Best Herbs to Mix with Weed

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Sure, you can always smoke your herb or flower plain. Yes, most people out there smoke their cannabis without mixing it with anything, which is totally fine, especially if you like the flavor of the cannabis, if it isn’t too harsh, and if you like the effects.

That said, mixing herbs with weed has been done for a long time, and for good reason. There are plenty of herbs that can provide you with some benefits when mixed with weed, which we will look at further below. Let’s get to it and look at some of the best herbs to mix with weed and why they are on the list.

The Benefits of Mixing Herbs with Cannabis

There are a few different benefits that you can reap from mixing a variety of herbs with cannabis. Which ones you choose depends on what you want the result to be.

1. Softening Things Up

One benefit of mixing herbs with your cannabis flower is to soften things up a bit or to make the smoke a little less harsh. If you find that the smoke is burning your throat, adding certain herbs can make it a little bit more enjoyable.

2. Reaping Additional Benefits

Many of the herbs that we are about to discuss have their own special qualities. You can add some of these to your marijuana in order to get different effects, such as relaxation, uplifting or invigorating feelings, to bolster hallucinogenic feelings or the high, or even to make dreams more vivid.

3. Improving the Flavor

Some people add herbs to their cannabis flower simply to better the taste. If you don't like the taste of your weed, adding in various herbs, such as lavender or rosemary, can make things taste a bit better.

4. Stretching Things Out

Although it's definitely not the most common cause, some people do add herbs to their marijuana simply to stretch it out and make things a little bit more cost-effective.

Best Herbs to Mix with Weed

Now that you know why you might want to mix herbs with your weed, let's talk about some of the best ones to do so with.


Although it's not the greatest tasting thing around, if you add up to 25% passionflower to your marijuana, it can make the high more euphoric.


It is well known for helping to alleviate stress and it also helps to promote good vibes. It can make your high a little more pleasant and euphoric. This is a good one to mix our Botany Farms Delta-8 White CBG strain with.


If you really want to change the flavor of your cannabis for the better, try mixing it up to 25% sage. When smoked in higher doses, this herb is also known for producing trance-like states as well as lucid dreams. It also helps make the smoke a little less harsh.


You can make a mix of 85% weed and 15% mint. For one, this will greatly improve the flavor of your smoke, plus it also tends to have revitalizing and rejuvenating properties for both the mind and the body.

Meant also tends to be very relaxing, which can help you get better sleep. Putting mint in your weed also makes it taste kind of like menthol cigarettes. This is a great one to mix our Botany Farms Super Sour Space Candy with.


You can make a mix of 85% weed and 50% lavender. Lavender is very nice to smoke as it is very aromatic and light, plus it also has calming effects. This is a good mix if you need to get a good night's sleep, to make the flavor taste better, and to help smooth things out a bit so you won't cough as hard.


You can create an extra 50% weed and 50% mugwort. Mugwort actually has psychotropic effects when it is smoked, plus it is very aromatic as well. This herb is known for resulting in lucid dreams; it can really open your mind; it helps to make the smoke less harsh; and it tastes alright too.

Blue Lotus Flower

You can create an extra 50% lead and 50% in the Lotus flower. Blue Lotus flower is well known for having very relaxing effects that help you get a better night's sleep while also helping you to expand your mind.

Blue Lotus flowers contain several light narcotics that can really boost the effect of your cannabis. It is also known to result in very vivid dreams. This one mixes well with our Delta-8 Pineapple Haze.


This is an interesting-tasting herb that can really change the flavor of your cannabis, plus it can also make the smoke a little less harsh, not to mention that it is known for helping to reduce pain and inflammation, and it also helps to support your body's endocannabinoid system.


If you want your weed to be a little spicy and taste like menthol, and if you want to reap its relaxing effects, mixing in a little bit of eucalyptus with your weed is also something you can do.

Blue Vervain

Blue vervain is well known for being extremely calming and relaxing, as well as reducing stress and nervousness. Some people even say that blue vervain helps them dream lucidly. This is a good herb to mix with our Botany Farms Shaolin Gleaux strain.


You can make a mixture of 75% weed and 25% chamomile. Chamomile has extremely relaxing and calming effects, and it can help you get a better night's sleep. People also say that weed mixed with chamomile isn't quite as harsh, plus it tastes nice too.


If you make a mix of 75% weed and 25% damiana, it can help produce mind expanding effects, making you more open minded, and it helps to promote your creativity. This is also one of the herbs on the list that serves as an aphrodisiac. It can even help improve your mood, make you more relaxed, and make you feel a bit euphoric as well.


You can add in up to 10% and discuss it in your cannabis mixture, as this is a well-known aphrodisiac, it tastes pretty nice, and it can make the smoke less harsh as well. Hibiscus mixes really well with our Botany Farms Delta-8 Sour Lifter strain.

Holy Basil

When mixed in with your weed, up to 20%, holy basil may have the ability to alleviate some stress, reduce cortisol levels, plus it tastes pretty nice as well.


If you want to sweeten up your cannabis smoke and make it taste a little better, mix in up to 10% Jasmine, which also happens to make the smoke a little less harsh. People also say that when Jasmine is mixed in with weed, it can be very calming and relaxing.

Lemon Balm

Mix in up to 25% of lemon balm to produce a lemony and sweet flavor. It tastes really nice, plus it is also extremely relaxing.


Tobacco obviously isn't overly healthy, but many people do like adding it in with their cannabis, for one, to stretch it out, and second, because nicotine does have a stimulating effect.

Of course, tobacco is addictive, so this is something you might want to avoid. However, some people do really like the feeling of the nicotine. Many people do a 50/50 split of weed and tobacco.


You can make a mix of 70% weed and 30% mullein. Many people like using this herb in their cannabis because it helps to make things a bit smoother and makes the smoke less harsh.

Rose Petals

If you want to improve the flavor of your weed, then adding up to 10% rose petals will be beneficial. At the same time, using roses in cannabis is also associated with increasing feelings of happiness and even producing some mild euphoric effects.


Hops are generally mixed in with weed to help increase the relaxing and sedative effects of it, plus it tastes pretty good too.


This herb is known for reducing anxious side effects and for creating positive vibes, as it is very uplifting. Mix up to 25% in with your cannabis.

Saint John’s Wort

Although it doesn't taste the best, St. John's wort is known for helping to ease muscle aches, relieve pain, and make you feel a little happier too.


This is another one of these herbs that doesn't taste fantastic, although it is well known for being a gentle sedative and for helping to calm the nerves. Plus,  they can make the weed smoke a little less harsh too.

Yerba Mate

This herb is often used to stretch cannabis out, although it really won't change the flavor or effects very much.

How to Dry Herbs

Drying herbs is very fast and easy. The easiest way is to just leave them in a dry and well-ventilated area, in a single layer, and don’t put them in the sun. The sun can damage their flavor.

If the air is dry and relatively warm, it shouldn’t take more than a few days for them to dry. If you are not patient and want dry herbs now, you can always use a food dehydrator, or even just buy dry herbs from the get-go.

How to Mix Herbs with Cannabis

Mixing herbs with cannabis is very easy. Just grind everything up together in your grinder, or by using scissors, and then roll your joints or pack your bongs and pipes as you usually would. That said, just start slow and don’t mix in more than 10% because you might not like the effects. 

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