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A glowing Gleaux strain

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Although the classic hemp strains have a special place in our hearts, you can’t deny that it is exciting to try the new buds that come out with every harvest season. Breeders constantly develop genetics that appeals to our needs, preferences, and well-being, creating exciting buds for us to enjoy.

Among the newly released hemp strains, we find Gleaux flowers. Some of them already debuted on the market, causing quite the stir for their exceptional properties. Some others are still on hold, and many users are already waiting for their favorite cannabis dispensary to sell them.

This article will walk you through some of the best Gleaux strains we have met so far to tempt you to try new buds. Want to try some of the best strains from our garden?

Alpen Gleaux Strain

The Alpen Gleaux is an Indica-dominant CBD flower strain that is unique in each of its characteristics. Whether its appearance, floral terpene profile, and exquisite flavor, the Alpen Gleaux is an autoflower cultivar that has it all.

Alpen Gleaux Appearance

This strain genuinely has a one-of-a-kind appearance. Its dark purple buds with dark shade orange hairs are covered in glistening trichomes, making it impossible not to recognize it whenever you see it. The buds are bouncy and quite sticky and resinous with a tight structure.

Since the Alpen Gleaux strain is an autoflower cultivar, it is rare to produce fluffy, large buds. Usually, autoflowers generate small, compact buds. For this reason, many farmers love to add this plant to their catalog.

Alpen Gleaux’s Aroma and Taste

These flowers are aromatic and potent, thanks to their terpene profile. Caryophyllene and Guaiol allow this strain to smell of sour lemon, cedar undertones with hints of sweet candy. Moreover, it has a smooth burn that produces a citrus flavor with floral notes.

Alpen Gleaux’s Effects

The Alpen Gleaux strain has a slow onset that melts into a relaxing and uplifting feeling. It is the ideal strain for you to unwind after a long day or if you just want to have a chill afternoon.

Because of its heavy Indica properties, many users have reported that the Alpen Gleaux strain helps them sleep better and manage their anxiety. For this reason, we highly recommend you try this bud if you suffer from insomnia, anxiety, or depression.


Terpenes – 0.383% CBDA – 9.391% D9 – THC – ND% THCA – 0.344% CBGA – 0.138% CBC – ND% Total THC – 0.302% Total Cannabinoids - 10.716%

You can expect the best Gleaux strains by the end of the year as Botany Farms will release two tremendous new strains, Blackberry Glue Gleaux and Shaolin Glue Gleaux. Expect to hear more of their unique effects, flavor, and smell in the future. For now, here is a brief info about the two strains. Expect to hear more once they are released, coming really soon!

Blackberry Glue Gleaux

Berry Blossom and Alpine Gleaux produced a strain as unique as its terpene profile. Blackberry Glue Gleaux gives off dark cherry, candy, grape, and lavender notes. Its effects will provide you with a relaxing and euphoric experience that is undoubtedly different from other flowers available on the market.

Shaolin Glue Gleaux

High Alpine Genetics created this vivacious strain to make vigorous hybrid F1 fast-flowering CBD crosses. The Shaolin Gleaux flower shows a high and potent medicinal value thanks to its composition. Its terpenes percentages are amazingly high, and it includes Terpinolene, Myrcene, and Limonene.

You can instantly smell the frape, citrus, and bubble gum scents. With less than 1% THC, the Shaolin Glue Gleaux strain is one of the most extraordinary CBD flowers to exist on the market. Stay tuned to try these amazing buds.

We know it is difficult to wait for such amazing strains to come out so, while you wait for them, why not visiting our garden? Botany Farms’ strains have excellent CBD levels to help you be your best version through the most challenging day.

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