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Have you caught yourself staring at one particular bud because of how appealing it looks? We get you. This is why we gathered the best-looking weed strains on the market. While we know all strains have pros and cons, we simply can’t ignore the inviting looks some of them have. That admiration can be part of your smoking ritual, so we’ve gathered a list for you to explore these intriguing buds.

Our list splits into two parts. In the first part, you’ll find elegant strains that have stolen our hearts. The second list focuses on those buds that are too exotic to ignore. Read on to learn about the best-looking weed strains.

Key Takeaways

  • This blog emphasizes the diverse visual appeal of different weed strains, showcasing how their appearance can enhance the smoking experience.
  • Strains like Abacus 2.0, Gorilla Glue #4, and Alpen Gleaux are noted for their distinctive colors, textures, and trichome coverage, making them a pleasure to consume and behold.
  • The visual characteristics of cannabis strains play a significant role in the selection process for consumers, contributing to the overall enjoyment and experience.

Prettiest Weed Strains

While we admire the power that all strains harness, some buds just excel at being beautiful to look at. This is why we’ve gathered a list of some of the prettiest weed strains you can find. Empty your pockets and get some of these beauties for your next smoking session.

1. Abacus 2.0

The Abacus 2.0 strain gives serious Morticia Adams vibes: mysterious and dark to the eye. This indica-dominant flower has tight buds and opaque hairs that contrast with its dark green leaves, making it a treat that differs from the evergreen buds we usually go for.

This strain has over 17.7% total cannabinoids and has delicious blackberry, citrus, and floral notes. Expect some sweet relaxation with this CBD flower to binge on your favorite scary movies or just enjoy the beauty of the night.

2. Gorilla Glue #4

GG#4, or Original Gorilla Glue, is a classic strain; we simply can’t leave it off the list. Its buds are compact and covered with delicious THC crystals that reflect light. Thanks to this, the buds look like they were dipped in powdered sugar or fresh snow, making them eye-catching before you grind them.

Besides the typical herb smell, GG#4 is a fan favorite thanks to its perfect blend of cannabinoids. This strain usually has around 20% of delicious THC for incredible highs. And if you were curious, this hybrid iconic strain has terpenes such as caryophyllene, humulene, and even limonene.

3. Alpen Gleaux

The Alpen Gleaux strain is as exotic and beautiful as its name, with many small cannabinoid crystals and pink pistils decorating its thick frame. This bud has a one-of-a-kind appearance thanks to the glistening trichomes, orange hairs, and bouncy buds with resinous structures.

Alpen Gleaux is a CBD flower with unique floral aromatics that pair perfectly with sour lemon and sweet candy notes. Thanks to its indica profile, you’ll feel a slow onset that can help you unwind after a stressful day or just enjoy mid-afternoon with some herbal infusions.

4. Delta-8 Bubba Kush

Smooth, tranquilizing, and pretty? Bubba Kush has all three. Also known as Bubba OG Kush, this bud has a peculiar, bulky shape with lively greens and pale purples. The orange hairs are abundant in this one, giving it the iconic look we love. Expect heavy relaxation with this indica-dominant strain and its high CBD content.

At Botany Farms, we use high-quality, cold-pressed D8 THC distillate to create the perfect match with the power of both CBD and D8. With over 9% of D8 THC and 14.8% of CBD, you’ll find it strong enough to let you relax with its mellow chocolate and earthy notes.

If you want to know more about the Bubba lineage, we have a full article from which you can learn more.

5. Super Sour Space Candy

For out-of-this-world looks, the Super Sour Space Candy is a must. This Oregon limited edition has some pale greens and condensed buds that let the orange and brown hairs shine through. Thanks to its fuzzy appearance, its orange hairs could easily fit into any sci-fi movie as a space monster.

Not only is it pretty and vibrant with orange hairs, but the Super Sour Space Candy is also a CBD hybrid that truly provides a cosmic experience. Being energizing and mind-clearing, you’ll find its lemon and sour apple notes go perfectly with the diesel-like notes.

6. Delta-8 White CBG

Some say all-white flowers might be dull, but you'll beg to disagree once you see the White CBG strain. Its white trichomes cover the pale green buds, making this strain resemble a perfect holiday tree. As a plus, pale orange hairs work as Christmas lights, giving you a winter moment all year long.

At Botany Farms, we have the White CBG flower with added D8 THC premium extract for stronger relaxation and sedative moments. Expect sweet vanilla and crisp floral notes with this hybrid strain.

7. Purple Berry

Immerse yourself in a purple paradise with the Purple Berry strain. This bud has an incredible sight with its dense green buds and streaking purple, blue, and orange hairs throughout the flower.

Also known as Purple Berry Kush, expect a calming session with soft nuttiness notes and blackberry aromatics. It’s perfect for unwinding and sleeping with its heavy body buzz. 

Coolest Looking Strains of Weed

What about those buds that aren’t pretty but still hold your attention hostage? While debatably some might be pretty as well, these have complex structures, hairs, pistils, or even colors that are just cool to look at.

1. Hawaiian Haze

We love Hawaiian strains, and the iconic Hawaiian Haze is one of our favorites on the cool list. This strain has light, airy buds that resemble the beautiful cloud scenery from their tropical native land.

The orange and yellow hairs on this one curl all over, almost looking like exotic fruits begging you to taste them. This sativa-dominant hemp strain is great if you want a clear-headed effect to boost you through your to-do list.

With incredible pineapple and ripe berry aromatics, this bud feels like a quick escape to a paradise beach. You can find this one in CBD and THC versions unlike other strains. So whether you like CBD-only flower or want some psychoactive moments, this unique strain can make both happen.

2. Fruit Loops

Dark purple and bright orange hairs make one of the coolest, dense buds. The Fruit Loops strain comes from the legendary strains Cherry Abacus and Abacus Diesel, making it somewhat of a legendary offspring. Its tight, condensed buds with luscious orange hairs make it the perfect bud to complement breakfast or brunch.

While this strain isn’t enough for breakfast, it has floral, citrus, and even little sweet earth undertones that uplift your spirit. With a high CBD content (19.1%), Fruit Loops is great to start your weekend fully relaxed in the morning.

3. Pineapple Gelato

Most pineapple strains are impossible to ignore, with radiant, exotic looks claiming your attention. The Pineapple Gelato strain is no exception. Its condensed yellow and orange buds give this strain a unique look, like tiny golden tropical fruits piled up.

This sativa-dominant hybrid has complex sweet and tart flavors that combine perfectly with pine aromatics. It’s pretty potent for a hybrid, giving strong energizing effects, and one of our favorite pineapple strains around.

4. Cherry Pie

Cherry strains are the perfect treat with their sweet and harmonious flavors. However, looks-wise, the Cherry Pie strain wins the prize for the dense buds and colors around it.

While cool and pretty, this strain has dense buds that sometimes give purple and orange tones all around. Some Cherry Pie buds are fully purple with smidges of green, which give the bud an alternative vibe.

With its hefty 23 to 26% THC levels, this fruity and sour strain is potent. This sativa hybrid also has sweet pastry-like and earthy notes that fit perfectly with the sweet and sour theme.

5. Sour Space Candy

While not as pretty as its Super counterpart, we still had to mention one of the most iconic strains, thanks to its cool looks. Sour Space Candy has bright orange hairs with a strong olive green that gives off an awesome alien vibe we love.

Did we mention it also has purple, orange, and green hues here and there? You’re looking at the vast universe in the form of a fragrant bud. This strain has sweet fruit notes that pair up with uplifting pepper and spicy tones.

If you like GG#4 or Sour Diesel, you’ll probably love this one too. This CBD-only flower has 22.4% of total cannabinoids, of which 16.4% are sweet top-shelf cannabidiol.

6. Limoncello Strain

Last but not least, let’s take a look at one of the superstars of the lemon strains: Limoncello. Also known as Lemoncello or Lemonchello 28, this strain is unique!

With compact green and purple buds, this bud brings classy looks like a vintage high couture runway. With its thick orange hairs and big resin crystals, this bud is perfect for curious cannaseurs who like balanced strains.

By crossing Cherry Pie and OG Lemonade, this strain has strong lemon and cherry overtones with sour and zesty citrus notes. This bud is perfect if you like cocktails, thanks to its flavor profile. With a balanced 17% THC content, this strain usually leaves its consumers relaxed but still talkative and cheery.

The Lemoncello is perfect for social situations, not only due to its purple and green buds but also its balanced composition. 

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