Best Places to Smoke Weed in Minneapolis

One of the best places to smoke weed in Minneapolis

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Smoking some hot indica indoors with chocolate milk and chilly winter winds is excellent, but we all have to step out to clear up room in the head once in a while. A smoker might get a bit foggy, especially if you belong to the creative community, after staying indoors for long.

It will soon be warm winds and toking around lakes and picnicking around the shoe park at the University. If you got the hint, you probably live in the twin cities. Yes, dear Minnesotans, here are the best places to take a stoned trip or puff some spliffs in the mini apple, Minneapolis. If you have a stash flow, let us introduce you to the best places to smoke weed in Minneapolis.

Where to Get Weed in Minneapolis?

Before we get to recommend some of the best places to smoke weed in Minneapolis, it is vital to let you know where to get the best flower. The truth is that unless you grow your own shiny buds, getting perfectly cured buds is a hassle.

Based in Bloomington Business Plaza, Botany Farms is your soup to nuts shops for all things cannabis. The best part is, you don't have to travel to Bloomington for the flowers and oils as we deliver right from our website. Our garden grows organic flowers for you to enjoy at the best places to smoke weed in Minneapolis.

Still, if you want a more comprehensive guide on where to get weed in Minneapolis, you can check out our CBD Flower Buyer’s Guide: Minnesota and see where to buy the best cannabis flower.

Where Can You Light up a Joint in Minneapolis?

University of Minnesota Art Museum and Shoe Tree

If you're in the mood to remember the young days of college and stringently running around campus grounds, you might want to visit the University of Minnesota. Even if you are no longer into studies, the quirky surroundings of the University will be worth a trip.

About smoking up, you could either do it before your journey or look for the shoe tree. On the edge of the thruway across Washington Avenue Bridge stands a tree with shoes dangling from its branches. One pair of shoes was thrown 50 years ago by a student who walked dozens of miles through the avenue and campus. The other students followed suit and made it a university tradition.

This place is a lovely walk and smoke spot, where you can go further from people and light up a quick sesh. However, we wouldn't suggest large groups since there is undoubtedly more noise than smoke. The after sesh attraction stands right at the University campus ground, the Frederick R. Weisman Museum.

It is a modern architecture design often known as the crumpled aluminum can by-passers. It's a great place to visit if you are into contemporary art. As for the best flower to smoke while exploring this place, the relaxing yet stimulant Sour Space Candy is a great bud to cherish the moment.

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

This urban-cool sculpture and art park is a must-visit if you like to take a trip on quirky modern art, especially sculptures with abstract meanings. The most famous piece of this park, the Apple Bridge and Cherry, is a fantastic representation of the city of lakes.

There are several other abstract and metaphorical pieces of sculpture and architecture in the park. For example, the Two-way Mirror Punched Steel Hedge Labyrinth is a labyrinth or maze made up of both mirrored and transparent walls placed cleverly.

You could get a little lost in yourself and the surroundings after a session at a quiet place in the park. Enjoy a fun day at this quirky and interesting place with giggles induced by Sour Elektra.

The Times They Are A-Changin

If you're a millennial who loves the times of Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and Billy Joel, you'll find yourself at a hypnotic stop at this grand mural famous worldwide among fans of Bob Dylan. The singer-songwriter, born in Minnesota, has a 160 Feet Wide and five-story tall kaleidoscopic mural at the crossing of 5th Street and Hennepin Avenue.

The wind in this city already has the sacred herb's smoke since its history and is still ongoing culturally with the wifts from St. Paul and Minneapolis' natives. Marijuana in Minneapolis has been a point of debate in the courts of Minnesota, but there are a majority of folks who have communities supporting the cause for full legalization.

The coldest time of this winter has probably passed for most of us, but the chill winds are still rolling over a crunchy layer of snow. Yet, it will be spring soon, and hopefully, the pandemic regulations will pan out in a month, even if only for a while. We hope you enjoy our recommendation of the best places to smoke weed in Minneapolis for a fun sightseeing day in this beautiful city.

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