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Best Grape Strains

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While we all love cannabis for its wonderfully relaxing, uplifting, and fun effects, there is one particular thing that makes us gravitate towards specific strains: terpenes. A particular combination of these compounds will completely change the taste and smell of a strain and even influence the final effects it has.

And among the many popular varieties that exist, grape strains are certainly the most popular combination of flavors for fruity cannabis lovers. Why do strains smell like grapes? What are the best grape strains?

In this article, we will answer all these questions and show you how to delight your body with an irresistible blend of fruity flavors. We've got a great selection of strains from our garden.

Key Takeaways

  • The grape aroma in cannabis strains is attributed to their specific terpene profiles, which they share with actual grapes and wine.
  • Common terpenes like linalool, geraniol, and myrcene contribute to the grape-like aroma and can influence the strain's effects on the user.
  • Grape strains have varied genetic backgrounds, resulting in a wide range of THC levels and effects. This diversity underscores the importance of understanding a strain's genetics and potency before consumption.

Why Do Strains Smell Like Grapes?

We have all tried at least one grape weed strain in our lives, but do we know why it smells like that? The answer lies in terpenes.

These aromatic compounds are present in thousands of plants, flowers, and fruits, giving each variety its own unique smell. They exist in cannabis, too. Grape strains share the same terpenes as actual grapes and wine. The most common terpenes to create this profile are linalool, geraniol, and nerol, although this finding only applies to specific grape varieties.

However, other terpenes like myrcene also create a red grape-like aroma and fruity notes, adding to the smell of these buds. How do terpenes change the properties of a strain? If you like to learn about cannabis science, check out our complete list of terpenes and effects and expand your knowledge about the natural world.

Now that you know more about grape marijuana, it is time to find out what the best buds are to look for. Prepare your wallet for some flower shopping after reading our pick of the best grape strains.

1. Grape Ape

The first bud on our list of the best grape strains is a total icon. Grape Ape is a potent indica that will fill your lungs with a soothing, mellow high. Although several versions of this dense flower exist, the most famous lineage is Mendo Purps x Skunk x Afghani. Isn't that too good to be true?!

Grape Ape contains about 16.5% THC and 13.17% THCA. Therefore, its effects can be very potent for beginners. However, those with better handling of the high will experience a feeling of calm and relaxation accompanied by delicious grape flavors and hash notes. Still, the best part of the Grape Ape strain is that it is perfect for those suffering from stress, insomnia, anxiety, pain, and nausea.

2. Grape Bubba

Continuing with strains coming from iconic buds, the Grape Bubba strain deserves its special spot in this list. This cross between Purple Urkle and Bubba Kush is an indica treasure that has fascinated smokers for its manageable yet potent high.

This glowing bud has a strong Limonene content, which matches its grapey and earthy tones. Moreover, expect a copious amount of resin to stick to your fingers and grinder, perfect for using in the future for more potent joints.

With its THC content, you will feel a mellow high that won’t take you to bed but instead will relax your mind and allow you to peacefully listen to music and enjoy the end of the day.

3. Grapeology

The next strain definitely needs its own field of study because we still don’t understand how such a delicious flower could ever exist.

Grapeology is an indica dominant strain that comes from the Grape Skunk x Grape Pie strains, and it is the perfect choice for classic indica lovers. As you break the nugs, hints of grape, skunk, and earth reach your nose, giving you a sudden urge to pack your bowl. Then, the smoke delivers sweet grape flavors with sour candy and spicy notes.

Combined with its 18–20% THC level, you get a smooth smoke that will help you focus and relax, making you easily carry on conversations with those around you. Thanks to its properties, the Grapeology strain is excellent for treating conditions such as chronic pain, mood swings, headaches or migraines, and chronic stress or anxiety.

4. Grape Durbs

If you are a Durban Poison lover, its son won’t disappoint you. The Grape Durbs strain is a cross of Grape Pie and Durban Poison, offering a strong indica effect that will expand through your body and mind with its 23% THC content.

The top effect of the Grape Durbs strain is its uplifting properties, which make you feel happy and creative. Thus, we think you should use this fruity, sour-sweet, and piney bud when devoting yourself to artistic endeavors.

5. Grape Gas #7

Get ready to pump some gas in your tank with the mysterious Grape Gas #7. Everyone has a different take on where this bud comes from, but we believe it comes from Purple Haliatosis #4 x The Truth strain. Thus, its hybrid genetics make it produce tall and strong plants with a delicious terpene profile.

The Grape Gas #7 strain has diesel, grape, and earthy tones that make it a total powerhouse. Start your day with an energizing boost and tackle that to-do list with the dizzying head buzz of this strain.

6. Grape Calyx

As wild as cannabis genetics get, no flower can beat the impressive lineage of the Grape Calyx strain. First, Calyx Garden crossed Durban Poison with Master Kush. But they decided it wasn’t iconic enough, so they took the child and crossed it with SFV OG and then with Platinum Girl Scout Cookies.

The cherry on top was the final cross between the last result and Purple Pineapple. With such fantastic lineage, one can only assume the result is an insane smoke with powerful highs, and that’s exactly what the Grape Calyx strain is.

This bud contains about 25–28% THC and a sweet grape flavor laced with spicy and citrus notes. Thus, even if the taste is a treat to the senses, you should not smoke too much of this bud: it will leave you totally stoned.

7. Grape Inferno

Hell doesn’t seem so bad if you know it will bring you a grape and wildflower-like aroma. The Grape Inferno strain isn’t as scary as it may sound; in fact, its 17–19% THC content is still gentle on newbies, helping them level up their smoking game.

This 100% indica strain has a Nepalese and Thai lineage, resulting from a cross between Nepali OG and Querkle. Thus, it is a suitable strain for nighttime use that will calm you and elevate your mood, allowing users to unwind after a hard day. However, make sure to have a cold glass of water and snacks next to you; the cottonmouth effect of the Grape Inferno strain is no joke.

8. Grape Cookies

When discussing the best grape strains, this bud always comes up as one of the most iconic grape marijuana varieties. The Grape Cookies strain comes from the iconic GSC strain and Grape Kush.

With its 19–21% THC content, the balanced effects of this hybrid will help you relax with a sweet touch of grape and berry flavors. The great Grape Cookies strain builds up its high slowly, generating a potent cerebral euphoria that will make you feel happy.

Moreover, your mind will feel at ease, helping you treat anxiety or depression. In addition, users can find great anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects after smoking this grape strain.

9. Grape Candy

You are never too old to have a jawbreaker. These delicious candies were part of our childhood, but adults can add a little twist to this classic treat. The Grape Candy strain is a rare indica bud that will take you back to the old, sweet days.

This bud comes from the crossing between White Lemon and Purple Pantera. Thus, its aroma packs a pang of sour citrus and creamy grape flavors that will make your mouth water.

However, the real spotlight goes to the Grape Candy effects, as they will give you the perfect lazy day with its hazy feeling and soothing properties. Moreover, you will enjoy better sleep and pain relief thanks to its 20-24% THC level.

10. Grape Drink

Stock your fridge with the fruity Grape Drink strain. This cross between Grape God and Kimbo Kush has impressive colas and multicolored flowers packed with 15-23% THC and a relaxing, unique sensory experience.

Just like other indica varieties, the Grape Drink creates a high that takes some time to manifest. However, the effects kick in a headrush that makes you feel elevated and creative. Your senses become more active than usual, and thanks to its trippy properties, you will have some giggles and fun conversations with friends.

11. Grape Gasoline

When you feel like you can’t make it to the end of the day, a toke of the Grape Gasoline strain will give you the final push you need to sit back and relax. This Grape Pie and Jet Fuel Gelato child contains about 17% THC and an irresistible grape, cookie dough, and fuel that will take you to bed smoothly.

Furthermore, its high myrcene content makes the Grape Gasoline strain effective for pain relief and anxiety, helping you unwind and rest as you deserve. Make the last minutes of the day memorable with one of the best grape strains to exist.

12. Grape Vine

Wine lovers may know almost everything about grapes, but we see this vine is unknown to them. Grape Vine crosses Grape Ape with Do-Si-Dos to give you a funky grape flavor and thick trichomes packed with 17% THC.

The long-lasting effects of this indica bud will give you deep sedation after filling your body with physical energy. A euphoric buzz will take over your mind while physical calm washes over you, taking you to bed before you know it.

Overall, the Grape Vine strain is one of the best grape strains if you are dealing with insomnia and stress.

13. Killer Grape

If you thought there was nothing that could overthrow the Killer Queen strain, think twice. Its child, Killer Grape, keeps its mother’s stony effects while adding a beautiful purple color and breathtaking flavors from Querkle.

This Indica strain has a strong high that contains 16-18% THC and sage, grape, and nutty flavors. Thanks to its great lineage, Killer Grape will give you a euphoric and sleepy high, making it perfect for an evening reunion with friends and relieving pain and stress.

14. Planet of the Grapes

Grape lovers may find heaven on Earth with the charming flavors of the Planet of the Grapes strain. Although it is a 70% indica bud, the Planet of the Grapes is the place where energetic creativity and euphoria reside.

These dense silver buds come from crossing Grape Diamonds with Chem D 95, which bestows upon its child a strong 27% THC content that makes users feel talkative, groovy, and slightly sedated.

Moreover, its grape and diesel notes finish with a refined floral taste that you can sense better when using the kief that the Planet of the Grapes leaves in your grinder.

15. Alaska Thunder Grape

Prepare yourself for the most beautiful storm you’ll ever see. The Alaska Thunder Grape is an Indica strain with white and purple buds that take your breath away. This bud has genetics from Matanuska Thunder Fuck and Grape Ape, inheriting floral flavors of lavender and hibiscus, and peppery, grape, and slight skunky notes.

The 18% THC content of the Alaska Thunder Grape will hit you by surprise, taking your head to a place where euphoria takes over, eliminating any stress or anxious thoughts you have. Then, your body immerses itself in a relaxing buzz, sending waves of calm through your limbs. The Alaska Thunder Grape strain is one of the best ways you can find rest and peace of mind.

16. Cascade Grape

Swim in the mysterious waters of the Cascade Grape strain. Although this bud is particularly popular, the details of its genetics remain unknown. Still, this Christmas tree-shaped bud has a beautiful trichome layer full of delicious aroma and even better effects.

Testing at around 16% THC, this indica strain has calming effects that will make you feel uplifted and relaxed. Its sweet grape flavor is full of myrcene, giving it anxiety- and pain-relieving properties. Thanks to all these properties, we believe this is one of the best grape strains on our list.

17. Golden Grapes

Leave the best of the best to veteran consumers. The Golden Grapes strain has an impressive 30% THC level and strong sedative effects, giving experienced stoners what they need: a dreamy state of mind accompanied by a sweet and fruity scent.

Why is it called Golden Grapes? The answer lies in the golden pistils of its nugs, which give it a top-shelf appearance with their deep green and violet hues. This inviting look belies heavy relaxation thanks to myrcene, the dominant terpene in Golden Grapes. Moreover, its parents are Kosher Kush and Grape Pie, giving it strong indica properties.

18. Grateful Grape

When you smoke something as delicious as the Grateful Grape strain, you can’t help but thank the universe for creating such a delightful bud. This hybrid bud is a cross between Grape Stomper x Monarch, giving its son a super high 25% THC average and remarkable effects.

Sweet grape, sour berry, and earth blend perfectly to give the Grateful Grape strain its sharp effects. Users will love the tingling sensation this strain provides, making it perfect for a lazy weekend where you just want to do the bare minimum. Moreover, fatigue, depression, and headaches disappear after finishing this strain, helping smokers enjoy a calm evening.

19. Oregon Pinot Noir

Experience your usual Pinot Noir on a whole different level. The Oregon Pinot Noir strain brings grape tastes to the cannabis world, creating a beautiful flavor profile.

This Hawaiian Purple Kush and Pitbull cross grew among the grapes of a Pinot Noir vineyard in Oregon, developing deep purple buds and enticing sativa effects.

Feel a happy drunk stupor with its 28% THC level and lovely sedative buzz that gives your body a relaxing yet energizing sensation. Its candy, grape, and nutty aromas are a total delight, making you believe you are drinking an elegant glass of wine.

20. Grape Stomper

Also known as Sour Grapes, the Grape Stomper strain grew in the greenhouse of Gage Green Seeds after a challenging breeding process. Its parents are Purple Elephant and Chemdawg Sour Diesel, which give its child a strong 23% THC average and calming Indica effects.

The Grape Stomper strain has grape, sweet, and aromatic effects that perfectly combine to produce a smooth smoke with pleasant sensations. This kush is Sativa dominant, giving you an intense head rush. However, its effects slowly wear off and take you to bed in a cozy blanket of shiny resin.

21. Grape God

This best grape strains list wouldn’t be legit without this powerhouse: the Grape God strain. Thanks to its 17–20% THC content, this bud can give you the ultimate relaxation after a stressful day.

Moreover, this cross of Grapefruit and God Bud has delicious sweet grape and herbal notes, creating a blissful experience for newbies and skilled smokers alike. At first, the high that Grape God generates is cerebral, developing creative thinking.

However, you will end up feeling a calming sensation spreading through your limbs as you share it with friends. If you suffer from insomnia or appetite loss, the Grape God strain is the right bud for you.

22. Grapes and Cream

Grape Pie and Sundae Driver came together to give birth to the Grapes and Cream strain, the best dessert for those with a sweet tooth. This is an indica-leaning strain with luscious berry and grape flavors mixed with vanilla notes, which generates a happy head high and body relaxation.

Although its name is sweet, you will be surprised by this bud’s 35% THC level. Its high will hit you with mental focus and creative energy while giving your body a mellow buzz. As time passes, your senses increase, and the Grapes and Cream strain becomes perfect for social settings where exciting conversations occur.

23. Grape Cake

This doesn’t look like your regular cake, but it sure does taste good and make you feel better. The Grape Cake strain has a balanced nature that combines the Cherry Pie, Grape Stomper, and Wedding Cake strains as their parents.

Its 18–20% THC levels have made it incredibly popular among grape marijuana lovers, and we know it isn’t the only good thing about it. Vanilla, grape, and intense flavors emanate from this cake, giving you a slow high that suddenly takes over your body with a relaxing buzz.

As for your mind, you will suddenly realize it is focused and clear, allowing you to commit to creative tasks and fight stress and depression. Once you try this cake, we know you won’t go back to any other dessert.

24. Grape Diamonds

Diamonds aren’t women’s best friends only. In fact, you might want to wear the Grape Diamonds strain forever after your first toke. This glowing bud is a balanced hybrid that comes from the Pink Grapefruit and Member Berry strains, inheriting a 25–30% THC content and a giddy high.

As you grind the buds, notes of spicy grape and sour citrus reach your senses, awakening a new desire to indulge in the most luxurious strain you will ever try. Its high is fast-acting and launches you into a dreamy state, giving you the energy to talk at any social event.

Moreover, chronic stress and depression totally disappear upon the shine of the Grape Diamonds strain, making it perfect for medical users.

25. Grape Kush

Any smoker has tried at least one Kush strain in their lives, and most of the time, they simply can’t grow apart from them. If you are all about kushy buds, the Grape Kush strain will please you with its 17–20% THC content.

Grape Kush comes from the Pre-98 Bubba and Grape Romulan strains. Thanks to this lineage, it is an almost balanced hybrid that produces long-lasting, sedating effects.

Your mind will be full of happy and uplifting energy, but your body will get ready to go to bed. For that reason, we consider you to be using this tangy and sweet bud while watching a movie.

26. Grape Soda

Refreshing, fruity, fizzy exquisite, just like a cold grape soda after a long hot day. That’s what this Grape Soda is like, and we’re not talking about the bubbly canned liquid that many people love.

It is the unique hemp strain resulting from the isolation of a Tahoe OG Kush phenotype. This bud holds an impressive 19% or more CBD content, punching you with heavy, full-bodied effects of calm and tranquility.

Moreover, it is a perfect CBD strain to help you unwind, inducing a state of serenity and relaxation accompanied by hits of full-body effects for the end of the day. Learn more about it in our Grape Soda strain review.

27. Purple Champagne

Stay classy with this 22% THC Sativa strain. The Purple Champagne strain will get you drunk in happy and blissful energy, giving you a head high that will help you tackle any task.

Grandaddy Purple and Pink Champagne came together to create small and colorful buds that exude a delicious berry aroma with terpenes like carene, eucalyptol, and linalool.

As a result, the Purple Champagne strain gives you a head rush full of motivation and pain relief, making it perfect for a wake-and-bake before starting your day.

28. Grimace OG

The Grimace OG strain is a hybrid bud that can either be Sativa or Indica, depending on the crop. Coming from the Face Off OG and Purple Urkle strains, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it packs an average of 15–19% THC content and sedating effects.

The smell of the Grimace OG strain is to die for: it has earthy, tangy notes with berry and sour spice flavors. After indulging in its sweet smoke, you won’t find any disgust in its effects. You will feel a mellow buzz running all over your body that sends you into a deep meditative state, calming your mind after a tiring day.

29. Grape Skunk

Thus far, we haven’t talked about skunky buds in our best grape strains list. The reason is that the only deserving bud to be here is the Grape Skunk strain, coming from three top strains: Blueberry, Super Skunk, and Grapefruit.

With its 22-24% THC content and Indica characteristics, the Grape Skunk strain delivers pungent grape, berry, and skunky notes to your smoke, releasing a feeling of calm and meditation over your body. Thanks to these sensations, you will feel happy, letting go of the hard day you just experienced to embrace relaxation.

30. Blurple

Also known as the Blurpleberry strain, this bud contains 10–19% THC and irresistible sweet berries and floral tones. After inhaling, a spicy kick appears, making you like this bud even more. The Blurple strain nugs are dark green and sticky, making it an excellent strain for collecting kief.

As a balanced hybrid, the Blurple strain gives you a versatile set of effects; it will make you feel uplifting while soothing your body’s aches, allowing you to enjoy its effects for 2-3 hours after consumption. If you suffer from anxiety or stress, the Blurple strain is a great smoke to achieve peace of mind.

31. Grape Crush

Are you ready to lay in bed for the weekend and indulge in sweet cannabis goodness? The Grape Crush strain is an indica-dominant bud with Blueberry lineage, inheriting a sweet berry flavor and purple leaves. Its looks, taste, and effects are to die for, giving you an effective treatment for several conditions.

After your first tokes, a happy high and sleepy sensation will wash over you, giving you a euphoric feeling and body effects. You may experience cottonmouth and dry eyes, so make sure to have some water and eye drops near you. Luckily, the Grape Crush strain tests at 12% THC, making it manageable for newbies.

32. G Purps

There’s nothing as iconic as the Granddaddy Purple strain, the real OG when it comes to grape weed. This bud is full of crystal trichomes that contain an average THC level of 18–20%, making it a potent bud with a fantastic reputation. G Purps blends the diesel fumes of its G6 parent with hints of grapes and berries.

Upon smoking it, you will get a delightful, funky flavor, giving your body the time to prepare for what’s to come. As time goes by, you will experience a slow build of energy that turns into a light euphoric haze, making you either giggly or highly creative. All these effects can only make us believe G Purps is one of the best grape strains ever to exist.

33. Gobbilygoo

Testing at 27% THC, the Gobbilygoo strain is an Indica that delivers a strong kick. Its mouthwatering flavor combines fresh blueberry and grape flavors with a spicy exhale, making you come back for more. This cross of Blue Magoo and Gobstoper is nothing but pure grape goodness.

Let yourself go with the full-bodied effect that the Gobbilygoo strain generates. You will feel tingly and giggly at times, with a euphoric sensation that will have you feeling dazed at times. Novice users, you have been warned! Unless you are ready for the buzzy effects of this strain, you shouldn’t pack your bowl with its fluffy leaves.

34. Purple Animal Cookies

Children aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the delicious flavor of animal cookies. The Purple Animal Cookies strain will delight you with its 19–21% THC levels and euphoric effects for a more adult version. This cross of Animal Cookies, Las Vegas and Purple Kush has popcorn-shaped nugs packed with sweet and spicy notes, giving you an irresistible high.

Kick back after a hard day with a few tokes on this bud. The Purple Animal Cookies strain will boost your spirit, giving your mind the opportunity to get lost in happy thoughts and a soft body buzz, which will leave you sedated after several puffs.

35. Purple Pie

Try a slice of the rare Purple Pie strain and take your mind to a euphoric high where stress doesn’t exist. Testing at 22% THC, this child of unknown Purple lineage packs an insane dank flavor with grape and diesel as the main characters.

The Purple Pie strain produces a relaxing body high accompanied by an uplifting sensation on the mind that will take you slowly to a pure, calm couch-lock. Thanks to these effects, patients suffering from chronic stress, nausea, pain, and mood swings can find relief in the leaves of this bud, finding peace after their smoking session.

36. Grape Valley Kush

Reaching a 95% indica profile, the Grape Vally Kush is a cross of SFV OG and Grape Kush you don’t want to miss. The grapey flavor of this flower is real, and hints of spicy kush and earth will drive you to a peaceful valley to give your body a rest.

The Grape Valley Kush journey starts with an energetic high that prepares your body for the tingling sensation and warm body waves it generates. You will suddenly feel the urge to talk a lot and engage in stimulating conversations, making you feel happy and euphoric. Thanks to its 15-18% THC levels, anxiety, stress, and pain go away, letting your body feel free and calm.

37. Purple Runtz

The Runtz family has quite a reputation, and it is totally well-deserved. This time, the Purple Runtz strain honors its lineage with a balanced nature that contains a thick coating of purple trichomes with 18% THC levels. Moreover, its mouthwatering flavor gets everyone obsessed within seconds, turning them into devoted fans.

With stimulating effects that lift your spirit and put you at ease, the Purple Runtz strain is one of the best grape strains, not only for its sweet candy flavor but also for the happy sense of energy it sends through your body. Users dealing with anxiety, pain, and muscle spasms can greatly benefit from its properties.

38. Purple Martian

There’s life on other planets, and the Purple Martian strain is the living proof of it. This rare indica dominant strain comes from Purple Kush, Blackberry Kush, and Martian Mean Green and has 15–21% THC and out-of-this-world effects.

The flavor explosion that combines fruit, spicy berries and grapes, and musky overtones is similar to wine, making the Purple Martian strain a total delight. The nugs are dense and pack a full-body high that will hit you with strength, sending waves of euphoria to your brain, and allowing relaxation to take over.

39. Grand Doggy Purps

Granddaddy Purple and Chemdawg D came together to birth Grand Doggy Purps, a beautiful indica-dominant strain with a 20% THC level. The high that appears upon smoking this skunky bud is powerful, taking over your brain with an energetic high that sends tingles to your body.

Like other members of the Purple family, grape, sour, and sweet red wine notes appear when smoking, and its effects suit perfectly users struggling with inflammation, fatigue, and depression.

40. Purple Chemdawg

This indica-dominant bud is a cross of the popular Chemdawg x Granddaddy Purple strains, although you can find a Chemdawg 91 x Pre-98 Bubba Kush variation. In any case, this bud's 17% THC content is ready to send you to a mellow body high and a couch lock after a few tokes.

With a sweet, earthy grape taste and sour diesel hints in its smell, the Purple Chemdawg strain is one of the best grape strains to enjoy in the evening. If you are fighting chronic pain, stress, and anxiety, smoking this bud will give you a slow euphoric high that can take you to bed.

41. Gorilla Grapes

Give it up to this powerful 28% THC grape weed strain, the Gorilla Grapes bud. This infamous hard-hitter has the power to send you to a stony, foggy high you can’t escape from. Thus, we don’t recommend this wild strain to new users who can’t deal with the rushing effects of high THC strains.

Thanks to its high content of Delta-9 THC, the Gorilla Grapes strain will leave you sedated with a peaceful bliss, releasing tension from your body and giving your mind a happy feeling. Enjoy this bud’s earthy and dank aroma with fruity flavors, and get yourself the rest you deserve.

42. Kurple Fantasy

Kush and Purple lineages simply work well together, and the balanced Kurple Fantasy strain shows it best. Thanks to its impressive 23% THC content and purple buds, the high is a bit of a creeper, but it will send you to a relaxed state no one can disturb.

If you need to unwind and need a flavorful bud to do so, the Kurple Fantasy can give you a body buzz after a tiring day without strong drowsiness or paranoia.

43. Alien Grapevine

Aliens like wine, too, and the only proof we have to say so is the Alien Grapevine strain. Coming from the Tahoe Alien and Blueberry Underdog strains, this flower is a rare find, but users love what it does to them.

The THC content of the Alien Grapevine is unknown, but we know it is medium because of its dreamy high and sleep-inducing effect, which helps users with insomnia, appetite loss, and pain.

44. Chocolate Grape Diesel

Ending our list of the best grape strains is Chocolate Grape Diesel bud, a cross between Sour Diesel and Chocolate Thai. Leaning slightly towards the Sativa side, this bud has a sweet chocolate flavor that blends in sweet grape and floral notes. Its high is just as rich, generating an uplifting effect that will have you stoned for hours with its 25–30% THC content.

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