Best Hemp Flower: Top 60+ CBD Flower Strains

One of the best 70 CBD hemp strains

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Indica Sleep THCA
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Hybrid Relax THCA
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Focus Sativa THCA
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Delta-8 Indica Sleep
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Hybrid Relax THCA
Delta-8 Indica Sleep
Delta-8 Indica Sleep
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Cannabis is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary and controversial plants in recent decades. Besides the controversy, it carries an impressive load of medicinal qualities that only keep unfolding as cannabis research advances. 

CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis. It can generate therapeutic effects that may assist with conditions such as chronic anxiety, chronic pain, depression, inflammation, and seizures related to epilepsy.

CBD is currently a hot topic, and as demand increases, more methods of consumption for this remarkable cannabinoid appear. You can get practically any type of presentation, from oils to resins, waxes, edibles, or CBD crystals.

However, you can’t deny that the smokable CBD flower is an old classic that continues to rank as one of the favorites of medical cannabis users despite the new forms of consumption. With this in mind, here's a selection of 70 hemp strains we consider the best.

Key Takeways

  • The three main chemovars types are THC-predominant, balance of THC and CBD, or CBD-predominant when choosing a strain
  • Effects will depend on the indica/sativa ratio, terpene profile, and choice of strain.
  • Smell, appearance, flower structure, and feel (sticky/spongy) are just a few factors to consider when evaluating quality hemp flower

Best Hemp Flower Strains

CBD has several benefits that may help people dealing with various medical conditions. However, the science behind CBD's pharmacological actions is complex since the terpene load and the strain type can directly influence how the endocannabinoid system (ECS) perceives and processes CBD.

The cannabis industry has moved from using the terms "strain,” "Sativa,” "Indica,” and "hybrid" and now uses "chemovars" to refer to the variants of cannabis, classifying them into three main groups:

  • Type I: High-THC strains
  • Type II: THC and CBD combined strains
  • Type III: High-CBD strains

Many prefer using this vocabulary since the words "Sativa,” "Indica,” or "Hybrid" may not be the best way to describe the effects. In addition, the term "strain" is usually used to describe species of viruses or bacteria.

But, whatever your need, preference, or condition, we are sure that in the following list of the best CBD hemp flower, you will find a couple of options that could be the answer to what you have been looking for. We've even included some CBD oddities that we know will blow your mind and may even exceed your expectations.

1. Delta-8 Bubba Kush

Without a doubt, this is one of the best-selling and most sought-after Indica hemp strains. Bubba Kush offers delicious dark chocolate and coffee scents with earthy notes.

With a Delta-8 THC content that can reach 9% and an outstanding 15% CBD content, the combination of terpenes and cannabinoids in this strain is definitely one of a kind.

Our cold-press infusion process ensures a uniform coating of each Delta-8 Bubba Kush bud, ensuring an excellent smoking experience in which you savor every one of the smells, flavors, and amazing effects Bubba Kush has to offer.

2. Cat´s Meow Indoor Flower

Our small batch of Cat's Meow is a delicious 100% indoor-grown, limited edition Indica strain that exudes intense citrus scents of lemon and tangerine and leaves subtle earthy and skunky flavors on the exhale.

The fact that it is grown indoors and in a greenhouse makes this strain have the best of both worlds. This protects the plants from harsh weather conditions and allows them to get natural sunlight.

This rare strain features up to 16% CBD content and high concentrations of myrcene and limonene. Being an indica makes it a perfect choice to accompany your afternoons or end your day, as its soothing calming effects leave you purring like a happy kitten.

3. Delta-8 Pineapple Haze

We decided to create this version of Pineapple Haze's Delta-8 THC due to its high content of terpenes. These terpenes bequeath it exuberant notes of pineapple, mangoes, and cream.

Its luscious buds are evenly coated with a fine Delta-8 THC distillate powder using our proprietary cold-press process, which ensures an even and comfortable smoke.

Moreover, our batch of Delta-8 Pineapple Haze can have concentrations of up to 4% Delta-8 THC and up to 12% CBD. With a 3:1 ratio, this Sativa hemp strain can make you feel in the tropics and brighten your day!

4. Bubba Kush

A truly indica strain with a lineage descended from its infamous high-THC namesake that can relax both mind and body. Bubba Kush displays plump green buds with purple hairs that exude an enveloping scent of dark chocolate and coffee with earthy notes.

This is a perfect strain for those who prefer to enjoy their buds in the afternoon or at night, as the effects of this strain will help you find that desired calm you have been looking for.

5. Sour Lifter (Herb x Botany Farms)

This strain is proof that teamwork bears excellent fruits. One of these fruits is this limited edition batch of Sour Lifter we created by teaming up with Herb, one of the most respected brands in the cannabis market today.

This batch of Sour Lifter was grown in a greenhouse using living soil and natural light to obtain the best of this strain's genetics.

Sour Lifter's buds can have CBD concentrations of up to 17.3%. They give off an odor comparable to a cup of freshly brewed light roast coffee or some citrus tea. This Sativa hemp strain is perfect for the morning or starting the day, as its effects will immediately give you a boost in energy and relief from physical pain.

6. Sour G CBG (Herb x Botany Farms)

Beautiful light green buds coated in a generous frosty white layer of trichome crystals, clean, subtle, revitalizing flavors and smells of diesel, orange, and pepper, and a high CBG content build up the profile of the stunning Sour G CBG.

Due to this strain’s high CBG content, which can reach an impressive 13.5%, and Sativa nature, Sour G CBG is definitely a perfect strain for mornings or any time of day as it will give you immediate relief without any drowsiness.

This remarkable hemp strain also arises from the alliance we formed with Herb's team of professionals committed to connecting cannabis connoisseurs with the best cannabis products.

7. Super Sour Space Candy

The fruity complexity of its aroma, coupled with the classic diesel smell of Sour Space Candy, is what makes the terpene profile of this delicious hemp strain shine.

Hints of lemon and sour apple are palpable in the flavor when smoking the buds of this balanced hybrid strain initially bred by the Oregon CBD team, who introduced Sour Premier strains to the growing CBD market.

In addition to a peculiar and striking combination of terpenes, Super Sour Space Candy can reach CBD levels of 16.4%. The balanced hybrid effects of this strain make it an excellent choice for relief and focus, making Super Sour Space Candy a great alternative to enjoy at any time.

8. Pineapple Haze

If you like Piña Coladas, then you will love this strain. The sweet scents of pineapple, tropical fruits, and coconut milk will fill your space and awaken your senses as soon as you open the container of Pineapple Haze. This close cousin of Hawaiian Haze is also a perfect Sativa hemp strain for any time of day.

Pineapple Haze buds are rich in terpenes and are coated with a sticky layer of trichome crystals loaded with 12% CBD. The effects that this terpene-rich strain generates make it one of the best CBD hemp flower strains, as it can boost your afternoon's spirits while helping you maintain focus and energy.

So, if you are one of those who love Sativa strains loaded with delicious tropical smells and flavors, this is the strain for you!

9. Sour Space Candy

Multicolored buds of purple, orange, and green hues that exude fruity scents with hints of gas and diesel inherited from their predecessors—this is the Sour Space Candy profile.

Its parents, Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry, pass on to it that peculiar terpene profile similar to Gorilla Glue #4 and sour notes from the Early Resin Berry hemp strain.

Sour Space Candy is one of customers’ favorite owing to its complex aroma, sweet fruit, and pepper. With balanced effects and an impressive 16.4% CBD content, this hemp flower will give you a totally relaxing experience, without that couch-lock feeling.

10. Suver Haze

Suver Haze is a top hemp strain, mainly due to its exotic and sweet terpene profile and the enjoyable smoking experience it offers. This Sativa hemp strain displays bright green buds traversed by abundant orange hairs and coated with a resinous layer of trichomes that can contain up to 12% CBD.

These beautiful buds exude a tasty combination of ripe berry scents and sweet syrup with black pepper undertones. Suver Haze is excellent for the morning or daytime, as it provides calming relief while allowing you to stay focused and alert.

11. Lifter

Gentle, sweet scents of grape and rich citrus notes, green buds, bright orange hairs, and a generous sticky, resinous coating filled with up to 17.8% CBD are the popular qualities of the Lifter hemp strain.

Lifter is a perfect daytime Sativa hemp strain that genuinely lives up to its name by generating mood-lifting and energy-boosting effects.

Furthermore, Lifter is the ideal option to start your day on the right foot, get relief in your afternoons, and continue tackling your pending activities. This great hemp strain provides you with therapeutic benefits without the drowsy effects of THC.

12. White CBG

If you are dabbling in CBG and are looking for a hemp strain that can make you feel the effects that this wonderful cannabinoid can generate in your body, White CBG may be an excellent choice.

The beautiful White CBG is the princess of CBG-rich strains. Its buds have the peculiarity of having a light green color with a whitish complexion thanks to the frosted layer of white trichome crystals filled with 10.5% CBG. The scent of White CBG is reminiscent of fresh spring flowers and vanilla.

The effects of this charming off-white princess keep your mind active and alert while providing you with a deliciously calming sensation characteristic of CBG-rich hybrid hemp strains. Because CBG can mitigate any drowsiness, many cannabis connoisseurs classify White CBG as a morning or daytime strain.

13. Sour Special Sauce

This hemp strain is another sweet member of the "Sour" family, initially grown by the Oregon CBD team. This time we are talking about the famous Sour Special Sauce, which will flood your room with delicious and cultured berry tart smells with a distinctive diesel smell characteristic of "Sour" varieties.

This infamous hemp strain possesses almost entirely Indica genetics that will induce potent effects, calming the mind and body after the first few hits. Sour Special Sauce may help users looking for a night strain that allows them to conciliate a deep and restful sleep or complete relaxation.

Therefore, we can say that Sour Special Sauce is a strain for the afternoon, the end of your day, or nighttime before going to bed.

14. Hawaiian Haze

Hawaiian Haze is a hemp strain that gives you a beachy vibe and Shaka-like energy. This widely popular strain has earned a place among many cannabis connoisseurs’ favorites due to its high-quality sativa effects.

Without a doubt, it is a daytime strain, as it alleviates stress and puts you in a friendly and talkative state, perfect for catching some waves.

Its light-green, airy, light buds can contain up to 13.3% CBD and exude an intense floral scent that leaves a delicious, sweet taste of pineapple and sweet berries when smoked. Hawaiian Haze will definitely make you feel mahalo and leave you thinking about your next visit to the beach.

15. Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom is the perfect stress-melting hemp strain to enjoy during the afternoon or after a long day at work. It is an Indica strain with roughly 11% CBD. Cherry Blossom's buds are generally dark green, with light red and purple hues running through the entire flower.

These buds emit an aromatic, citrus, dark berry-like scent with a fresh pine aftertaste that floods the room as soon as you unpack them. The Indica genetics of this hemp strain make it an excellent choice for users with difficulty sleeping or those looking for a moment of true relaxation and sweet forest flavors in its CBD flower.

16. Hot Blonde

If you're looking for good company during a relaxing afternoon, this Hot Blonde is probably the ideal strain for you. The dense, well-structured buds are typically lime-green with orange pistils and feature a sticky coating of white trichome crystals filled with 10% CBD.

It inherits from its relative Berry Blossom the sweet and characteristic smell of ripe berries, fruity flavors, and Indica genetics that make it one of the best CBD hemp flower strains to enjoy at any time.

Best Sativa Hemp Flower

Sativa strains are known for their mood-lifting, energizing, revitalizing, stimulating, and creativity-inducing effects. However, each strain's benefits also depend on the terpene load.

As such, the effects and benefits of CBD flower can be as unique and peculiar as the combination of terpenes and cannabinoids in the profile of the strain you choose.

1. Hulk Hemp Strain

Maybe our famed, hefty green-skinned friend wouldn't come out if Bruce Banner had some buds of the delicious Hulk hemp strain in his stash. The extraordinary Hulk strain is strong not only in its name but also in its aroma.

Its flowers produce an intense fruity aroma that, when smoked, translates into a delicious blueberry flavor with earthy and pine undertones with hints of pineapple and a subtle bitterness at the end.

Hulk's incredibly uplifting effects are sure to make you feel like an avenger. This incredibly energizing Sativa strain carries up to 20% CBD and is excellent for giving your work mood a boost to improve your concentration and performance.

Due to the highly energizing effects of this strain, Hulk is better as a daytime remedy for those users who want to experience these uplifting effects that cause the sensation of being weightless and get you feeling like a superhero.

2. Elektra Hemp Strain

If you dare to try the electrifying effects of a highly sativa-dominant strain, then you are the perfect candidate to meet Elektra. This is one of the most aromatic and flavorful strains currently available on the market.

The exquisite cocktail of scents hits your nostrils directly with shades of fresh red wine and chocolate, complemented by piney and earthy overtones. Like its namesake from the comic books and like a true martial arts expert, Elektra kicks you with energizing effects as soon as you inhale the first few puffs.

This will put you in a talkative and relaxed state of mind, perfect for work or social gatherings. Elektra also has a positive effect on the mind, making it a beneficial tool for patients dealing with chronic anxiety and depression.

3. Kompolti Hemp Strain

If you are thinking of buying Kompolti seeds, get ready to have a Hungarian giant in your home, greenhouse, or garden since this high-yielding hemp strain has the quality of being one of the largest strains on the European cannabis market.

The buds of this hemp giant can contain up to 16% CBD and exude a refreshing balsamic scent with soft citrus notes and hints of mango and pine. Coming from purely Sativa hemp landraces from Hungary, Kompolti produces revitalizing and mood-elevating effects, although some users have reported Indica effects in this interesting strain.

We recommend Kompolti as an excellent strain for the day, as its effects alleviate physical pain, lower stress and anxiety levels, and help you relax without affecting your energy levels or giving you that couch-locked feeling. In addition to its effects, the Kompolti hemp strain is widely used to manufacture textiles due to its large size and high performance in fiber production.

4. Charlotte’s Sauce Hemp Strain

This sativa-dominant strain packs up to 17% CBD and a particularly therapeutic combination of terpenes that is sure to let you breathe easy. Charlotte's Sauce is a flavorful strain that delivers vibrant green buds with deep purple and orange hues.

These flavorful buds exude a powerful skunky, earthy, and floral scent that, when smoked, translates into a delicious citrus flavor reminiscent of orange buds with a certain woody and floral aftertaste.

The uplifting and mood-boosting effects of this CBD-rich hemp strain are perfect for daytime use, as they put you in an enjoyable frame of mind. Moreover, the high pinene content can be of great help for patients dealing with respiratory problems since pinene is a well-known bronchodilator.

5. Frosted Lime Hemp Strain

If you are looking for a hemp bud that will awaken your senses and give you a boost, Frosted Lime may be the strain you have been looking for. This bud can produce a strong desire to be productive and creative since its effects, primarily cerebral, will leave you feeling confident and relaxed. Also, you will feel subtle muscular effects that will help you with any pain or condition you have.

Apart from the medicinal power of Frosted Lime's buds, another characteristic to highlight is their appearance. The beauty of these buds is waddled in bright green with purple hues covered in frosty gold and a layer of orange pistils.

The high trichome and resin content of these buds makes Frosted Lime a perfect strain for extracts and CBD oil. The sativa-dominant nature and the high CBD content of this strain make it ideal for daytime use.

6. Honolulu Haze Hemp Strain

Imagine that you are on a beautiful beach with waters as blue and calm as a clear sky, the sun shining, the breeze blowing, and a comforting feeling of calm and well-being. This is an excellent way to describe some of the sensations with which Honolulu Haze will hug you.

With an impressive 24% CBD content, the effects of this Sativa strain can soothe anxiety, pain, inflammation, and stress. It is also excellent for relieving social anxiety and setting your mood to have a great time at social gatherings.

The buds of this strain produce scents as refreshing as their effects, with notes of cinnamon and cloves that give it that spicy touch that excites any nose. Honolulu Haze also carries an extremely palatable pineapple, mango, and peach flavor, complemented by light earthy notes that balance out the final scent profile of this strain.

7. Fedora Hemp Strain

Although France is one of the strictest countries concerning restrictions on cannabis and hemp, it is also, curiously, the country of origin for one of the most popular hemp strains in northern Europe.

Fedora, also called Fedora 17, is one of the few crops approved by the European Union and widely popular in France and Switzerland due to its high seed production, an inflowering nature rich in CBD, and optimal biomass production for extractions.

Fedora buds produce an exquisite spicy, earthy, and nutty aroma, although this strain can have varying terpene content depending on the crop and season. Moreover, this bud can contain up to 16% CBD, and although it is mostly used for fiber and textile production, it is also an excellent strain for infusions or vaping.

8. Mountain Mango

Known to be one of the sweetest hemp plants globally, Mountain Mango incites with its appealing citrusy hints of mango and a bright, skunky diesel aroma. This resilient CBD-rich hemp strain will please its breeder with heights of 10–12 feet and hefty yields with a fresh tropical fruit aroma and a pleasant taste.

Great for clarity, focus, and daytime use, Mountain Mango exhibits a strong Sativa leaning, with approximately 65% Sativa and 35% Indica.

9. Queen Dream

Imagine a pretentious queen wrapped in luxurious silk sheets. This, and perhaps a bit more, is what this true Sativa royalty is about.

Popular among every Californian dispensary, the Queen Dream Hemp Strain stands out with a 28:1 CBD to THC ratio and a unique terpene profile that gives it its floral and citrusy aroma with sweetbread and hops undertones.

Its CBD-bountiful flowers, crowned with bright orange pistil hairs, will leave you in an uplifted mood with a boosted sense of creativity and energy, making this variety perfect for social activities and daytime use.

10. Jack Frost

What's more cheerful than the sensation of having a bunch of snow on your hands? Easy! Having a bunch of frosty buds in your pocket.

Jack Frost is a Sativa-dominant hemp strain known for being one of the first successful strains to include a high CBG content of 14.5%. It offers a smoother smoke than most CBG strains, enticing sweet citrus and woody notes, followed by sour diesel hints.

This uniquely social strain provides users with uplifting and euphoric effects to enjoy the moments of company and celebration of life. With effects that can endure up to three hours, the Jack Frost hemp strain is perfect for active daytime use.

11. Blue Genius

Do you desire instant relief from pain and discomfort? Just wish for this blue genius and get ready to find relaxation and mental clarity after a difficult day.

Among the most distinguishable features of this tremendous high-CBD strain is a magical set of floral and piney aromas accompanied by sweet, spicy notes, which perfectly match its delightful fruity-like taste. So, uplift your spirit today and improve your focus in daily life with Blue Genius Hemp Strain.

12. T2

Tasteful and highly therapeutic, T2 is just what you need to double your relief. T2 offers a mix of mouthwatering flavors and aromas, led by sweet citrus and fruity grape upfront, with lingering woody and earthy undertones.

Moreover, its gorgeous deep purple and dark green CBD flowers are packed with a high cannabinoid content, which makes this strain helpful for many therapeutic uses, such as pain relief, inflammation reduction, and anxiety issues. For these reasons and many more, we can definitely say that this is one of the best CBD hemp flower strains.

13. Abracadabra

Say the magic words and get ready to feel that tingly sensation running through your spine. It’s the enchanting Abracadabra Hemp Strain that surrounds you with its magical spell. Along with its fantastic terpene profile, this sativa-dominant hemp strain has respectable CBD levels that work together to boost energy and uplift mood.

A cross between the Abacus Hemp strain and the Haute Sauce strain, Abracadabra is a perfect strain for enhancing efficiency to get things done and immerse yourself in creative tasks. Explore its full potential today, and thank us later.

14. Cherry Struck

Overall, we can say that Cherry Struck is one of the best CBD hemp flower strains. Despite being a hemp strain, Cherry Struck offers an exceptionally high THC-A content of up to 4% that turns into Delta-9 THC when heated.

Its cherry-scented buds will strike you with all the health benefits of their potent cannabinoid cocktail. In addition, this rare descendant of the Cherry Wine and ACDC hemp strains is a good, smokable flower with an excellent scent profile and a wide range of one-of-a-kind effects.

If you are a hemp enthusiast, prepare yourself to indulge your senses with the Cherry Struck hemp strain.

15. Oregon Watermelon

Right on time for summer arrives Oregon Watermelon to refresh and uplift your soul with its delicious fruity and aromatic blend of citrus, watermelon, and rose notes.

This juicy CBD flower with an average 14% CBD content perfectly gives your brain great stimulation while your body feels relaxed and lightweight. Take a drag and taste the summer again with this mouthwatering strain.

16. Cherry Chocolate Chip

When it comes to this award-winning hemp variety, it's hard to decide which characteristic best describes it. When you take your time to discover its amazing features, you’ll understand why.

The Cherry Chocolate Chip Hemp Strain provides a stimulating experience with a tempting flavor and distinguished aroma. Its enticing aroma and stimulating effects make it one of the best CBD hemp flower strains.

17. Citrus Fire

To close this Sativa hotlist, we’ve chosen one mood-provider strain that burns bright with its fresh hints of lemon and pine with hoppy undernotes. From the heart of the country music scene, Nashville, arrives Citrus Fire.

This premium, top-shelf variety will reduce your anxiety and stress to ashes thanks to its several properties and health benefits. Light the fire you need to start the day off right with Citrus Fire Hemp Strain.

Best Indica Hemp Flower

If you're looking for a relaxing experience, an Indica strain could probably give you the effects you are looking for. Indica strains often provide enveloping, calming, and sedative effects, perfect for assisting in treating conditions such as insomnia, appetite disorders, chronic pain, and even seizures related to epilepsy.

An Indica strain can be ideal for a lazy afternoon or a night before bed. We have brought you an excellent selection of the best Indica strains in the growing hemp market.

1. Autopilot Hemp Strain

Get comfortable in your seat and prepare for a comfortable and happy trip. If you are one of those people who enjoy relaxing flights, then the Autopilot hemp strain may be the one for you.

Autopilot is a unique strain due to its characteristic musky smell that ends in notes of parsley and pepper. This bud leaves a delicious grape aftertaste that matches its particular combination of 15% THC and 16% CBD when smoked.

Autopilot flowers are dense and heavy, covered in a dense layer of silver trichomes packed with cannabinoids. Due to the indica-dominant nature of this strain and the high content of THC and CBD, Autopilot is a recommended strain for nighttime.

2. Umpqua Hemp Strain

In addition to being an excellent hemp strain with unique qualities of its kind, this indica-dominant marvel from the hemp world is also a very significant strain since its name pays tribute to the Native American tribes from the Umpqua Valley in the state of Oregon.

The name literally means "dancing waters" and perfectly describes the sensation that this strain of hemp will leave on your body. The Umpqua hemp strain is 70/30 indica-leaning strain and can contain up to 15% CBD. Its effects will relax your mind and leave you feeling like you have had a soothing walk through a fresh pine forest.

Moreover, the almost non-existent THC content that this hemp strain contains is perfect for having a moment of relaxation without affecting your energy levels and maintaining your spirited and energetic state.

3. Chardonnay Hemp Strain

There is nothing like a glass of wine to relax or give that gathering with friends or family a different twist. This quality is shared by a bottle of that exquisite fruity, fresh, and slightly bitter liquid that we like and the Chardonnay hemp strain.

This marvelous indica-dominant strain of hemp carries a peculiarly fragrant terpene profile that will give you the feeling that you've just opened a bottle of fresh wine. Its high concentration of CBD, which can reach up to 15%, creates the perfect combination between a relaxed body and a focused mind.

4. Franklin Hemp Strain

Meet Franklin, one of the best CBD hemp flower strains. Franklin can help its users better deal with their nocturnal problems or difficulty getting a good night's sleep, relieve pain, or clear their thoughts to obtain better degrees of relaxation.

The Franklin hemp strain buds have an intense smell and flavor reminiscent of pine, flowers, and chamomile, although some crops of this strain highlight their notes of lavender and mint thanks to their high linalool content. The levels of CBD produced by Franklin can climb up to 10%.

Nevertheless, under certain conditions, Franklin can produce almost the same concentration of THCa, reaching levels of 7–10% of this cannabinoid, which makes Franklin legal in marijuana-friendly states only.

5. Berry Exotic Hemp Strain

This hemp strain pleases cannabis connoisseurs who enjoy exotic flavors, smells, and off-the-beaten-path experiences. Blueberry notes dominate the scent profile of this indica-leaning hemp strain, accompanied by spicy undertones that accentuate the final scent of Berry Exotic.

Berry Exotic has the highest recorded caryophyllene content available on the cannabis market. This terpene fulfills an essential role in the effects that this strain generates. It binds to the CB2 receptors of the ECS, generating a synergistic effect that improves the assimilation of cannabinoids.

Berry Exotic buds are light green with dark purple tones and orange hairs that run through the entire flower. Despite being indica-dominant, these buds are perfect for any time of the day as their effects are airy, light, and clear-minded, making them perfect for treating conditions such as anxiety, stress, and PTSD symptoms.

6. Grape Soda Hemp Strain

This hemp strain is as refreshing as the name suggests. Grape Soda is an indica-leaning hemp strain that delivers forest green buds encased in orange pistils that will catch the eye of any cannabis connoisseur.

The scent profile of this CBD-rich hemp strain is mostly citrusy and grape-scented, although some users report certain chocolatey and earthy notes with a floral finish.

These buds have an impressive 19% CBD content. They generate strong full-body effects of calm and tranquility that are perfect for ending your day correctly and helping alleviate physical pain or mental stress.

7. Miss B Hemp Strain

This is one of the most adorable ladies in the world of hemp. Her charm is capable of captivating even the most fastidious cannabis connoisseur with her stunning appearance, smells, flavors, and effects. We are talking about Miss B, one of the best CBD hemp flower strains due to the high quality of her buds.

Miss B exudes delicious and sweet citrus and fruity fragrances with scents of mango, sweet pepper, and certain floral and skunk notes. This gentle hemp lady will make you feel her caresses at the first puffs, generating clear-minded effects that induce a state of calm and relaxation in both mind and body, thus calming any physical pain or mental stress.

Miss B is the perfect company to sit on the sofa and chat for a while, watch a movie, or simply enjoy the comfort that this strain can generate in the body.

8. Orange Glaze

Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere Orange Glaze provides when its sweet and citrus orange fragrance begins fluttering in the air and fills every corner of your room. Let its warm, calming energy flow through your body and mind while indulging yourself in its enticing blend of citrus, earth, and fuel aromas.

Orange Glaze offers an average CBD content of 13.3% and a rich terpene profile packed with a wide range of health benefits. So, just like the day's winds drop dead when the orange sun goes down, your stress and muscle tension will fade away without leaving you stuck on the couch.

9. Bubble Gum

Inside an aluminum wrap, we used to find one of our childhood favorite’s sweet treats. Remember those cheerful days of candied surprises with the great award-winning Bubble Gum hemp strain. As its name suggests, Bubble Gum’s scent is delightful, like berry candy with floral hints.

Behind this strong upfront aroma, you can taste earthy, herbal tart undertones that match its sugary profile perfectly. The magnificent frosty CBD flowers of Bubble Gum will offer you the right combination of mood-boosting, pain-relieving, and anti-inflammatory effects to set you in a soothing, calm mode for the night.

10. Northern Lights

Let the bright, dancing Northern Lights wrap you in its beautiful colors to carry you into the best dreams tonight. Just like the starry sky glowing on the northern horizon, its multicolored flowers are covered with a crystal blanket of trichomes—a total visual feast.

The origin of this Indica goddess dates back to the 1980s, in the Netherlands, where its growers crossed the famous landrace Afghani with a small percentage of the well-known Thai.

Nowadays, farmers have done their best to develop plants with a higher CBD content while keeping the original properties of the strain. The results have been crops with CBD levels up to 21%, making Northern Lights suitable to ease neurological conditions and chronic physical ailments.

11. Cherry Abacus

Add good vibes to your day and subtract your stress and discomfort with the Cherry Abacus Hemp Strain.

Developed with a robust and varied cannabinoid profile, Cherry Abacus is a highly potent hemp product with an outstanding 20% CBD content and a sweet fusion of flavors and fragrances, suitable for any time of the day.

If you have a long day and want to make a difference, Cherry Abacus is the perfect solution for loosening the mind and body without taking off the ground.

12. Jupiter

Jupiter is known as the planet of expansion and freedom, so this magnificent hemp variety aims to produce a great calmness in those who consume it. Just like the giant of our solar system, Jupiter’s round, dense nugs are oversized.

Due to its potent relaxing effects and outer world terpene profile, this is one of the best CBD hemp flower strains. This flower is ideal for individuals with a higher tolerance for its overwhelming taste and unique effects. Bring some treats if you signed up for this space trip, and aim high while staying grounded with Jupiter.

13. Forbidden Fruit Hemp Strain

Grind, roll, and light it up. Take a long drag, close your eyes, and press pause. Let the serpent guide you into the Garden of Eden to tempt you with earthly delights. Indulge yourself with a hit of the Forbidden Fruit Hemp Strain, and get ready to burst your senses.

This sinfully high-CBD strain slithers down your neck, coils around your limbs, and uplifts your spirit with a relaxing high, and clear thoughts. Its dense, colorful nuggets, packed with glowing trichomes, will delight you with their sweet tropical smell and fruity flavors. Bite this Forbidden Fruit and never leave paradise.

14. Magic Bullet

Load your peace gun with the dense, bullet-sized buds of the Magic Bullet hemp strain and get ready to fire your dose of comfort and relief. Filled up with a scandalous CBD content of 25%, this federally legal hemp strain is the top therapeutic choice of many. Fast-acting and long-lasting, the Magic Bullet strain will strike you with its luscious, complex blend of flavors and enticing piquant foreground.

15. Legendary OG

We have chosen an excellent flower to pamper yourself after long days of glory for those who seek memorable experiences and live their lives to tell legendary stories.

The Legendary OG is an exceptional offspring of the famous OG Kush with a stunning 17% CBD. Its dank acre and piney aroma with skunky undernotes align well with its sweet citrus taste and lavender touches. Let the Legendary OG be your rest and your reward.

16. King Gee

Rule yourself like a king with this royal hemp strain and fill yourself with good vibes. Show reverence to this outstanding member of the Kush family named King Gee because it will crown your day with a perfect ending fit for kings.

His Majesty will make your next relaxing smoking session worthy of the king or queen you are with its unique, delectable rustic fragrance, instant relief, and therapeutic effects. Relax and unwind; it’s the new king’s command.

17. Early Remedy

We present a good remedy for any bad day, broken heart, or ache. The Early Remedy Hemp Strain is an indica blessing that will bring calm to your body and mind. Did you wake up with morning anxiety?

A dose of this herbaceous remedy will ease your stress and soothe your pain while maintaining high-functioning mental clarity. Loaded with a modest CBD concentration of 10%, The Early Remedy is just what you need to make your day brighter.

18. Ruby Kush

Reward yourself after a hard day with this shiny and seductive CBD treasure. The stunning Ruby Kush Hemp Strain perfectly sets you in a unique state of relaxation with its sweet cherry flavor, piney smell, and woody undertones. Let this genuine gemstone hold you in its warm hug to free you from all your stress and tension as you concentrate on restoring calm in this chaotic world.

Best Hybrid Hemp Flower

Without a doubt, we can say that hybrid strains are the favorites of many users worldwide. Since they contain both Sativa and Indica genetics, they provide the user with energizing and relaxing effects.

The possibilities are practically endless, as these effects will depend on the indica/sativa ratio as well as the terpene profile of the hybrid strain you choose. Here is a list of the most delicious CBD-rich hybrid strains for you to choose your favorite.

1. Matterhorn

The Matterhorn hemp strain is undoubtedly one of those rarities within the world of cannabis and an excellent innovation for fans of cannabinoids. Why? Matterhorn features never-before-seen concentrations of CBG, which can scale up to 15%.

Cannabigerol is a precursor cannabinoid that can be converted into both CBD and THC. Still, the effects that this cannabinoid can bring by itself are peculiarly unique. As more studies on this cannabinoid appear, more benefits are added to the therapeutic qualities of this wonderful hemp strain.

Like many CBG-rich strains, Matterhorn buds emanate citrusy, lemon-like scents with intense notes of hops and skunk. Although CBG is not a stimulant, Matterhorn will make you feel an increase in your concentration and your energy. You can compare the effects of Matterhorn to the effects of coffee, and you may even experience increased productivity and more extended periods of concentration.

2. Space Invader Hemp Strain

If you're ready to be invaded by out-of-this-world sensations, then the Space Invader hemp strain is the one for you. Also known as Space Invader CBD, this hybrid strain carries a CBD content ranging from 9 to 15% and less than 1% THC. The terpene profile that brings the scent of this strain to life is one of the qualities that makes Space Invader unique.

With a delicious mix of citrus and fruity scents followed by hints of sour and sweet fragrances that lead to light overtones of clover and hops, the fabulous Space Invader will lift all your senses and fill your room with an intense and delicious smell. Furthermore, its load of therapeutic properties will give you a medicinal kick that will leave you relaxed and relieve any pain.

3. Finola Hemp Strain

This hemp rarity is one of the best gifts that the ‘90s left us. Initially bred in laboratories located in Scandinavian lands in 1995, the Finola hemp strain is one of those strains wrapped in a veil of mystery and of which very little is known. Notwithstanding, this has not impeded Finola from becoming one of the most popular European strains on the market, and its qualities justify this fact.

Finola has the characteristic of being one of the fastest-growing hemp strains on the market, and its complex and aromatic terpene profile has made it a widely used strain to create new buds.

Another of the peculiarities of this incredible strain is its high fatty content and its richness in Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are essential fatty acids for the development and proper functioning of many mechanisms in the human body.

4. Florence Hemp Strain

This wonderful CBD hemp flower will make you feel as if a hurricane of relief will take away all the anxiety and stress generated by all the emotions you have to deal with in the day or prepare you to better deal with them.

Florence, originally called Hurricane Florence, is a balanced hybrid hemp strain containing up to 10.7% CBD and no psychoactive effects. These buds envelop the user in a warm feeling of calm and relaxation that can help alleviate both physical and mental pain while placing the user in a state of concentration and focus that will undoubtedly improve their performance in creative activities.

In addition to its effects, Florence will prepare the environment to have a good time since its combination of scents based on sweet fruits and pine will fill any room with a pleasant aroma while wiping away all bad energy.

5. Flyboy Hemp Strain

This wonderful hemp strain is a direct ticket to the heights, away from all stress and bad energy. Flyboy is a hemp strain with one of the highest CBD content currently available on the cannabis market, reaching an impressive 23% CBD content and 28% cannabinoids.

The buds of this still mysterious Flyboy strain are usually dark green leaves covered with orange hairs. Its high CBD content will undoubtedly make you discover new horizons in terms of relief, reduction of inflammation, and anxiety since its compounds interact directly with serotonin receptors in the brain.

6. Acid Rock

The Acid Rock Hemp Strain honors its name with a unique metallic taste and a piercing citrusy aroma with pungent notes of earth and gasoline. A proprietary twist on New York Sour Diesel, this appealing hemp strain stands out among others thanks to its unique, fuzzy appearance with inimitable orange-ish or strawberry blonde hairs that cover its buds. Rocking with a 14% CBD content, this flower will activate your mind, uplift your spirit, and cheer you up, leaving you stress-free.

7. Siskiyou Gold

Positioning itself among the best CBD hemp flower strains, this bud drips gold resin. Named after the Southern Oregon and Northern California mountain ranges, the Siskiyou Gold strain reaches CBD levels up to 15%.

If you love a fragrant hemp flower, this excellent variety will enchant you with its delightfully sweet, fruity, and flowery aroma that comes along with some spicy tones of earthiness. Explore the inner side of your mind and soothe your body without feeling heavy with the Siskiyou Gold hemp strain.

8. Berry Blossom

With beautiful pink buds and an exquisite candied acai berry flavor with hints of gardenias, Berry Blossom is the perfect strain to liven up your senses, lift your stress, and clear out your thoughts for a night of restful sleep.

This gift from nature, developed with a striking 18% CBD content, inherited its exotic terpene profile and deeply relaxing effects as a resulting cross of two incredible varieties, Chardonnay and Cherry Kandahar S1. For these reasons and more, the appealing Berry Blossom is a very sought-after hemp variety.

9. The Wife

There's an old saying that goes, "of all home remedies, a good wife is best," and we believe that's true. The Wife is a compliant CBD-rich strain that will make you go head over heels for it, not only for its 20% of CBD levels but also for its lovely taste and fruity aroma.

Since it is a hybrid strain, The Wife provides a balanced set of effects on your body and mind. Although its lineage remains unknown, its genetics are outstanding. Experience instant relief with this divine treat to the senses and see for yourself what we're talking about.

10. Goliath

When it comes to high-yielding hemp plants, the Goliath hemp strain lives up to its name. Far away from the mean giant of ancient stories, this colossal hemp plant grows to a height of 16 feet with a beautiful iconic Christmas tree structure.

Moreover, it is the perfect choice for all those who seek a clear-headed experience with mood-boosting and relaxing effects. This unique compliant variety will please its owner with enormously resilient plants perfect for industrial hemp production and distillates.

11. Rogue

If you have come to this article looking for balanced hybrid effects with a delicious combination of terpenes and high concentrations of CBD, you just hit the spot. The captivating Rogue Hemp Strain is one of the best CBD hemp flower strains, with dense reddish-green flowers.

Due to its slightly Indica leaning, this variety is an excellent muscle relaxant that will release all your tension by enveloping calming sensations while boosting your vitality and motivation.

12. Cherry Wine

Another glass? Wine not! Serve yourself and prepare for a pleasant journey framed by the most intense fragrance of sweet cherries. The victorious cross of “Charlotte’s Cherries” and The Wife has more than a persuasive fruity aroma and sweet taste.

Cherry Wine is one of the most sought-after strains for CBD production for its formidable CBD concentration, compliant legal THC levels, impressive features, and surprising range of sensations. Join us to discover Cherry Wine’s unique outlook.

13. Midwest

Are you looking to enjoy a high-CBD strain with balanced hybrid effects and remarkable medicinal power? For you, we have a mysterious midwestern beauty exuding an appealing woody fragrance and strawberry notes with a sour kick in the back.

From America's Heartland comes the Midwest hemp strain, loaded with an outstanding 15% CBD range. This variety offers a relaxing yet euphoric experience, generating energetic and uplifting effects that will put you in a happy and focused mood.

14. Pruno

Large and chunky nugs; smacking flavor and potent effects. Newcomers, this is it. We are talking about the Pruno hemp strain, which is the best way to introduce yourself to the best CBD hemp flower strains.

This impressive hybrid creates the best atmosphere for a clear-headed, stimulating high. Overall, the smoke is pretty nice and smooth, while its aroma and taste are just to die for.

15. Early Resin Berry

People say that happiness is a bowl of fresh berries, and we certainly agree. Just pack your bowl with this berry delicious hemp strain, and you'll understand what we're talking about.

The excellent characteristics of ERB (aka Early Resin Berry) have made it one of the best male donors on the market. Lifter, Special Sauce, Suver Haze, and Sour Space Candy are proof of it. Take a look at what makes this hemp variety unique, and find your happiness today with ERB.

Best Hemp Flower Company

The rapid and exponential growth in the demand for CBD in the cannabis market, especially in recent years, has led to the emergence of a wide variety of new strains that can take CBD peaks to levels previously unimaginable. In turn, many new companies and brands offer all kinds of cannabis products.

In principle, this is an excellent thing since we can see how more and more countries are opening up to a reform in the laws that regulate cannabis and recognize the large number of therapeutic properties that CBD and other cannabinoids can contribute to the human body.

Nonetheless, this breakthrough and the availability of cannabis products currently bring some downsides to cannabis connoisseurs looking for the best CBD hemp flower strain. One of them is that with such a wide variety of brands, products, and retailers, the process of selecting a high-quality herb can sometimes get a bit complicated. Therefore, we should consider some essential things before deciding which strain or brand to trust.

From the reputation of the brand and its customers’ shopping experience to the cultivation processes used and the transparency of third-party laboratory tests, everything counts when choosing the best CBD flower. More as users than as a company, we decided to trust what we know and have experienced firsthand.

That is why we are biased towards Botany Farms, as it is one of the most reliable and respected brands in the cannabis market. The credibility of our company does not happen without reason.

Years of hard work and effort and the high quality of our products, reliability in terms of safety, trust, cultivation processes, third-party lab tests, and remarkable customer service speak for themselves. Furthermore, it is the experience of many users that supports this idea since Botany Farms, more than a high-ranked brand, is now a community in which each of our clients and team members takes part.

Best Places to Buy Hemp Flower

When choosing to buy hemp flower online, there are many factors to consider. Undoubtedly, one of the most important things to consider when choosing the best place to buy hemp flower is comfort, discretion, and the general service offered by the user.

We recommend checking reviews from trusted cannabis review sites. Due to the confusion surrounding cannabis and the friction between federal laws and local laws in some states, going to a dispensary may not always be the best option. However, with so many advances in technology and services, leaving your home’s comfort to get your CBD flower is a thing of the past.

Buying online is one of the safest and most discreet ways to buy CBD flower. That is why we urge our customers to visit our online store to find the best CBD-rich hemp flower, CBG, Delta-8 THC-infused hemp flowers, CBD oil, CBD vaping cartridges, cannabis-infused edibles, and a whole world of products.

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