated pupils, rapid heart rate, sweaty hands, nervousness. There are times when the excitement is so intense that you feel your bones will explode, if you know what we mean. These are indicators of low male arousal.

For millennia, there have been different and numerous medicines to help men achieve better arousal or improve their sexual experience. Aphrodisiacs are nothing new, and since immemorial times, both women and men have been using natural compounds to enhance their sex lives in different ways.

But what do cannabis and cannabis edibles have to do with all of this? Well, did you know that the right cannabis strain can actually boost arousal, increase sensitivity and sex drive, and help you have the best sex of your life?

This article will delve into how cannabis can boost your sexual health, the specific benefits it could bring you, and recommend some of the best edibles for male arousal. Here at Botany Farms, we've got you covered.

Key Takeaways

  • Certain strains and edibles can enhance male sexual health since the human brain, including the hypothalamus, which regulates erectile functions, and sexual organs are rich in cannabinoid receptors.
  • Cannabinoids can significantly impact sexual functions, with reported benefits including increased sex drive, enhanced orgasms, reduced discomfort during sex, and overall more pleasurable sexual experiences.
  • The method of intake (smoking, vaping, or edibles) plays a crucial role, as it affects the manageability and control of the cannabis effects.
  • The various cannabis products that can be used to enhance male arousal include THC-dominant products for a psychoactive high and CBD-dominant products for relaxation without intoxication.
  • Topicals like lubricants and massage oils can enhance sexual activity by increasing blood flow and sensitivity in erogenous zones.

Benefits of Using Cannabis for Sex

Cannabis is, without a doubt, one of the most controversial plants of the last century. However, thanks to the large number of benefits it can bring to human health, laws regarding its restriction will change almost worldwide.

Nowadays, many people use cannabis to treat an exponentially growing range of medical conditions, and sexual health is not excluded from this group. The region of our brain responsible for regulating erectile functions is the hypothalamus, which is full of endocannabinoid receptors.

Our body’s sexual organs and sexual tissue are also full of cannabinoid receptors. This means that cannabinoids can have a significant impact on the development of our sexual functions. Although this issue is still subject to mixed opinions and information is needed to make concise claims, numerous studies and user reports suggest that cannabis can positively affect people's sex lives.

Some of the benefits mentioned in these studies and reports about using cannabis for sex are:

  • Increase sex drive: Both scientific studies and user reports show that the use of cannabis could increase sexual desire.
  • Enhance orgasm: Although it is not completely clear how or why, many users claim that cannabis increases the intensity of orgasms. This may be because cannabis increases sensitivity, especially when you use some Indica strains.
  • Reduces discomfort: The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis can help in more ways than one to reduce any type of physical discomfort or pain, which can translate into a more pleasant sexual experience. In women, when consumed in the correct dose, the soothing qualities of cannabis do not affect lubrication in any way, which is very important for satisfactory sexual relations.
  • More pleasurable sex: More than 60% of users in studies report a more pleasant sexual experience when using cannabis than those who had never tried it.
  • Improves libido: Especially in patients who use prescription drugs, specifically anxiolytics, cannabis could be a great help since most of these prescribed drugs can tremendously affect libido and sexual desire. In older patients, a little cannabis can increase sexual desire and the frequency of sexual activity.

Nevertheless, we must highlight that each physiognomy can respond differently to cannabinoids. Therefore, the specific benefits that cannabis can bring may vary somewhat from person to person, depending on various factors.

Cannabis and the Male Libido

Our body’s endocannabinoid system plays a crucial role in regulating functions such as homeostasis, relaxation, and pleasure in both men and women. When the cannabinoids in edibles or cannabis flowers we smoke activate this system, they relax us with increased satisfaction and decreased pain or physical discomfort.

This kind of stimulation could lead to more intense arousal and make sex even more enjoyable. Besides that, some experts claim that people who use cannabis tend to have more and better sex because they put less pressure on themselves when high.

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, conducted by Stanford University Medical Center assistant professor of urology Dr. Michael Eisenberg, may directly relate cannabis use to an increased libido. This study, which collects data from the National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG) of 28 thousand women and more than 23 thousand men, showed that men who had never used cannabis had sex 5.6 times in the four weeks before the interview.

On the other hand, male cannabis users raised this figure to 6.9 on average. In the case of women, the tendency continued and was even more prominent. Female cannabis users reported having sex 7.1 times, compared to 6 times that non-cannabis users reported having in the previous four weeks before the survey.

However, finding the best cannabis strain or edible to increase female arousal, just as in men, is a process of trial and error. The "best" option will always depend mainly on the needs or conditions of each user, regardless of gender. The results of this study were the same regardless of marital status or race, directly linking cannabis use with increased sexual desire.

Eisenberg's studies on human and rodent models showed that cannabis use could generally increase arousal. Nonetheless, these same studies showed that chronic cannabis abuse or use could decrease sperm count and, in some cases, make it difficult to reach orgasm.

Although this study has good credibility, some professionals are not entirely satisfied with the applied variants. Sexologist Nick Karras, author of "The Passionate High: A Guide to Using Cannabis For Better Sex and Creativity," recommends experimenting with small amounts of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains to see which one works best.

In addition to this, the aphrodisiac properties of cannabis occur only in low to moderate doses, and things like the manner of intake can also play a significant role in the results.

For example, some experts recommend vaping or smoking cannabis, especially when learning how to use it. This way, the dose of cannabis you ingest and the effects are more manageable and controllable since you will experience them almost immediately, thus avoiding overshoot with edibles and running the risk of causing unsatisfactory situations.

On the other hand, if you consider yourself a bit more of a cannabis expert, including some cannabis edibles for male arousal could come in just as well as any strain. Most edibles come in well-specified dosages, and if you know your limits, experimenting with edibles to improve sex can put a highly pleasurable twist on your intimacy.

Also, check out the best cannabis strains for male arousal.

​THC Dominant

THC only adds to that, infusing its high with the perfect mood for turning up the heat. THC is also an acknowledged stimulant to creativity. Then, there’s the fact that the THC high naturally causes people to be verbal, which is useful for intimacy. It’s possible that the THC high blasts any shyness out of your head, which added with your boosted creativity could inspire you to experiment with sexual positions with your partner that you never would have contemplated when sober.

Second, THC has a natural inclination to flex your communication muscles, helping you to frankly, even embarrassingly, verbally express your needs, desires or curiosities. While a little touch of Delta 9 can lend an exciting and pleasant hue to the enjoyment of your escapades, too much THC can pull the opposite reaction of one you’re seeking.

The THC high can create cannabis panic that blocks one’s sexual urges As a previous discussion on this topic points out, THC-heavy cannabis could raise your anxiety level, rather than mitigating it. That’s why, when we say that marijuana can be a sexual enhancer, that what can enhance your sexual needs is marijuana that works expertly inside the body best suited for your demands.

​CBD Dominant

With more than 100 known cannabinoids (even cannabis naïfs apparently understand this basics) and unique physical features, CBD stands out as the most likely candidate for enhancing our sexual lives. In fact, ubiquitous in cannabis intimacy products, including, of course, lube, is CBD rather than THC. Anti-inflammatory and especially calming, most products that position themselves as sex enhancers sing the praises of CBD over THC.

Attributing increased blood flow to the reproductive glands and supple tissues in the clitoris, vaginal and penile regions, CBD is touted for multiple rewards, not least increased sensitivity, allowing the primed body to achieve more natural lubrication. Alongside CBD fueling the proverbial fire, it may facilitate the initial chill: sex without the dry spell or the jitters—a relaxing aid in the armoury of cannabis sex. Lastly, but by no means least, every so often, we all deserve a sex life boost.

Step forward CBD bolstering anandamide – otherwise known as the cuddle hormone synonymous with oxytocin, linked to happiness, and thus a worry-buster in other words, a pre-coital self-esteem booster. CBD, then is an enhancer of anandamide, an appealing perk of using chef’s cannabis (aka edibles) for male arousal. Lest we forget, this mild milder, of molecular magic, although considered a more potent depersonaliser than THC, does not induce intoxicating effects – not least the munchies.

CBD is a pure feel good hit, putting you in the mood for romance without the THC incumbent hangover or the sky-high high. This is why many manufacturers of cannabis sex products lean toward using CBD rather than THC as their formulation ethos for edible, oils, gel-based or topical cream excitement – with no reported histories of dryness or bad trips.

​Best Chocolate Edibles

Chocolate already enjoys fame as an aphrodisiac. Many people consider it a quintessential sexual enhancer, and they are correct since chocolate helps us release endorphins, which translate into an immediate feeling of well-being. In addition, chocolate also contains pleasure-releasing substances such as theobromine, phenylethylamine, and dopamine.

Imagine that you add a little cannabis to all this combination of natural substances to stimulate pleasure. This is what we talk about when we refer to chocolate cannabis edibles. There are currently some chocolate cannabis products specifically designed to enhance sex; some of them are mixed with other aphrodisiac herbs or sexual enhancers to amplify the experience further.

Here are some excellent chocolate cannabis edibles:

  • Green Roads CBD Dark Chocolate Bars: These dark chocolate bars are vegan-friendly and combine delicious artisan dark chocolate with 62% cocoa and 180mg of hemp-derived cannabinoid extracts delivered in doses of 15mg per piece.
  • Dixie Birthday Cake White THC Chocolate Bar: This is perfect for users looking to enjoy a mild THC high accompanied by a delicious flavor. Dixie Birthday Cake combines 8mg of THC with a delightful vanilla frosting flavor with just the right amount of sweetness and THC, not too strong and not too weak.
  • Sensi Chew Amoré Aphrodisiac 50mg THC Chocolate: Sensi Chew Amoré is a small but powerful edible low-calorie chewy chocolate candy with THC. The total of the package contains 50 mg of THC, distributed in servings of 5mg per piece. These edibles are perfect for sex enhancement. It is infused with cannabis and Tongkat Ali to enhance sexual desire and increase sexual stamina.

​Best Gummies

If you are inclined to sweets like candies or gummies rather than chocolate, then you should know that there is also a world of edible possibilities available to you to improve sex.

There are many brands of cannabis-infused gummies currently available on the market. To choose the right one for you, you must first lay your foundations. What do you think is your ideal dose? Do you prefer gummies with THC, CBD, or both? Whatever your preferences are, here's a list of the best edibles for male arousal in the form of tasty gummies:

Botany Farms Delta-9 THC Gummies: These delicious watermelon-flavored gummies are loaded with therapeutic power. Each gummy contains 10mg of THC and 14mg of CBD to balance the recipe. In sum, you will have one of the most balanced, complete, and completely legal edibles with the highest THC and CBD currently available on the market.

Delta-8 Gummies: This product can be for more experienced cannabis users since it carries a high content of Delta-8 THC of 30mg and 2mg of Delta-9 THC. These delicious Delta-8 THC gummies come with an exquisite tropical flavor blend of peach, pineapple, and mango. Due to the power of this edible, we recommend starting with a dose of 1/2 gummy and seeing how the high evolves to find the best dose for you.

Botany’s CBD Gummies: These broad-spectrum hemp oil-infused gummies are a true winning deal for users looking to experience all the benefits of cannabis without the THC high. Each of these gummies contains 25mg of CBD combined with delicious natural fruit flavors and all the therapeutic power you could expect from a high-quality CBD gummy.

​Best Topicals

Ingesting cannabis is a great way to obtain the benefits of this plant to improve sexual experiences. However, cannabinoids can also act on a topical level and could actually make you and your partner experience new horizons of pleasure.

Some cannabis-infused topicals are specially designed to enhance sexual activity and offer users new and pleasurable experiences. Lubricants such as balms and ointments can increase blood flow to some erogenous regions, improve sensitivity and sexual response, and enhance orgasms. Some of the best cannabis-infused topicals currently available are:

  • Quim Night Moves: This is a lubricant based on essential oils of various aphrodisiac herbs such as Damiana, tea tree, and cannabis, which will give you stimulation and an unforgettable sexual experience that your partner will love as much as you will. Not only this, but it will also keep any infection or fungus at bay due to the antiseptic and antifungal properties of these oils.
  • Foria Weed Lube: Foria is a sensual-enhancing lubricant made from cannabis oil and coconut oil that will undoubtedly make you understand what mind-blowing really means. This lubricant can increase blood flow, improve sensitivity, and make orgasms more intense and prolonged just by applying a few strokes to your erogenous zones and those of your partner.
  • CBD 3-in-1 Massage Candle: Without a doubt one of the hottest topics on the list, literally. This cannabis topical takes the meaning of romance to a whole new level. This is a sex-enhancing CBD 3-in-1 massage candle that combines the romance of candlelight with the exhilaration of massage oil. Each candle contains 60mg of CBD that transforms into an exciting topical CBD oil as it melts.

Create Intimate Moments with Botany Farms

There is a natural, effective way to enhance your intimacy. Botany Farms offers a curated selection of cannabis products, from soothing CBD to stimulating THC options. Whether you're seeking to increase sensitivity, boost your libido, or simply add a spark to your romantic life, our collection has something for everyone to try.

Enhance your experience with our range of artisanal cannabis flower, each carefully cultivated to ensure the highest quality and potency. Feel the difference that nature's aphrodisiac can make in your personal life. Visit Botany Farms' Flower Collection today and take the first step towards more fulfilling and enjoyable intimate experiences.

References for this Article:

Note: This article is provided by Botany Farms for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The content is intended to offer insights into the practice of dabbing and the use of cannabis concentrates, reflecting current knowledge and research within these areas. It is not aimed at diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any diseases or health conditions. As the legal status of cannabis varies across different regions, it is the responsibility of the reader to be informed about their local laws regarding cannabis use. Botany Farms advises all readers to consult with a healthcare professional before making any decisions about cannabis consumption to understand fully the potential risks and benefits. Botany Farms and the authors of this content disclaim all liability for any adverse effects that may arise from the use of information provided in this article.


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