Best Haze Strains: List of 75+ Haze Strain Names

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Citrusy, spicy, earthy, and packed with energy, Haze strains are the most popular sativa-dominant cannabis among consumers. It’s average 15% THC content has made this strain a popular choice for farmers to develop new strains, incorporating the amazing benefits of sativa strains like energy, focus, euphoria, creativity and relaxation for the whole body.

Even though there is not accurate information about the lineage of Haze, many breeders agree on the fact that it combines landrace strains from Mexico, Colombia, South India, and Thailand. This makes it a hybrid that combines the best of each strain and increases the benefits of each flower. However, it is nearly impossible to get a pure Haze strain due to the great variety of breeders that combine it with indica strains to create unique benefits and the best Haze strains.

So, who created this amazing strain? Haze was actually grown by two breeders known as the Haze Brothers in Santa Cruz. Around the 1960s, these men had a friend known as Sam the Skunkman, who gave them pure Sativa seeds. They started to make hybrids out of the previously mentioned strains until they created the Haze strain.

However, not all about this strain is as good as it seems. One difficulty that holds beginner farmers back from growing it is that it requires a lot of attention. From soil conditions to moisture, the multiple factors that affect the growing of the plant have to be constantly overseen for the plant to thrive. In addition, the flowering time of a Haze strain is also very long in comparison with other strains; most of them will take up to 16 weeks to mature.

On the other hand, experts know it is worth the hassle, since Haze strains are very demanded on the market due to their amazing properties. So now that you know more about the Haze strain, you may be wondering what are some strains that have been created from this amazing flower.

For this reason, we have created this ultimate guide to let you know what are the best Haze strains out there for you to enjoy the great benefits of a high-quality sativa strain. We have several Haze strains and vapes to choose from, check out our best sellers below.

Best Haze Strains

Suver Haze

Botany Farms’ very own flower, this sativa-dominant strain is a fragrant, energizing flower, perfect to pair with your morning coffee. Like most sativas, Suver Haze provides your mind with focus and creativity, very much needed to go through the day.

However, your body will feel relaxed and calm. In addition, it has an outstanding 21.3% CBD content, delivering the several benefits for your mental and physical health. If you are interested in trying out Suver Haze, shop here and join the experience!

Hawaiian Haze

Another by Botany Farms, Hawaiian Haze has an intense pineapple flavor and hints of flowers and earth. This sativa-dominant melts your stress away in minutes, giving you an uplifted feeling. Hawaiian Haze is perfect for a daytime smoke, since it will make you more sociable and talkative. If you are constantly on the go, give this strain a try. Its 19.7% CBD content will give you all the energy you need to have an amazing day while hanging lucid.

Haze Berry

This cross between Super Silver Haze and DJ Short’s is an 80% sativa strain that provides extremely energetic effects. It’s 20% THC content makes you feel an instant high that turns into a soft relaxation after a couple of minutes. Haze Berry has sweet berry and sour flavors that make it a favorite among consumers. Additionally, some breeders have found a significant amount of CBD in some cultivars.

Haze OG

Nugs with a smell of diesel and pine, an average 15% THC content and fluffy buds make Haze OG a popular sativa-dominant strain. Its stimulating properties make it perfect for a daytime medicine, providing consumers with a relaxing buzz and creativity. Haze OG is perfect to gain appetite and treat muscle spasms, as well as for reducing stress.


Developed by Paradise Seeds, this 70% sativa strain is the child of Mango Haze and California Lemon Skunk. It has a significant content of THC, often reaching up to 18% levels, which makes you instantly happy and uplifted. Delahaze has pleasant mango and citrus notes that give this strain a wonderful earthy and spicy aroma. Thanks to these terpenes, people often stay focused and creative through the day.

Golden Haze

This 70% sativa strain has an average THC level of 22%. Its dense buds contain spicy and sweet notes that instantly set you in a great mood. This cross between Acapulco Gold and Haze is the best choice when you want to have an introspective feeling, getting you all distracted. For this reason, consumers often like to smoke Golden Haze after a long day to get a well-deserved rest.

Silver Haze

Get ready to feel an instant energy buzz with this strain. Its high myrcene levels make Silver Haze full of a herbal aroma, along with peppery and citrusy notes. Thanks to its 20% THC levels, consumers receive an euphoric feeling along with a clear mind that help them melt stress away. As if it wasn’t enough, another version of this strain was created.

Super Silver Haze is known for its heavy high and long-lasting effects. The characteristic 23% THC levels, the skunky aroma of its buds and the sudden sense of energy make Super Silver Haze an extremely convenient strain to treat depression, headaches and nausea.

Durban Haze

This 90% sativa strain provides a hard-hitting high that will give you an instant mental calm. With a 25% THC content, Durban Haze is a strain perfect to gain motivation and creativity. As a result, chronic pain, fatigue, headaches and nausea are often treated with this strain, which are replaced with a general sense of relaxation and fruity, earthy aromas.

Lemon Haze

One of consumers’ favorite lemon strains, this cross between Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk has an average 17% THC content and 0.38% of CBD. Because of its parents, this strain delivers a high buzz that leaves your body feeling mellow. Moreover, euphoria and creativity are some feelings you can experience when consuming Lemon Haze.

However, the great properties of this strain don’t stop there. Super Lemon Haze was a version created from Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. Along with its soaring 25% THC content, you can find small percentages of CBD and CBN in it.

This strain is so amazing that it won the first place in the Medical Sativa category at the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup. Additionally, a Mega version of this strain was created to address punctual conditions like Bipolar Disorder, PTSD and chronic pains. For this reason, Lemon Haze is one of the best Haze strains to treat several medical conditions.

Utopia Haze

After your first toke, Utopia Haze will hit your brain with a hazy relaxation, delivering its highly sedative effects almost immediately. With its potent 22% THC average and the long-lasting cerebral effects, this strain is used to treat glaucoma, arthritis, and may help to relieve symptoms of ADHD. Along with its fruity and woody aroma, this strain is consumers’ favorite for a potent high.

Jack Haze

This is one strain that will leave you dazed for hours. Made through the crossing of Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze, its 17-23% THC level is perfect to treat depression, fatigue and migraines. Moreover, Jack Haze’s sweet and pine aromas provide your body with deep relaxation without sedative effects.

Dutch Haze

This is the first indica-dominant hybrid strain of our list. Child of Dutch Treat Haze and Secret Haze, this bud is full of great benefits for the body. Its insane 19-27% THC content boosts your mood with euphoria and happiness, allowing you to stay focused. Once the high is settled, your body will feel cozy and relaxed. Because of these effects, Dutch Haze is often used to relieve muscle spasms and stress.

Uptown Haze

With a THC range of 16-20%, Uptown Haze tastes like pines, flowers and herbs. This strain is perfect to treat fatigue, depression, mood swings and stress. Thanks to its energetic buzz, consumers will often feel chatty and happy after a few smokes just before feeling dazed and distant.

Purple Haze

Full of blueberry, spicy and sweet flavors, Purple Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid that contains an average 19% THC level that can go up as high as 26%. Named after Jimi Hendrix’s song, this strain became extremely popular in the 1960s.

It provides a high-energy stimulation that takes up all your body and mind, delivering an intense creativity and contentment. Purple Haze is one of the best Haze strains to treat asthma, PTSD and stress.

Miami Haze

This uplifting sativa strain is the perfect choice for a long day. The citrusy and fruity flavors inside this bright green bud will have you euphoric and ready to face a challenging day. Moreover, its 18% THC content is great to melt stress away and give you the clarity you need during daytime.

Voodoo Haze

Voodoo Haze is a 80% sativa strain that contains verry and herbal aromas. With dark green buds, this haze strain is the dank phenotype of a Thai landrace that provides consumers with an immediate euphoric head high. Once you feel the buzz in your brain, a wake-like feeling will trickle down your body, making you feel mellow and creative.

Vanilla Haze

Sometimes, less is more. The subtle and spicy vanilla flavor of Vanilla Haze hides all its amazing energetic properties. This strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that will have you hyped up and restless, so you better avoid using it at night. Moreover, Vanilla Haze is a powerful strain to treat PTSD, ADHD and Crohn’s Disease.

Amnesia Haze

This strain is among the best Haze strains for treating several conditions; ADHD, anxiety, chronic pain, mood swings and stress. Amnesia Haze will make you feel creative, giggly and happy thanks to its 20% THC level. However, the strong buzz generated by this bud is not recommended for those who suffer from high sensitivity to THC, since some consumers have reported paranoia and dizziness after its use.

Liberty Haze

Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2011, this hybrid strain is a bud with 21% THC content and almost 2% of CBD. After a couple of smokes, Liberty Haze makes your brain feel its potent energizing properties while giving your body a nice relaxed sensation. The earthy and herbal aromas of this strain will make you feel calm, happy and giggly, relieving depression, migraines and stress.

Banana Haze

This fruity strain is a 100% pure sativa that makes any consumer feel a good haze. Its 22% THC content fills you with a sense of happiness and energy that will ease your most negative thoughts. Banana Haze is an extremely potent strain for those who struggle with appetite loss, chronic pain and inflammation. Pair it with a nice cup of tea in the morning to feel the energy rushing through your body.

Unicorn Haze

Its wonderful energizing and uplifting effects make Unicorn Haze the favorite choice of those who love a balanced hybrid. The mouthwatering blueberry and citrus flavors blend perfectly with the strong haze provided to your brain, and its indica properties will leave your body fully relaxed and sleepy. Unicorn Haze has an average 23% THC level that treats depression, fatigue, migraines and headaches.

Haze Xtreme

You should expect a powerful hazy high from this strain. Creamy and herbal, Haze Xtreme has an 18% THC content that will give you a great cerebral stimulation to escape fatigue. In addition, you will most likely feel happy and focused after a drag on this bud, mustering all the motivation you need to keep on doing whatever you are up to.

Haze Mist

Thanks to the crossing of South Indian Skunk and Haze, this 100% pure sativa has come to bring an average 19% THC level to the game, becoming an ideal strain for when you want a rush of energy through your body. Haze Mist has herbal and spicy flavors that create a happy mood and help you focus. For this reason, this bud is used to treat fatigue and nausea. On the other hand, sometimes its effects can create headaches and paranoia in sensitive users.

Pineapple Haze

Take your mind to a tropical island with Pineapple Haze’s citrusy and pineapple flavors. This amazing sativa-dominant strain is a blend of Pineapple and Haze strains, distributing an intense high all over your brain, turning you into a creative and energetic person. Its 19% THC content is used to treat chronic fatigue, depression and stress. Since it doesn’t have sedative effects, Pineapple Haze is your best bet to have an energy boost for an adventure outdoors.

Ghost Train Haze

The 22% THC level of this strain will make your body feel full of energy and euphoria. The crystal trichomes of these dense buds are rich in floral and citrus aromas, along with some spicy hints. Ghost Train Haze has several medical applications that include chronic pain relief, appetite and glaucoma treatment. In addition, the creativity boost generated by this strain is perfect for an afternoon smoke when you want to feel hazy.

Mango Haze

When it comes to the best Haze strains, you have to talk about Mango Haze. This three-way cross between Northern Lights #5, Skunk and Haze strains has turned into one of the most popular among cannabis strains. The great THC level of 18% makes this strain a favorite for those who like a heavy high without feeling sedated. Mango Haze has energizing, focus and happy effects that will help you stay active through the day.

Red Haze

Also known as Colombian Red Haze, this strain is a 100% pure sativa created in the 1970s. Thanks to its coffee, nutty and pine flavors, this strain has made many cannabis lovers go head over heels for it. Red Haze has a moderate high produced by its 20% THC content, distributing a mellow sensation all over your body. You may be giggly and distant due to its introspective effects, so it is not a great choice if you want to stay active.

Titan’s Haze

Those who suffer from ADHD, anxiety and chronic pain will find a great relief in Titan’s Haze. This sativa-dominant hybrid was created through the cross of Skunk #1 and Haze. For instance, it has a characteristic skunky and spicy aroma that will make you feel uplifted.

It has an immediate cerebral effect, leaving your mind free of any stress and distributing a wave-like sensation over your body. However, those sensitive to high THC levels should use it carefully, since it can go as high as 25%.

Florida Black Haze

Bright green flowers and pine flavors make Florida Black Haze a perfect choice to feel active, stimulate your mind and hang with friends. The average 18% THC level delivers a mellow buzz that won’t make you feel heavy, accompanied with bursts of creativity and ease your mind. Some terpenes you can find in this strain are Terpinolene, Myrcene and Pinene.

Blue Train Haze

Due to its 18% THC content, Blue Train Haze has potent cerebral effects. It is a cross between the great Blueberry and Nevil’s Wreck, keeping you alert and focused. Often used for depression, anxiety, and migraines, this strain is perfect for a brainstorming session and a chatty afternoon with friends.

However, it isn’t as energizing as other sativa strains; consumers have reported to feel better when used before engaging in activities that require a high concentration and body coordination, so you can use it to feel more in touch with your being.

Diesel Haze

Less experienced consumers may want to try this strain in small quantities, since it is a sativa strain with high potency. Diesel Haze is a very popular haze strain that provides feelings of euphoria and cerebral stimulation. Consumers often describe it as “having your mind working at full speed”. While your body rests relaxed and calm, your brain will be energetic and uplifted, perfect for melting stress away.

Critical Haze

This balanced hybrid -with more indica properties- is the result of a cross between Critical Mess and Afghan Haze. Critical Haze is known for its potent body high produced by a 21% THC level. You may feel like this strain is not hitting at first, but the sudden buzz will take your body when you least expect it.

Once it hits, you will feel sedated and euphoric, taking your body and mind to a state of introspection. Its berry and herbal flavors are a great blend to treat chronic pain, stress, insomnia and fatigue.

Super Glue Haze

You will certainly feel relaxed with this strain. Leaning towards the indica side, Super Glue Haze has an especially peppery flavor that blends perfectly with the 19% THC levels in it. However, don’t expect to feel numb and sleepy; Super Glue is perfect to give you an energetic boost for those social activities where you want to feel relaxed and comfortable. In addition, its high Caryophyllene content makes this strain a perfect way to reduce muscle spasms and treat inflammations.

Chinook Haze

Named after the Chinook tribe, local to Oregon, this skunky and citrusy strain provides high yields without being extremely high-maintenance, making it a favorite among cannabis breeders.

It’s average 20% THC content makes it a strong high producer, perfect to let stress fly away and give your mind the stimulation needed for a creative project and feel focused. Additionally, Chinook Haze will make your body feel relaxed after a couple of drags to fully enjoy its cerebral effects.

Tropical Haze

Perfect for a day at the beach, this sativa-dominant hybrid will provide a sense of focus in your mind and make you feel energetic. This makes it a perfect strain for a genuine wake and bake, radiating a mild buzz through your body. Tropical Haze is the combination of Big Skunk and Haze, both extremely heavy sativas. For this reason, this strain will have you feeling active and content, taking your experiences to the next level.

Yellow Haze

This 70% sativa strain has rich citrusy and floral notes that have an intense effect on the body, filling it with a rising sense of euphoria and happiness. Yellow Haze makes you talkative and giggly, perfect for sharing during social events. In addition, this strain works wonders against pain, stress and poor appetite.

Blue Haze

Another indica-dominant haze strain, this bud features berry and herbal aromas along with a moderate 18% THC content. Blue Haze is made for those who seek slight feelings of euphoria, cerebral stimulation and relaxation. You will feel creative and sleepy without having strong side effects unless you take higher doses, which often lead to paranoia. Blue Haze may relieve chronic pain, insomnia, headaches and mood swings.

Jamaican Haze

This wonderful haze is the combination between Jamaican strain and Amnesia Haze strain. Its powerful sativa effects include a creative boost along with a relaxed body. You can taste the great lemon and earthy flavors of its bright buds just by grinding them. Its medical uses include stress, fatigue and headaches relief, all thanks to the average 20% THC level of it. Jamaican Haze has won several cannabis competitions, including the Sativa Cup in 2012.

Ultra Haze

Ultra Haze is a powerful 80% sativa created as a cross between Neville’s Haze, Cambodian Landrace and Laos strains. The high provided by its 14-24% THC content is said to be introspective and motivational. This strain’s potent relaxation feelings are best used for chronic pain, fatigue and stress. This bud has great herbal, mint and spicy notes that will make it a delicious choice for an afternoon smoke.


This sativa-dominant haze is good for daytime and evening use due to its potent relaxation and brain stimulating effects. With 18% THC levels, X-Haze contains vigorizing lemon and citrusy flavors that will bring a sense of euphoria to your whole body. Great for reducing stress, pain and treating depression, this strain has that X factor that makes it totally different from any other sativa-dominant strain.

Apollo Haze

Apollo Haze has a sweet and fruity aroma that balances the effects that leave you uplifted and energetic. Perfect for a social encounter, this strain produces a rushing high that will not make you feel drowsy. If you need some insight and ideas for a project, the olive green buds of Apollo Haze will get you creative and ready for a brainstorm session. Users often choose this strain to treat depression, anxiety and boost their moods with its 19% THC content.

Blueberry Haze

This cross between Blueberry and Secret Haze is perfect for individuals with sweet tooth, since its green buds are rich in berry and sweet flavors. Its outstanding 18% THC content provides you with great cerebral stimulation and euphoria, taking your head to a clear and focused spot.

This strain is commonly used for pain relief, ADHD treatment, stress, depression and fatigue. Additionally, its Super version is known for being a great energetic agent, perfect for treating Bipolar Disorder, Muscle Spasms and PTSD. Super Blueberry Haze is definitely a strain to try out when you desire to work on an innovative project and get things done.

Shadow Haze

Shadow Haze is a rare sativa hybrid that contains up to 22% THC. The strong body high produced by these oversized hairy buds is so strong that you can use it if you suffer from depression, muscle spasms and insomnia. While your mind stays active and creative, your body will slowly feel calm and cozy. This effect is perfect to get you ready for bed, since the berry and dank aromas of Shadow Haze will set the mood for a good nighttime smoke.

Buddha Haze

The amazing 15-26% THC levels of Buddha Haze power a set of creative, energizing and focus effects that will have your brain working intensely. This strain may help you become more talkative and social, unless you use it in higher quantities; if so, your brain will get lost in its very own thoughts.

For this reason, this powerful haze is not recommended for those who suffer from anxiety. If you want to treat fatigue, pain and PTSD, this strain works wonders on your brain and body and leaves you with tasty citrus and spicy flavors.

Sour Haze

This 100% pure sativa has a great THC level that ranges from 19-26% and has a sweet lime taste. Its fluffy neon green nugs are perfect to treat conditions like depression, stress, sleep disorders and insomnia. Sour Haze’s high is described as instantly uplifting and energetic, activating your mind.

The Super version of this strain has more of an earthy taste to it and is great to relieve pain, generating a more relaxing feeling in the body and helping you focus. In addition, its effects are more long-lasting and strong, which are not recommended for sensitive smokers.

Limoncello Haze

Being one of the highest THC haze strains with 20-30%, Limoncello Haze is the perfect strain to stimulate your appetite and create a mellow high that slowly builds up and becomes a long-lasting high that will make your mouth tingle.

Limoncello Haze will certainly make you feel all productive and focused, allowing you to have an amazing performance at work. Its fresh lemon aroma and sour flavors are a great way to let stress behind and feel energetic again.

Skittles Haze

Another candy lovers’ favorite, Skittles Haze has a 19% THC content that will leave you alert, focused ,and happy thanks to its indica properties. For this reason, it is a great nighttime smoke that washes away all the stress of the day, being replaced by a mild euphoria that extends through your body.

It has hoppy and peppery flavors, making it high in Caryophyllene, which is a terpene known for its anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, this terpene has a direct contact with the endocannabinoid system, making Skittles Haze a strain that will increase your serotonin levels.

Neville’s Haze

This outstanding bud won the Cannabis Cup in 1998, which comes as no surprise. Its 21% THC level and extremely energizing effects, along with its amazing phenotype, make Neville’s Haze a popular strain to cross-breed. Its distinctive floral notes deliver potent cerebral effects that uplift your spirit and help you stay focused.

This strain’s effects are very long-lasting and stimulating, which are enhanced by its trichomes. However, sensitive consumers can experience sudden anxious feelings, so it is better to be used in low quantities to treat chronic pain and nausea.


MediHaze was bred by CBD Crew, which immediately makes obvious the fact that it has high levels of CBD. This sativa-dominant strain is the result of the cross between Super Silver Haze, Neville’s Haze and an unknown CBD strain. MediHaze CBD levels go up to 9%, being twice as high as its counterpart THC, which usually goes from 4-6%.

Thanks to this strain, your body and mind will relax and any kind of pain and inflammation will reduce. Its mild high is just enough to give you clarity and make your body feel at ease with a mellow feeling. In addition, it has fragrant notes of mint, pepper and pine, which are perfect for a relaxed afternoon.

Orange Haze

This slightly sativa-dominant strain has a THC level of 20% that will hit you almost instantly after your first drag. Like a bolt of electricity, the happiness provided by Orange Haze will leave you with an amazing sense of motivation and creativity, allowing you to enjoy an adventure outside.

For this reason, its effects are perfect to treat mild depression, fatigue and stress, as well as nausea. You will surely adore its citrus and orange flavors, making it a sweet choice if you like fruity aromas.

Ghost OG Haze

Those who like to binge video games and have a chill time with friends will most likely adore the effects of Ghost OG. This strain gives your mind the energy needed for any activity while making your body feel relaxed.

Ghost OG has an average 21% THC content along with earthy and fruity flavors that help regulate mood and feel creative. In addition, some consumers use this strain to treat stress, pain and nausea, and once gone, they are ready to embrace the energy rush inside their bodies.

Power Plant Haze

Its potent smell and high make this strain a favorite for those who want a happy sensation and seek for euphoria. Power Plant Haze is a sativa-dominant strain that has an incredible THC content of 19%, being a great choice if you want a clear-headed buzz.

However, there is a very fine line between a creative boost and a highly intoxicating effect, so you must use it wisely to avoid any undesired side effects. This strain is often used to treat headaches, chronic pain and appetite loss.

Crockett’s Haze

Level up your daily routine with Crockett’s Haze. With a 80% sativa content and an average 19% THC level, this strain is perfect to get your body and mind in the mood for fun. The sparkling trichomes of its buds and the pleasant incense, citrus and metallic notes are the best way to give your brain an uplifted feeling of joy and stimuli.

For example, taking a drag on Crockett’s Haze during a concert will enhance the overall feelings of excitement and happiness. In addition, medical conditions like stress, depression and muscle pain are relieved by this strain, which turns into a great choice for daily use.

Dutch Treat Haze

The instant head-rush provoked by its 20% THC levels make Dutch Treat Haze an amazing indica-dominant haze strain. You will feel euphoric and upbeat thanks to this strain while your body enters a sweet state of relaxation. Its pine and fruity flavors are mouthwatering, which makes it popular in the Southwest United States. Dutch Treat is a perfect strain to feel happy and relieve stress, pain and migraines while feeling funky.

Gorilla Haze

With parents like Amnesia and Gorilla Glue, who wouldn’t like to give this bud a try? Its sativa properties along with the average 15-23% THC content have taken Gorilla Haze to all the shelves of the cannabis market. Perfect for daytime use, this strain has a relaxing overtone that blends with a great cerebral stimulus, enhancing sociability and creativity. Along with a fresh lemony aroma, Gorilla Haze has everything you need for a one-hit high.

Royal Haze

The buzzing, energetic effects of this strain have made Royal Haze known for its creativity boost. Bred from Skunk, Haze and Northern Lights, the citrusy flavors of its buds and the 19.5% THC levels of this strain are perfect to feel an uplifting effect and have fun. Additionally, your mind will be focused and alert, allowing you to go through the day without drowsy sensations.

Queen Haze

As its name says, this strain holds power. It mixes genetics from the Netherlands, the US and Spain, reuniting a unique pungent lemon and clove profile. If you are sensitive to THC, you won’t find any trouble in Queen Haze. Its energetic high won’t make your anxiety rise, since it allows your body to stay grounded. For that reason, the THC levels that can go as high as 28% are available for anyone who wants to treat chronic pain, migraine and poor appetite.

K2 Haze

Even the most experienced consumers can feel dazed after smoking K2. This indica-dominant strain has a soaring 29-30% THC content, ideal for fatigue, insomnia and stress. Its flowery and herbal notes smash your mind with energy and motivation that later turn into a deep relaxation and sedation. For instance, K2 is better used at nighttime to allow your body to have a much needed rest after a long day.

Strawberry Shortcake Haze

Strawberry’s fragrant and sweet aromas are strong in this strain, a cross between Juliet and Strawberry Diesel. High in THC, ranging from 18-23% levels, this bud is a great choice if you want to treat ADHD, depression and mood swings.

Its uplifting effects will help you socialize and engage in endless conversations without making you feel heavy. Strawberry Shortcake is a strain that everyone wants to carry around in social events to have interesting arguments with friends.

Sojay Haze

This rare sativa-dominant hybrid strain was created through crossing the infamous BC Big Bud and Grape FX strains.The Sojay Haze high is unique; it is clarifying and uplifting without causing anxiety, making it perfect for a wake-and-bake. You will feel euphoric from start to finish, full of motivation and well-being. With its powerful 15-20% THC level, these effects give this strain the power to treat chronic fatigue, eye pressure, and headaches or migraines.

Ambrosia Haze

Ambrosia is known for having a long-lasting effect thanks to its 14-16%. It is a perfectly balanced hybrid that has plenty of great effects to offer. This strain hits hard with its tropical pine and earthy notes, lifting away any pressure you have in your body. The cerebral high provided by Ambrosia is pleasant and relaxing, sending you wake-like sensations from time to time without having you feeling heavy.

Atomic Haze

This sativa-dominant strain contains the classic flavors of a good Haze. Thanks to its high 18% THC level and happy effects, Atomic Haze is perfect for chilling during the day, hitting you almost immediately with a cerebral burst of energy and euphoria. A tingly body effect comes next, making you feel at ease and focus. You can find sweet and spicy flavors in this strain, a great combination to treat chronic fatigue, depression, and chronic pain.

Azure Haze

A rich fruity flavor is the main characteristic of this strain. Even with a low presence of THC that goes around 12.5%, Azure Haze is an upbeat choice that will give you a long-lasting high while making your body feel a dreamy relaxation. Its indica effects like focused mind, relaxation and creativity are often chosen to treat depression, anxiety and migraines.

Pink Haze

Pink Haze is a strong sativa hybrid that contains a fresh floral aroma. Its high cerebral and energetic effects are produced by an average 17-21% THC content, perfect for a deep introspective session where you want your mind to stay alert and creative. In addition, this strain is used to create new cannabis strains, delivering amazing phenotypes like a short flowering time (8-9 weeks), and large buds.

Sunshine Haze

The name of this strain captures its very own essence. Sunshine Haze is perfect for a morning smoke to wake up your brain and body. Its high THC levels, which go from 20-30%, are very attractive to experienced consumers who want to feel happy and relaxed.

Full of tich lemon, orange and spicy flavors, Sunshine Haze is just wonderful to get you motivated without an hyperactive effect, keeping you grounded and focused. If you suffer from strong migraines, you might as well give this strain a try to get rid of all the unpleasant pain.

Moonlight Haze

Moonshine Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain created as a cross between the popular Nevil's Wreck X Amnesia Haze strains. This bud has intense effects powered by a high THC level of up to 20%, making it the 2011 winner for Best Sativa at the High Times' Cannabis Cup.

An almost immediate energy boost leaves you with a heightened sense of awareness, along with a relaxing effect that makes you feel at peace. On the other hand, these effects can become slightly psychoactive at times if you smoke too much at once. Because of these effects, Moonshine Haze is perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, fatigue, and moderate cases of depression.

Lavender Haze

The smell of herbal and floral notes will instantly take you to a lavender field and make you feel at ease. This indica-dominant hybrid is great to treat poor appetite, anxiety and depression, as it puts you to sleep in a calm and mellow state. However, more experienced users will often feel more talkative and creative thanks to its 17% THC content. Negative effects include dry eyes, minor headaches and paranoia.

Alien Haze

This strain will take you to another galaxy with its amazing relaxation effects. Alien Haze will make your brain feel active and sometimes even deliver some psychedelic effects. The once active buzz will slowly turn into a relaxing wave that rushes through your body and makes you feel at ease. Accompanied with subtle spicy and piney smells, Alien Haze has an average 20% THC level.

Cookie Haze

Have an euphoric hit without trippy effects with Cookie Haze. This sativa-dominant hybrid is perfect for a productivity boost, having you hyped up during daytime and giving you an intense sense of creativity. Its sweet and fruity flavor makes it a favorite for those who love candy-flavored cannabis and want a long lasting high, provided by its powerful THC levels that can reach up to 25%.

Island Maui Haze

The creative high of Island Maui Haze will make you feel energized and euphoric. This strain has a 22%THC level, 0.2% CBD content and 0.56%CBN level.Even though it takes its time to deliver its complete effects on your body, it produces an energetic and uplifting high that is far from making your mind foggy.

Island Maui haze is excellent for treating headaches, depression and anxiety. In addition, it can also be used for treating different types of pains along with insomnia. Even though some consumers don’t enjoy its chemical and earthy flavor, it is replaced with a pleasant fruity and vanilla aftertaste.

Trainwreck Haze

This potent sativa generates an amazing euphoric feeling provoked by its 17.5% THC content. Mexican, Thai and Afghani strains were combined to produce this wonderful strain that is perfect for awakening the brain. Migraine, pain and ADHD can be treated with Trainwreck Haze to fill the mind with bursts of creativity and happiness. Terpinolene, myrcene and pinene are the top terpenes of this strain.

Armageddon Haze

Nicknamed "The One Hit Wonder", its intense body and head highs and 15-17% THC level make Armageddon a powerful sativa-dominant strain. The high is often described as an intense euphoric buzz with tingly feelings throughout the body.

You will feel happy, uplifted and creative, yet lazy and hungry. For instance, Armageddon is often used to treat depression, inflammation, ADHD and migraines. In addition, it has a pleasant tropical citrus aroma and a spicy taste, with its nugs covered in a layer of thick crystal white trichomes.

Clementine Haze

This tasty sativa-dominant strain took 2nd Place for Best Sativa Concentrate at the 2015 High Times' Cannabis Cup in Michigan thanks to its delicious flavor and amazing effects. Clementine has a sweet citrusy orange flavor that blends with its powerful 17-19% average THC.

The high is both uplifting and relaxing, starting with a euphoric effect that makes your mind feel in the clouds. Then, your body is melted into a mellow relaxing feeling, leaving you at ease. Clementine is ideal for treating conditions like cases of depression, chronic fatigue, migraine, chronic stress, and nausea.

Black Haze

Black Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by the crossing of Colombian Black, Colombian Gold, and Purple Haze. Its effects are relaxing, elevating your mood to help you stay productive and creative. This strain has an earthy flavor profile, woody notes and hints of berries.

Key Lime Haze

Key Lime is an indica-dominant strain that has a great 23% THC content. Hints of lime, sweet and earthy flavors will get you relaxed while the smoke enters your lungs. Key Lime makes you feel cozy and tingly as the high increase, delivering an extremely euphoric effect after a few hits. This strain is good for treating conditions like anxiety, stress and chronic pains.

Tangerine Haze

Being a sativa-dominant strain, it comes as no surprise that Tangerine Haze has a THC level ranging from 16- 21% percent and even CBD of 1.8%. It has a strong citrusy and floral flavor contained in a smooth smoke. Perfect for a daytime session, it energizes you and helps you focus. Tangerine Haze is excellent for melting stress away and treat anxiety and depression.


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